Does Protein Help Muscle Recovery?

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If you have been known for a long time, then you should know that supplementary ingredients play an important role in muscle growth and muscle recovery after exercise.

Surely you also know that up to now, everyone recommends that you should drink/eat protein after training to help muscles recover quickly and prevent muscle loss.

However, if we only understand individually that a recovery work plan requires only a portion of protein after exercise or preparation before implementation is completely incomplete.

This article will explore why post-workout protein, so many people say they will aid in muscle recovery? Is this true?

Does Protein Help Muscle Recovery?
Does Protein Help Muscle Recovery?

However, a recent study has just been completed and published that milk protein does not help muscle recovery as much as people believe. So what is the truth?

A recent study found evidence that whey milk or protein shakes did not help with muscle recovery after training ends.

Participants reported muscle soreness and decreased strength and muscle function after exercise and took protein powder.

The research is quite small, and experts have said that more experiments are needed to conclude.

Answer research protein milk does not help muscle recovery?

If you only look to protein milk after heavy workouts, you probably still do not have a perfect muscle recovery plan as you think.

Indeed, weightlifters and even everyday gym-goers say that the best way to recover muscle after weight training is by taking protein supplements.

However, a recent study by leading experts at Lincoln University in the UK has suggested that protein shakes are not more effective for muscle recovery than rich beverages. Carbs, such as sports drinks.

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Indeed, UK experts have said that neither protein powder nor regular milk provides muscle recovery or pain relief than a drink with only carbs.

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What is the best post-workout muscle recovery drink?

What is the best post-workout muscle recovery drink?

In this study, published in the Journal of Human Kinetics, researchers tested 30 men, aged 20-30.

All participants had at least 1 year of weight training experience before participating in this experiment.

The 30 participants will be divided into 3 separate groups. Each group was asked to drink one of the following drinks at the end of an intense exercise session, as indicated, including:

After the exercise, the participants were re-tested and asked to answer their muscle aches rate on a scale from 0 (no muscle aches) to 200 (severity of muscle pain. Best).

The researchers also asked participants to perform a series of strength-assessment exercises, including throwing a medicine ball while sitting and bouncing as high as possible from a squat position.

At the beginning of the study, all participants rated their muscle aches rate 19-26 or lower.

They then re-evaluated after about 24-48 hours of training with heavyweights. At this time, all participants assessed that the rate of muscle pain was higher than 90, which is quite high!

Besides, in physical strength assessments, the participants showed a decrease in muscle strength and function.

However, there was no difference in recovery response and muscle pain scores between the 3 experimental groups.

This means that the experiment's researchers concluded there was not much benefit from drinking protein smoothies or muscle recovery fluids.

It was Thomas Gee, Ph.D. and lead of this study at Lincoln University, who said:

“Although both protein and carbs are important in promoting the rate of recovery of muscle masses, after intense exercise, our study recommends that protein changes are followed. When exercising, it does not greatly affect the recovery or reduction of muscle aches. We assume that a balanced daily diet will greatly affect the rate of recovery and significantly reduce pain. “

Errors in this study

Errors in this study

These results are rather shocking, as it has disproved beliefs about protein and muscle recovery that have persisted for decades.

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Previous studies have proven that protein can help reduce pain, speed recovery, and regenerate muscle tissue that has been torn during weight training.

Additionally, a review of 50 studies found that protein supplementation positively affects muscle strength and size during the exercise phase.

  • First, the study was still too small, with only 30 participants. We need to conduct more experiments in a larger, more diverse group of people to validate these results.
  • Second, despite using 3 different drinks after exercise, the researchers did not use any of these control methods. In other words, they don't have a group that uses only filtered water. If they did, they could determine if these nutrient-rich drinks had any effect on muscle recovery.

“The repair and repair process of damaged muscle tissue comes from more than just protein,” said Melissa Morris, professor of applied motor science at the University of Tampa. Also, you must consider the type of exercise, rest, hydration, and overall nutrition. All of this would make things quite complicated if only considering the direct relationship between protein and muscle tissue repair. ”

Indeed, repairing muscle and rebuilding muscle tissue requires a combination of protein and carbs.

Protein helps restore muscles and build strength, while carbs rebuild their glycogen content.

Glycogen is a compound stored inside muscle tissue and used by the body for energy to function.

During a short recovery period, about 24-48 hours immediately after training, the combination of nutrients is not important.

However, during the long recovery phase, the combination of HIGH-QUALITY protein source and carbs will help a lot more than just taking carbs or protein after training.

Jonathan Wong, a nutritionist and also a famous fitness coach, said: “In my 15 years of training, for bodybuilders, athletes … content and quality The amount of protein you eat throughout the day is important, instead of a certain time of protein intake. ”

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In short, perhaps this study has shown that using protein or carbs alone is not the perfect post-workout solution.

The truth about milk protein does not help muscle recovery is completely incorrect, but to optimize muscle recovery after training, you need a combination of protein and carbs.

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