Should We Lose Weight By Skipping Dinner?

Losing weight by skipping dinner is one of the keywords searched a lot recently because everyone knows that the lack of calories is the key to losing weight but losing weight skipping sessions dinner really should be done or not.

In this article, we will go into more depth about whether to skip dinner to help you lose weight and whether it is really safe or will cause more harm for you.

This is a problem that almost everyone wants to know. If anyone has read the article about what calories are, surely understand the essence of losing weight is reducing calories every day.

Should We Lose Weight By Skipping Dinner?
Should We Lose Weight By Skipping Dinner?
However, does not eating at night lose fat or cause great harm to your health?
This article will help you quickly solve these questions with scientific evidence!

First, we need to clearly define whether you want to lose weight or lose fat or gain weight, gain muscle; it all depends on the number of calories your body has left each day after eating, drinking, and practice.

If the amount of energy you consume through your diet is more calories burned through activities, you will definitely gain weight and vice versa!

Will fasting dinner not lose weight, as the rumors say?

In terms of theory and practice, if 2 people eat 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the 2nd person only eats breakfast and lunch, and dinner does not.

Certainly, there will be more calories in the deficit than the first person, and there is a high chance that there will be a calorie deficit that day, leading to weight loss.

Do not eat dinner to lose weight – the disadvantage?

To know whether we should continue to follow this method or not, we need to identify the problems it can bring to the body if applied continuously for a long period of about 1 week, 1 month…

1. Weight loss

If you decide not to have dinner for a month, you will surely quickly reach your desired weight goal. The reason is the nature of prolonged fasting; your weight will be greatly reduced in the early stages.

weight loss

Although this will help your body lose weight quickly, it still depends on quite a few other factors, such as exercise, diet during the day, and total calories remaining at the end of the day star.

The problem is that if you do not eat dinner, your body will definitely be deprived of energy, nutrients for the body, and especially muscles to maintain, even lose.

The problem that we want to address is not losing weight, but it is true. Not only will dinner burn away fat, water, but also muscle mass.

This will cause you to lose a toned body, instead of just a less toned body, bones, and skin (if you lose weight successfully) and fragile health.

Although fasting at dinner helps you lose weight, it usually only reduces water, causes muscle loss, and is not safe and healthy. We’ll introduce you to healthier ways at the end of this post, be sure to watch!

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2. The stomach develops all kinds of diseases

Fasting brings with it a lot of troubles that you never want to see, no matter what you skip. Simply put, the human body needs energy and nutrients to stay active and active, rather than going against natural mechanisms, causing many problems later when we get old.

The stomach develops all kinds of diseases

If you skip dinner altogether, over the years, your stomach will begin to develop serious problems.

If you skip this meal, then go through a long sleep until morning, you haven’t given your stomach any energy for 8-10 hours.

During this time, the natural mechanism of the digestive organs of the body still secretes stomach acid. This irritates the lining of the stomach and stomach pain or stomach pain that arises.

This explains why people who diet too strictly or fast for long periods of time often experience many stomach problems later!

Not to mention, if you skip dinner for a long time, your body will gradually get used to this and cause anorexia when you get back to the way it was. And the loop goes on and on, fasting, anorexia, and sickness.

3. Gain weight backward (the more you stop, the better)

Some people often think that not eating dinner will help them lose weight, but the result is the opposite!

These people usually lose weight very quickly during the first few hours but then gradually slow down and gain even more weight.

This arises because, during the first period of time, the body is not used to sudden fasting, which leads to rapid weight loss. However, over time, the body begins to adapt to these changes and slows down, or even not.

Not to mention, by skipping dinner, your body will stimulate you to eat more at breakfast and lunch to replenish your energy.

After 1 night of sleep and no energy left, the body will tend to absorb nutrients strongly, almost not missing at all. If your breakfast has a lot of carbs and fat, the body will absorb it as much.

Can fasting help with weight loss?

Have! However, the loss is only rapid in the early stages but then slows down, and even rapid weight gain can be achieved after returning to the regular diet!

Not to mention, fasting only makes you lose muscle, causing you to lose vitality and weaken your health!

So why not choose a healthier weight-loss method? Here, we mean low carbs or eat clean!

How You Can Benefit From Skipping Dinner · Intermittent Fasting Study

These are more effective methods in reducing calories but do not force you to skip meals and ensure to provide the body with more energy for muscle growth perfect!

Therefore, if you really want to lose fat to gain muscle, according to science to have a toned body, beautiful and reduce unwanted excess fat, combine with a weight loss schedule in 1 week with effective fat gain diet! Besides, it is to make use of fat-loss muscle-building milk, such as BSN Syntha 6 or Whey Gold Standard ON

Finally, you have the perfect answer to the question of fasting and losing weight! Never apply weight loss fasting because around us, there are many healthy fat loss methods!

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