100 Weight Loss Tips at Home Make it Easier for You to remember and Act to Achieve Your Goals More Effectively

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Sometimes rules or practices or repetitive meals make you feel depressed during your fat loss and muscle growth process.

While they are really effective ways to make them easier to remember and seem to be notes you can post right away in your office at workouts or anywhere you can easily see each day. These are tips.

In this article, let Bellyfatzone keep in mind the following 100 tips that experts draw from effective diets for people who want to lose weight and training for professionals.

100 Weight Loss Tips at Home Make it Easier for You to remember and Act to Achieve Your Goals More Effectively
100 Weight Loss Tips at Home Make it Easier for You to remember and Act to Achieve Your Goals More Effectively

After reading this article, you can print it out and paste it wherever you want.

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These great weight loss tips now!

1. Split meals into 6 meals: You will be able to lose weight better thanks to split meals, your metabolism will work more efficiently.


2. Sprint 10 times 100m to help burn 500 calories.


3. Wait 20 minutes to eat the next half meal: That is, you will divide the serving 1 meal into 2 and eat 20 minutes apart; at this time, your stomach will tell the brain that it is full, so it will help you eat less than.

Wait 20 minutes to eat the next half meal

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4. Wear extra clothes when exercising, to make muscles hotter, and burn fat better.


5. Be careful with 0-calorie foods; many foods under 5 calories are labeled as 0 calories.


6. Use a blue plate (which helps suppress appetite) instead of using red and yellow plates.


7. Eating whole tofu will help you reduce junk food by 50% compared to sitting, peeling, and eating.


8. Eating mint after a meal will help send signals to the brain that you've eaten enough.


9. Eating pistachios (pistachios) is better than biscuits.


10. Yoga will help burn 344 calories per session.

Yoga will help burn 344 calories per session

11. Fasting once a week for high adrenaline and low blood sugar.

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12. Intermittent running. Running like that will help your body burn excess fat better between the mix of sprinting and slow running.


13. Replace bread with eggs, fruit, and 1 cup of oats in the morning.


14. Exercising with a friend will help you burn 34% more fat than normal exercise alone.


15. Eat up neatly on a table, not on a couch.


16. Drink enough water, help your body not be fooled into creating hunger.

Drink enough water, help your body not be fooled into creating hunger

17. Boiled (not fried) eggs, meat, and fish.


18. Go to the pool, swim for a few laps, or go jogging underwater.


19. Take a photo at first. You will feel your body change every day as you exercise, which will motivate you to keep trying.


20. Replace milk and sugar and skimmed milk for one cup of coffee to help you lose 105 calories.


21. Cycling to work helps you burn 500 calories per hour.


22. Running exercise on hand-held machines, you will burn more body fat.

Running exercise on hand-held machines

23. Download an exercise tracking app (like counting calories in food) to control your calories.

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24. Add strawberries to your protein water; it will keep you fuller for longer.


25. Eat more butter; it will help you add more beneficial fats to burn fat more effectively.


26. Limit your potatoes and pasta intake, do not eat a larger amount of starch than a baseball.


27. Drink green tea every day, helping you burn fat better.


28. Create a new feeling for you by changing exercises once every 4-6 weeks.


29. Increase the amount of protein in your diet.

Increase the amount of protein in your diet

30. Throw a towel on the screen, focus on hard training.


31. The heavier the Squat exercise, the more graceful and stronger your muscles will be stimulated, the more fat you will burn.


32. Do exercises with stronger abs, instead of crunching, do other exercises that require more strength.


33. Eat as little sugar as possible; try to under 72g / day.


34. Smarter Snack: A pack of popcorn is better than a plate of french fries.


35. Let's go mountain climbing; one session can cost you up to 700 calories/hour.


37. Find the saddest moments, Record, and feel when your life changes.


38. Adopting a dog and walking with it for 20 minutes a day will help you lose about 6.5 kg/year.

Adopting a dog and walking with it for 20 minutes a day, will help you lose about 6.5 kg/year

39. Or eat more beans. It's high in fiber, protein for better weight loss, and together with stews, it is also a great snack.


40. Combine Cardio with strength cards. Try jumping rope between sets or Jumping Jack at the break; you will see a dramatic change in your weight loss effect.


41. Stand up from your chair, exercises like belly, push-ups, or Jumping Jack during the breaks of your favorite TV programs.


42. Cleaning your kitchen, don't lie on the bed anymore; cleaning the kitchen also helps you burn excess fat to lose weight super well too.


43. Don't cheat on your eating plan. If you do not regularly follow the principles of weight loss eating, you will never lose weight successfully.


44. Eat chicken feet instead of wings. It contains more protein but less fat and calories.

Eat chicken feet instead of wings

45. 10-minute skipping helps you burn the same calories as running 15 minutes.


46. ​​Don't add turkey to your diet; it will slow you down.


47. Set short goals. And when you reach that goal, you'll gain more motivation for longer goals.


48. Use the back of a spoon to taste your food; you will load in fewer calories.


49. Eat More Fiber: Legumes and peas are excellent sources of fiber.

Eat More Fiber

50. Use Dark Chocolate (instead of Milk Chocolate). It contains less sugar and more antioxidants.


51. Do not ruin your workout plan; the fact that you eat a peanut butter sandwich can make you lose the effort of a hard training session.


52. Do Burpees; this is an effective weight loss exercise because it requires full-body movement to perform.


53. Less abuse of training on machines.


54. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; it will help you lose 100 calories every 10 minutes of climbing the stairs.

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55. Breathe in the morning; it will help your body start in a more energetic state and add a little more exercise to your upper body.


56. Don't fill your salad with fat, Balsamic vinegar will help you lose 300 calories when you use it.


57. Every time you stay away from french fries or cheese, you lose 300 calories of extra calories.

Every time you stay away from french fries or cheese,

58. Write down everything you eat, cut 250 calories a day, you will be able to lose an extra pound per month.


59. Sprint when tied up. Tie your body to an elastic cord and make a sprint; you will increase your ability to burn excess fat.


60. Do not skip breakfast; eat a nutritious breakfast to help the body function effectively all day. After getting up 1 hour, eat a breakfast of about 400-600 calories.

Do not skip breakfast

61. Eat him smarter, ask the store to bring you half of the food and a half pack to take home.


62. Reduce the amount of going out to lunch out 2 times a month instead of 2 times a week.


63. Hide sweets well out of your site, such as on a high shelf or deep in the refrigerator.


64. Do you have a party? Take the leftovers to the office and let your friends and colleagues handle them for you.


65. Have a healthy party by eating a little fruit at home, you will be less likely to eat more at the party.


66. Challenge a friend to play a game. You will be able to burn 500 calories without feeling awkward.


67. Want to eat something sweet? Eating a piece of truffle instead of chocolate will help you lose 200 calories.


68. Cook yourself instead of eating out; you will control your calories better.


69. Buy new shoes when you have traveled more than 800km, that is when you need to replace them.


70. Buy a pair of shoes with a step counter and try to walk 10,000 steps a day.


71. Always sleep at least 7 hours a day; sleeplessness will destroy your metabolism.

Always sleep at least 7 hours a day

72. Use a thin layer of oil by spraying on a pan; such a spray has 10 calories and 1 g of fat.


73. Practice breathing in the bar; it's much better than pulling the cable.


74. Break down your favorite food into smaller pieces.


75. Avoid stress; it makes you always have cravings.


76. Make your workout more different; try training with a sandbag or a wheel truck that will make you use more muscle to train.


77. A little spicier at dinner will help your metabolism work better and make you eat slower and feel full faster.


78. Exercising with your friend, especially someone stronger than you, will make you more motivated to practice.


79. Make peanut butter better by mixing 1 teaspoon of peanut butter with cooked carrots or sweet potatoes and pureeing them, and refrigerating them when needed.


80. Workout like a true fighter; mixed cross exercises are a great choice for you. Let's add plyometrics with Superset exercises, reduce downtime, and start burning fat.


81. Avoid as much as possible foods that contain trans fat (a harmful fat), which makes it harder for your body to lose fat.

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82. Eliminate 200 calories in 1 cup of cheese by adding cauliflower and pumpkin soup.


83. Take your child to the park and practice with the equipment available here.

Chew slowly and chew carefully; it will help you eat much less.

Chew slowly and chew carefully

84. Always in control of the numbers, from the number of calories in food to the amount of your weight, to know the right percentage of fat for you.


85. Jogging 1 minute longer than the previous day; within a few weeks, you will see how far you go.


86. Cleaning your house, such as mowing the lawn (it costs 346 calories/hour), raking the leaves (230 calories), or washing the car (269 calories) …


87. Don't wait for the treadmill turn to run; get a box, and start jumping up and down right away to heat up.


88. Eat ostrich meat instead of beef.


89. Replace the amount of rice you eat with vegetables like broccoli; you will save about 250 calories per serving.


90. Reduce rest time by less than half of normal, your heart will work harder, and you will burn fat better.


91. When you go out to eat, if possible, ask to add sauce to the food's surface; you will eat less and save a lot of calories.


92. Use a smaller plate


93. Brush your teeth before bed, and maybe sleep nude. You will see your body progress in the early morning and be more motivated for your day at work.


94. Create a few small goals for yourself, such as waking up every morning will practice 30 minutes, skipping lunch of high-calorie dishes …


95. Using fat-free cheese, this is an excellent source of calcium for height growth, and it only has 163 calories.


96. Watching TV while playing a crossword puzzle, your hands busy will make you forget about picking up food.

Watching TV

97. When practicing Cardio on the machine, you should not hold the machine's frame; it is completely not the purpose when you practice Cardio.


98. Work out with elastic bands in every exercise if you can in the gym.


99. Do not drink beer or alcohol; replace it with wine, light beer, or mix with low-calorie drinks such as Soda for glass eaters.
100. Keep in mind: The bigger your belly, the shorter your life cycle!

Bonus Tips to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly

So with these pocket tips, you can remember and apply them in everyday life to help make weight loss success faster closer to each day.
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