What Is The Best Sleeping Position to Reduce Belly Fat?

The best sleeping position to reduce belly fat is you can lie on your stomach or on your back, but combined with the right breathing method, it will help increase your metabolism while you are sleeping. This will contribute to helping your body use more energy and help you burn excess fat.

Revealing the sleeping position to reduce belly fatunbelievably effective

  • Sleeping position reduces belly fat, helps weight loss?
  • Sounds ridiculous and impossible, right?

But it’s true that not only has been studied, but there are also lots of evidence that some sleeping positions can help you lose weight.

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  • Does sleeping position help reduce fat?
  • Best sleeping position to reduce belly fat?

Excellent and deep sleep helps to improve your health, your mind after a long, stressful working day. Sleep dramatically affects the performance of everyone.

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What Is The Best Sleeping Position to Reduce Belly Fat?
What Is The Best Sleeping Position to Reduce Belly Fat?

Besides, a proper sleeping posture also much supports you in the process of losing weight, reducing belly fat.

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It will be flawed if the weight loss journey to regain your physique only concerns about exercise and diet without paying attention to the straightforward method of weight loss with sleeping postures to reduce belly fat.

The sleeping postures reduce belly fat, lose weight:

1. Lying on your stomach to reduce belly fat:

Many people wonder: Does sleeping on the stomach reduce belly fat?

Experts have stated that: When you sleep in a prone position, that is, putting the abdomen on the bed, the entire weight of the back will put pressure on your stomach and block the abdomen where there is volume — excess fat accumulation.

Lying on your stomach to reduce belly fat

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That’s why when you wake up in the morning, your breasts won’t increase at all.


Do not maintain this sleeping position prone to lose belly fat throughout the night because it can affect parts of the body such as: pinched the heart causing chest tightness, shortness of breath, obstructing the process of circulation and exchange metabolism.

You should only lie on your stomach to reduce belly fat if you feel comfortable and balance the other lying posture after 2-4 hours.

Besides, you should also note that using low pillows not to affect the neck and spine when performing the sleeping position helps to lose weight.

sleeping position helps to lose weight

If you are not used to sleeping on your stomach and sleeping uncomfortably, you can refer to the following gentle exercise.

Steps to perform the exercise:

  • You lie face down on the floor, and hands placed parallel to the body.
  • Feet close together and to touch the ground, inhale gently.
  • Next, you raise your head and body as high as you can, keeping this position for a few seconds.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the first position and exhale.

Perform 15 minutes of exercise every day regularly exercises to achieve high efficiency.

This slimming sleeping posture, you can try it out, but be careful to sleep on your stomach all night to avoid health effects.

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2. Lie on your back for weight loss during sleep:

This is a comfortable sleeping posture and is suitable for most people.

Lying on your back while sleeping, it does not prevent the process of creating belly fat like when lying on your stomach, but it also helps to improve the situation of stomach pressure, facial skin down to form wrinkles.

Lie on your back for weight loss during sleep

After years of researching methods of losing weight, a Japanese doctor named Fukutsudzi has come up with a supine way to lose weight and beat belly fat effectively.

Implementation Guide:

  • You use a large towel, rolled up into a tube about 10cm in diameter. You can also use a pillow of the same shape to perform.
  • Beginning the exercise, you lie on your back on the floor and place the prepared towel tube at the end of the end so that the towel is aligned with the belly button.
  • Face up to the ceiling.
  • Your legs are straight, and your toes are touching.
  • Place your arms outstretched on top of your head so that they touch each other on your little finger.

This is a small exercise you can do before going to bed. Each activity is about 5 minutes. Note for those who are having spinal problems should not apply this method.

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3. Practicing abdominal breathing before going to sleep helps reduce fat:

This sleeping position that helps with slimming by “abdominal breathing” must be strange.

Practicing abdominal breathing before going to sleep helps reduce fat

  • Abdominal breathing is also a fat loss exercise that you can use.
  • Abdominal breathing exercises stimulate the bowel movement, making the waist more toned.
  • You should spend about 30 minutes on the exercises to lose belly fat to thin round 2.

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4. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth:

This is not a sleeping position to help you lose weight, but this habit also enables you to increase the amount of oxygen in the body, helping to calm, calm nerves, relax.

At the same time, this way of breathing helps you lose weight effectively without having to spend much effort.

5. Note when applying the sleeping posture to reduce belly fat:

You do not need to try to lose weight to use the lying position to reduce belly fat by lying on your stomach or lying on your back all night. Note a few things to get a deep sleep and not gain weight, accumulate fat while sleeping.

 Get enough sleep:

Getting enough 8 hours of sleep a day will help the body automatically burn calories even when the body is at rest. Lack of sleep will negatively affect health, hinder the body’s metabolism leading to obesity.

You should change your sleeping position frequently:

This helps the blood to circulate well, supports the body’s metabolism effectively, does not cause the pinched nerve to cause discomfort.

You should change your sleeping position frequently

You should lie in a comfortable position if you want to lose weight while sleeping or lose belly fat. Don’t use unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations for yourself.

This not only affects sleep but also causes the body to fall into a pinched state, causing limbs and discomfort, very uncomfortable.

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Make sure to sleep in the dark:

When you sleep entirely in the night, your body will produce the hormone melatonin – the hormone that helps you have a good and deep sleep, and burn calories effectively to help you quickly regain shape.

Make sure to sleep in the dark

If your bedroom is affected by a lot of light from the outside, you can buy yourself a curtain for the best quality sleep, and the sleeping postures help with weight loss.

Supplement the body with the necessary amount of protein before going to bed:

Providing the body with protein before bed helps the body not be deficient in protein all night long, in addition to helping the body burn calories even at rest.

Suggestions for you to use protein in the form of milkshakes both help muscle tone, and help reduce excess fat effectively.

Sleep in cold room temperature:

Sleep in cold room temperature

Along with the posture of reducing belly fat, you should note that sleeping in a room with a cold temperature; calories will be burned more.

The low room temperature helps stimulate the BAT storage process as brown adipose tissue contributes to burning fat that accumulates in the abdomen.

Do not use stimulants before sleeping:

It should be noted that alcohol and other stimulants should not be used before bed, because when alcoholic beverages are consumed, it may take time to metabolize alcohol without time to release the calories accumulate more fat.

Do not use the phone before going to bed:

Under the influence of blue light from the phone screen, melatonin will no longer be produced by the body, hindering metabolism and causing weight gain.

There are also adverse effects on the eyes, nervous system, and heart.

Do not use the phone before going to bed

Doctors have advised not to use phones and other electronic devices, along with applying the slimming posture to get slim shape.

Above are the active postures for reducing belly fat and weight loss along with some notes for you to have a better and deeper sleep.

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