Full Body Weight Workout for Runners

By: Aiden Johann

For long-term athletes, it is important to have a clear understanding of our bodies, and everyone knows that our bodies are one, complex, and completely interrelated.

However, beginners and new to professional sports training often focus on one or two certain muscle groups, ignoring most other muscle groups.

This is the factor influencing the development of deviation, making you more susceptible to injury during exercise.

For example, in bodybuilding, everyone loves the upper body, which is the chest part that wants to practice so that the breasts are enlarged to wear beautiful shirts and have beautiful pictures. Still, they often forget that the lower body is the legs.

This is an essential part that supports our entire body.

Full Body Weight Workout for Runners
Full Body Weight Workout for Runners

Our longtime athletes often say that we should work out methodically and evenly distribute the exercises to all the muscle groups of our body within a week.

The same is true in the running too if you are a lover of the sport it is a great sport to train our cardiovascular health.

However, if you only focus on a jog that focuses on training the legs and forgets the other muscles in the body to support your running, then you will be very vulnerable to injury.

In this article, we will practice some supportive articles about the core muscles in the body, the body's back muscles, which will assist in running movements of the legs to help your bodyweight equally and rarely injured.

But to help you get the most out of every step are the abdominal and back muscles. Many runners underestimate the benefits of strong abs and back muscles for their running.


1. Optimize your running form

As you run, your weight is continuously shifting from leg to foot. Your body has to work hard to stabilize your pelvis and torso.

The abs and back muscles are essential to provide stability while running. If you have weak core muscles, you're more likely to compensate with other ineffective moves.

This reduces the strength of your thrust, thereby reducing the effectiveness of your steps.

2. PREVENT Injury

Many runners complain of back pain after running. This is often the result of weak back muscles.

However, the stronger your core is, the better-equipped muscles are to keep your spine stable, and you run injury-free.

Full bodyweight workout for runners

1. Anti-push

This is the simplest and most popular Street workout for beginners. Do pushups that help the chest muscles grow, increase the tolerance for the back muscles, and strengthen the shoulder muscles' stiffness.

Anti-push is also combined even in the country's military because this is a physical exercise, building muscles most effectively.

As your body gets used to the push-up exercise, gradually increase the number of repetitions


  • Step 1: You start with the plank. Keep both hands on the mat, back and neck straight. Then, tighten your abs, then lift your toes to the floor, making sure your butt is lower than your back, firm.
  • Step 2: Maintain the back position, slowly lowering your hands to the carpet.
  • Step 3: Raise your hand back to the position in step 1.
  • Do this 20 times in a row.
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Popular and familiar pushup exercises.
Popular and familiar pushup exercises.

2. Street workout sniffing single bars

Develop comprehensive back muscles and combine them with abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, forearm muscles to create a beautiful and standard body.

The single sniff combined with sniffing soil is a perfect combo for developing the upper body, creating enamel beauty.


  • Step 1: You perform the bar with a single bar with the palm facing the body (can be turned out as you like) and notice the width narrower than the shoulders' width.
  • Step 2: The chest is slightly outward, the body is always upright (especially the spine should be straight). If you hold the back straight, it will be perfect, stimulating the first muscle and minimizing back effects.
  • Step 3: Use the force from your arms and shoulders to pull your body up until the head is level with the bar. Perform a focus on the first muscle to be more effective. Keep elbows with the body (Note: when breathing on the bar, exhale slowly, the upper body should not move during the movement, only the arms will shrink)
  • Step 4: When you are at the top contraction position, at this point, you should flex your head for about 3 seconds, then slowly lower the body to the starting position until fully stretched (Note: inhale words in this movement slowly)
  • Repeat the movement
Street Workout exercises sniffing single bars.
Street Workout exercises sniffing single bars.

3. Inhale soil, turn on people

The pectoral muscle is the muscular region that occupies most of the front of the body. This exercise aims to help the boys expand their muscles, making their chest muscles firmer.

At the same time, the breathing background also works on the back and shoulders.

Physical strength and strength of hands, chest muscles will improve when doing the Street workout.


  • Step 1: Hold your hands on the floor with your arms and shoulders shoulder-width apart
  • Step 2: Inhale, then bend your elbows and lower your body.
  • Step 3: When your chest almost reaches the lowest body depth. Take advantage of the strength of two hands and raise the chest with the arms' force. At the highest bouncing position, if possible, clap your hands.
  • Step 4: You land with 2 arms outstretched as in the preparation position.
Exercise combined sniffing, turning people.
Exercise combined sniffing, turning people.

4. Jumping Squat – Street workout basic exercises

When you practice Squat properly, your muscles in your buttocks, abdomen, muscles, etc., are being exercised.

Help you burn fat chat on thighs, buttocks and at the same time develop muscle to keep the body looking beautiful.


  • Step 1: You stand straight. The legs are spread apart; the wings are between shoulder width. 2 hands facing the ceiling. Relax your shoulder blades to avoid injury to your shoulders and neck during exercise
  • Step 2: Inhale. Stretch your back and push your hips and butt back. The knees are wide, oriented in line with the toes. Try not to exceed your toes.
  • Step 3: Jump high up, hands behind you, back straight.
  • Step 4: Return to step 1 and repeat the action.
Basic Street Workout exercises.
Basic Street Workout exercises.

5. Street workout with push bars with double bars

Pushing with double beams is an exercise to develop the back arm muscles, chest side muscles. If combined with the previous 2 exercises, you will have a perfect upper body.

Exercise tools:

It would be best to have a pair of rafters and wrist wrap to stabilize the wrist joint so it doesn't hurt. Avoid joint dislocation and injuries during exercise.


  • Step 1: 2 hands-on 2 bars of the crossbar, then suck deeply using strong thigh muscles.
  • Step 2: You squeeze the muscles in the back, shoulders, chest to continue pushing the body up so that the arm is straight, the back is straight S. The butt is brought back, the face is facing forward. At the same time, exhale.
  • Step 3: At the starting position, you take a deep breath, the triceps of the triceps behind and the chest muscles slowly lower but do not lean forward. At the lowest position, the arms and forearms will be perpendicular to each other. Back muscles will be fully stretched. At this time, you focus on controlling the back muscles' concentration very hard, pushing the body to the starting position while exhaling (limiting the maximum support of the chest and shoulder muscles).
  • Step 4: Return to position 1 and repeat the movement.
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Street workout with push bars with double bars
Street workout with push bars with double bars

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6. Twist the Russian way

Twisting the Russian body type continue to focus on the abdominal muscles and the intercostal muscles, hand muscles.

However, this Street workout also helps you burn more energy. The synthesis of many muscle groups works together.

If you exercise at the gym, you can combine this exercise with a plate of weights.


  • Step 1: Preparing posture, you sit on the floor, 2 knees bent, 2 heels on the floor, 2 hands holding the fork, straightening
  • Step 2: Van body fast, from side to side.

With the help of a weight plate, you can increase the pressure for each turn, making the exercise more effective.

The twist of the Russian style.
The twist of the Russian style.

7. Swing to lift the pillow

Street workout, swinging and lifting, help your abs and back muscles work together. Keep your body in balance throughout the course of the movement.


  • Step 1: You start with the posture hanging on the beam, your hands extended average. Keep your legs straight, keeping your abdominal muscles slightly tense.
  • Step 2: You raise your leg to the top, creating a square. At the same time, exhale and hold the muscle contraction for 1 beat or longer.
  • Slowly you lower your foot to the starting position. Breathing is essential. Remember to take a few breaths, exhale every single action you make.
Swing to lift the pillow
Swing to lift the pillow

3 warm-up movements before practicing Street Workout

1. Jump “rope.”

Imagine you are holding a rope and doing the dance for 15 seconds.

Exercise Jump "rope".
Exercise Jump “rope.”

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2. Jump jacks

Jump jacks right: Stand up straight, pull your belly, jump to the sides. Also, open your hands high above your head. Perform movements continuously for 5 seconds.

Jump jacks right.
Jump jacks right.

3. High knees

Turn on the knee, constantly changing between the legs and done in 15 seconds.

Thigh lift exercises
Thigh lift exercises

Things to note when practicing Street Workout

  • When you do not start, it will easily lead to muscle tension and reduce exercise results.
  • If you have an injury, take time off.

Besides the advantages, people practicing Street workouts also face many difficulties in pursuit of passion. Intense training and constant muscle challenges also present more risk of injury and danger than other exercise types.

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Repeat each exercise 8–12 times and perform 3 sets. Rest for 90 seconds between sets.

Incorporate these exercises into your workout twice a week – with at least 48 hours of rest between sessions.



Starting position:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, with the center of gravity and back straight. Extend your arms to the side with palms facing forward and hands shoulder-width apart.

How to do the exercise:

Move into a slack position with your right foot. Make sure your right knee doesn't extend beyond the tip of the shoe. Rotate the torso and rotate the upper body to the right. Hold that position for 2 seconds. Then bring your body back to the center position and switch sides.



Starting position:

Start in a low-side game. Make sure your elbow is just below your shoulders and that your core is done. Also, activate your glutes and legs.

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Pull in on your hips to lock your pelvis into a safe and stable position. Ideally, your shoulders, hips, and legs should form a straight line.

How to do the exercise:

Raise your upper leg in the air. Activate that core in the entire exercise. Keep your hips overlapped and your pelvis straight.

Move your legs forward and backward. The idea is to do this exercise in a controlled manner, so make sure you hold each position for about 2 seconds to really get the most out of the exercise. Return to the original plank position and then switch to the other side.



Starting position:

Lie on your back and start to activate the abdominal muscles. Bend your knees with your feet on the floor. Your arm can be placed right next to it, palms facing down.

How to do the exercise:

Press over heels to lift hips off the floor and practice glutes. Your shoulders, pelvis, and knees should form a straight line. Raise your left leg, maintain a 90-degree angle with your leg, and hold this position for 2 seconds.

Your feet should be flexed the entire time. Control the release of your foot back to the floor and then to the other side.



Starting position:

Begin kneeling with your palms and head touching the ground, parallel to each other. Place hands on the floor, shoulder width. Place your knees just below your hips.

Make sure your core is activated; remove any arches in the back. Make sure your upper back is awake and ready.

How to do the exercise:

Extend your left arm forward and your right leg backward, extending between the right heel to the fingertips on the left hand.

Keep your feet flexible during movement. Hold this position for about 2 seconds and then return to the starting position. Don't forget to do the other side.



Starting position:

Again, we will begin this exercise with all four legs. Place hands on the floor, shoulder width. Place your knees just below your hips. Keep your back straight.

How to do this exercise:

Place your right hand gently on the back of your head. Keep your muscles tense as you lift your left leg and bring your left knee to your right elbow. Rotate your upper body to the right while lifting your left leg up to the side.

Make sure to maintain a 90-degree angle with your foot. Make sure your hips are perpendicular to the ground throughout the exercise. Hold each position for 2 seconds before returning to start. Switch to the other side



Starting position:

Start in a high plank. Your arms should rest on the floor below your shoulders, shoulder-width. Exercise your glutes and activate the core to keep your back straight. Your shoulders and hips should be in a straight line.

How to do this exercise:

Hold that plank high firmly. Bring your right knee to the outside of your right elbow first. Then lift your knees sideways, maintaining a 90-degree angle with your leg.

Control the movement and ensure to hold both positions for 2 seconds. Your shoulders and hips should always be in a straight line. Keep your hips perpendicular to the ground and your glutes and hips tight and tight throughout the exercise. Return to the starting position and switch to the other side.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “full bodyweight workout for runners” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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