How many calories does an apple have?

By: Stephanie Hoffnung

Hey, do you like to eat apples? There are varieties of apples worldwide, most of which have different sizes, colours, flavours and nutrients, but apples are prevalent everywhere.

How many calories does an apple contain? A whole apple contains about 80 calories; if peeled, it has only 63 calories.

For red apples with the skin on, there are about 100 calories; if peeled, the calories are about 80.4. Four benefits of eating apples are that they help reduce lung cancer, are suitable for the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of asthma, and prevent colon cancer.

How many calories does an apple have?

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How many calories are in an apple?

Studies show that eating apples brings many health benefits thanks to the variety of essential nutrients. There are wide varieties of apples on the market today. Each type of apple contains extra calories, specifically:

– 1 average red apple: 72 calories.

– 1 small red apple: 36 calories.

– 100g of tamarind: 37 calories.

– 100g green apple: 46 calories.

– 100g small green apple: 36 calories.

– 1 apple: 71 calories.

– 1 jujube: 65 calories.

– 100g of dried red apple: 52 calories.

Is eating apple fat?

The results of studies on apples confirm that this fruit has both practical weight loss effects and improves overall health for adults and children.

Is eating apple fat?

Apples contain a lot of adequate fat-loss fibre.

In a medium-sized apple, there are about 4 grams of fibre, meeting nearly 26% of the recommended fibre intake for women and 11% of the recommended yarn for men.

The amount of soluble fibre in apples becomes a food source for beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to support digestive health and boost metabolism. From there, it brings significant benefits in weight loss.

Apples are extremely low in calories.

As analyzed above, the composition in apples is up to 86% water, when eaten, will create a feeling of fullness quickly. Because of the low-calorie content in apples, you can comfortably eat 2-3 apples a day without worrying about excess calories. At the same time, support reducing calorie intake through other foods.

Eating apples makes you feel full for a long time.

Because of the high-fibre and low-calorie content, when you consume that fruit, you will quickly feel full and curb your appetite, thereby limiting excess calories in the body.

Eating apples directly instead of drinking juice or using sauces would be best. Because eating apples now takes longer and creates a feeling of fullness longer.

Nutrition facts about apples

A 100g medium apple contains the following specific nutrients:

– Water: 86%

– Sugar 10.5g

Protein: 0.3g

Protein: 0.3g

– Carbs: 13.8g

– Fiber: 2.4g

– Fat: 0.2g

– Vitamins A, C and many other minerals

Through the nutritional composition listed above, it can be seen that the majority of apples are water and carbs, accounting for 10.4 grams. Although apples' carbs and sugar content are pretty high, the glycemic index GL is shallow. Gl is a measure of the blood sugar level of foods and foods that affect the rise and fall of blood sugar.

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A low Gl value proves that apples are healthy food. Not only used in food, but the apple is also considered a rare medicinal herb.

Scientists have shown that eating apples daily helps the human body to prevent and prevent many diseases that are harmful to health. Thanks to the nutrients brought from the apple, the body reduces about 35% of the danger, leading to death from cancer diseases, helping people to prolong life.

In addition, apples also have many other antioxidant plant compounds, such as:

Quercetin is a nutrient in many plant foods with anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and cancer-preventing properties.

Catechin: A natural antioxidant in green tea, it can effectively improve brain and muscle function.

Looking at the nutritional composition table, you can rest assured when using apples and do not have to worry about how many calories an apple contains, is eating an apple fat? You can change the way it is processed into many different dishes… to add more flavour, to make the weight loss process more effective.

What are the benefits of eating apples?

What are the benefits of eating apples?

In addition to finding out how many calories an apple contains, many people are also interested in the benefits that apples bring. Specifically, when you eat apples, you will enjoy the following practical advantages:

Reducing lung cancer

Apples help to prevent the risk of cancer-related diseases. Research by scientists shows that apples contain nutrients that can improve human health problems very well.

The content of nutrients in apples brings excellent use and supports the body and cells to prevent lung cancer effectively. Thereby protecting the lungs from harmful agents and ageing. Apples also help slow down lung function decline, keeping the lungs healthy for ten years.

According to a study from the Medical University of Italy, people who regularly eat apples daily have a 35% lower rate of lung cancer than those who rarely eat apples.

In addition, apples contain many nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, reducing conditions and respiratory problems. As a result, the respiratory system of the lungs is stimulated to become healthier.

Suitable for the cardiovascular system

Apples provide many benefits for the cardiovascular system thanks to the amount of saturated fibre. The content of saturated fibre, when taken into the body, can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Thereby supporting the body against cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, apples contain large amounts of the antioxidant flavonoid epicatechin. This is an effective substance that lowers blood pressure and prevents the risk of stroke.

Reduce the risk of asthma

For people who eat apples regularly, at least five apples/per week, lung function will increase significantly, help healthy lungs and are less prone to respiratory diseases, especially asthma. All thanks to the flavonoid content contained in apples. However, the bulk of the substance is found in the apple skin, not the flesh inside.

Along with that, the quercetin found in apple and flu viruses helps the body strengthen the immune system, making and making more smooth reducing the risk of asthma.

Prevent colon cancer

Apples also contain a large amount of Pectin, one of the substances capable of nourishing microorganisms in intestinal cells and promoting the best bacteria in the intestines, preventing the risk of colon cancer.

Apple menu for effective weight loss in 7 days

Apple menu for effective weight loss in 7 days

The content of vitamin C, fibre and active ingredient pectin in apples helps the body, reducing the absorption of sugar too quickly. It also suppresses cravings for up to 4 hours.

Eat 1-2 apples daily for breakfast or dinner, and maintain for seven days; you will achieve unexpected weight loss results. Applying the weight loss menu in the seven days below, you will lose 3-5 kg ​​in 1 month and 1-2kg/7 days.

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Day 1

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, 200ml soy milk, or skim milk
  • Lunch: Salad of apples and greens mixed with carrots; add some mint leaves and olive oil.
  • Dinner: 1 apple, boiled chayote, one box of yoghurt or Yakult

Day 2

  • Morning: 1 apple, chrysanthemum bread
  • Lunch: Apple salad with cucumber, onion, mint leaves and 1 cup of tea
  • Dinner: 1 apple, bacon, cauliflower or boiled cabbage

Day 3

  • Morning: Toast, low-fat yoghurt
  • Lunch: Brown rice, chicken breast with salad, one apple and sesame sauce
  • Dinner: 1 apple, lentil or oat soup


  • Morning: Boiled kale, apple smoothie
  • Lunch: 1 apple, zucchini and spinach soup
  • Dinner: 1/2 cup of rice, boiled potatoes and carrots, one apple

Day 5

  • Morning: Bread, 1 cup of tea or coffee
  • Lunch: 1 apple, salad soup and sweet potato/potato
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 cup of apple smoothie with lettuce


  • Morning: 1 apple, one bowl of porridge from oats
  • Lunch: Vegetable salad (apple, pear, guava), detox tea
  • Dinner: Half a cup of brown rice, steamed chicken breast with broccoli


  • Morning: 1 apple mixed with low-sugar fresh milk
  • Lunch: Tomato and herb salad, boiled egg
  • Dinner: 1 apple, salmon salad

You can change the menu depending on your personal preferences accordingly. However, you still have to ensure the calorie content is <1200 units/day to avoid affecting the fat loss results.

Some things to pay attention to when eating apples to lose weight

Although you already know how many calories an apple contains and is not toxic to the body, you need to be careful when using it to maximize the effects of the above fruit. Some notes to keep in mind:

– Do not eat apples when hungry; you must eat your stomach lining before eating.

– Do not eat more than three fruits/per day; they must be used properly.

– Choose apples that are fresh, firm in hand and not mouldy.

– Can eat apples with other fruits, but avoid eating with pomegranates, grapes, and persimmons, which can cause digestive disorders.

– It is imperative to combine a scientific exercise regime, promote metabolism and release calories put into the body.

– Build healthy eating habits, do not load too much fat, food or alcoholic drinks …

Contraindicated to eating apples in the following cases: gastritis, dysmenorrhea, recently eating seafood…

Is it a good habit to eat a lot of apples?

Nutrition experts affirmed that eating apples is unsuitable for health and can cause severe health consequences. Typical:

It affects some digestive problems

Apple is a thermogenic fruit; when consumed in large quantities, the body will cause heat, causing an imbalance in the hormonal balance. Followed by problems: Bloating, reducing the effectiveness of pancreatic hormones, increasing the conversion of glucose into fat…

In addition, drinking more than 1 litre of apple juice/per day also leads to diarrhoea, accompanied by the following symptoms: dizziness, headache, and loss of appetite…

Unintentional weight gain

Eating a lot of apples causes the digestive activity to be reversed, making it difficult for the body to release energy, causing excess fat accumulation and weight gain. For example: If you eat four apples/per day, your calorie intake will reach 350-400 units. Add a diet high in starch and fat, and the weight will increase quickly.

Therefore, people who lose weight should only eat 1-2 fruits per day, combined with a low-carb diet, to increase the effectiveness of weight loss.

Reducing the effectiveness of treatment drugs

While taking antibiotics or treating medical conditions, eating a lot of apples can make the active ingredients ineffective. The acidic environment (Vitamin C) at that time efficiently neutralizes the drug's effect.

In particular, some foods: Fexofenadine, ampicillin, and ibuprofen … combined with apples, will cause powerful side effects, even increasing the risk of exacerbation of the disease.

In some cases, you will experience symptoms such as Drowsiness, dizziness, nightmares, and headache …

Increased likelihood of poisoning

According to the US Food Safety Administration, apples are the most heavily preserved fruit. Therefore, you must choose a reliable purchase address and wash it with salt water or a nano sterilizer to reduce toxicity.

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In some clinical studies, apples can cause cyanide poisoning if taken more than 150g into the body. Therefore, you must remove the apple's core when eating to ensure safety for health.

When there are signs of diarrhoea, abdominal pain, or sweating after eating a lot of apples, you need to see a doctor immediately for timely treatment.

Weakened tooth enamel

Vitamin C-rich fruits such as apples are very acidic, so they typically cause enamel weakening and tooth mineral loss.

The nutritional composition of the apple contains a lot of vitamin C (4.6 mg per 100 grams of apple), so the excessive use of that fruit will make you face dental problems (discomfort, teeth and gums), yellowing, stinging).

Especially when using apples soaked in wine or vinegar, tooth enamel is weakened faster. The risk of gingivitis and canker sores accompanies it.


Some surveys show that people who have a habit of drinking apple juice or apple cider have twice the risk of osteoporosis than average. Because the above products reduce potassium levels, preventing calcium absorption in the bones.

At that time, the bone structure is no longer solid and vulnerable to damage if there is a strong impact from the outside. Therefore, experts recommend that children not eat a lot of apples to avoid osteoporosis during puberty.

How many apples should you eat per day?

Every day, we should only eat 1-2 apples and should eat the skin. As many studies have shown,

Many antioxidants in apple skin, especially the polyphenol group, can fight cancer.

At the same time, you can use one apple and one banana for breakfast; they will provide all the calories and nutrients needed.

A banana contains 110 calories and 1 gram of protein, meeting 16% of the daily fibre requirement. In particular, an apple provides up to 36% fibre, 190 calories per day recommendation.

Thus, you have absorbed about 300 calories for breakfast, close to the recommended calories in the meal for the 3-meal-a-day diet.

How to choose delicious crispy apples

To choose an apple that is both delicious, crispy, sweet, and healthy, you should pocket the way to select apples below.

Observe the apple peel

It would be best to choose apples with bright colours, glossy skin, and no rough feeling when touching. If you like to eat sweet apples, choose a dark fruit with tiny white seeds on the rind. Avoid soft, crushed, bruised or insect-infested fruits.

Notice the size of the apple.

Choose an apple just the right size, slightly larger than a tennis ball. Do not be greedy for apples that are too big or too small. Apples that are too big can be sprayed with growth stimulants, too small apples are often pressed and sour.

Observe the stem of the apple

Freshly harvested apples will have a new stem firmly attached to the fruit. Do not choose apples that have fallen or dried branches.

Touch the apple with your hand

Delicious and juicy apples will be hard, somewhat round, and heavy in hand. It is a delightful and challenging berry when you press your hand on the apple. Try snapping an apple; if the sound is clear and loud, it is a crispy and delicious apple.

Smell the aroma of apples

Ripe and delicious apples often have a very fragrant smell. Unripe apples will be less aromatic and have a slightly sour taste.

The above information lets you know how many calories an apple contains and the great benefits they bring. From there, you will have helpful knowledge to include that fruit in the diet menu, get in shape and lose weight effectively.

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