Yoga for knee pain: Exercises to practice and avoid


Osteoarthritis is one of the common diseases in modern times because work factors such as an office or even a sedentary lifestyle can be the cause.


Statistics show that knee pain happens not only to the elderly but even some young people; there are many causes.

It can be due to passive or over-exercise and improper exercise leading to a knee injury. Yoga has long been known to improve flexibility and health for practitioners; in addition, an effect of mentioning is that yoga exercises for knee pain are also very effective in treating symptoms—This disease.

In this article, Bellyfatzone shares some yoga moves that can help you improve, but before doing it, if you are in treatment, consult your doctor.

Why should knee pain be practiced in yoga?

Knee pain is a medical condition that affects people of all ages. This is also a clinical sign of diseases related to bones and joints, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis … manifested pain in the knee joint that makes it difficult for the patient to function. Therefore, when you have knee pain, you must see a doctor and treat it completely.

Many questions are when you have knee pain, should you practice yoga? Yoga has long been known as a great practice therapy for physical training and psychological relaxation.

Practicing yoga daily, knee pain patients will feel relaxed, reduce stress, reduce pain, and joints become more flexible. People with knee pain should avoid vigorous exercise; too much worsens the condition. Patients can practice yoga exercises to treat knee pain every day.

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Which yoga moves to avoid when you need to treat knee pain:

If your injury involves ligaments, skip poses like warrior I, II, or baby pose. These poses require the knee to bend to a certain degree, which is unsuitable for the knee.

With the toestand position, you should focus on balancing to practice more muscle flexibility instead of trying to lower your body as deeply as possible.

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With the lotus position requiring strong hip muscles and leg position, the knee will be put under a lot of pressure; you will probably feel a lot of pain. Therefore, you should do the semi-lotus pose with a yoga brick below the bent knee to increase the exercise's effectiveness and relax the knee.

Top yoga exercises to treat knee pain are simple and easy to practice

Tadasana knee pain yoga exercises

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Tadasana is a simple pose and suitable for beginners. This pose helps to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints.

Tadasana focuses on working joints such as ankles, thighs, and knees. Doing this exercise regularly can help reduce pain symptoms and prevent bad problems in the knee joint.

Do the following correctly:

Step 1: Stand with your back straight, feet apart, and arms relaxed in the direction of your body

Step 2: Stretch your thighs and gently lift your toes. Head slightly upward

Step 3: Breathe rhythmically, and try to stretch your body. Repeat the movement about ten times. The time to perform yoga exercises for knee pain is approximately 10-20 seconds.

 Makarasana exercise

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Makarasana works on the knees and hips. This pose stretches muscles and nerves to promote blood and oxygen circulation to the knee joint.

In particular, the enhanced circulation process also supports the body in eliminating mediators in the inflammatory response. Effective in reducing inflammation and pain in the knee joint.

It is recommended to practice this exercise at the end of a yoga session to treat knee pain to balance and re-balance the body. You can also perform Mayurasana in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening after meals for at least 3-4 hours.

Do this exercise as follows:

Step 1: With the Makarasana knee pain yoga exercise, you lie face down on the floor

Step 2: Support your hands and put your elbows in contact with the floor

Step 3: Lift your shoulders and head, keep your neck straight, and look forward. Bow your head forward and place your chin in your palm

Step 4: Stretch your legs back and put the tops of your feet on the floor. Breathe gently and slowly to relax your muscles. Do the exercise for about 2 – 5 minutes.

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Swastikasana yoga exercises for knee pain

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Swastikasana is a simple exercise suitable for people with difficulty standing due to knee pain. It is ideal for daily use to increase joint flexibility and relieve everyday aches and pains in the knee joint.

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Do the following:

Step 1: Sit comfortably on the floor, legs crossed, arms relaxed. Knees touch the base; put your hands on your thighs

Step 2: Control your breathing – breathe slowly and relax. Maintain this position for 10-15 minutes.

Yoga exercises for knee pain Janu Hastasana

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Janus Hastasana is considered a perfect yoga posture for treating knee pain for musculoskeletal patients. Performing this pose regularly will stimulate blood circulation in the lower body. In addition, practicing Janus Hastasana regularly also helps to strengthen muscles and reduce knee pain. Janus Hastasana is considered a pose that brings many benefits to musculoskeletal patients. Follow the correct technique as follows:

Step 1: Lie face down, your hands on the floor. Slowly raise your elbows so that your hands are perpendicular to the floor.

Step 2: Tilt your neck back, and try to stretch the neck and chest

Step 3: Raise your lower body so that only the instep of your feet touches the floor. Breathe gently

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Bhujangasana – yoga exercise for knee pain

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This move directly affects the knees and hip bones to increase flexibility and range of motion of the lower body.

How to do this includes:

Step 1: You also lie on your stomach on the floor, straightening your legs behind you. Elbow touches the floor.

Step 2: Press the pubis, thighs, and feet into the floor. As you inhale, straighten your arms to lift your chest off the floor.

Step 3: Hold the pose for 15 – 30 seconds combined with rhythmic, slow breathing in this yoga exercise to treat knee pain.

Pada Hastasana exercise

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Perfect knee and hip stretching exercises. Maintaining the regular practice of pada Hastasana helps to increase the flexibility of joints and improve medical conditions such as arthritis and knee pain, …

Implementation Guide:

Step 1: Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed in the direction of the body

Step 2: Bend your left leg at a 90-degree angle. Pull your right leg back as far as you can

Step 3: Bring your hands above your head and stretch your biceps. Breathe rhythmically for 15 seconds. Do the same with the other leg.

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Virasana yoga exercises for knee pain

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Virasana is also known as the warrior pose. This pose improves circulation in the joints, helping to increase the amount of blood and nutrients circulating to this organ.

You do the following yoga exercises to treat knee pain:

Step 1: Sit on the floor, arms and legs relaxed

Step 2: Bring your legs forward, bending your legs slightly so that your knees do not touch the base.

Step 3: Lean forward, grasping your feet with your hands or feet. Breathe rhythmically for about 15-30 seconds.

Trikonasana knee pain yoga exercise

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Performing Trikonasana will help relax muscles and joints. Trikonasana is also known as the triangle pose exercise. This pose works the knees, hips, and shoulder blades. This pose should be done 4-6 hours after a meal.

You do the following:

Step 1: Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Bring your right foot to the right so that your foot is 40 degrees off the floor. Put your right hand on the floor, and raise your left hand over your head.

Step 3: Next, head up, and eyes follow the left hand. Breathe deeply for 15 seconds and do the same with the other leg.

Vrksasana exercise

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Vrksasana relieves joint pain while promoting recovery from knee injuries. Exercising will help improve health and an effective musculoskeletal system, especially with the knee joint.

Do the following correctly:

Step 1: Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed. Bend one leg up, press the foot against the inner thigh of the other leg

Step 2: Touch your palms and place them in front of your chest. The neck is straight, and the eyes are forward

Step 3: Breath rhythmically for 15 seconds. Do the same with the other leg with this knee pain yoga exercise.

In addition to reducing knee pain, yoga exercises for knee pain also increase blood circulation, improve muscle strength, and increase flexibility and suppleness for the body. So you should maintain regular exercise to achieve these great benefits.

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Above, Bellyfatzone has shared with you some yoga movements that people with osteoarthritis should avoid and what exercises you can do to support the recovery process when your joints are restored.

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