How to Drink Chia Seeds For Fast Weight Loss?

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Using particles to effectively divide the weight loss method can help you lose faster, expedited to 4kg within 1 month.

With 100g, chia seeds can provide sources of essential fatty acids Omega-3 formidable, low-sodium, protein, fat, and fiber, high in antioxidants, good for the body, and adequate nutrition.

When you drink chia seeds will not feel hunger or appetite. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

chia seeds is not only nutritious foods, "gold" but also extremely effective weight loss.

The use of beads is divided into weight loss.

The nutritional value of chia seeds is widely recognized. Divided particles provide an abundant amount of nutrients, not to mention a large amount of protein that is very low in calories.

This is nothing more suited to help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Each county division with high cholesterol protein, some minerals such as phosphorus, calcium milk 6 times, nearly 1.6 times higher fiber barley, abundant source of vitamin B, iron, omega-3 content than 8 times salmon, Omega-6, Omega-9, with beneficial nutrients, it seems possible that the answer to the question dividing particle drink with weight loss?

Specific nutritional content contained within the county divided as follows, every grain ration 28g chia range is:

  • Fiber: 11g
  • Protein: 4g
  • Fat: 9g
  • Calcium 18% RDA (i.e., Dietary Allowance Recommended). This is a certain amount of nutrients that each person should normally be enough to avoid intolerance risk of deficiency of the body.
  • Manganese is 30% RDA.
  • It contains about 30% magnesium RDA.
  • Phosphorus: 27% RDA
  • And contains a variety of vitamins B and potassium.

That is why many people seek to divide the county drinking to lose weight quickly but safely.

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Taking chia seeds effective weight loss fast

Be combined with the available materials to build a grain diet with a reasonable share to get the perfect physique quickly.

Drink chia seeds effective weight loss

To start to lose weight this way, you can refer to the weight loss menu divided by county below.

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Weight loss menu with first division county

  • Morning: Mix 1 cup of warm water with honey divided particles of pure. And drink in 30 minutes after breakfast as usual.
  • Lunch: You challenge yourself nuts 1 cup water divided as above. Drink 30 minutes, then lunch as usual. Eat at noon because the chia nuts can help you feel full. Eat plenty of vegetables, meat, fish.
  • Dinner: Continue adding 1 cup of water mixed with honey nut divided as above. And add 1 cup of soup to eat any before 7 pm. If the hungry can eat bananas, apples, pears.

Countries divided particles.

Weight loss menu with beads 2nd division

  • Morning: Mix 1 tablespoon honey and chia seeds and a little lemon juice. And drink 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Lunch: Drink 1 glass of lemonade on a county divided as 30 minutes before eating. You eat 3-4 bananas before meals: additional vegetables, fish, beef, or chicken breast.
  • Dinner: 1 cup broken nuts and lemon juice. Add 1 cup soup to eat before 7 pm. Eat more fruits like apples, pears, bananas if hungry.

This is the weight loss menu with simple chia nuts but extremely effective.

The use of beads dividing weight in this way should be noted for those who suffer stomach pain; if not appropriate, you can not add more lemon juice, the only county chia shot weight with pure honey.

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1. Drink county chia with yogurt weight loss

When combined with yogurt and honey, these nutrients in the chia seeds will give you enough energy to operate for half a day. If used this way in the morning, you can eat less breakfast.

Divided particles mixed with yogurt and raspberries.

Performed as follows:

  • A jar of sugar-free yogurt, add a little honey, and stir well.
  • Then add a big spoon into the mixture, divided particles, and continued mild island for about 1 minute.
  • Drink at breakfast.

Maintaining the county divided drink this way to lose weight steadily for weeks, combined with lobbying from gentle walking in the morning or evening, will see the obvious effective weight loss.

2. Seeds chia milk soak simple weight loss

Divided particles soaked milk.


  • Get an adequate amount of particles divided, soaked in almond milk or soy milk, add a little honey and leave overnight in the refrigerator compartment cool.
  • Long enough for the compounds in the chia seeds and milk constitute dish delicious, nutritious,
  • Soaking seeds division should use milk in the morning to lose weight because there's enough fiber that should have no appetite.
  • Only one week after your weight can change positively.

3. Seeds division and lemonade

This is considered a reducing balance divided particles are most applicable and sisters, by the simple and convenient.

Simple drink lemonade weight divided particles.


  • For 1 share of grains in just enough water, stir and let stand for 10 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and mix well so the nutrients can be combined.
  • It should be taken in the evening before going to bed for about 1 hour; lemon's acid will ease food digestion.
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Simultaneously combined with physical activity before bedtime, definitely chia nuts, and lemon juice will help you lose weight effectively.

This is the experience with grain weight loss postpartum mothers share many shares.

4. Grain divided weight loss with honey

chia seeds and honey are two nutrient-rich foods that are not only good for health but also have the ability to lose weight.


  • Divided 2 tablespoons nuts soaked for a hatch.
  • Add hot water to get warm drinking water (if taken in the morning).
  • Then add pure honey to create just enough sweetness.

Chia seeds and honey also can drink together every morning to help lose weight.

5. Vitamin county divided

Taking vitamins every day not only beautiful skin but also lose weight. You need to add beads divided into 15 minutes and then the drinks' ice can. Be sure to use fresh milk in the blender nhé!

Vitamins weight loss beautiful chia seeds leather.

6. Grain weight divided by soup, porridge, or soup

In the soup, split-grain is used as a condiment. They provide enough nutrients for the body, but without losing the taste of the soup delicious.

Can add 3-4 teaspoons of seeds chia into soup cooked with vegetables. Cooked with fish or meat and other soups.

Mushroom soup with seeds division.

If as porridge or soup, add 2-3 tablespoons of nuts divided into cooking and eating as usual.

7. Particle fried egg split

Vegetable chives or finely chopped spinach. Next to the county divided into 2 tablespoons. Then beat the egg mixture and then fried.

Fried eggs divided particles.

Add a tasty dish to help you lose weight effectively.

8. chia seeds leather weight loss pretty salad

It would help if you did the chicken breast salad. Then add 3 tablespoons of nuts divided into and eat.

Do not give too many spices as sugar or salt, or sauce because they might reduce weight effectiveness.

Salad with nuts chia just weight loss, but also beautify the skin.

9. Drinking water split-phase particles

Or to lose weight, drinking divided particles are also suitable for the mother after birth.

Just for 1 tablespoon nut divided into the water glass and then stirring for 30 to 60 seconds.

After the chia nuts, you can drink soft. Or you can also do the same with fruit juice (note that choosing fruits low in sugar).

Drinking water divided particles.

10. Lose weight with chia seeds and oats

Nutritious food is good for health and helps you reduce fat effectively, do not hesitate to apply now to lose weight with chia seeds and oats.

There are many ways to do this; you can mix the seeds of division, oats, and skimmed milk. Or can you cook oatmeal with the nuts split?

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chia seeds and lose weight with nutritious oats.

How to cook oatmeal and grains divide weight loss:

  • You cook oatmeal as usual, then add 3 tablespoons of nuts divided into.
  • Maybe for a little spice but limit sugar and salt.
  • Then breakfast with oatmeal divided particles.

11. Eat nuts cake divided weight loss

Grind chia seeds and mix them into the flour mixture, eggs, milk for baking. Add some sugar and skimmed milk. Grain bread is broken delicious, but it also helps to lose weight effectively.

Use skim milk to bread and grain splits new weight-loss effectiveness.

The note when making the county divided reducing balance.

  • Chia seeds are effective only decreased appetite, should exercise to burn fat supports fast, effective weight loss.
  • Should reduce the amount of sugar when making chia eating grain weight loss.
  • Use less salt to add flavor.
  • Drink plenty of water each day, from 2 liters of water, if athletes range 2.5 liters to 3 liters.
  • Limiting alcohol, alcoholic beverages, soda, fast food, fried food much grease, starch, …
  • Drink lots of juices such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, natural juices.

With drinking divided particles lose weight may help lose weight quickly and effectively. But let patience perform a new desire to lose weight have too!

Chia Seeds Weight Loss Drink Video:

Thus we have divided particles review weight loss with 11 recipes so you can easily implement them. Now let's start right too fast with the beautiful body yet!

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