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Drinking Coconut Water can Lose Weight?

Coconut is always a top choice of fruit because of its high thirst. Not only that, coconut water is a “friend” good for the skin. Coconut water also provides the body with the cleanest and purest water.

Regarding drinking coconut water, recently we has received many questions from you about whether drinking coconut water has lost weight? What fat or fat you are and should drink at any time to lose weight effectively.

Drinking coconut water can lose weight?

Here are the most detailed and useful sharing revolves around drinking coconut water to lose weight.

Drinking coconut water can not lose weight?

Coconut water is also one of the fruits that help to lose weight effectively. Therefore, drinking coconut water properly can also help you lose weight successfully.

The fiber and vitamins in coconut water can add nutrients but help you feel full faster and limit cravings.

Coconut water is also rich in carbohydrates that help absorb nutrients, enhance energy for the body so it’s very good for people who are dieting and can still maintain daily activities.

A cup of coconut water provides about 50 calories

A cup of coconut water provides about 50 calories, so this is the perfect drink for women who want to improve their weight. Coconut water is considered a fast weight loss food that helps you stay fit but also beautiful skin.

When you drink coconut water, the bad cholesterol in the body will be shared, avoiding accumulation harmful to the body. So when losing weight coconut water not only eliminates fat but also prevents the formation of fat, reducing the risk of artery blockage and blood pressure.

With the nutritional value that coconut water brings and is also a low-calorie food, can it also explain whether drinking coconut water has lost weight or not?

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Coconut water is fat and belly fat?

Although coconut water can help you lose weight effectively, you should not apply it much and often! Drinking too much coconut water along with other foods and fats can completely make you fat and belly fat.

Coconut water is fat and belly fat

To drink coconut water without getting fat, you should plan a reasonable diet. Drink less than 1 liter of coconut water a day.

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Some benefits from drinking fresh coconut water in addition to weight loss

1. Good for the digestive system

Coconut water is beneficial for intestinal bacteria and stomach acid. Therefore, if you drink coconut water in the morning will help the digestive system work more stable.

2. Beneficial for cardiovascular health

People with high blood pressure often have low potassium. Coconut water or coconut oil has high levels of potassium and lauric acid so it can regulate blood pressure.

Some recent studies also show that coconut milk can help increase HDL cholesterol which is beneficial for cardiovascular treatment.

3. Provide power and reduce fatigue

Many people get up early to practice sports. After each session, the body will sweat, tired because of losing part of electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, potassium.

These electrolytes can help balance body fluids, maintain muscle function, and eliminate waste from cellular activities.

A glass of coconut water will provide energy, replace lost water, reduce fatigue a day and solve this situation.

Some benefits from drinking fresh coconut water

4. Good for kidney

Coconut water is one of the kidney drinks because it has a diuretic effect. You should drink coconut water early in the morning to clean the urinary tract and prevent the risk of developing kidney stones.

5. Maintain mental focus

In addition to providing potassium and rehydration, drinking coconut water in the morning helps you maintain clarity, balance pH, stabilize body temperature and provide important nutrients for the body to need all day.

Drinking coconut water at any time to lose weight? Morning or evening?

You can drink this water at any time of the day. However, drinking a lot of coconut water in the early morning will bring greater health benefits.

You can add fresh coconut water to your weight loss menu, thereby speeding up the time of the success of losing weight to regain your perfect body.

How to lose weight with coconut water and menu

Drinking coconut water combined with eating and exercising is also one way to lose weight to eliminate fat meals. You can completely lose from 1 -2kg in a few days when applying the menu below.


For breakfast, you drink a glass of pure coconut water, a fruit salad, a box of unsweetened yogurt.

You can add some other high-protein foods (protein) but not more than 20 calories for breakfast.


You drink 1 – 1.5 cups of pure coconut water, some fresh fruit or grapefruit, apples; rice and braised fish for lunch but don’t overeat.


You can eat some boiled sweet potatoes or corn, even starches like rice; but be limited, do not overeat (just one small cup) and drink one cup of pure coconut water, a carton of unsweetened yogurt.

The note if you want to drink coconut water to lose weight

The note if you want to drink coconut water to lose weight

Coconut water is good, but you should know that it should only be used in small doses and used in moderation;

Using too much is not good for the body. You should only drink from 1 to 2 coconuts in a day, avoid drinking more cause bloating and should not abuse coconut water to drink 3, 4 fruits a day.

  • Coconut water should not be consumed before exercising. Because coconut water, when absorbed into the body at this time, will make limbs shake water, reducing flexibility as well as reducing the natural reflexes needed.
  • Every day should only drink one fresh coconut. Drinking a lot can cause bloating, especially when accompanied by grated coconut, ice cubes, and drinks in the evening. Do not make use of coconut water from 3 to 4 continuously a day.
  • When you are back in the sun, you are not hungry to drink coconut water. People who are sick also need to abstain from these drinks, because it easily brings side effects such as fever, chills.

It can be said that fresh coconut water is not a strange type of water anymore, but it can bring many health benefits as well as a slimming effect. The above sharing can help you find the answer for yourself that drinking coconut water can reduce weight and lose weight. But also must be aware of the note to avoid affecting your health offline!

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