More Motivation To Practice Yoga from the Big Stars

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  • Have you ever wondered how the stars in the world keep in shape and lose belly fat?
  • From singers, actors, and athletes to work schedules, regular shows almost rarely have to time off, so can they practice?
  • Do they have the mind to practice yoga to help them get in perfect shape?

It's always something they have to pay attention to for celebrities, so surely they have to practice how to maintain that physique!

If you open a poll from the red carpet stars that the secret to helping them own an elite physique, it is likely that practicing Yoga is the answer.

Yoga is not just the fad of stars, and the physical benefits are not the only reason they push themselves into yoga poses.

Let's find out how stars have Yoga to get the perfect physique, freeing the mind and sublimation in their careers! Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Adam Levine

Adam Levine
Via: eBay

Secret: Train your mind.

As a judge of The Voice – a contest to find promising singers while keeping up his musical career development, while taking on acting, Captain Maroon 5 is hugging too many things. From the postures on the practice Yoga mat, he was able to balance his life.

Levine has been practicing yoga with teacher Chad Dennis for more than 5 years, saying that Yoga has helped him stay focused and make smarter decisions in life (it can be added that Yoga also helped him have 6-pack abs like that).

Speaking to Men’Health, he said, “Yoga has given me the ability to concentrate better and see things clearly to make better decisions. Some of his favorite muscle postures are Warrior II Yoga, Warrior III, and Yoga Plank.

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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell
Via: Imagefap

Secret: Smile when practicing difficult poses.

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The truth behind this House of Lies star's hot body is practicing Yoga twice a week but with a not too restrictive spirit.

Bell trained with coach JoAnna Ross; she stimulated the humor in her character. Bell told Women's Health in an interview, “JoAnna helped make my classwork the best because she knew that sometimes I felt stressed by the quiet atmosphere in the classroom and felt the pressure when you have to focus your mind on meditating.

I thought it would be great if you wanted Yoga to be so quiet, but I realized that the more I forced myself to focus, the more I failed.

JoAnna and I have the same sense of humor, so she often tells jokes to help me have fun in difficult positions. ”Bell also said that, besides helping her stay healthy, Yoga also helped her reduce her appetite. His classifieds.

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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes
Via: Aidnature

Tip: Use the appropriate postures to pass training.

This ex-girlfriend of Ryan Gosling has added Yoga to his walking and exercising routine. “I practice Yoga 2 times/week.”

Mostly Ashtanga, but my coach designed my own training program based on my needs, so if running helped my muscles tone, we'd be quick. To more advanced poses, ”she shared with Daily Mail like that.

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Lea Michele

Lea Michele
Via: Dailymail

Recipe: Stretching to relieve stress.

This top star, Glee, has Yoga to stabilize the mind, fight stress, and soothe the excitement that often occurs on the red carpet's award season.

According to Lea's health consultant, she likes Bikram Yoga and often practices in high-temperature studios to deepen her muscles and relieve stress.

However, recently Michele has photographed her doing yoga on the street in Los Angeles, which shows that she also practices outside the studio.

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Russell Brand

Russell Brand
Via: Neil Patel

Secret: Connect body and mind

This British comedian has frankly told about his battle with drug and sexual addiction; he always believes that Yoga has contributed to his recovery.

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“I thought I had the freedom that I had longed for,” he recalls in an interview. “I think addiction is a matter of morale.”

He said he used to practice yoga for about an hour and a half every day and then meditate. “Thanks to that, you can penetrate the brain of heavy sex addicts, right?”, He humorously told Eddie Stern – president of Urban Yogi.

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Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams
Via: Omshantibelize

Recipe: Yoga is like a way to practice being a parent.

To cope with the tragic death of Heath Ledger – her former husband and father of her daughter, Michelle Williams, turned to Yoga as a consolation.

She told Marie Claire magazine, “Nothing can help me relax like Yoga; it has helped me become a better person and a better mother. Once again, I was able to return to my daughter. ”

She is currently harnessing the power of Yoga to help other women in her “Yoga for Single Mothers” project; through sweats in class, moms will learn how to take care of their children.

Jennifer Aniston – Combining Yoga genres

Jennifer Aniston
Via: Healthideas

Recipes: Combining Yoga types to increase strength and waist tone (Cardio Yoga and Toning Yoga) with traditional Yoga.

Her most recent role was the ravishingly beautiful dancer in the film Meet the Millers, and when she saw her show off her body, the first sentence that popped into our heads was, “What miracle gave You have such a beautiful and toned stomach. ”The answer is thanks to Yoga.

Aniston said the benefit is Mandy Ingber, her longtime yoga teacher, who has incorporated exercises to help burn calories and fat into traditional yoga exercises. She also said that she practices Yoga about 3 times/week.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel
Via: Reddit

Secret: Be persistent and relaxed with Yoga.

Justin Timberlake's wife is famous for her strong practice schedule, but she still keeps her softness because, in addition to practicing boxing and martial arts, she also practices Yoga.

Interviewing Elle, she said, “I have always been loyal to Yoga because it keeps my muscles slender and flexible.”

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Demi Moore

Demi Moore
Via: Beacheshotyoga

Recipes: The mind through every posture.

She believes that a hot mother believes that Kundalini Yoga (a type of yoga that focuses on fostering thinking, awareness, and willpower) has helped her recover from emotional and drug problems recently. She also attended a 3-day Kundalini course on the occasion of the summer solstice with her daughter Rumer.

It was reported that perhaps the Tantric Meditation method had brought miracles to her mind, and we also think that her admiration for Yoga has helped her keep her slim physique forever.

Madonna – Practicing yoga every day

Via: The star

Madonna started practicing Yoga in 1996 and can now be considered a model in the celebrities' yoga community. In 2003, she told People that she practices yoga every day and arranges her life in parallel with practicing (and not drinking alcohol and going to bed early).

And her efforts paid off. She – a pop star has the highest energies and flexibility ever. She said, “I was able to become a member of the Cirque du Soleil circus.”

Lebron James – Recovering from an injury.

Lebron James
Via: Doyouyoga

How do you – one of the best basketball players always keep fit at all times? Yep, try to guess. Lebron brought a face-down dog to the basketball court to combine training.

In an interview, James said: “Yoga can really help you stay balanced. A few years ago, I had some problems in the lower back, but when I started practicing Yoga, those problems were no longer appearing. Of course, we can do some stretching, but stretching is only partially effective. ”

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