Top 12 Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast Female

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The human body is up to 70% water, and as you can easily see that water will always flow into lower places; the same goes for fat cells; they accumulate more in the lower low place of the body.

It's no coincidence that the belly is the part we see accumulates the most fat, but this is also the end of the body, the lowest part where fat easily accumulates.

Some people will focus on the buttocks and thighs, but this amount is not much and is mainly concentrated in the abdomen, especially the lower abdomen.

Losing belly fat is very difficult because this is a long process you need to lose total body fat, but losing belly fat in the lower belly is even more difficult, which can be the hardest part of the body. Not persistent will hardly lose this fat.

See this article; we will learn some exercises to maximize the fat reduction in the lower abdomen.

The lower abdominal exercises are for women, but men can absolutely apply because men's and women's muscular system is structured the same.

Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast Female
Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast Female

It would help if you always kept in mind that it is a proven thing that you need to lose belly fat combined with exercises that support the belly is optimal, while you maintain your diet and sleep properly. Time.

The lower belly fat is the self-esteem of many women. It makes it difficult to choose outfits, but excess fat also presses on the internal body parts, significantly affecting health.

Starting to do exercises to lose lower belly fat is essential for a good body and good health. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Exercises to lose lower belly fat give you the best results

Lower abdominal fat is a prevalent condition, occurring in both men and women. Even you are lean, not overweight, but still likely to gain lower belly fat.

The bad news is that this is the hardest fat loss area because much hard fat tissue is concentrated, which is difficult to dissolve.

So how to handle it? It is difficult to say but not impossible to reduce.

Just stick with the “traditional” approach that combines healthy eating and exercise to drain your energy.

This way, you will reduce the total amount of fat on the body, and it is also the only way to help you lose belly fat.

Tap what? Want to lose belly fat, then practice belly?

It sounds plausible; it's actually wrong too wrong. You cannot lose fat in one particular area; you can only lose body fat.

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The full-body cardio exercises will be what you need. If you need to lose a lot and quickly, you can step up with HIIT exercises – high-intensity interval training with divine calorie burning.

calorie burning

Besides, if you want the lower abdomen to look more compact, more toned, not “saggy,” you can do some other abdominal exercises. Here are some suggestions for exercise to lose lower belly fat.

1. Exercises to warm up the abdominal muscles

Exercises to warm up the abdominal muscles

  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor, knees slightly bent, feet on the floor, inhale, bring your chin to reach the chest
  • Step 2: Exhale, slowly lift your head, try and lift your shoulders off the floor, lift your arms to pull toward your legs, stop and inhale.
  • Step 3: Return to the original position, exhale.

Perform 8 reps. This will be a straightforward and convenient home exercise to reduce lower belly fat for you to practice at any time.

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2. Belly crunches

  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor, arms stretched above your head, legs stretched naturally, inhale
  • Step 2: Raise your upper body off the floor. When moving your hands toward your toes, exhale
  • Step 3: Inhale, slowly return to the starting position

Do 10 reps in combination with other lower abdominal fat loss exercises.

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3. Leg lifts

  • Step 1: Raise the legs to form a right angle to the floor, inhale, squeeze the abdominal muscles
  • Step 2: Exhale, slowly lower your legs until it is about 10cm away from the floor, then stop and inhale
  • Step 3: Exhale, lift your legs back to the original position

Do it 10 times. This exercise to reduce lower belly fat helps burn a significant amount of calories and helps your muscles be healthier and firmer.

4. Scissor

  • Step 1: Raise the legs to form a right angle to the floor
  • Step 2: Right foot stay the same, left foot lower until it is 15cm away from the floor, then stop, raise head and shoulders off the floor about 45 degrees,
  • Step 3: Switch legs and repeat the same

Do it 10 times. This movement not only affects the lower abdomen but also heats the thighs and calves.

5. Hip lift

  • Step 1: Raise 2 feet perpendicular to the floor, hands placed along the body, palms face down, inhale, squeeze abdominal muscles
  • Step 2: Exhale, lift your hips off the floor, feet still upright
  • Step 3: Inhale, slowly lower your hips back down to the starting position

Do it 10 times. This lower belly reduction exercise can be a bit difficult; first, you can temporarily lean your leg against the wall to practice straight legs, then get used to it, then do not lean against the wall.

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6. Abdominal rotation

Abdominal rotation

  • Step 1: Sit cross-legged, straighten back, stretch your arms out in front of you, your fingertips touch each other to form a straight line
  • Step 2: Tighten the abdominal muscles, exhale, and rotate the upper body to the right about 45 degrees
  • Step 3: Return to the center and do the same with the left

Do it 10 times. This relatively gentle seated lower belly fat exercise is suitable for warm-up every morning or before bedtime. Very quick, so don't be lazy.

7. Hanging Leg Raise

  • Step 1: Hands open to shoulder width, gripping the bar, palms facing forward
  • Step 2: Hang up, 2 pillows slightly bent, legs closed together
  • Step 3: Shrink knees, lift hips, lift thighs to pull toward the chest; the higher the thigh lift, the more impact, the lower abdomen is.
  • Step 4: When the thighs close to the chest, stop, slowly lower back to the original position

Perform 3 sets, 15 times each. Hanging leg lifter is a very effective exercise to reduce lower belly fat for men while increasing abdominal muscles and improving endurance.

The girls can also practice this exercise. All you need to prepare is a sturdy enough beam with reasonable height.

8. Roll-Up


  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor, legs stretched straight together, feet facing the ceiling, arms stretched straight up to the head
  • Step 2: Inhale, pull your hands forward, keep shoulder width, back still lying on the floor, inhale again, raise your head and roll your belly forward
  • Step 3: Exhale, pull your arms forward until your forehead is close to the pillow
  • Step 4: Slowly lower your body back to the starting position

Do this 10 times at regular intervals for good results.

9. Swiss Ball Jackknife

  • Step 1: 2 hands on the floor, 2 feet on the ball like a push-up position, body forming a straight line
  • Step 2: Keep the lower back fixed; use 2 legs to roll the ball toward the chest
  • Step 3: Stop for 1 second and then push the ball back to its original position

Do it 10 times. For this lower belly fat gym workout, you need to prepare a training ball usually equipped at the gym.

Ball-assisted movements will have a significant impact on your bust, especially on your lower abdomen.

10. Mountain Climbers

  • Step 1: Create a high plank position, wrists just below 2 shoulders, legs straightened, and hip extension
  • Step 2: Pull the left pillow up toward the chest, the foot does not touch the floor, the right leg remains on the floor, squeezing the abdominal muscles
  • Step 3: Bring the left leg back to the old position while pulling the right knee up towards the chest

Perform 3 sets, 15 times each. It would initially help if you practiced at a slow pace; until you get used to it, speed up. The faster and correct you do it, the more fat you can burn.

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11. Rolling Plank

Rolling Plank

  • Step 1: Create a plank posture; the body forms a straight line
  • Step 2: Turn to the left to create a side plank, hold for 10 seconds
  • Step 3: Rotate right to do the same in 10 seconds

It would help if you referred to the plank exercises to lose belly fat to make the change. Gradually raising time will help you have a tight, sexy waist.

12. Alternate Heel Touchers

  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the floor, arms stretched straight along the body, 2 feet lying on the floor, close to your butt.
  • Step 2: Head slightly raised, pull the body to the left so that the left finger touches the left heel
  • Step 3: Return to the center and do the same for the other party.

Perform 3 sets, 15 times each. This is a relatively simple abdominal fat loss exercise that you can do at home to say goodbye to rough hips.

Notes to perform exercises to reduce lower belly fat effectively

  • Don't forget to combine the above 12 exercises with the cardio exercises suggested at the beginning.
  • You do not need to practice all 12 exercises in 1 session but should choose and change, maintain at least 30 minutes per day. The number of sets and reps can be increased or decreased to suit your own abilities.
  • Besides exercise, the diet should also be focused on. It isn't easy to see results while exercising while eating freely. See how to build a safe and effective fat loss menu.
  • Warm-up before training and stretch after exercise to avoid muscle soreness.
  • Always drink enough fluids, so you don't get tired, especially if you sweat a lot.
  • A healthy routine, eating on time and sleeping properly also affect your fat loss plan.
  • If you want to increase the effectiveness of exercise quickly, you should use more fat-burning products such as Lipo 6 Black pills to stimulate the conversion of excess fat into energy and release it during exercise. These are not weight-loss drugs that cause dehydration, anorexia, so you can be assured to use them because they are safe for health, provided you have to exercise every day.

Regularly maintaining the lower belly fat reduction exercises as above, you not only get rid of the fat that is covering the belly, but you will also see your abdominal muscles appear clearer, more beautiful, and sexier.

Regularly check your weight and measurements to track exercise progress.

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