Benefits Of Running in The Morning – You won’t want to Waste This Time In Your Bed Anymore

We often know good things for the body, but we do not have enough reason, not enough determination, not enough motivation to do good things for our body.

For example, exercise, in general, is a perfect body activity that boosts the immune system and overall health. Still, not everyone can maintain the determination and motivation to exercise every day.

One way psychologists have advised people to increase their motivation to exercise or increase their motivation to do many other things in life is to add many wonderful benefits, but happy you will enjoy doing it.

For example, example, we can divide it into 2 comparison columns.

The first is the reason or benefit of exercising and the second the reason you shouldn’t exercise.

And of course, you should list the many benefits of exercise and the other reason why you shouldn’t be exercising write less.

Then leave these where you see them most often to remind your brain how to reduce the benefits of exercise, which will boost your energy.

Benefits Of Running in The Morning - You won't want to Waste This Time In Your Bed Anymore
Benefits Of Running in The Morning – You won’t want to Waste This Time In Your Bed Anymore

In this article, we’ll cover the many benefits of running for overall health you can add to your list of reasons to go for a morning jog.

This increases the motivation to get up early and jog to start the day and get rid of the warm bed’s charm.

Thinking about the benefits of running, you will be more motivated to lift yourself off your lazy days. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

The benefits of running are worth spending 30 minutes a day.

One of the best habits to have a healthier living, both physically and mentally, is getting up early and jogging in the morning.

Of all types of exercise, jogging is the simplest form anyone can perform. All you need is a comfortable outfit, a pair of running shoes.

You can run in the park, around the neighborhood, or along the lake. Besides convenience, what are the benefits of running?

1. Release calories

Release calories

Jogging greatly stimulates your heart rate and helps you burn calories especially effectively. So how many calories does jogging release?

The number of calories you consume per minute of running will depend on your running speed and body weight. If running at a normal speed of 6.5km / h, the energy consumption is:

  • A 60kg person burns 4.7 calories.
  • A 70 kg person burns 5.5 calories.
  • A person weighing 80 kg burns 6.3 calories.
  • A 90-pound person burns 7.1 calories.

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2. Weight control

Weight control

Does running have any effect on weight loss? Thanks to its ability to burn calories, running will help you lose weight or keep it at the desired level.

Combined with a reasonable diet, activities, you will lose weight very quickly. If you don’t want to lose weight or need to gain weight, should you go for a run?

Still, you need to adjust the energy expenditure to be no higher than the energy intake per day.

You should see more articles jogging to lose weight properly. In this article, there are detailed instructions on how to practice and how to eat.

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3. Good for heart health

Good for heart health

For cardio, is jogging good? According to the Heart Association, exercise in general or jogging, in particular, will help you reduce factors that cause cardiovascular disease such as increased blood cholesterol, increased blood pressure …

Maintaining the habit of running also increases the metabolic capacity, transport, and use of oxygen in the tissue cells, thereby increasing the body’s responsiveness and improving the cardiovascular system’s health.

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4. Improve lung function

Improve lung function

Not only does it affect your heart rate, but jogging also significantly affects your breathing rate.

Knowing the right breathing techniques while running will increase lung activity, and overall health will be enhanced.

Enjoying the fresh air is one of the benefits of morning jogging that cannot be ignored.

5. Enhance immunity

Enhance immunity

Walking, jogging, and exercising regularly and regularly will help the body produce cells that can fight off disease-causing bacteria, reduce the abnormal proliferation of blood cells, and increase the immune system’s circulatory function.

You will greatly limit infectious diseases.

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6. Helping bones and joints strong

Helping bones and joints strong

Many studies have demonstrated that daily running benefits are increased leg muscle strength, ligaments become more supple and more resistant.

Besides, it also helps prevent knee pain and osteoarthritis. However, if you exercise too hard or the wrong way, you are more likely to face a knee injury or pain.

To limit osteoarthritis pain, especially you are getting older, you should choose to buy osteoarthritis pills. These pills are not drugs at all, but only supplements, helping to relieve arthritis pain.

7. Brain improvement

Brain improvement

The brain is the part of the body that ages quite quickly compared to other parts of the body, especially when it is less active.

Fortunately, however, exercise and jogging have the ability to boost memory and concentration in the elderly and combat cognitive decline.

Besides, jogging also helps increase memory and concentration in children and adults, improves psychological functions.

8. Anti-insomnia


One of the benefits of afternoon jogging is that it helps you sleep better that night. This is easy to see because, after strenuous exercise minutes, the body needs the most is rest.

You will fall asleep much better, much deeper than when you were sedentary.

9. Beauty skin

Beauty skin

This sounds a bit strange, but it makes perfect sense. Jogging makes the body sweat a lot. There are also toxins in the body that are removed.

Blood circulation under the skin is better, improving the condition of pale skin and lack of vitality. Pores are clear and reduce the risk of acne.

But note that you must regularly wipe sweat and wash your face thoroughly after running so that bacteria don’t get on your skin.

10. Increase life expectancy

Increase life expectancy

Many studies have shown that running for 30 minutes a day will help you reduce the risk of premature death of any cause.

At the same time, people who regularly exercise and exercise also avoid many cancers.

11. Improve mood

Improve mood

This is exactly the benefit of running every day. When running, our bodies will release a hormone that creates happiness, love life.

It proved very effective in reducing stress and negative emotions, very suitable for people who often suffer a lot of pressure and stress in work and life.

Morning jogging will keep your spirits up all day long and stay active, working in the most energetic state.

Jogging is also said to have the ability to reduce symptoms of depression, most effective in general sports and sports.

12. Create good habits

The benefit of jogging every morning is that it will shape you into a habit of getting up early instead of sleeping until noon or close to work or school.

If you want to get up early, you have to go to bed earlier the night before. From there, you will form a more rational and scientific lifestyle, with long-term health benefits.

5 Ways A Morning Run Will Change Your Life – Running Motivation

Some notes when running

  • Whether you run at a fast or slow speed, long or short distance, you should warm up 5-10 minutes so that the body can adapt to the state of movement.
  • When you start to run, run slowly and slowly increase your speed, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. If you run on a treadmill at home or the gym, initially adjust your speed to 3-5km / h and gradually increase it.
  • The ideal time to jog outdoors in the morning is from 5-7. The air is still very fresh, cool, and there is not much traffic on the road, and it is not yet sunny. This is the time for you to enjoy the atmosphere and relax.
  • If you are a “newbie,” the first session should only run for 20 minutes and stay that way 3 times a week. Then, when you see your body get used to it, it will increase it to 15 minutes each time and increase the number of sessions per week. However, you should only run for less than 1 hour per day and a maximum of 6 sessions per week. Running too hard and continuously without resting will lead to muscle loss.
  • After running, relax, take a deep breath to avoid dizziness, muscle aches.
  • Do not shower right after running. Please dry and wait for the person to dry up a sweat, and normal heartbeat, then you can shower. If body aches are frequent, take a hot shower to feel better.

The benefits of running outlined in the above article are enough to motivate you to spend some active time every day.

This is a good and relatively “affordable” habit that people should start implementing to improve their health and physique.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “benefits of running in the morning” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!