Should I Listen to Music While Running? Unsafe Things You Need to Know

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  • Are you a frequent jogger or athlete?
  • Do you often find that athletes wear headphones or use external music aids such as speakers?

In a problem that happens, there are always advantages and disadvantages of positive signals and negative experiments; not a thing or a phenomenon happens that is purely positive or completely bad.

If you listen to music while you exercise in general, the two of you listening to music while running, in particular, has the same effect.

Listening to music has been researched and is more effective during running, but it distracts you from the notes happening around you while you run.

Listening to music will help our brain be more excited and reduce the fatigue signal sent to the main brain, so the performance we practice will be better.

In this article, we will learn based on scientists' research, and from there, we will choose whether we should listen to music while jogging, and if we listen to music, we will use it accordingly. How to achieve exercise efficiency as well as safety.

Should I Listen to Music While Running? Unsafe Things You Need to Know
Should I Listen to Music While Running? Unsafe Things You Need to Know

And the music would be a great complement to running, according to many people; In your opinion, should I listen to music while jogging? Bellyfatzone will detail the pros and cons of wearing headphones while running for you to find out carefully!

According to many studies and surveys, more and more runners use music headsets to keep their minds awake, not distracted during the durable running, marathon …

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Runner's World magazine, 61% of participants running and conducting the survey said they were wearing headphones while running, and 82% of the insiders. This interview said that they all listen to their favorite music while running.

These figures are similar, based on a 2017 study of US running trends.

With more than half of all runners saying that they enjoy listening to music during the run.

Over time, studies and experiences have clearly outlined the advantages and disadvantages of running while wearing headphones to help you know whether or not to.

Should I listen to music while running: Pros and cons

Surely everyone knows that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. With this understanding, you will determine for yourself whether or not to wear the headset while running and whether this is suitable for you.

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1. Advantages: Increases dynamism on the track

For every runner, experiencing 1 day (or days) of training for 5km, 10km, 1/2 marathon, or a marathon is necessary.

When exercising at high intensity, you will definitely need a little more motivation during many consecutive days. Obviously, a list of your favorite tracks is exactly what you need at the moment there.

Advantages: Increases dynamism on the track

Professor Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist, who studies the positive effects of music on athletes, has admitted that brisk tunes can keep runners awake. Add an extra thrill to complete your tough, challenging run.

Karageorghis said in a Runner's World ‘Jogging with Music' debate, ‘Music stimulates positive aspects of mood, such as excitement, happiness and lessens Negative aspects, such as stress, fatigue, and confusion.

Research from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research supports the above statement, concluding that listening to music before every 5km run or run will give you a boost of motivation and quicken your spirits ready state.

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2. Pros: Learns how to maintain a running speed

Many runners love to run without listening to music because they can focus on key points, such as breathing and how their feet are on the ground, to control their running.

So does music distract you from these problems or not? Absolutely not!

If applied correctly, music can help runners keep running during a workout.

In a PLoS One study, runners performed better when their music rhythm was evenly matched to their pace than when they ran without listening to music.

Karageorghis recommends listening to fast-paced songs above 120 beats/min (BPM) for high-intensity training sessions and songs below 120 BPM for lower intensity training sessions, such as those above. Long run on weekends.

3. Advantages: The session becomes easier

Training for any race has its own distinct difficulty, so why not make some changes to make things easier for you?

According to a study conducted by experts at Keele University in the UK, listening to favorite tunes while running will reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

A 2020 study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology also demonstrated that listening to music at a higher intensity reduces fatigue when performing resistance exercises.

How It Works: External stimulation of music can actually suppress internal stimuli, such as fatigue (trying to signal the brain that the body is too tired). When you start to move halfway).

As they feel the difficulty of a run decreases, they may feel they can run faster and longer.

4. Cons: Separate yourself from everything around

Cons: Separate yourself from everything around

One of the main reasons to keep headphones at home is for your own safety.

Surely you will not want to bump into people around you, people walking, jogging, or cycling around you. Wearing earphones and listening to music, it isn't easy to recognize the sounds around you.

If you listen to music while jogging, it is virtually impossible to hear sounds from surrounding traffic approaching you or trying to speak, alert you, or even sounds from the weather.

Therefore, if you have to run on fairly busy roads, it is best to keep your earphones at home for safety.

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5. Cons: Depends on the music

While practicing with music's help has proven to be a precious tool, this is not something you want to bring with you on every run.

Certainly, you wouldn't want to become dependent on music to help you complete a training session, because when on the day of the competition you will have to rely entirely on your own efforts.

Some organizations and competitions prohibit the use of assistive devices for runners, so you need to carefully read each competition's rules and fine-tune the preparation to practice.

6. Cons: Reduced experience on the run

Cons: Reduced experience on the run

Technology distraction occurs everywhere in today's society, and a person who doesn't have a smartphone in hand is scarce.

Jogging is a way for many people to free their brains from life and keep them away from technology distractions. Denison, a sports psychologist, believes music negatively affects experiences. This test.

Feelings of calm and relaxation are something that we all lose in modern life because we have to do so many things every day.

Listening to music or audiobooks while running is a form of doing many tasks simultaneously.

It is easy to get too absorbed in the music instead of spending this time enjoying the run that day.

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Should You Run Listening To Music? Video

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Reading here, you definitely have the answer to the question of whether to listen to music while running.

Music has always played an important role in our lives, and if it is applied correctly, it will certainly help a lot for a run or when practicing other sports.

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