Nearly 30 Food to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys

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Not only are overweight people worried about their own physical condition because of the many health risks that underweight people also worry about.

When you are underweight, many conditions are not good for your overall health, especially the immune system, so gaining weight to reach the appropriate BMI is what thin people need to do.

Just like you want to lose weight, gaining weight includes 4 main elements:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise regime
  • Sleeping enough
  • And relax the body

Within this article, we talk about foods that help to gain weight for thin guys.

Do not worry; Bellyfatzone will help you solve the question of what to eat to gain weight quickly right below.

If you want to improve your weight, no matter what method you use, it is impossible to ignore food's importance.

Nearly 30 Food to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys
Nearly 30 Food to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys

No one admits, but the fact is that the sick often have the habit of eating unhealthy food or junk food that causes fat gain.

For this reason, you need to actively choose healthy food groups that are both rich in calories and nutritious to ensure your body gets the best of it. Besides, you need to learn how to balance your diet to have a full meal.

Weight gain but stop forgetting to combine exercise, exercise to consume excess energy, limit fat storage, overweight. You can immediately use the gym equipment at home and do the basic exercises.

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27 Food to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys:

The first thing a person needs to gain weight to know is to avoid all unhealthy foods because they also help gain weight but do not see muscle.

Instead, focus on foods that bring high levels of nutrition.

For us, to gain weight for lean people in the most scientific way, you need a list of foods that are high in nutrients and safe for health.

1. Banana



A banana provides the body with more than 100 calories, many carbs, and important nutrients. Not to mention, bananas contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

In terms of price and nutrition, we can say what to eat to gain weight is to eat bananas.

2. Nuts and almonds

Nuts and almonds

They have a lot of good fat content, providing a lot of calories at every meal.

You should eat a good nut for it every day, and it is still best to eat for snacks. Just 1 pinch of almonds gives you over 7g of protein and 18g of healthy fat.

Because they are rich in calories, just 2 pinches a day, meals can provide hundreds of calories. You can eat almond butter with a lot of other snacks, such as smoothies, yogurt …

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3. Beans


This is a delicious dish for vegetarians, helping to supplement quite a lot of plant protein. This is a completely natural food, and you should supplement it. This dish will help diverse sources of protein.

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4. Chicken breast

Chicken breast

This is one of the healthy dishes, providing lots of calories for low-fat meals. About 100 grams of chicken breast has about 165 calories, and these calories come mainly from protein and fiber.

So you will not worry too much will accumulate fat. Even so, you should mostly eat boiled chicken to ensure no excess fat. You can eat it with green vegetables and dipping sauce.

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5. Potatoes and starches

Potatoes and starches

Potatoes and starchy foods are a straightforward and cheap way to replenish a lot of excess calories. Try choosing one of the following carbohydrate-rich carbs:

  • Quinoa seeds
  • Oat
  • Corn
  • Potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Bean

Potatoes and other starches can provide carbs and calories to help gain weight and increase glycogen storage in muscles.

The baked potatoes provide a lot of carbs and sugar. Here, we will talk about all the dishes related to potatoes, except for some items like chips.

6. Soy


In the list of foods needed for thin people to gain weight, soy cannot be ignored. They can provide more protein, calcium, fiber; vitamin B. Soy also helps increase the size of the breasts for women.

7. Milk gain weight for thin people

Certainly, we can not ignore it because this is a food supplement for lean people already.

Milk gain weight for thin people

Thanks to the extremely high content of nutrients, medium carb, protein, fat, vitamins, you have no reason not to gain weight. Just 1 cup of milk is enough to provide more than 1200calo; 2 cups are 2400calo, so ask why you will easily gain weight.

8. Red meat

Red meat

Red meat is one of the perfect muscle-building food sources. For example, a steak of about 170g provides about 3g of leucine.

Leucine is the main amino acid your body needs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and build new muscle tissue.

Choosing lean cuts of meat will provide more calories than plain meat, making it easier to increase calories and gain weight.

Besides, red meat is also one of creatine's natural sources, which supports muscle building extremely well.

9. Types of protein smoothies

Types of protein smoothies

Drinking homemade protein smoothies can be a rapid way to get the nutrients you need to gain weight.

Making your own smoothie at home is one of the best ways to ensure quality and reduce unnecessary sugar, especially when you're shopping outside.

All types of smoothies provide about 400-500kcal easily to your body.

10. Milk


Fresh milk is definitely one of the perfect weight gain and muscle building solutions, providing lots of protein, carbs, and fat, as well as calcium and vitamins, and minerals.

If you want to build muscle, milk is an excellent protein source, both Whey Protein and Casein Protein.

11. Salmon and fish oil

Salmon and fish oil

This is an extremely nutritious dish, which any bodybuilder would like to have in the diet every day. It provides a lot of good protein for the body, helping to gain weight and gain muscle.

Not to mention, its extremely high nutritional content will ensure your body is not deficient.

It is also a great source of healthy fat, which is extremely important for health.

Of all the nutrients that salmon and fish oil provide, surely omega-3 fatty acids are the most important and famous.

They give your health countless benefits and fight disease.

170g of salmon fillet provides about 350kcal and 4g of omega-3 fatty acids. The same amount provides up to 34g of high-quality protein, building muscle or gaining weight.

If you can't afford to buy salmon for many days a week, you can choose any fish.

12. Pumpkin


This type 1 tuber contains quite a lot of fiber, antioxidants. It especially provides a lot of nutritional content necessary for thin people.

For those of you who like pumpkin soup, remember that this soup is very nutritious and good for the brain.

13. Peanut butter

Peanut butter

Just a slice of bread with peanut butter can give you up to 192 calories and a very high protein content already. Peanut butter or almond butter are both very precious and good for your health.

The good fat content will help you to gain weight healthily.

14. Eggs


There is no excuse or reason to skip this high-protein, vitamin A, D, and E protein and good cholesterol. On average, an egg contains about 90 calories.

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This is really the food group you need to increase your weight. Eggs not only contain high nutritional content.

In particular, eggs contain more selenium and vitamin D. Selenium enhances metabolism in the body, helps convert food into energy. Vitamin D helps bones grow …

Both whites and yolks are more nutritious, of which the yolks are better, but the cholesterol content is also higher. As long as you're not allergic to eggs, there's no limit to eating eggs.

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15. Granola Cake

Granola Cake

A Granola bar contains a lot of almonds, oats perfect for health. Just 1 bar of cake can supplement the body to 500calo extremely good for a perfect breakfast.

That's why you like to exercise or eat.

16. Avocado


Avocados contain lots of healthy fats. Unlike many other fruits, avocados are quite high in calories and turn it into food for weight gain.

A large avocado provides about 322kcal, 29g of fat, and 17g of fiber.

Avocados are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and numerous healthy plant compounds. If you require weight gain, you can not ignore the dishes that fast weight gain food for this thin person.

Note, you should not eat too much; it easily affects the heart offline. These are foods that help improve weight quickly that you can add to sandwiches.

17. Tuna


One of the dishes is extremely delicious, and a quality free table is not it.

Thanks to the fatty acid content of tuna meat, it helps the body gain weight and brings many important benefits to the body. You can absolutely eat raw or cooked tuna as well.

18. Cheese


Cheese is one of the leading foods in the world. Like dark chocolate, it is rich in calories and fat. If you eat a lot of cheese, this will be an excellent protein source for your health.

Because cheese is so delicious, you can eat it with many other foods and increase hundreds of calories.

One of the essential weight gainers is here. Just 1 piece of cheese also provides the body with 69 calories, lots of protein, calcium.

Not to mention, this is the source of all weight gain formulas when it contains relatively good fat content.

19. Fruit juice

Fruit juice

You can get lots of calories from eating and the help of fruit juice—increasing calories and supplementing the body with many important vitamins and minerals.

That's why you should drink one fruit a day. Alternatively, you can blend in smoothies.

20. Pasta pasta

Pasta pasta

One of the most important sources of starch is this dish. Usually, you should eat meat and vegetables. This dish will provide a lot of nutrients.

21. Shrimp


This dish contains many important nutrients, providing the body with many important acid components to help the body always have enough calories.

In general, seafood is the food for thin people to improve weight. If possible, every day, you should eat shrimp to provide for the body.

22. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread

Whole-wheat bread is a good source of healthy carbs, helping you to gain weight easily.

You can make straightforward, high-calorie, and balanced foods by combining bread with natural protein-rich food sources, such as eggs, meat, and cheese.

When buying bread, pay attention to buying whole-grain bread.

  • Black bread: They are rich in essential nutrients for health, helping to replenish up to 69 calories in the body. That is why it is expensive. However, if possible, you should buy it.
  • Corn Bread: One of the most important sources of carbs for the human body. If not, you can choose to make cakes as well, but make it yourself. The cakes you buy are mostly starch and sugar. You should make a cake by adding more eggs, reducing less sugar.
  • Bagel: This is a famous dish that helps to increase calories and provide important carbs for the body. There is not; you can change by eating black bread.
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23. Dried fruits

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are an extremely high-calorie snack, providing additional antioxidants and other micronutrients. You can eat a lot of different dried fruits.

However, the sugar content is very high and unsuitable for weight loss diets.

On the contrary, this makes it a great way to gain weight, especially because they are easy to eat and taste very good.

Although many people think that when dried fruit loses nutrients, this is not a problem. They contain a lot of fiber and most vitamins and minerals.

Try combining dried fruits with a source of protein, such as meat or milk protein. Nutritionists recommend choosing one that is expensive and low in sugar.

24. Healthy bowls of cereal

Healthy cereals

Healthy grains are a good source of healthy carbs, calories, and nutrients.

It is best to avoid processed grains, high in sugar, choose whole grains like oats, which will provide a good source of carbs for you to add to your diet.

Whole grains and oats also contain lots of healthy nutrients, like fiber and healthy antioxidants. When buying cereals, focus on the following healthy types:

  • Oat
  • Granola Cake
  • Bran

Just one bowl of oats is enough to provide a lot of nutrients for the body. Not to mention the high fiber content in oats is also very good for the body. If you notice, eating oats also helps strengthen muscles.

25. Yogurt


High-fat yogurt is an extremely healthy and convenient food. It contains extremely high levels of nutrients, including protein, carbs, and fat.

There are plenty of healthy snacks and recipes for yogurt.

A glass of low-fat fruit yogurt is also great, providing up to 118 calories to ensure effective weight gain.

Yogurt also contains lots of good bacteria for the digestive system. That is why you should eat every day.

26. Oil and healthy fats

Oil and healthy fats

Healthy fats and oils are some of the most calorie-rich food sources in the world.

Adding 1 tbsp of 15ml of oil to the sauce, salads, and cooking will add an extra 135kcal. Healthy fats include olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

There is no simpler way to provide more calories to the body. You can replace regular cooking oils with olive oil.

However, don't eat too much. You should only eat moderately. Often can eat good fruit.

27. Rice


Rice is a cheap and extremely convenient starch source, making it easy to improve your body weight. Only 165g of rice provides 190kcal, 43g of carbs, and very little fat.

It also provides a lot of calories, helping the body load large amounts of carbs and calories in each use. As a result, you can eat more, especially if you feel bored or feel full.

You should also combine meals with many foods high in protein, fiber, and good fat. Especially, you should choose brown rice to eat.

It is no coincidence that bodybuilding experts all rank this list as high in fiber and carbs. It is considered a panacea for many sick people.

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Many scientific studies have even shown it can help increase muscle mass when combined with weight training. Try to drink 1-2 glasses of fresh milk every day to provide many calories and important nutrients for the body.

So you have on hand the list of weight gain foods you need to improve your physique! Good luck!

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