8 factors to help increase motivation to practice when you are discouraged

If you’ve been through times when you’re in high spirits and you’ve worked out hard and then you’ve been able to go home to shower and wash, then you’ve probably spent lazy days and don’t understand why you don’t want to exercise.

This can explain many aspects of both mental and physical states, which people often refer to as loss of motivation to exercise.

Planning a workout is easy, pursuing the goal to the end is difficult. So you always need to increase your motivation to practice. Unfortunately, sometimes, motivation leaves you right when you need it most. So how not let discouragement destroy the will to practice?

First of all, we need to understand the true nature of motivation. For athletes, motivation to exercise can come from a desire to win competitions. For those who exercise normally, motivation may come from a desire to be healthy or to live a long life.

Many people believe that if we wait, momentum will come. One day, we will wake up with a burning determination to practice. It’s just an illusion! The truth is that we need to motivate ourselves.

Here are eight factors that makeup motivation. Master them, you will find it easier to keep the fire burning. Once you have seen the results of your efforts, your motivation will automatically become stronger and will overcome boredom. Let’s start with Bellyfatzone to get motivated to practice again!

This process works both mentally and physically to help you stay motivated

Element 1: Goals

Goals are the first step on the road to success. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle gain, anything gives you a reason to stay motivated. And don’t think you have to set a single goal. You can set multiple goals, depending on the time.

Element 1: Goals

Set short- and long-term goals: daily goals (I’m going for a 20-minute walk today), weekly goals (I’ll have a minimum of 3 workouts this week), or even daily goals. hours (I’ll get up after 45 minutes of work and walk around the office).

Setting goals will give you more excitement to kick-start or restart your workout

Element 2: Discipline

Workout has to be a habit, and you’ll need the discipline to stick with it. If you can, plan a day and time to exercise regularly. Don’t practice haphazardly! When it’s time to practice, you’ll automatically get up and make no excuses to skip the session.

Element 2: Discipline

Give yourself a “ritual” to mark the start of your training session, just like in the military. For example, take a few minutes to stretch and warm-up before a workout, or listen to upbeat, upbeat music to get ready for a workout.

Warm-up can be considered as a “ritual” to mark the start of a training session

Factor 3: Readiness

You need to have everything you need ready in advance. For example, pack your gym bag, prepare a drink, pre-workout meal or snack, and master your pre-workout “workout”. Struggling to prepare will take up precious practice time and take your morale away!

Factor 3: Readiness

Being well-prepared for training sessions will increase your motivation to practice

Factor 4: Flexibility

You need routine, but don’t be too rigid. Make room for flexibility. For example, rain can turn an outdoor running plan into an indoor treadmill. There will also be days when you are too tired or don’t have time when you need to reduce your fitness goals. Resting properly during the training session is also a way to help you reduce pressure and maintain the duration and routine of exercise.

Always have a backup plan. For example, if you’re too tired, alternate jogging and walking. If you have to work late, see if you can take a brisk walk at lunch, or use your break to walk.

Factor 4: Flexibility

If you can’t practice outdoors, you practice indoors, if you can’t do it directly, I train online with Bellyfatzone’s PT.

Factor 5: Commitment

Being healthy is not a decision you make once, it has to be a decision you make every day. Take a few minutes each morning to remind yourself of your goals, visualize or write down the exercises you want to do that day.

Track your progress by logging. Make notes about your weight, about your diet, about your current strengths and weaknesses. For newbies to the gym, these notes will reflect all your training efforts and keep you motivated.

A careful note of your daily weight will remind you of your fitness goals

Factor 5: Commitment

Element 6: Joy

Exercise takes discipline and commitment, but shouldn’t be a burden. It must become an enjoyable part of your daily life. If the activity you’re doing doesn’t excite you, find something else.

Fortunately, there are countless forms of exercise and sport to choose from. There will come a time when you understand what it feels like to be a “gym addict,” because exercise has to be fun to be worth the effort.

You can’t increase your motivation to exercise once the fun has worn off. Have fun practicing!

Element 7: Rewards

Reward yourself when you reach your goal. The reward can be something small, like buying a shirt or watching a movie. But also don’t forget to look for the inner rewards: confidence, the satisfaction of winning over yourself, of conquering goals and challenges.

The greatest reward for your fitness goals is the fresh energy flowing through your veins!

Your motivation can change from day today. Dig deep to see which goal or reward will help you today.

Element 7: Rewards

Make it easier to stay motivated by eliminating negative thoughts and excuses that discourage you. Self-motivation is also a way to help you stay active and keep your body active even when you have to stop exercising for some objective reason.

8 – Using Fear:

According to research, people’s fear of losing something motivates them to do and act more easily than they get some reward.

For example, you can completely use fear as a motivation to practice, but remember that feeling scared helps motivate you to practice and helps you get there in a moment, or in other words when you get motivated. From here you need to practice right away.


If you do not exercise you will become lazy, ugly, overweight, obese, sick and you will spend a lot of money in-hospital treatment. Practicing now will put an end to this.

Tell yourself that, the feeling of wanting to exercise increases and you go!

But most of all, trust that all of these will get easier with practice. Just start practicing, go step by step, slowly but surely, you will gradually light the fire from a small candle.

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