Top 7 Before Bed Exercises to Lose Belly Fat For “Sleek Slim Waist”

  • You want to lose weight but too busy with no time at the gym?
  • You want to have a slim physique but not know how to exercise?

Refer immediately post-exercise before going to bed the following; you will be surprised about his physique after only a short time there. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

before bed exercises to lose belly fat

Evening exercise can not lose weight?

The experts say: Exercise before bedtime helps reduce fat effectively, get in shape slimming, helps reduce fatigue stress, helps you sleep and sleep more deeply.

For you too busy, spend 10-15 minutes each night; exercises before bed will improve your health and physique lot.

Those answers also partly explained to help you understand why light should exercise before bed?

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The evening exercise before bedtime

1. Exercise to lose weight before going to bed lift hips

Lift hips are simple exercises, easy to implement for both men and women. You lie on the floor or a bed, wearing a particularly comfortable can immediately implement this exercise.

Exercise to lose weight before going to bed lift hips

  • You lie on your back on the floor or bed, 2 hands placed along the trunk. Near the buttocks and legs so that the legs nearly perpendicular to the floor.
  • Next, tighten the buttocks and push the hips up to form a straight line from shoulder to knees. Hold the position for a few seconds and lower your return original position.
  • Repeating the entire movement to complete the exercises.

2. Exercise tapered legs before bedtime: Lie on stirrups

These are exercises that greatly affect the leg muscles and the pelvic area, help the muscle groups in the legs firmer, slimmer legs.

With exercise before bed will not only lose weight but also help you sleep more soundly.

Exercise tapered legs before bedtime: Lie on stirrups

  • You lie on one side of the bed, head on the pillow, and a hand against a pillar before your belly.
  • Start action; you lift one leg up and down. Perform 8 beats and then change the other leg.

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3. Yoga exercises to lose weight before going to bed Child Pose

If you still have questions, “Is it good exercise before going to bed or not,” then instantly learn these Yoga exercises below.

There are basic yoga moves and is very suitable for you to exercise before bed. Exercise helps alleviate foot, neck, waist pain effectively, relax muscles after a long day, and excellent special weight loss.

Yoga exercises to lose weight before going to bed Child Pose

  • Your knees in a sitting position on the floor, legs folded together and sat on the heel. You sit comfortably and then expand the knees and hips, breathing evenly.
  • Next, slowly bend forward between the two thighs and exhale.
  • Expanding hips and thighs relax 2 comfortably.
  • Next, you take the right arm over the head, aligned with the knee, shoulder drop heart on the floor.
  • This posture is relaxed so that you can keep it for about 30 seconds.
  • Finally, you relax, breathe evenly, and raise yourself slowly to the starting position.

These are considered Yoga exercises before going to bed to lose weight effectively.

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4. Exercise before bed stirrups

This is a simple exercise to help lose belly fat and improve the waist, buttocks, and thighs.

Exercises like this before bedtime are effective and even simpler; you can try them right away.

Exercise before bed stirrups

  • You sat on the floor, both hands on the backside.
  • Use of arms and forced to make head-butt, you lift both legs so the feet parallel and about 20cm from the floor.
  • You hold the pose for 1 minute and then break it down for a few seconds. Continue to implement the action next time. Each training session conducted at least 4 beats to complete this exercise.

5. Exercise evening before bedtime Plank

Plank exercises that help reduce belly fat and firm the body very effectively. Exercises suitable for both men and women.

Exercise the evening before bedtime as Plank is a perfect suggestion for those who want to lose fat quickly.

To lose weight while sleeping, apart from the exercises, you can also combine with slimming drinks.

Exercise evening before bedtime Plank

  • You put people in a position to push against. Elbow is put by 2 feet and stretched by stretching the hips so that the whole body from head, shoulders, back to the foot form a straight line.
  • Hold the position for 30-40 seconds.

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6. Exercise lightly before bed Basic Squat

A squat is basically gentle exercise, but extremely effective, helping to increase efficiency within 3 measurements, even help your legs more toned.

Exercise lightly before bed Basic Squat

  • To perform gestures, you stand with outstretched legs shoulder.
  • Hand put straight forward so high after the first shoulder or knitting.
  • The lower you down, put on weight after the heel, back straight.
  • Stood up the first time you have finished training.
  • 10 times repeated movements to complete the exercises.

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7. Exercise before bed curled hip twisted

These are exercises you can perform straightforward on the bed, but help reduce belly fat is extremely effective.

Exercise before bed curled his twisted

  • You lie on your back on the floor, put two hands horizontally on either side.
  • She calls up 90 degrees to the body, then turns the hips to the right, holds the position for 1 second and then turns back to the left.
  • Repetitive movements 10 times on each side to complete the exercises.

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Note on to keep fit diet are slim

  • To add to your diet more vegetables and fruits, supplement the fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the body without worrying about gaining weight.
  • Limit your intake of fast food, processed food, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks because they contain large amounts of fat, causing fat accumulation in the body.
  • Provide enough water for the body to help purify the body effectively.
  • For you are overweight, you should avoid eating starchy foods.

The share has helped you understand that exercise before bed is any good.

Above are some exercises before sleep experts recommend collective keep you slim physique and a good night’s sleep, deep.

You can apply to your weight loss exercises through the article before going to bed this simple before going to bed to have good health and prefer ct body slightly.

What can we learn from this article?

Pre-bed exercises will help you sleep better because it consumes a portion of your energy after you eat something at night.

However, stay away from the time you eat dinner until you go to bed to make sure you’re not hurting your stomach.

And whether doing these pre-bed exercises really works depends on the light factor, but the decisive factor is a process that has been happening for a while long time.

Nothing will be more amazing than you practice in the afternoon.

This is a time when our bodies can withstand and endure better meaning you train better and evening is the time that your body will use energy to restore the body and burn excess fat.

But not everyone has time in the afternoon to practice, so nighttime exercises can help, but remember that it takes perseverance and determination to achieve great results.

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