How to Lose Weight Without Gaining It Back?

By: Aiden Johann
Losing weight is inherently difficult, but for those who “easily gain weight,” it is a more arduous process.

A term refers to the rapid body fat gain after an extreme and extremely low-calorie diet; It's called “Yoyo.” This is especially likely in people who want to lose weight fast.

So how to avoid “yoyo” and the secret to losing weight is not like?

Find out right here! Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Identify people easy to gain weight.

People who are easy to gain weight have their own characteristics that only a little attention can guess.

These traits include naturally broad shoulders, a large waist, and a generally rough appearance. People who easily gain weight are also stronger than normal people.

How to lose weight without gaining it back
How to lose weight without gaining it back

And they have an advantage over muscles if they exercise, and their biggest obsession is getting fat faster than normal.

Meanwhile, the skinny group must practice gaining muscle mass like those who are easy to gain weight; the accumulation of body fat, especially in the second round, is a nuisance.

Even if they have lost a lot of body fat, their waistline has not lost much.

Because of the somewhat different body characteristics, the group of people who are likely to gain weight needs to have a separate diet, activity, and diet regime to lose weight.

So how to effectively lose weight and how to not gain weight again?

If you want to know, find out immediately below.

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The secret to losing weight is not increased again.

1. Diet does not make you bored or create frustration and discomfort

One of the secrets to successful weight loss is building a healthy diet, not making you always feel depressed.

That is, you eat something, and you feel good. Because if inhibited, you will not lose weight successfully.

The best way is to eliminate the strict diets immediately, eliminate negative feelings, and think about what you have been more.

The secret to successful weight loss is to choose a scientific diet and suit your body.
The secret to successful weight loss is to choose a scientific diet and suit your body.

Having to stick to the right diet gives you enough energy to work and live, sometimes you can reward yourself with the food you like, but make sure it is healthy and scientific.

2. The secret to effective weight loss is to control eating but not too strict

If you choose a fast and difficult weight loss regime, your body will immediately respond and take on the consequences of anxiety, stress, hair loss, sadness, distraction, more danger than possible have digestive disorders.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight quickly and safely, you can see a nutritionist or sports coach before losing weight.

Controlling the calories in your diet is right, but don't be too hard on yourself.
Controlling the calories in your diet is right, but don't be too hard on yourself.

Those who have the expertise will devise a balanced eating plan that suits your condition.

3. Changing the structure of meals: Increasing vegetables, reducing meat

Fiber helps you digest easily, reduces weight, and reduces appetite. Therefore, people who want to lose weight often increase the amount of fiber on the daily menu.

Vegetables, fresh fruits… are excellent sources of fiber supplements that people who want to find ways to lose weight without gaining weight should include in their diet menu.

4. Should increase protein intake

Protein is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, so regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or both, your diet will need a large amount of protein.

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Statistics show that for every 0.45kg of weight, each side of the body needs 1.5g of protein and expert advice that you should not exceed 40-45g of protein per meal.

And another key to losing weight effectively is to add protein, which is thermogenic, so our bodies need to work harder to metabolize and break it down.

Protein-rich foods.
Protein-rich foods.

This also means you will burn more calories during protein digestion.

5. Every day must consume calories

There is a basic principle in the secret of losing weight does not increase, that is, to ensure that the amount of calories loaded is always less than the number of calories consumed.

This leads to a lack of calories in the body; However, this also means that you have to lose some muscle.

But for the best results, you should only lack about 150-200 calories per day.

However, it is still important to ensure enough fat to remain active for the body without consuming the muscles.

6. Double action helps prevent the return of “excess fat.”

According to experts, combining with many methods of weight loss will bring more effectiveness.

Along with the diet and exercise process, you should combine the use of additional support products – the modern trend to help you lose weight fast, effectively, and safely.

Use weight loss or detox foods to help you lose weight fast without worrying about gaining weight again.
Use weight loss or detox foods to help you lose weight fast without worrying about gaining weight again.

Please choose products derived from natural herbs and are certified for safety, no health effects, no side effects, and no weight gain after use.

7. Setting achievable goals

Don't set goals that are too big, like losing 7kg in a week or 5kg in 3 days, and then not being able to do it will make you more likely to get discouraged and give up.

Because the weight should not change suddenly, and eating and drinking can not twist 190 degrees.

For example, every day, eat rice, but now you do not load the rice, the body will suffer. Instead, it is possible to choose to eat less rice and replace the weight loss of sweet potatoes.

Set goals, but don't set them too high.
Set goals, but don't set them too high.

Choose a way that you can follow in the long term, without affecting health and skin. Thus, then you love your body and weight loss method more. This is the secret to effective weight loss and success many people often recommend.

8. Don't follow Low-Fat mode

People who want to lose weight fast are often tempted by the Low-fat regime and consider fat to be the “enemy” in every meal.

However, this is completely a misconception. When calorie intake from fat drops below 25%, losing weight will hinder and not get enough body fat and burn healthy fats like fish oil, home eggs, nuts, avocado, coconut oil, and pea butter.

Foods that contain good fats.
Foods that contain good fats.

How to lose weight without gaining weight like this will still be healthier during the process of slimming.

9. Never forget the basic law “less is more.”

How to lose weight effectively? That is, you should eat small meals every day. This is also considered a secret “weight loss” for those who are easy to sign up for.

Dividing into several small meals in one day is the secret to losing weight, not increasing again.
Dividing into several small meals in one day is the secret to losing weight, not increasing again.

This will help you not feel overwhelmed but also stimulate your metabolism better. Eating less and more meals will help you lose more weight.

10. Put your faith in reason

Reason plays a vital role in every goal that you set; it will help you overcome the fear of failure.

Every time you want to quit gymnastics or want to eat banned, focus on your goals and use your mind to overcome transient desires.

Make your mind comfortable and active, happy, because when you feel bored, the body will stimulate the cravings that make you hungry.

11. Do not eat according to emotions

Food makes you happy. That is our duty. However, eating is not the only way to be happy.

If you want to have fun eating, you can replace other activities like watching TV, taking a hot bath, etc.

12. Don't forget to check your weight loss progress

Keep track of your weight periodically, remembering all changes. This will help you stick to your goals and evaluate your weight loss plan.

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Track your weight loss progress.
Track your weight loss progress.

A slow plan is also the secret to successful weight loss, help you maintain a better weight, eliminate bad habits without feeling pressure so that you will not worry about gaining weight again.

13. Maintain exercise 8 – 15 beats

For most overweight people in general, the 8 to the 15-span chain is thought to be optimal for all fitness levels, but this formula is especially beneficial for those with a good chance of gaining weight.

As you increase muscle mass, your body becomes more active. At that time, your metabolism will increase, burn more calories, even at rest.

Not only that, by increasing the number of beats during exercise, for example, over 10 beats, you will not only build muscle but also burn fat because the heart rate is increasing.

14. Try HIIT Cardio

One more secret to losing weight without gaining weight to help you find ways to burn body fat, even muscle gain, Cardio is vital.

Do not overlook HIIT Cardio if you are looking for a way; the secret of successful weight loss does not increase again.
Do not overlook HIIT Cardio if you are looking for a way; the secret of successful weight loss does not increase again.

When people easily gain weight to fight with large amounts of fat in the body, especially the waist area, HIIT Cardio is perfect.

With HIIT, the exercise only lasts from 25 to 30 minutes. The body will have enough energy without using muscle resources to maintain until the end of the workout.

In other words, HIIT is a great way to lose weight if you aim to “lose” stubborn belly fat.

15. Increase the frequency of exercise

If you are an easy person to gain weight, most will recover after exercising better than thin people.

So, if you feel like doing one or two more sessions a week, rest assured that you can still do it.

More exercise, of course, will help many muscle groups on the body to be formed, but more calories will be burned.

In short, the secret to losing weight does not increase for people who are easy to gain weight, and it is an exercise with higher intensity.

Bonus foods to avoid when losing weight

You have a headache because your body is still gaining weight evenly despite hard training and eating a balanced diet. The following foods can be the “culprit” there!

Sometimes, we wonder why it has become so difficult to lose weight even though we try to eat less and exercise more.

Even after skipping the main meal, the waist is bloated, making it easy for many people to give up their determination to lose weight.

But now you do not need to worry anymore, because soon you will know why you are overweight and tired.

You may be eating a few foods regularly without knowing that they can cause inflammation, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, food allergies, and even cancer.

Here is a list of foods that quietly cause you to gain weight without your knowledge.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil

Most cooking oils contain high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and low amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. An imbalance between these fatty acids in your diet can cause you to gain weight.

To combat this, you can use olive oil or cooking oils that balance these two essential fatty acids.

Unsaturated fat

These fats increase the amount of bad cholesterol and reduce the amount of good cholesterol in the body. Besides, they cause inflammation, cause you to gain weight, and increase your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Unsaturated fats are found in deep-fried foods, baked products, packaged foods, and fast foods.

These foods will cause you to become inflamed and quickly gain weight.

Processed foods and red meats

Processed foods and red meats

Red meats contain an inflammatory substance called Neu5Gc. This substance, when entering the body, can cause an inflammatory reaction.

Additionally, red meat and processed meats can cause heart disease and cancer. This is one of the foods that can cause inflammation and weight gain that you may overlook.



If you consume too much sugar, you could become obese, diabetic, and tooth decay.

Foods high in sugar include soft drinks, juices, pastries, cakes, and candies.

We often take our physique's “enemies” lightly and continue to overeat.

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Refined powder

Refined powder

This flour lacks bran, rice germ, fiber, and synthetic B vitamins. Refined flour causes high blood sugar levels, which increases the risk of diabetes and even cancer.

To avoid gaining weight, you should limit your white bread intake, white rice pasta, pasta, cookies, and cakes.

Diet soda

Yes, you did not hear wrong. Researchers believe that when we drink something sweet, the body absorbs calories.

When calories are not in artificially sweetened sodas (or even those naturally sweetened with stevia or Erythritol), the body reacts by slowing down metabolism, poor response to insulin, fat storage, or normal metabolic processes.

Artificial sweeteners are actually associated with long-term weight gain.

Low-fat foods

When people think of low-fat food, Healthline says, they'll eat more of them (about 30% more), whether they are low in calories or not.

So, people who eat their favorite low-fat foods can slowly gain weight instead of losing weight.



The fish and vegetables in sushi are very healthy, but when they are soaked in cream sauce or covered with fried dough and curled up in white rice, you will gain dizzying weight if you eat them regularly.

Besides, a sushi roll can hold up to 500 calories.

8 secrets from losers who keep their weight off

YouTube video

Hopefully, with 15 super simple weight loss tips shared in the article, it can help those who can gain weight find the most suitable method for them.

I hope you soon get the desired body shape!

What can we learn from this article?

If in your position you are in an overweight body and want to lose weight is of course what you want in the end that when you have successfully lost weight, you will not gain weight again.

We need to understand the nature of our body or the general nature of the human body, that we become a resistance mechanism when we lose weight to a certain extent.

What does this mean?

This means that when you lose weight to a certain extent, the process will not go on quickly unless you starve your body a lot, but this does not touch because it will cause effects not small to your immune system.

So the purpose of we lose weight to the desired weight and keep it there from any weight gain, what do we need to do what.

All we need to do is measure the amount of energy your body needs throughout the time you lose weight and reach your ideal weight.

Identify that amount of energy and your daily activity to consume that energy and remember to write down the numbers in front of you so that you can keep the level of movement as well as the amount. the energy you recharge.

The human body is always moving with millions of cells born and millions of cells are eliminated from our body every day, so for you to keep your weight the basis of energy the amount you put in and the amount of energy you spend to keep a relatively steady number with small fluctuations is crucial.

This is also the most fundamental determinant of whether or not you will maintain your weight level after you have successfully lost weight.

This process can cause a certain appetite, but enjoy a full meal on weekends only, do not overcharge on weekdays.

And ultimately maintain that momentum every day and you'll never gain weight again.

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