How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally at Home Extremely Effective for You?

By: Aiden Johann

Abdominal fat is an obsession for everyone, not only for men but for women, at any age, not only the age of adulthood or middle age or the older we are afraid of belly fat.

Nowadays, the percentage of excess belly fat is rejuvenated more and more; even tiny babies only about 5 years old, 6 years old have a large amount of excess fat in the body, which is obesity.

This article will discuss in detail and specifically how to reduce belly fat for men at home effectively and based on scientific research.

Below is a breakdown of how men should use and exercise at home every day to help you have a nice belly.

For men, the big belly is always an obsession that few people can overcome. So are you in this situation?

Are you trying to escape and regain your manly form? We will help you do it; please believe it.

Abdominal fat is certainly no one likes it, both lost aesthetics and difficult to handle anymore. However, the problem is not so important if you do not realize the dangers of being overweight, especially men.

The larger the waist size due to fat, the greater the risk of dangerous chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Just change your diet and lifestyle to be healthy and scientific, you will quickly eliminate excess fat. The key is a beautiful physique.

Are you think … Reduce the 5cm waist-out in 1 month is impossible. Right? But the reality – To get a sexy body and slim is not difficult as you think.

What you need to do is to track and follow the instructions shortly. In this article, I will show you specifically how to lose belly fat effectively.

How to lose belly fat naturally at home Extremely effective for you?
How to lose belly fat naturally at home Extremely effective for you?

Reducing waist circumference is 5cm within 1 month but still pretty healthy and does not affect health.

Warned helps you lose belly fat and waist beautifully and can reduce the fat body.

Reduce belly fat is a completely different weight loss. Because abdominal fat just focuses on one part without multiple locations on the body.

Many of you have a skinny body but still have belly fat is due to living habits, eating time, and rest mode unscientific … Especially the office you habitually sit in many a place.

Perennial belly fat in men and women is often difficult to reduce more. And to implement new persistent results.

Eliminate and reduce belly fat is not too difficult with the natural method does not take medicine; you absolutely can be done at home.

Perseverance and serious implementation may occur only after 3 days of abdominal fat, and your waistline will significantly improve.

The content below be sure you've heard from other blogs, but ask that you made less? Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Why should we lose belly fat?

This is a question that is not difficult to answer because most of us know that belly fat is not good for our health.

According to reliable statistics, 8 out of 10 people die from obesity, and this disease is the premise of cardiovascular disease of cancer and diabetes.

A waist that is too large will not fit any outfit in the usual shopping stores that you have to set your own size. And every time you take a picture, you don't want to look at that picture anymore.

And now, what if you had a screen that balanced a toned waist?

Are you confident about your health in front of camera lenses and always in a good mood because your body is healthy?

Above are a few things that we have to offer to show the suffering when you are belly fat and the great thing when you own an ideal waistline.

Bad habits cause belly fat.

Scores on the habits seemed harmless here, but it is a cause for the more belly fat thickening.

You are suffering from any bad habits? Improve immediately if desired, reduce belly fat, and have a good health

Explain in detail how to lose belly fat naturally at home for men and women

We all know that no matter what the secret to losing weight for men, we need to have a scientific roadmap.

This helps us to get in the right direction and know what the problem is. Therefore, please be patient and patient!

Part I: Lifestyle changes.

This is extremely important because it accounts for more than half of your success. If you want to get the best results, pay close attention.

1. Talk to the doctor

It may not seem appropriate to ask your doctor what to do, but when you're fat, you're more likely to have a lot of problems and to have peace of mind and if you're overweight, seek medical advice.

It is usually unnecessary to talk to your doctor about the experience, but if you have certain medical conditions or are overweight, ask your doctor what regimen to use.

People who have excess abdominal fat are at an increased risk of diabetes. That way, there must be a healthy and proper diet. Therefore, you need a doctor instructing you how to eat properly.

2. Reduce Carbs

Reduce Carbs

Read the article about what carbs are. Scientific research has proven that fast-carbs-rich foods can increase waist size and excess fat.

Reducing the number of carbs in your diet will help support the fat loss process. Your diet should focus on protein, slow carbs.

Limiting fast starches like white bread, rice, pho … Instead, use foods containing slow starch will help you more because of faster satiety and longer satiety. Choose grains because they are high in fiber.

3. Enhance protein

Enhance protein

Protein-rich natural foods are always something you need to supplement if you want to lose weight more effectively.

Protein will help burn fat and maintain muscle. In particular, supplementing with more protein will help the body stay full longer, avoiding snacking throughout the day.

To lose weight, you should remember protein foods should account for about 20-25% of total calories. For example, 1 day loaded 1600calo; then you need to add 80-100g of protein (1gram of protein = 4 calories).

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Protein is often found in lentils, chicken, eggs, milk, seafood, tofu … These are food groups that provide low calories but are rich in protein …

4. Reduce your calorie intake every day

Reduce your calorie intake every day

As stated in the article about weight loss formulas, if you want to lose weight, the basic rule is the calories loaded <calories burned. You only need to lose 500 calories a day to succeed!

There are many ways to reduce calories such as cutting diets, reducing carbs, burning calories by exercising, eating protein, low in fat …

  • Keep track of your daily calorie intake. Keep track of the calories in foods and drinks you usually eat.
  • Keep a record of how you get your calories and from what source. You can use a notebook if needed to know how you ate in a day.
  • The amount of calories needed depends on your age, gender, age … To lose about 1 kg/week, you need to reduce about 500 calories/day and not more if you do not want to get sick.

5. Reduce sugar consumption

Reduce sugar consumption

Scientific research for decades has proven that high sugar intake will increase the risk of belly fat. Men who eat less sugar for extended periods of time will have a smaller waistline.

Therefore, limit your intake of sugary foods like confectionery, soft drinks … Instead, use fruit.

6. Do not drink alcoholic beverages

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

This is one reason why men often suffer from beer belly because they sit in the pub every day. According to proven research, all alcoholic beverages increase fat.

Therefore, every day you should only drink 1 small beer to increase the taste for eating, not drinking too much. If possible, do not drink is best to protect health and alertness. And while losing fat, NO!

Part II: Training

If the upper part is only 60%, then the remaining 30% will be resolved through training. Exercise will help you burn fat better. This helps you reduce the suffering of eating and promoting health.

Read more: Top Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Women and Men Home or Gym.

1. Start exercising

Start exercising

If combined with a low-calorie diet, exercise will definitely help you accelerate the process of weight loss. Exercise helps the body metabolize faster, limiting excess fat and burning fat. Cardio exercises will help you stimulate the heart to beat better and burn fat effectively.

  • Running, hiking, cycling, or swimming are cardio exercises. These are extremely healthy exercises that burn a lot of excess fat. You should enlist every day if possible, about 45 minutes offline.
  • If you do not have much time, you can add more activities every day to help burn fat like hard work at home, walking by stairs …
  • Exercise is essential for office workers who often have to sit down.

2. Strengthen weight exercises

Strengthen weight exercises

After you've focused on fat burning exercises, you need to spend more time on weight training to build muscle.

Muscles will help burn fat because it needs more protein. Maintaining muscle mass will reduce the risk of fat accumulation.

There are many ways to practice; depending on you, you can choose an appropriate one by watching immediately how to divide the schedule. Also, you need to diversify the post.

3. Additional abdominal exercises

Additional abdominal exercises

Want to lose belly fat, we can not just do ab exercises. It is important to take advantage of the cardio exercises. Then, combine more Plank … to stimulate the abdominal muscles to develop.

4. Find a partner

Find a partner

When someone practices with you, you will definitely feel more comfortable and full of confidence. Many studies have shown that you will follow a competitive path to progress when you practice with you. Therefore, invite you!

Part III: Monitoring and staying motivated

10% is small, but it is enough to decide whether you succeed or not. No matter how hard you try, it takes perseverance and determination to the end.

1. Weigh the bodyweight

To get rid of belly fat, you need to lose weight. Regular weight will help you keep track of the weight loss.

Ideally, every week you should weigh in the early morning of Monday when you just wake up. This will help you understand how much you have decreased.

Always take notes, so you have the clearest and most detailed chart. This will help motivate you. Besides, not being weighed every day because would make you very frustrated. Please weigh 1 time/week.

2. Measure your waist

Measure your waist

Because here is an article about how to reduce belly fat for fat men, the waist measurement is always a top concern compared to other body regions.

Keeping track of your measurements will help you know if you are losing fat on your lap. Just use the tape measure in the following way, and you can determine if you are on the right track or not.

  • Use a tape measure to measure your waist. Find the highest part of the hip bone and the lowest part of the rib, wrap the wire between 2 points, and record.
  • Waist size larger than 94cm => you have more belly fat and need to lose weight faster.
  • Because muscle is heavier than fat, if you lose weight and gain muscle, it will not be accurate. Therefore, it is necessary to combine measurements too!

3. Make a to-do list

Make a to-do list

One of the main problems of people losing weight is that they often want to eat. However, snacking is your enemy.

So instead of sitting there and eating, why don't you get up and go and sit down and do something focused?

4. Control stress

Control stress

Did you know that stress causes sleep deprivation and makes you more likely to crave food? This makes you more likely to gain fat.

Therefore, the best way to reduce belly fat for men is to keep a good mental state every day and get enough sleep. This will be good for your health.

If possible, you should take advantage of more weight loss pills – Hydroxycut Next Gen because these are quality and safe products.

13 Ways to lose belly fat at home fast and effective for men and women

1. How to lose belly fat with honey

Reduce belly fat with honey … This way, the grass looks at the user because they use despised.

But you try to go as it is very effective and simpler than other ways. Do not spend much time and effort, but still get in shape waist.

Though honey contains sugar, sugar is that natural sugar derived from pollen should not be fattening and can provide energy for the body. You can absolutely lose belly fat with honey.

In honey contains nutrients not only help accelerate the process of metabolism but also help transform nutritional components.

Can mix honey with a lemon drink in the morning or after meals to better digest and eliminate excess fat effectively.


  • Juice from ¼ lemon and 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 cup warm water.
  • And drink before breakfast.
  • Challenge your evening drink 1 cup of honey and lemon before going to bed for about 30 minutes.

Note: People with diseases of the stomach only drink honey and lemon after eating breakfast.

You can do more simply to reduce belly fat in a cup of warm honey in the evening immediately after eating.

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2. How to lose belly fat by body heat

The first: direct Bathing with hot water

Use shower water discharge directly to the abdomen, hands, and rubbing in the direction from the inside out. Time 10 minutes.

The water temperature is 44 degrees. C is the most suitable for bathing to reduce belly fat.

Hot-water effectively reduces belly fat.
Hot-water effectively reduces belly fat.

The second way: Putting hot water around the abdomen and waist

Use a hot pack (can buy at pharmacies). For water from 40 to 50 degrees Celsius in the bag, cover closed compresses around the abdomen and waist, 1-2 minutes will change the positions 1 to avoid burns.

3. Reduce salt belly fat by simple, effective

Sure, you've heard a lot about how to lose belly fat…

But to implement properly effective new nhé!

This is considered the tips lose belly fat quickly and efficiently perform many sisters, to get back within 2 slim.

Besides salt packs, you can combine them with ginger to rise more effectively.


  • Use a coarse salt, roasted grain of salt until the hunt again, for ginger was sliced ​​in (about 10 slices, each slice thickness of 1-2 mm), then turn off the stove.
  • Then, let the salt cooled down about 50 degrees C; for a clean cloth, roll all the belly fat until salt is being cooled off.
Reduce belly fat with salt
Reduce belly fat with salt

Note: When implementing ways to reduce belly fat with salt every day, especially before going to bed to lose abdominal fat, waist quickly more efficiently, stimulate sleep.

4. Reduce belly fat with ginger ale

Fresh ginger or ginger ale can help you eliminate belly fat effectively.

The folk method should you absolutely can apply without any influence on health

Reduce belly fat with ginger
Reduce belly fat with ginger

Ginger wine will help you lose belly fat effectively from the inside; folk methods are still many users so far

You perform:

  • 1 kg of freshly crushed ginger and 1 liter of white wine. Soak until approximately 1 month, then take this mixture and massage daily belly up.
  • Substance gingerol in ginger will heat, helps burn fat woman's abdomen Department.
  • Wine will be the conductor of ginger essential oil that's into your subcutaneous fat area; fat decomposition increases this place.

Note: Choose fresh ginger and old to perform!

5. Sleep on time, and enough sleep is also a way to help you lose belly fat

Enough sleep is always a need for a health condition.

That you stay up late will cause increased abdominal visceral fat levels. You should sleep for 8 hours a day to lose weight.

If you only sleep 5 hours or less makes concentrations of abdominal fat organ difficult to control and vice versa. If enough sleep and punctuality make biological clocks you stable, there is no chance for cortisol accumulation.

6. Reduce belly fat with fresh lemon.

Use lemon is one way to reduce belly fat and simple efficiency at home. Easy to carry, do not take too much time with the following formula.


Drink diluted lemon juice every morning instead of water. Make lemonade by the ratio of 1/2, for 250ml warm water and white salt.

Use fresh lemons up to lose belly fat. You sliced ​​and applied on the abdomen every day—the execution time of 20 minutes (massage). We should implement them to achieve fast performance for 1 week.

You have seen how to lose belly fat above 5 easily done yet …

The way to do simple and easy at home to get rid of belly fat perennial effective and fastest.

But not all …

If you want to lose belly fat, you need to express it in combination with another type below Detox water.

Detox drinks most effectively reduce belly fat you should use

Process successful belly fat reduction can not be lacking drinks, one of purification, and push the fat out of the body.

6. How to lose belly fat effectively with ginger tea

As well as how to lose belly fat with fresh ginger.

But instead of using alcohol, then you can make tea instead of water each day.

Ginger warm, hot, rich in nutrients should be able to do promote the body's metabolism and prevent fat accumulation … so raw ginger is considered good for reducing abdominal fat.

How to lose belly fat effectively with ginger tea
How to lose belly fat effectively with ginger tea


  • You use 2 slices of fresh ginger thin 1 – 2mm, intact shells are washed, drained naturally into 100ml of hot water.
  • About 20 minutes for ginger's essence are air and water, drink 20 minutes before meals to help reduce appetite, and prolong the day no.

Perform all in one long time, and do not give up halfway.

7. Vinegar apple reduce belly fat

Besides apple cider vinegar weight loss, it also helps you lose belly fat effectively and naturally.

Apple cider vinegar is extracted and fermented completely naturally to reduce belly fat without harm to health.


  • With 100ml warm water, you give 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to mix with, can add 1-2 teaspoons of honey to make it taste better.
  • Drink after waking up and before dinner.
Reduce belly fat with apple cider vinegar.
Reduce belly fat with apple cider vinegar.

8. Grapefruit Juice

You just take the cloves cup grapefruit and entered compressor to approximately 200ml of grapefruit juice, drink 30 minutes before going to bed; it will quickly slim waistline ownership.

Simple right?

9. Reduce belly fat with lemon

With characteristic high acidity and nutritional components such as vitamins B, B2, C, phosphorus, calcium, and carbohydrates, protein but are low in calories, lemon particularly effective in reducing fat absorption accumulation. Thereby reducing subcutaneous abdominal fat more efficiently.

Lemonade - easy to find simple ingredients to make you lose belly fat.
Lemonade – easy to find simple ingredients to make you lose belly fat.

Simple way:

  • Drink diluted lemon juice daily.
  • This is the first purification detox treatment to burn fat a lot of sisters recommended.
  • Dissolve 1 lemon with 1.5 to 2 liters of water each day to mix with the food to eat too much oily.

10. grapefruit and tomato juice

Grapefruit and tomatoes are known to help with weight loss formulas effectively. Besides, reducing belly fat is what you need in foods


  • Prepare 500 g and 1 grapefruit peeled tomatoes seeded. Pureed two ingredients together, get through sieve residue, juice tightly.
  • 30 minutes of an after-dinner drink.

It seems to lose belly fat by the water makes you more interested in Detox.

11. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber or cucumber also reduces belly fat drinks quite effectively. Cucumber contains a lot of water to drink; you will reduce appetite.

Very cool cucumber, appropriate to the hot summer. The fruit also contains many vitamins, good for the beauty of women.

You simply peeled, washed, and then for the presses to get water. Drinking cucumber juice regularly will help you regain a slim waistline.

Lose Not only belly fat but also beautify the skin, good health.

12. Drink green tea to reduce belly fat above and below

If you exercise regularly, drink green tea, along with the ability to reduce your belly fat will be higher.

Drinking green tea is good for health and can help you lose belly fat.
Drinking green tea is good for health and can help you lose belly fat.

Because the antioxidants in green tea may help reduce belly fat than people who exercise regularly do not exercise.

13. Exercise is an effective way of reducing belly fat

Besides reducing belly fat with natural methods at home on your effectiveness, you should combine with the exercise.

It should work out a direct impact on the abdomen instead of the full-body fat loss exercises.

The exercises mainly monks belly-shaking round, yoga exercises … Jogging and help you lose abdominal fat but effective slow.

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Some movements for your reference Through these guidelines, you have nearly enough knowledge on how to lose belly fat.

However…I can read your thoughts now …

But if you know the harmful effects of obesity risk, then surely you will have other thoughts.

Along with getting his watch to know what illnesses below zero

The harmful effects of obesity and abdominal fat

Obesity is a condition in overweight, which is accumulated in one area of fat or body which seriously affects health.

Who are obese or overweight in general abdominal fat in particular, often have multiple risks for serious diseases such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Reduced lung function
  • Reducing the resistance of the bone
  • Prone to infections
  • Reduced physiological functions
  • Respiratory diseases.

Body mass index BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is usually the World Health Organization convention to determine the state of fat or thin. Still, more through that index, you also know the distribution of fat through rate waist – hip and total risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

BMI is related to the rate of body fat and total body fat.

BMI is calculated by dividing weight (Unit: kg) by the square (meters) formula

Those suffering from obesity or belly fat partly due to genetic factors, but mostly because the diet is not science. Therefore, nutritional disorders leading to increased weight and abdominal fat stick figures.

Come here to make you have to know what to do then, but …

Further, reduce belly fat should always be coupled with changing bad habits; if not, you will have to lose belly fat by 2.3 … n again and still no success.

Here are the habits cause belly fat condition, see to change slightly.

If you've applied several ways without success

Do not lament …

Since you get the thought wrong, reduce fat and lose weight below.

Mistakes while reducing belly fat acquired 80%

Too strict diet: a diet excessively harsh and abrupt will not affect by combining science if you lose belly fat quickly expedited.

Additionally, maintaining many essential minerals such as foods rich in protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals.

Additional maintaining many essential minerals such as foods rich in protein, fiber, as well as important vitamins and minerals.

Changing diet dramatically: apply diet too abruptly can help lose belly fat fast and quick, but not long term.

Because the body absorbs too few calories, the automated process will slow down metabolism and lose belly fat and lose weight naturally more difficult.

Therefore, to apply diet slowly, so you lose fat weight loss.

Perform diet slowly to reduce belly fat …

Misapplication of abdominal fat loss exercises: some people who want to lose belly fat at the gym often focused on abdominal training. This does not help lose belly fat effectively.

You should do other exercises interspersed in the waist and fat accumulation.

Still not all.

To lose belly fat effectively and in the long term, you need lots of knowledge about nutrition that can embark done.

Food restriction reduces belly fat.

Starch: starch plays an important role in the entire operation of the body, so you can not completely remove the starch, which is only limited. You can replace the normal rice with brown rice and oats.

You can also apply diets Low – Carb, this is seen as abdominal fat loss methods, and weight loss is many famous people applied.

For this mode, you only need to restrict starchy food sources instead of ensuring enough fiber supplements.

Fast Food: fast food is oily foods that are harmful to health and destroy the effort to lose weight and reduce your waistline.

Carbonated soft drinks: drinks this much sugar causes enormous belly fat. Carbonated soft drinks are not for dieting or exercise regimes to effectively reduce belly fat at home.

Fat: food rich in fats with high-energy fat 2x sugar, calories and can be converted into free fatty acids and stored in the body.

So the diet as well as your diet to limit fat. Instead, they can add fats like monounsaturated salmon, nuts, beans.

Foods high in salt: salt causes your body to store more water to digest, thus causing abdominal fat. Therefore, it should not consume foods high in salt and, when processing the menu, limiting the salty tasting.

You have to be noted with the food on the …

Remove, and the more limited will help process you lose belly fat faster.

Good food helps reduce belly fat.

Here are the foods you should add …

Whole grains: if you eat at least 3 servings of whole grains daily while reducing refined grains such as wheat flour, white bread, white rice will help reduce 10% fat compared to those who not under this regime.

You can eat one slice of bread or half a cup of whole-grain oatmeal instead of rice or white bread.

Whole grains may curb belly fat
Whole grains may curb belly fat.

Olive oil: not just for devotees of beauty, but olive oil may result in body mass index, and waist circumference decreased more of you.

Almonds: almonds may reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing belly fat. Eat half a teaspoon of almonds daily can reduce cholesterol and abdominal fat effectively.

Lemon and grapefruit: contains more acid and help the body absorb calcium easily; besides beauty and purification, lemon and grapefruit can help you burn fat quickly.

Bananas: how to lose belly fat or lose weight effectively with banana Japanese method is applied. It can help you lose a few characters in one week with the appropriate diet.

Blueberries fruit: regularly eat blueberries will have less abdominal fat, fat, and cholesterol lower, and improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity after 90 days.

Blueberries fruit also contains an oxidant that has proven beneficial for the body and contains anthocyanins that can reduce diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure.

Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar is capable of beautiful skin and helps you lose belly fat more efficiently. There are many ways you can reduce belly fat, such as the combination of apple cider vinegar and honey preventing fat accumulation in the body and liver; reduce calories taken into the body.

Salmon: rich in good fats and high in omega content. Protein in salmon will help you fuller longer and have no junk food cravings.

Legumes: besides almonds, nuts are also foods that help you lose weight fast. To reduce appetite, you can choose to eat beans to boost metabolism and reduce belly fat.

Vegetables: You should choose dark green vegetables; more protein helps remove abdominal fat effectively. Also, vegetables contain fiber, which is indispensable in the food of your daily menu.

Lose Weight Fast with Natural Fat Burner Detox Drink



So I have to tell you all the knowledge necessary and sufficient to reduce belly fat naturally and effectively.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “how to lose belly fat naturally at home” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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