Eating Bananas To Lose Weight in 2 Weeks Effectively Reduced From “2kg -6kg” Safe

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Eating bananas to lose weight … Method sounded not much you trust. In Japan, this method is what most nutrition experts recommend for people who want to lose weight.

You absolutely can quickly reduce 4kg in 1 week using this method. Sounds appealing, right? You'll have to believe it because it brings so many benefits and helps you lose weight successfully.

Please refer to and follow the instructions below you will lose weight right. The problem loses weight more and more people are becoming interested. Because it seriously affects health.

These weight loss methods are often unsafe intensive, and long-term, so most people looking to diet and exercise rational and scientific. Let refer to this article.

Eating bananas to lose weight is considered the most effective method of Japanese. Bananas contain enough calories without too much fat, no longer feeling, so the weight loss foods are priority No. 1 in Japan.

eating bananas to lose weight

However, losing weight by bananas also have to have a process and a reasonable diet.

Not just eat light oil will lose weight! All kinds of ripe bananas, green bananas, or boiled bananas have the same uses. Depending on how you use and eat is always effective.

This article will share all the handicapped ways you can eat bananas to lose weight most effectively.

Bananas can not lose weight? Banana, why weight loss effective?

Many people believe that eating bananas to lose weight the right way will help them regain the perfect physique. So what should choose to eat bananas to lose weight, green bananas or banana yellow? And boiled bananas, banana wax with weight loss?

Bananas can not lose weight?

Reducing balance method bananas are popular not only in our country but all over the world. Because everyone knows that fruits banana is overly familiar, easy to find, just vitamin supplements, rich in fiber is good for the body, both affect weight loss.

The nutrients from bananas:

  • Just one banana contains about 3g of fiber, both soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber.
  • Compared to apples, bananas have high protein levels (protein), 4 times more phosphorus or carbohydrates 3x 2x.
  • Vitamin A and iron in apple 5 times more.
  • And some other minerals and vitamins are also said to be higher than the island than an apple.
  • Bananas also contain vitamin B thiamine, niacin, folate, riboflavin, and B6. These vitamins help convert the food process into energy and are the main raw material for all operating systems in the body.

Above all, they have large amounts of banana fiber, high in fiber, which should accelerate metabolism in the body faster.

When you eat, the fiber in bananas creates a layer to coat the stomach, helps destroy toxins, and stimulates digestion.

This fiber also helps resistant starch makes the starch is fermented in the stomach helps burn from 20-24% fat, limit fat accumulation, and reduces energy intake.

Thereby reducing energy intake, limiting the accumulation of fat, especially in the waist.

With abundant vitamins, minerals and some vitamins are different, eat bananas also good for the skin, refreshing the spirit, bright eyes, and especially to help prolong life.

Bananas are also due to the weight loss of potassium and fiber to help renewable energy quickly but with low energy content.

Bananas are also due to weight loss of potassium and fiber to help renewable energy quickly

Add another advantage of eating banana bananas lose weight that is low in calories. If the focus on weight loss, you are monitoring each unit of calories that you consume.

This is especially difficult when you realize the hunger appears dense; right now, you use bananas to solve its hunger needs.

Although banana contains many nutrients, when loaded into calorie fasting is very low. Enjoy a banana this time will provide between 90-105 calories (depending on the bananas' size), much less than you load a drive burger.

Eating a banana can help you lose weight and reverse weight gain if you load many banana fruits at once.

Weight loss does not eat bananas? It must be shared on helping you to find answers to their own already.

Now find out next with banana weight loss is like?

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What's eating bananas to lose weight?

1. Eat bananas and banana wax to lose weight

Bananas are usually many people use the most. You can boil the salt eaten unripe or ripe bananas are used to help lose weight.

Besides, bananas very popular and easy to buy; therefore, this is a major food source. Besides, banana wax also supports weight loss.

Lose weight by bananas porcelain is also the choice that is widely applied.

2. Eat boiled green bananas lose weight

Eating boiled green bananas are also many who applied as easy to eat, taste. Most effective for weight loss, you should select a young banana.

Eat boiled green bananas lose weight


  • Green banana fruits you should look not too old, nor too young.
  • Wash, remove 2 heads and soak with diluted salt to the boil without harsh and difficult food.
  • Pour the boiling water and cook the bananas submerged in about 10 minutes.
  • Drain, and you can enjoy it immediately.

In green banana starch composition, more resistant banana ripening. This substance will restrict you from loading too much energy into the body.

Green bananas often acrid, help lose weight, relieve constipation, decreased appetite, prevent diabetes, help digestion, have the ability to clean the intestines and remove the fat cells to unwanted out body.

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3. Eat boiled ripe banana weight loss

Eating boiled ripe bananas can lose weight, but if you accelerate your fat loss, you should combine it with diet.

Eating bananas to lose weight in 2 weeks with boiled banana like this you absolutely can get in shape quickly slim.

For boiled ripe banana fiber you just boiled and then removed and served with a daily menu can lose weight effectively nhé!

4. Gym Class banana eat what?

And people eat bananas gym What is appropriate? For bodybuilders, it can eat all the bananas, bananas porcelain, banana, bananas, turkey, … are.

According to the bodybuilding nutrition experts, eating bananas to lose weight for the gym can choose any banana that matches your taste.  See more eating and drinking equipment:

Always eating bananas to lose weight?

When not know when to eat bananas to lose weight, you can choose one of the following weight-loss eating bananas. Not only simple but also effective and easy to implement.

Lose weight by bananas simpler habits such as eating this time.

1. Eat bananas in the morning with some food to lose weight

Bananas morning with weight loss? The answer is there for you if you know how to eat and incorporate foods that help you lose weight.

Eat bananas in the morning and some other fruits or oatmeal; both can help burn fat is stored, but also make sure to provide enough energy to start a long day of activities.

If you want to lose weight, you should eat bananas best in the morning, because it will help you feel full, reducing your appetite. The fiber in bananas also helps convert it into energy to help the body function well.

Eat bananas in the morning with some food to lose weight

You can eat a whole banana ripe banana mixed with other nutritious foods such as milk, cornmeal, and oatmeal to add flavor to meals.

Eating bananas to lose weight because it is healthy food and nutrition, indispensable in the “weight loss diary” of you. However, not a type of food that you can lose weight but need to adhere to calories' burning. 10-15% reduction in calories that can help you lose weight.

2. Eat a banana before exercise to help lose weight

Bananas rich in potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, minerals, and energy. Just 100g banana can provide up to 90 calories. Bananas are healthy carbs that can make people eat to feel more energy. Due to the high potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

Along with some nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to help you reduce your appetite and prevent unhealthy foods that lead to weight gain.

It is a fruit that contains natural sugar to create enough energy to undergo the strenuous hours of practice.

3. Is Bananas night good?

If you have the habit of eating fruit at night, be sure to eat bananas queried whether the session can not lose weight?

You can give some fruit salad at dinner to reduce your appetite. For example, with the evening dessert, you can use bananas or banana pudding combined with eggs and milk.

These reasons should be enough to help you answer that bananas have a good evening I got you!

Is Bananas night good?

To eat bananas to lose weight successfully, you need to know that establishing the science diet is extremely important. Refer to lose weight with the bananas menu below.

  • Breakfast: Drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking up, eat 1 banana, and eating nothing more. After 30-60 minutes, then add 1 banana to eat anymore.
  • Lunch: Eat a banana before the main diet, noting that 30% of dietary meals are regular.
  • Dinner: Eat a banana before eating meals; diets still note that a 30% reduction. Avoid desserts, sweets to lose weight faster and process a more healthy body.

How & When to Eat Banana to Lose Weight Video:

Note to lose weight while eating bananas.

  • Only ripe bananas or boiled green bananas can be eaten, banana wax to lose weight. Absolutely do not use dried bananas or other processing.
  • Fresh bananas preserved at a temperature of 12-13 degrees C. Do not put them in the fridge.
  • Should add enough water during weight loss. It should be warm water.
  • Pregnant women should not eat bananas best.
  • Sufferer's intestine, digestion is not good, there is too much acid, diarrhea should refrain from eating bananas.
  • Add foods rich in protein to ensure adequate nutrition.
  • Do not eat after 8 pm. Combining an exercise regime and science rested most effective for weight loss.

What can we learn from this article?

If you have read this far, you probably know the great benefits of bananas for our health, not only for thin people but also for those who want to lose weight you know how to use it.

If you have been looking for ways to use bananas to lose weight, always remember the top weight loss rule that is:

The amount of energy you consume in a day will need to be smaller than the amount of energy you expend, so after a while, the amount of energy in this section will have a part in reducing your body weight.

Not only for bananas as one of the favorite fruits with a lot of potassium, but for most other fruits or ingredients this rule always holds and you need to remember to do it accordingly.

This is also the reason that many people successfully lose weight with bananas, but many people do not.

To ensure your body always works normally and has the healthiest state, always supplement with enough macronutrients and trace elements.

Hopefully, with the share above, answer questions like eating bananas to lose weight, do not eat bananas at any time, and eat the banana anything to lose weight …

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You should set your menu slimming along the where the exercise is to lose weight fast with new banana effective. Please share this article if you find it is useful. Thanks!

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