Which Exercise Increases Height? These Are The Exercises You Need And Do Whenever

By: Samuel Brownlee
  • How to increase the height?
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Most of us tried to find the answer to this question during our teen years. We live in a world where our physical attributes and our height are essential.

But are there ways to increase height? There is a lot of information online, but the truth is largely intertwined with myths.

So how are you going to find a scientifically backed theory that will provide foolproof results?

But yes, there are certain conditions, such as age. Increasing your height is quite possible only if you follow the procedures throughout the years of growth.

Which Exercise Increases Height? These Are The Exercises You Need And Do Whenever
Which Exercise Increases Height? These Are The Exercises You Need And Do Whenever

While there may be people who will defy the standards and increase their height during their adult years, the possibilities are few and far between.

Well, if you are still in your teenage years, you can help nature by eating right and exercising to increase your height. One of the possibilities that we are going to discuss here is ankle weights. Well, there are many ways to use ankle scales, and one of them is to increase your height.

Puberty is the golden time for height growth. If you miss the pubertal stage, the increase in height is likely to be very little, and for a long time, even the height will almost stop growing.

So if you are looking for some scientific methods to increase height, pay attention to factors such as nutrition, rest, and height increase exercises.

One of the scientifically supported methods to increase height is to perform ankle weightlifting exercises to increase height if done correctly and at the right time.

Don't worry; the following article Bellyfatzone will share with you some exercises with ankle weights to help increase height and some nutrition tips.

How to increase height using ankle weights

How to increase height using ankle weights

This process of weight training to increase height is not too complicated. All you need to do is put weights on your ankles combined with various exercises and forms of exercise such as walking, jogging, or even running on an indoor treadmill.

However, attention should be paid to the level of leg weights when wearing. Knowing the right dumbbell weight is extremely important before jumping into a workout. The wrong leg weight can backfire or hurt your ankle.

Professional athletes often prefer to use ankle weights more than regular exercisers. It's a shame that ankle weights aren't popular with the average person because they're actually so effective!

Therefore, you should seriously consider adding ankle weights to your daily workouts.

Ankle dumbbells are sports equipment shaped like a belt with a pouch so you can put the weight in and wear it around your ankle.

Many people use syrups and pills to increase height. However, there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of these functional foods, but consuming these products orally into the body is not enough; they certainly have some long-term effects on your health.

While you might consider buying a pair of dumbbells, they are a popular product and are easier to do without any harmful side effects, so why not go for it.

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Training can be difficult at first, but once you get used to it and master it, you'll reap the benefits of these dumbbells.

How to use ankle weights

How to use ankle weights

Proper exercise can help you increase height during puberty

Dumbbells are not too hard to find, are common weights, and are used in many popular activities. So, where to put it on?

You can secure it just above the ankle, around the Achilles tendon, and the lower shin. As I said, you don't need to put on too much weight.

Also, since you are tying it in a small diameter range, you cannot wear too much weight. Finally, these dumbbells are attached to a bony area so that you won't be straining around the area.

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When can you add ankle weights?

Once you've gotten used to it and done it well when carrying ankle weights with simple exercises like squats.
Now is the perfect time to add some weight to your training regimen when you're doing static stretches or working your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.
Now that you're used to working out with dumbbells, you still need to make sure your body can adapt to the extra weight.
Exercise gives you all the full-body benefits; it works on your lower back, tones your body and upper back. However, to get good results, you have to do it regularly.
When can you add ankle weights?

Be it walking, jogging, sprinting, or other exercises, add straps these dumbbells to your ankle, and you're good to go.

But for all the benefits, doing the exercise the wrong way or choosing the wrong weight can also cause serious side effects.

  • Damage to joints
  • You have pain in your legs and calf muscles
  • Feeling tired
  • Cramps in the legs
  • Causes stress on the nervous system and large intestine

Lower ankle weights:

Ankle dumbbells are really flexible, and you can practice with them anytime and anywhere, such as hip twists and dance poses. If you try and persevere with all these exercises, you can activate your vital muscles and help you increase your height.

You can't expect the miracle of “growing taller” in a few days, and what you need is a synergy; It is a combination of proper eating habits, rest, and moderate exercise.

Besides, if you feel that the weight is too much for you, you need to reduce the weight to ensure your health and avoid damage to your joints.

Exercises with ankle weights to increase height

Try the following height exercises to target the knees and increase height.

Sitting lifting with ankle weights.

You can try sitting and lifting dumbbells with a weight of 4-5 kg ​​on each leg. This exercise will strengthen the knee, improve ankle strength.

Sitting lifting with ankle weights.


  • Sit down steadily on a flat surface such as the ground or in a chair
  • Put weights on ankles. Raise your legs up and down or push them in and out, as long as your feet and dumbbells don't touch the floor
  • Do it within half an hour to make sure the workout is effective and hits your ankles. If you get bored, grab a book or watch TV while you sit in bed and lift weights
  • After exercising, you should remove the weights, massage the knees or ankles that have worn the weights to increase blood circulation, and relax after the exercise.

When your ankle training session is over, try to stretch the cartilage you worked on. Or you can try this before bed.

Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is needed to activate the human growth hormone. So don't jump to higher weights right away; start with lighter weights first and then move on to higher weights.

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If you feel any numbness affecting your leg, stop immediately and avoid any injury.

Maybe the ankle weight you are using is not right for you. Remember, patience is the key; growing taller is not an overnight process.

Reduce Ankle Weight: Ankle weights are really flexible, and you can work with them, such as rotating hip stabilizers and dance poses. If you try all these exercises, you can activate important muscles and thus increase height.

You can't expect miracles in a few days, and what you need is synergy; It is a combination of proper eating habits and exercise. Try the following height exercises to target the knees and increase height.

High kick exercise with ankle dumbbells

Start with 2kg of ankle weight on each leg, and as you get used to it, you can lift weights, strengthening your legs. Remember, you have to kick forward or be able to lift your thighs.

High kick exercise with ankle dumbbells

Continue kicking with your feet at a moderate pace, starting with 10 minutes and then gradually building up the same to help your knees get stronger.

This exercise lengthens the tibia and fibula, increasing the tension around the knee area.

Stretching exercises with ankle dumbbells

This exercise helps stretch your lower body at any age, even after you've reached a certain age. This exercise aims to stretch the lower body as you increase the cartilage between the knees.

Stretching exercises with ankle dumbbells

Continuous stretching will help lengthen the cartilage and increase volume, ensuring that you have a longer bottom.

  • Sit in a high chair and attach weights to your ankles. Let your body get used to the lower weight first and then move on to the higher weight.
  • Move your legs up and down so gravity helps stretch your legs, working on your ankles or knees.
  • When you're done, step off the weights and relax your legs as you kick gently 5-10 times, then increase the speed and do it vigorously 5-10 times.

The purpose of this exercise is to flex and stretch your cartilage to help increase length.

Workout 3 times a week for best results.

Note: Leg exercises should be performed under the supervision of professionals or trainers to avoid major injuries. The weight of the dumbbells used for exercise will be decided based on your fitness and health status.

What factors affect your height increase?

Through this article, you know that leg dumbbells are excellent sports equipment to promote your height increase if exercised correctly and with the right weight.

However, this is just one of the supporting factors to help stimulate bones and joints and is not a sure way to increase your height.

Many different growth factors together govern and influence the increase in height, which can even increase by 20-30cm during your adult years. Therefore, knowing all the factors and combining them can help promote your optimal height growth.

A significant factor that determines your height is genetics. However, if your parents do not have a tall set of genes, you can still correct and compensate for your genetic weakness if you follow certain methods to ensure you reach your maximum height.

You must set realistic goals for yourself. High expectations often give way to disappointment. Aggressive approaches usually give better results. Be diligent, persistent, and combine proper nutrition, proper physical activity, ideal sleep, and ankle weight training to reach your height goal.

Our HGH or Human Growth Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland will greatly affect your height.

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This hormone plays a role in constructing your bones and muscles and, in general, your entire body composition. The growth spurt caused by the hormone HGH occurs at the onset of puberty as you enter your teen years, and it continues to be effective for 5 to 6 years. So this is the right time for growth.

Incorporating the right lifestyle tips will help you increase or affect your height in the long run. This is because they will enhance human growth hormone and thus increase your height.

The best way to increase height

Food, yoga, and exercise are the main factors that contribute to a good height. Besides harnessing the benefits of ankle weights, there are generally healthy lifestyle habits that help increase height dramatically, ensuring that you are constantly pursuing to achieve the right height.

Synthetic vitamin D

If a few random beach vacations are the only time you're basking in the sun, you're doing it wrong.

Synthetic vitamin D

You have to wake up and venture out of the comforts of your home to soak up the sunshine. Take a walk or jog in the sunshine every morning; even 15-20 minutes is more than enough.

Grab your running shoes and get outside for some fun in the sun. Sunlight increases your vitamin D levels and promotes calcium absorption.

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Vitamin D is necessary for your height growth, so find sufficient sources for your health needs. In addition, there are food sources such as cheese, milk, eggs, and fish. These natural foods will help you to increase your height even when you are 18 years old.

Good posture

Good posture

Sitting tall and straight will add height to your frame and personality. A good posture promises long-term health benefits. To maintain correct posture while you are sitting or standing. A loose posture will affect your personality and make you look short and less impressive.

Pay attention to sleep

Pay attention to sleep.

We have discussed this point before, and we continue to make it, only to drive home that a good night's sleep has many benefits, including disease prevention, fat loss, and not forgetting, increased Your high. Just sleep for 8 hours a day because it is one of the best ways to increase height.

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Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

The two growth inhibitors are alcohol and smoking, and they can slow down your height gain, especially when you have just entered adulthood.

Alcohol and exotic drugs harm your body in many ways. It affects your liver and increases the toxicity of carbon monoxide in your blood. This affects your growth retardation.

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How to grow taller? Well, we have listed out the points that will ensure that your height growth hits a major factor. Don't forget to add ankle weights to your workout, eat right, and lead a healthy life. This will have a big effect on your height.

Remember, professional athletes have had great success with ankle weights, which you can too if you're willing to give it a try.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “which exercise increase height”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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