What to Eat When Working Out to Build Muscle?


The right nutrition makes the average person always keep a balanced body, while for those who exercise, the right nutrition helps the body gain muscle while reducing fat.

The same is a certain amount of calories you eat, but which foods and nutrients will determine your whole body's fat-burning process.

Therefore, choosing a suitable diet suitable for your body is an issue you need to pay attention to.

If you are in the process of building muscle to help your body firmer, support fat burning, immediately refer to how to eat when exercising.

This is a complete article based on the many year's experiences of fitness nutrition Dr. Jim Stoppani. Today, we will go with you to find out.

What to Eat When Working Out to Build Muscle?
What to Eat When Working Out to Build Muscle? – Pic: Lazar Angelov

You do not need to worry much because this is an extremely experienced person, representing a sports brand in foreign countries and a famous character.

Therefore, everything he delivers is real-world tested and ensures you gain muscle mass.

The only thing left is that you are ready to apply it or not. Note, it's up to you to change accordingly. For example, how to eat with money. Or when to eat or drink …

Instructions on how to eat when exercising properly

Before going into detail, we were hoping you could keep in mind that we will have items that you need to see to understand the sections better. Besides, it would be best if you remembered to varied your meals.

1. Get enough protein

Get enough protein

Muscle is built on the amount of protein you eat. For a muscle to grow and to limit muscle loss, you need to get enough protein. This can be done in several ways.

The recommended amount of protein for a bodybuilder is 2-3 g / kg of body weight.

Usually, we Vietnamese only need about 2g, and some people will need above this level to meet the body's needs. It will help if you read the article 1 day about how much protein should eat.

After reading this, you should take a look at the most protein-rich foods available today. This is the best way to get more protein naturally, inexpensively, and even more deliciously.

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2. Eat more times

Eat more times

Surely you will often think that just 3 meals a day are enough if you are a beginner.

However, in fact, dividing meals into 6 meals/day will help add protein and energy better.

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This helps the body to be continuously replenished with nutrition. This is also a way to avoid catabolism.

Eating a few meals a day will make the protein synthesis process slow, interrupted, making the muscle not constantly loaded with protein.

Then, inevitably muscle will be lost, damaged. Then, in the main meal, you eat more protein, the muscles do not load up, causing excess calories.

Based on research results and experiments from thousands of bodybuilders, eating more meals will help develop better muscles.

You eat a little protein every 3 hours, compared to eating a lot of protein every 6 hours, the results are very different.

That is why many people recommend eating at least 6 meals/day, even 8 meals if possible, because this will help your muscles continuously receive nutrition for the best development.

Especially before and after meals. It will help if you read more about what to eat before and after.

Take an example to make it easy to understand: You should eat a small snack 1 hour before practice. When you're done, grab a small meal with Whey Protein. Besides, it is necessary to add good carbs such as sweet potatoes, bread …

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3. Eat more fat

Eat more fat

This is considered one of the problems that many people are afraid of. Most people think that eating a lot of high-fat foods is not good. However, is this real?

For the human body, fats play a vital role like omega 3, helping the body quickly recover, replenish energy, and strengthen muscles, especially burn fat to lose weight.

Besides, monounsaturated fats are perfect for the body, though not essential, by the effect of burning fat instead of accumulating them as fat.

It has been said that men who get the right amount of these fats help maintain testosterone levels. Food sources of these fats include meat, eggs, and milk.

Note, you should avoid trans fats as much as possible !!!

How many grams of fat should I consume per day?

Use this formula: Fat = your body weight (in grams). For example, if you weigh 60kg, use 50 grams of fat per day.

4. Load starch properly

Load starch properly

Whether you want to gain muscle, pay close attention to the right starch supplement. The human body uses starch to form glucose. Therefore, you should only eat 3-4g of carbs/kg of body weight.

And now you can adjust to fit your goals. If you want to gain weight, you can increase this number a little and adjust it so that it is not too much and vice versa.

Just try 1 week, and you will find the exact number.

5. Consider calories

Consider calories

The amount of calories you consume each day is significant because it determines whether you will fulfill your goals or not.

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It depends on protein, carbs, and fats. You can completely gain muscle and lose fat if you understand this principle.

As stated very clearly above, you absolutely can stimulate muscle growth by eating more calories than burned and losing fat when doing the opposite.

However, even if you burn more calories, you can still build muscle because you eat more protein.

That is, depending on what you eat that matters. For example, you eat a 500-calorie meal, but if you eat many carbs, it will be different from eating a lot of low-protein protein.

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6. Whey Protein Supplements

Whey Protein Supplements

As you certainly know, Whey is the king of protein; read more about what Whey is. It contains both essential amino acids for building muscle and is absorbed extremely quickly.

This will help you not waste as well as help your muscles get the best nourishment.

Some studies also prove that if you use Whey and Casein to help nourish muscles throughout the day. You should immediately consult which types of whey are best.

7. Use fast carbs after exercise

Use fast carbs after exercise

During exercise, the body drops a lot of glycogen, but the additional glycogen source is carbs.

When you load carbs, the body converts them into glucose and sends them to the liver or muscle for storage as glycogen, which is the main energy source for you to exercise.

After exercise, the amount of glycogen has been lost. If not immediately replenished, the body will not have the energy to function and affect the protein synthesis for muscles …

So how will muscles be affected?

Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles. When the liver's glycogen is exhausted, the body will find another source, which is the muscle.

Rebuilding muscle needs help from glycogen, which if the body takes it away, it would certainly not be able to develop muscle.

Besides, glycogen is hydrophilic. The more glycogen, the bigger the muscles. If less, the muscle will shrink.

Many studies have shown that a lot of water in muscle fibers causes muscle membranes to swell. This helps nutrition to reach the muscle massively.

The best way to replenish glycogen after training is to use fast carbs. They are immediately introduced into the bloodstream and rapidly travel to muscle cells.

The best form of carbs is dextrose. This is a form of sugar that does not need to be digested. You can find it in white bread.

Fast carbs will push insulin up and help substances like creatine and BCAA load into the muscle quickly.

Many people think that eating fast carbs post-workout lowers testosterone and growth hormones.

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However, these two hormones will increase when exercising, decrease after training, and recover after that. It doesn't matter what to eat or drink.

Many people think again of diabetes. It is true that if you eat too many carbs fast, you will develop diabetes.

However, that is too much, and here it is, just eating after training to recover. So there is nothing to worry about.

It is best to eat only about 30 grams of fast carbs right after training. Eating too much is not good either. Eating a lot of carbs after exercise will make you tired, drop your blood pressure …

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8. Combine BCAA, Beta-Alanine, Betaine, and Creatine before, after training

Combine BCAA, Beta-Alanine, Betaine and Creatine before, after training

One of the most important amino acids in your bodybuilding diet is Leucine. The leucine content in BCAA's will help you to endure the training.

Beta-Alanine helps to train better, increase strength, endurance. Betaine helps increase strength, develop muscle fibers, decrease Cortisol.

Creatine enhances muscle strength.

Dosage, depending on the manufacturer, will have a corresponding dose. However, you don't have to use them all. Just Whey, BCAA, Creatine!

9. Find a way that works for you

Find a way that works for you

If you have applied the above methods but cannot gain muscle, see if you are doing it right? What is the training schedule like? Because not everyone applies successfully.

The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle

Everyone is different, so if you are not successful, consider where you went wrong. The adjustment will help you gradually change that.


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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “what to eat when working out to build muscle” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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