TDEE Calculator – How Many Calories Should I Burn A Day Calculator For Your Purpose?

You want to gain weight or you want to lose weight it’s too simple if you know how your body works.

You want to gain weight simply you just need to take in more energy than your body consumes each day, or you want to lose weight, you should consume less energy than your body consumes each day.

So how do you calculate the amount of energy you consume each day?

Scientists have come up with a formula that helps calculate the total amount of energy you spend each day on the body’s normal metabolic activities, physical activity, and food digestion, and it called TDEE.

TDEE Calculator - How Many Calories Do You Need to Increase or Decrease for Your Purpose?
TDEE Calculator – How Many Calories Do You Need to Increase or Decrease for Your Purpose?

The cause of this can come from a variety of reasons, one of which may be the calorie intake that is not suitable for TDEE. So what is TDEE but so important? What if we want to calculate TDEE?

TDEE calculator

Through the two methods mentioned above, you can certainly calculate your own TDEE. However, if we are manual, we need to remember too many things. Which is the formula for calculating BMR, the coefficients corresponding to the degree of movement …

So is there any faster way than the above methods? The answer is yes and that is how to calculate TDEE using BellyFatZone’s online tool. Note, these tools use a formula …

  • TDEE calculator calculated by height weight
  • TDEE calculator with fat ratio

And the method “Calculate TDEE by the coefficient of movement”. So, if you want to calculate TDEE by calorie consumption, you need to do it manually. BellyFatZone has 2 TDEE calculators for you to choose from.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure


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