How to Gain Weight for Females in 10 Days at Home?

Overweight is always worry or guilt for many people not only because they cannot wear fancy clothes but obesity is the root cause of many types of diseases later.

However, thin people also have the same suffering, because the clothes they wear are always wide and you feel like if there is a breeze blowing they will fly.

Besides women suffering from an oversized body, more and more women are asking questions about how to quickly gain weight for women.

How to gain weight for females in 10 days at home?
How to gain weight for females in 10 days at home?

That is not a problem but one of those sisters. For unknown reasons, the statistics have increased so much.

Today, the Bellyfatzone nutritionists will help you understand how to make women gain fat fast.

Before you start dealing with each problem, you need to solve a question is whether you have enough determination or not.

If you do not have the will, you should stop playing here. Simply because this is a time-consuming journey. Underweight women often calculate BMI will be less than 18.5.

Just like a person who is signed, a person who is unsigned has many problems like,

  • Weak immune system
  • Skeletal and muscular development
  • Hair and skin are susceptible to flaking and damage
  • Menstrual disorders

So only you need to not choose ways to gain weight too quickly by taking medicine, instead, choose how to gain weight scientifically.

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A handbook for ways to gain weight fast for women, which has been successfully applied across continents

To be able to gain weight on muscle successfully, you need to remember the calorie intake formula> calories burned. Then, apply this formula to improve weight.

I. Eating habits by increasing calorie intake

Eating habits by increasing calorie intake

Just adding 500 calories a day to your diet will help you quickly gain 0.5kg / week more.

This sounds like a normal thing, nothing special and a big deal, but did you know that if you charge more than this level, you are more likely to get sick?

If you are starting to exercise or going to the gym more, you need to absorb more than 500 calories to make up for the total calories burned each day.

That is, make sure to add an additional 500 calories to the TDEE. Or simply put aside from 500 calories, make sure you burn enough calories in the gym.

you burn enough calories in the gym

See a doctor or dietitian find out if your weight is ideal. If it’s too hard, you can use the BMI calculator to determine your optimal weight.

Always stick to nutritional foods to gain weight. If you need to get more calories, you need to eat these foods.

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Simply because they are high in NUTRITION calories. If you eat too much junk food, you will also gain weight, but it is increased fat, affecting health.

1. Eat and drink more often, with a surplus of 500-1000kcal / day

Eat and drink more often, with a surplus of 500-1000kcal / day

Here, many people will ask questions like why not increase every day to 1500-2000kcal.

The answer is actually nothing too difficult because if you eat so many calories you will be very tired, difficult to digest body, fat accumulation.

Eating an excess of about 500-1000kcal / day will increase by about 0.5-1kg / week. As a result, after 1 month, you can gain 2-4kg scientifically.

However, you need to remember that the amount of food intake should come from healthy foods, high in calories and nutrients.

Rather than foods that only contain bad calories like milk tea, fried chicken … Especially, take advantage of natural foods, fresh as possible.

In addition, you should take advantage of more types of milk to supplement nutrition, just 1 dose that you have loaded more than 1000kcal.

If you want to gain weight quickly, you need to eat about 6 meals/day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and eat more after meals.

So you can solve the problem of how to quickly gain weight for a female gym. Here are some guidelines:

  • Every 3-4 hours to eat 1 time.
  • 3 important meals and no ration reductions.
  • 3 or more snacks must have protein, starch, vegetables …
  • Do not reduce the amount of food at meals, especially before and after exercise.

In addition, you need to use the Body Mass Index (BMI) tool to determine your healthy weight.

Typically, a good BMI for the human body will range from 18.5-24.9!

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2. Increase your diet

Have you tried increasing the portion sizes for meals and snacks? This is one of the principles listed in the article on how to gain weight for thin people.

For every meal, you take a little bit more for each item. This will help your stomach gradually relax and load more of that food. You can also use the tip that instead of eating the cup, we eat a bowl.

3. Eat fast

When you eat slowly, you’re creating the perfect condition for your body to digest the food you just ate and as a result, you’ll feel fuller faster.

Eat fast

If you eat fast, you can eat more before your body starts to feel hungry. This has been studied and proved, the human brain will start to emit signals after 15 minutes of eating.

This forces you to focus on eating for 15 minutes. Anything you want to talk about later. This is one of the tips for gaining weight for long-term skinny women without using drugs.

4. Eat extra snacks before bed

If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend that you reduce your carbs after 9 pm. If you want to gain weight, do the opposite.

Eat extra snacks before bed

After the dinner is full, remember that you have another snack before going to bed. This will help you add more calories and protein to the body before going to sleep for a long time.

Also, when exercising, sleep at night is important because it is the body’s need to use protein to repair muscles.

Therefore, just need a meal before going to sleep without protein, you will likely suffer from muscle atrophy. If possible, drink Casein Protein which is good for muscle growth at night.

5. Stimulate appetite

If you are having trouble stimulating your appetite, there are several ways to help you.

  • Try taking a light walk before dinner or going to the gym to take a shower and then eat. Exercise exercises will consume energy. As a result, your stomach will enter an alarming level.
  • If you’re having trouble too, why not try preparing the food you love. From there, make sure you eat a lot.
  • Try improving the taste of the food. You can diversify your dishes with savory, spicy, hot, sour dishes a bit.
  • Drink water after eating. Water will make you feel comfortable, but it helps digest food faster. Drinking water after eating will help you get ready for the next meal.

6. Eat many small meals

For many of us, it is common to choose to eat 3 meals a day and often meals a lot.

However, do you guarantee you will finish a big meal? Instead of increasing the size of a large meal in one meal, why not try dividing that meal into 2.

This means that instead of eating three main meals, we will divide them into three small meals and three small meals. The general rule of thumb is that every 3-4 hours, you have to eat the next meal.

7. Do not drink a lot of water before every meal

Do not drink a lot of water

Fluids can make you feel full quickly and make it difficult to get enough calories and nutrients every day. Therefore, it is best to drink water after eating.

8. Add more healthy fats

Good fat foods are often rich in nutrients, as well as high in calories, making them a perfect way to gain weight.

  • Foods containing plant fats will be a top priority, including nuts, peanut butter, avocado and olive oil.
  • Brush peanut butter (or almond butter) on toast, eat 1/2 of the butter at every meal
  • In addition, you can get some healthy fats from animal sources, but these foods also contain saturated fats – a type that is unhealthy and you need. have to eat with control.
  • Foods that contain healthy animal fat include lean meat and fat-laden dairy products, but if your cholesterol is high, choose low-fat ones.

II. Choose the right food and drink

Learn the following high-calorie and nutrient-dense foods:

  • In each food group, only a few are extremely nutritious, healthy, and high in calories. Try these options now, instead of eating only low-calorie foods.
  • In the cereal group, eat ‘heavy’ bread like whole wheat, rye, cereals, etc.
  • In the fruit group, eat a lot of bananas, pineapple, avocado … In general, starchy fruits are better than many types of water.
  • In the group of vegetables, eat beans, corn, potatoes … Choose the type of starch.
  • In the dairy group, eat cheese, cream, yogurt, whole milk, and weight gainers for women.
  • In the protein group, eat a variety of proteins.

1. Drink lots of juice

Drink lots of juice

Fluids can help you feel full compared to hard foods. One way to gain weight fast for women is to increase calories from high-calorie drinks.

Juices and smoothies will not only help you eat well, but also provide loads of calories and protein. Take advantage of these juices to replenish calories and nutrients for the body.

In addition, you should read more articles on what fruit to help you gain weight quickly.

2. Use spices

Have you ever used nutritious and calorie foods along with your favorite foods to increase calories?

  • Stir the whole milk into soups.
  • Put dried seeds in a plate of salad.
  • Add butter to a salad or sandwich.

3. Load more protein

Protein is responsible for building muscle. The main muscle areas are the weight of the lean. So having more muscle means you’ll gain weight but less fat.

Good sources of protein include lean meat, fish, cereal flour, almonds and nuts, eggs, and peanut butter.

4. Cook with oil and butter

Cook with oil and butter

Cooking with oil and butter will help increase calories. Use good fats in your meals. Note, although good fat, but should not eat too much.

Good fats for cooking include:

  • Olive oil, contains 119 calories/spoon (15ml)
  • Rapeseed oil, contains 120 calories/spoon (15ml)
  • Avocado, contains 102 calories / spoon (15ml)

5. Increase healthy fats

Fat plays a very important role for the health and development of the body. It helps the brain work more smoothly, enhances heart, lung and muscle development functions.

In addition, fat contains a lot of energy, 1g of fat = 9 calories. Therefore, look for foods high in fat to include in your meals.

You can absolutely use the above healthy fat dishes to supplement with meals or snacks.

For example, you can eat a salad with chia seeds, olive oil … Good fats are also present in animals, but it is often accompanied by high cholesterol and other bad substances. Therefore, you need to limit animal fat.

III. Practice and change your life

The final part of the article is about how to gain weight for a female gym.

1. No smoking

In addition to the serious problems caused by smoking, tobacco also makes you lose appetite and lose weight.

Smoking will make you feel like you no longer want to eat or drink, even if the food is delicious. If you can’t quit, you should only smoke 1 cigarette/day.

2. Perseverance


Like losing weight, the best way to gain weight is time. You need to be persistent. Even if there is a failure, you must try.

Many times you will find yourself how to sign up so slowly. It’s all up to you to eat and practice. Never hesitate to change. If you increase slowly, increase nutrition offline!

3. Write an eating route

To ensure you won’t go astray, you need an eating route. Every day, take the effort to record what you ate, how many calories …

So every week, you will weigh and calculate for yourself to increase or decrease your diet.

4. Exercise strengthens

Exercise strengthens

If you want to gain weight and gain muscle, weight training is best. Do not focus too much on Cardio exercises because it only burns fat.

What you need is weight training to build muscle. Very good exercise because it stimulates the appetite. Weight gain training strength gain allows you to gain weight by building muscle groups.

Note that this plan does not work quickly if you have not exercised before starting the process of weight gain.

If you are not used to exercising, you need to exercise more; Therefore, it takes a long time to see the final result.

If you often practice, shift your focus to strength training and you’ll see results faster.

Exercise each major muscle group: chest, back, abdomen, biceps, hinds, shoulders, anterior thighs, and anterior thigh.

If possible, increase your level to 2 or 3 exercises for each group as your body gets used to the training routine.

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Eating plenty of protein or drinking Whey for women is extremely important if you plan on building muscle mass by exercising.

Strength exercises include Barbell Squat, lifting weights, lifting weights over the head, lying on chairs, lifting, lifting, inhaling, pushing your stomach, bending your arms, lifting your legs and bending your legs.

You can refer to the article about a quick weight gain gym for women, to know the workout schedule needed to gain weight, instead of gaining too much fat.

5. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Get into the habit of sleeping early and sleeping for 8 hours. Sleep at night will help you gain muscle easily.

In addition, sleep will help you rebalance your body. This is extremely good and helps the nutrients loaded into the body better.

6. Limiting Stress

Stress is one of the reasons that can cause you to lose weight without breaking or can also make you anorexia.

When we are stressed, we tend to be less interested in eating and exercising. Take time to rest, relax the mind.

In addition, you can practice meditation, Yoga … to help the mind relax. Try to be mentally relaxed every day!

By reading this, many women probably need something to illustrate. That is the way to help you have faith. We will introduce in detail the diets and exercises.

These are articles that help you explain all of the relevant questions about weight gain. Apply immediately how to gain weight fast for thin women at home.

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