10 Min Workout to Lose Belly Fat Absolutely Possible

By: Aiden Johann

Exercises that do not necessarily bring you a “flat waist tummy.” Not to mention a few activities that can make your round bigger.

Workout to Lose Belly Fat Absolutely Possible
Workout to Lose Belly Fat Absolutely Possible

The fastest flat waist exercises for you:

Standing exercises are suitable for energetic mornings. Just 15 minutes in the morning helps start the day more alert and enables you to achieve your dream waistline.

Losing belly fat is not too difficult anymore! Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Only 10 min workout to lose belly fat below:

1. Jump rope – Exercise waist slim:

Jumping rope is one of the exercises to help the size lean because it burns many calories quickly.

Jump rope
Jump rope

Besides, jumping rope also affects muscle groups throughout the body, including abdominal muscles.

Recipes to slim waist flat, rope skipping exercise is also a perfect choice.


  • Thirty seconds of continuous fast jumps and 30 slow jumps.
  • Rest for about 15 seconds and continue until the first 5 minutes are up.

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2. A slim, flat belly after ten days with an upright exercise:

The simple way to make a flat waist for women can be done in the office is this move.

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upright exercise
upright exercise


  • Stand up straight, hold your hands behind the back of the neck, legs bunched together or unfamiliar, you can stand with your shoulders spread wide.
  • Fold-down at an angle of 90 degrees and hold for 5 seconds, then return to the original position.
    It is done in 60 seconds.

3. Exercises to jump and twist:

This flat stomach waist exercise requires lots of muscle groups in the body to work. The twisting helps stimulate the large group in the abdominal muscles. Help obese groups burn faster.

Exercises to jump and twist
Exercises to jump and twist



  • Stand up straight, hands folded in front of your chest.
  • Jump up and twisted to the left.
  • Repeat with the opposite side for the next 3 minutes.

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4. Burpees – The exercises with the fastest flat waist.

Burpees are a mountaineering, substantial impact on all muscle groups throughout the body. Especially the abdominal muscles.



  • Stand up straight, then lean forward with your hands in front of you.
  • Jumping and bringing two legs between two hands.
  • Jump again, bringing both legs back.

5. Fold-down, hands and feet touch:

You can find this simple exercise when you don't know how to get a tummy flat waist.

This abdominal exercise is the most basic, extremely suitable for office workers to relax after hours of sitting and working.

Fold-down, hands and feet touch
Fold-down, hands and feet touch


  • Start with an upright posture, feet shoulder-width apart, spread arms outstretched.
  • Then, bend over, touch your left foot with your right hand, and vice versa in the next beat.
  • Perform in the next 60 seconds.

The fastest flat waist exercises at home:

If you do not feel enough time to practice in the morning, you can spend 15 minutes each evening.

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Only by sitting, lying posture also helps you get a slim waist, flat belly.

1. Crunch your stomach:

One of the latest waist exercises is always on the first list for you to do at home.

Crunching is also the most effective and traditional way to burn belly fat.

Crunch your stomach
Crunch your stomach

Implementation Guide:

  • Lie on your back, then your legs bend up and hold your hands behind your head.
  • Use your abs to slowly lift your legs to a 90-degree angle, your knees straighten.
  • Next, lower your feet to the floor.
  • Repeat for 1 minute.

2. Thin waist and belly after ten days with Plank:

Plank is a recent trend because of the ability to burn fat in a short time. Plank is a way to help tone muscle groups throughout the body.



  • Lie on your stomach, then support with two arms and knees. Slowly lower the elbow.
  • Continue straightening your legs back, supporting the soles of your feet.
  • Tighten abdominal muscles, from head to heel, to ensure a straight line.
  • Take care not to butt too high or too low.
  • Try to maintain it for 1 to 2 minutes.

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3. How to practice the waist flat abdomen with stretching exercises:

If you are “a little tired” with the Plank exercise above, this is the best exercise.

stretching exercises
stretching exercises


  • Return to your grasp, lift your knees and bring your heels together.
  • Lift your neck, eyes, and feet, hands holding both sides, and try not to touch the ground. Straighten your legs.
  • Practice for 3 minutes.

Besides the fastest waist slim waist exercise, it is recommended to combine with the Low Carb menu or detox drink to maximize the effect.

4. Exercise flat waist – Crossover Exercise:

Crossover exercises will be the secret to a slim waist in a simple and fastest way.

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Crossover Exercise
Crossover Exercise

This action focuses on the abdominal muscles.


  • Lie on the floor with your knees bent and hands behind your head.
  • Bend your tummy, try to touch your left elbow near the right knee, and vice versa.
  • Perform this flat stomach waist exercise in the last 5 minutes.

Note the exercise waist flat waist:

  • Should combine with exercise with daily diets such as GM diet, Eat Clean, …
  • It is combined with a detox drink.
  • Maintaining the correct posture is the back and neck to select into the abdominal muscle group.
  • Take about 30 seconds to rest your body between exercises.
  • Pay attention to breathe deeply during exercise. Breathe through your nose and breathe through your mouth to optimize breathing.
  • Flat stomach waist exercises may not be suitable for people with a history of backbone joint disease.
  • A sign of regular posture training is that you will experience abdominal pain in the first few training days.
  • Be careful when relaxing muscles if you have high blood pressure, joint problems, or visceral inflammation.
  • Be patient every day.
  • Establish a fixed schedule to motivate yourself.

Above are the fastest waist slim waist exercises. Just spend a little time every day to reduce belly fat and get the body you want.

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