Top 10 Belly Fat Reducing Exercise Video

Belly fat is formed for quite a long time, so you need to remember in your mind that we need time to melt fat, ensure safety for our health.

Exercises to reduce belly fat are exercises that are not too difficult to perform, but they require body flexibility with your determination.

Each exercise has time as well as the different intensity, and they also work differently on the abdominal parts.
Exercises with high intensity and time are only for those who are familiar with the practice, if you are new to the training process to reduce belly fat, workout slowly, step by step, gradually increasing.
For example Today you practice for 15 minutes, tomorrow it will increase by 5 minutes, it will be 20 minutes, or today if you fold 20 bellies, tomorrow will increase to 5 more then 25 ...

And it's not about losing belly fat every day that you also practice abdominal muscles, but you have to take a break, and you can exercise your whole body by running on a treadmill or running outside the park ... that helps. You can balance and not overload your abdominal muscles.

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Finally, be persistent and determined.

Here are the top 10 belly fat reducing exercise videos

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Video 2

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Video 10