What to Eat Before or After the Workout to Build Muscle?

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Have you ever wondered if you always get tired faster when exercising or exercising, the more muscles you lose with your weight?

And the others they train hard and don't get tired like they have something hidden you must be here.

If you and your partner have the same length of exercise, if you do not have enough nutrients before training, you will not be able to keep up with him because his muscles are simply standardized have a certain amount of nutrition in advance to exercise, and you don't.

This is exactly the reason why you should pay attention if you don't want your muscles to lose during exercise.

What to eat before or after the workout to build muscle?
What to eat before or after a workout to build muscle?

For bodybuilders, what to eat before and after your exercise is essential to ensure that goals are achieved.

That is also why many people often fail to exercise, but the muscle becomes smaller and smaller. Fat also goes along.

Fitness site Bellyfatzone will teach you how to eat before and after the exercise most effectively to increase muscle fat loss.

You also know that muscles are nurtured and developed not at the gym but at home and where you eat and drink.

This helps you understand the importance of diet. Therefore, apart from having 3 main meals, which is unquestionable, the snacks before, during, and after practice play a vital role.

In particular, you should not let your muscles go hungry by fasting before training because that way, you are destroying your goal.

What to Eat Before or After the Workout to Build Muscle?

Many people, especially beginners, do not pay much attention to whether to eat or not to eat before practicing or after training.

Simply because everyone thinks about what to do and what to eat, however, this is the mistake they have to pay in time.

Maybe you will see why you do not gain muscle … That's you. Remember the rules below!

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I. What to eat before exercising for morning/afternoon/evening

What to eat before exercising for morning/afternoon/evening

No matter what exercise goal you are in or pursuing, make sure to eat well before training.

This is a must. Simply because if you practice while your stomach is empty, how can you have enough energy to exercise?

That way, exercise will not be effective, not to mention it can easily lead to nausea, dizziness, dizziness due to a drop in blood sugar, and easily injured when pushing weights.

This also explains why many people say they can't practice, don't have strength, or are tired.


  • Avoid losing muscle mass
  • Avoid depleting energy during exercise

1. What should bodybuilders eat before going to practice?

Whether before or after training, you need always to parallel two main sources of nutrients: carbs (carbohydrates) and protein (protein).

  • Food sources of carbs

Whole-grain bread, peanut butter, bananas, and oats are all you need to eat. At this point, slow-digesting starchy foods are a great pre-workout meal.

Examples are rice / sweet potato / bean + chicken / fish + green vegetables. Note, always eat at a sufficient and moderate level; avoid eating too full will cause indigestion, abdominal pain!

  • Protein-rich food sources

In addition to carbohydrates, you need to include foods with natural protein as well. Thanks to that, the body will be guaranteed protein content not to lose too much muscle during exercise.

Ideally, it is still to use Whey Protein supplements to provide the body with high-quality, fast-loaded pure protein.

In it, you can immediately choose the product line such as IsoFlex, ON Whey Gold

  • Banana


Bananas are a very familiar fruit to many people, and bodybuilders need, like everyone else, to enjoy eating before they start training.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium that help fight cramps. Besides, bananas also have all 8 essential amino acids, 11 minerals …

Bananas also contain power-sustaining fructose. Lastly, bananas provide the body with more carbs slowly.

Bananas deserve to be on the list of foods to eat before sports and bodybuilding every day.

  • Egg bread

Before you start, why not enjoy 1-2 slices of egg bread for more carbs and protein.

Here, we are talking about black bread, not white bread. Eggs are best still chosen eggs.

Many people like to eat a black sandwich style, i.e., eggs and meat, fish, vegetables, which will help you eat better and rich in nutrients.

If you are wondering what to eat before going to the gym in the afternoon, you can choose this dish.

  • Oat


Oats are a favorite nutritional food for many bodybuilders because of their slow growth in fiber and starch content.

Besides, in oats, the main strength is the enormous amount of vitamins and minerals—finally, the protein content.

Oats contain a lot of healthy B vitamins. In 100g of oats, there are about 2.5g of protein.

  • Protein-rich drink

In addition to eating, you can completely take advantage of drinks rich in protein, such as soy milk, red bean milk …

Alternatively, you can drink Whey. These are ways to help you get a fair amount of protein essential for muscle growth.

Alternatively, you can eat protein cakes as well. It adds a lot of protein to the body and is especially a source of carbs.

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II. While practicing what is best to eat and drink

While practicing what is best to eat and drink

Water accounts for 70% of body weight and is an indispensable component. Most people often make the mistake of being afraid of drinking water while exercising.

They often try to suppress their thirst even though they are pale from the dry neck. Only when the practice is over do you run to drink.

However, lack of water will make muscles more susceptible to confusion, increasing the risk of cramps and even fainting.

Therefore, for about 15 minutes of exercise, you should drink a few sips of water. It is best to use non-cold filtered water. This will help the body recover.

Note, absolutely do not use carbonated drinks or soft drinks. Instead, choose a preference for filtered water.

Besides, you can choose to drink BCAA products as well. A lot of bodybuilders choose BCAAs to drink during exercise.

It helps to replenish essential amino acids that help strengthen muscles and boost electrolytes.

III. What to eat after exercising to gain muscle and lose fat

What to eat after exercising to gain muscle and lose fat

Post-workout meals are essential for muscle recovery or not.

If you really want to break your muscles, you don't need to read further. If you want better muscle growth, read it carefully.

After training, muscles are very hungry for protein and need your support to load nutrients to build muscle immediately.


  • Reduce muscle aches after exercise
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Protein supplement

1. What is good for men and women after practicing?

  • This is the time to eat more carbs to help the body quickly boost insulin levels, increase glycogen.
  • Not to mention, you need to include more protein-rich foods. It's best to eat enough protein in 15-20 minutes. To make sure your body doesn't lose muscle mass or relieve aches and pains, take BCAA supplements or the right whey protein products.
  • Note, drink plenty of water after exercise to replenish the drained water and electrolytes.

Cereals and milk

Cereals and milk

Whole grains provide more protein, carbs. In particular, this is a dish that vegetarians who love bodybuilding can eat.

With these whole grains, you can make a variety of dishes like salads. Besides, you can eat it raw as well.

Milk does not need to be said. Nutrition is immense. Milk has many benefits for the health and digestive system, provides a lot of protein for muscle growth:

  • Almond milk
  • Soymilk
  • Dairy cows
  • Whey Protein Milk



Eggs are considered a terrible and cheap source of protein that any bodybuilder will love.

However, you should choose eggs. Ideally, after training, make a few boiled eggs. Also, note, if possible, eat bread with eggs. This is considered a popular dish but has a lot of value for muscles.



Just 1 slice of peanut butter sandwich will give your body a lot of protein, carbs, and potassium.

A moderate amount of protein in this dish will help a lot for your muscles. Protein will help your muscles avoid being lost.

Salmon and green vegetables

Salmon and green vegetables

In addition to focusing on carbohydrates and protein, you can also add salmon and vegetables. Salmon provides a tremendous amount of protein, along with good fats.

Nutritionists recommend vegetables as well. Green vegetables contain many essential nutrients for our bodies and health.

Quinoa seeds

Quinoa seeds

Also known as quinoa. Usually, to provide carbs after training, people often choose brown rice because it provides many nutrients.

However, you will be surprised to know that the nutritional content of quinoa is 5 times higher. This is the answer to the question of what to eat after weight training is finished.

Orange juice

Orange juice

After exercising, your body loses a huge amount of minerals. Therefore, now after drinking a few sips of water, you can drink orange and lemon juice.

2. Eat the best time

Ideally, within 30 minutes of training, eat right away, and go. Otherwise, your muscles will easily lose them.

What To Eat Before & After EVERY Workout video

So you already know how to eat before and after weight training to gain muscle and lose fat accordingly. Always make sure your muscles get the best care!

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