Yoga Poses For The Heart – You Should Practice Every Day To Be Most Effective

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Yoga practice supports flexibility and flexibility of the body and a lot for blood circulation and is very good for heart health if you know the right way to exercise.

If you want to lose weight or lose belly fat, hot yoga exercises will be the exercises you should choose because, during this exercise, the muscle burns a lot at the same time with the impact of temperature stimulates and enhances the sweat process to help eliminate fat into the body.

In this article, we will learn yoga exercises that support heart health to have a healthy heart.

The heart-healthy yoga exercises will help you relax your mind under stress and improve your physical health for a healthy, happy life every day.

Yoga Poses For The Heart - You Should Practice Every Day To Be Most Effective
Yoga Poses For The Heart – You Should Practice Every Day To Be Most Effective

The latest research shows that yoga can help boost your heart health by calming your nervous system and reducing inflammation. Yoga also helps treat high blood pressure and boost HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol for the body.

Not only that, but you also practice yoga regularly to help reduce the risk of heart disease with the same effect as brisk walking and cycling exercises.

The first part is the movements described in pictures, and the end of the article is a video guide to perform similar movements with this movement.

Check out these 7 heart-healthy yoga exercises below to see the health benefits of these exercises. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

1. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is one of the heart-healthy yoga exercises that anyone can do.

One study found that when your exhalation rate was 2 times that of your inhalation rate, you can control high blood pressure. Breathing in this way also calms your nervous system, reduces your heart rate and breathing to help lower blood pressure.

As you inhale, count from 1 to 2. Then, you exhale to expel all the air while counting from 1 to 4. You keep doing so until you get used to it, then stop counting but practice. Focus on your breath. You can also incorporate deep breathing exercises while doing other yoga poses to help keep your heart healthy.

If you want to make sure you do this exercise correctly, you can place one hand on your stomach to check if your abdomen is tense as you inhale and sinks when you exhale.

Deep breathing exercises are quite simple exercises that you can do anywhere, such as waking up, before bed, driving, bathing, or working stress …

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2. Simple sitting posture

Simple sitting posture

Simple Sitting Posture (Sukhasana) is a heart-healthy yoga exercise that helps you find peace, stretch your outer knee joints, open your ankles, open your hips, stretch your back muscles and bones.

This is one of the meditation poses you can do at the beginning and end of your yoga session to relax your mind and ease back tension.

Try a simple sitting position as follows:

• Sit comfortably on a yoga mat

• Bring right foot on the left thigh and left foot under the right thigh

• Keep your back and spine straight with your shoulders, relaxed

• Place hands on your knees with palms facing up

• Close your eyes and focus on doing deep breathing exercises

• You do this exercise for 3–5 breaths.

To feel more comfortable when you first do this exercise, you can sit on a folded towel or blanket to help keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.

3. Mountain posture

Mountain posture

Mountain Pose (Tadasana) is a heart-healthy yoga exercise that improves circulation, exercises concentration, and enhances mental health.

Here are the steps to help you do the mountain pose:

• Stand up straight, feet parallel and slightly apart, hands relaxed down and down the body

• Squeeze thigh muscles, adjust knees straight, legs straight without hardening abdominal muscles, and breathe evenly for balance

• Inhale, tiptoe slightly, keep your back straight, look forward, and relax your shoulders

• Breathe evenly for 3-5 breaths, then exhale and relax.

Once you get the hang of it, you can improve your posture by extending your arms and reaching over your head so that your arms are straight and clasped your hands together.

If you find it difficult to balance while in this pose, stand close to the wall to see if you are being pushed forward. If you keep your balance, your heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and head will hit the wall.

It would help if you did not do this when you have headaches, insomnia, and low blood pressure.

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4. Standing stooped posture forward

Standing stooped posture forward

Uttanasana is a heart-healthy yoga exercise that can help with asthma, high blood pressure, sinusitis, and headaches. This exercise also stimulates the liver and kidneys, stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips, and strengthens the thighs and knees.

Here are the steps to perform the posture of leaning forward:

• You stand upright with your hands above your head, parallel

• Stretch your whole body towards the ceiling, keeping your shoulders relaxed

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• Exhale, at the same time, lean forward, squeezing belly towards thighs and keeping the soles of the feet pressing hard against the floor

• Drop your head and neck down to the floor to stretch your spine

• Place palms on the floor on either side of feet or hold ankles

• Exhale, pull legs straight, thighs should be just above knees and knees are not hunched

• Stretch your back and keep your legs straight with each breath

• Inhale, at the same time, bend your knees and slowly lean back up, returning to an upright position

• You do this for 3–5 breaths.

If you have back problems, move your feet further away. If your legs cannot be straightened, the knees may be bent slightly to prevent discomfort.

If you have high blood pressure, lower back pain, or headache, you should be careful when doing this pose. When you feel dizzy, get out of the position slowly and don't continue with the movement.

5. Dog bow posture

Dog bow posture

Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) will help you strengthen your arms and legs, help prevent osteoporosis, improve the digestive system.

This is also a good yoga exercise for the heart to help you treat high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica, sinusitis, fatigue, back pain …

Try the following dog bow pose:

• Kneel on both feet and hands, knees hip-width apart

• Hands shoulder-width apart, fingers spread wide, pressed against the floor

• Using arm force, slowly push yourself up, legs straightened, head and neck aligned with the spine

• Move your hands forward, back legs back to stretch your body, squeezing thighs while moving

• Tuck in the belly, pull the navel close to the thigh, and keep the belly in this position throughout

• Breathe evenly for 5 breaths, then slowly bend your knees and return to the starting position.

If you have high blood pressure or headaches then it is possible to support your head on a pad or block. If you are having trouble relaxing and opening your shoulders in this position, also place your arms on a pair of cubes to relieve hand tension.

You should not do this pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, diarrhea, or are pregnant.

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6. Knee-close posture

Knee-close posture

Janu Sirsasana is a heart-healthy yoga exercise that stretches your spine, shoulders, tendons, and groin. These are also exercises that help you support high blood pressure, insomnia, and sinusitis.

You do the following knee-close posture:

• Sit upright, legs stretched

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• Slowly bend your left leg into your body, lower the knee so that the left heel is on your right thigh, your right leg is still straight

• Take a deep breath, then exhale in combination with your whole body forward with your back straight, head down, and breathing evenly

• Squeeze abdomen to thighs, arms stretched and clasped on the sole of feet

• Hold for 3-5 breaths, then return to starting position and switch legs.

If you can't straighten your legs when you bend down, you can bend the knees slightly and with each exhale, gradually straighten your legs and pull your back so that your belly is close to the pillow.

You should not do this exercise if you have asthma, diarrhea, or knee injuries.

7. Bridge pose

Bridge pose

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) is a heart-healthy yoga exercise that stretches the chest, neck, spine and stimulates the abdominal, lung, and thyroid organs.

Here are the steps to help you do the bridge pose:

  • Lie on your back, hands down beside hips, thighs
  • Bend your knees, so there is shoulder-width between your legs
  • Grab your ankles with your hands or put your hands together between the body
  • Take a deep breath, lift your back, press your feet to the floor, keeping your knees and hips in a straight line
  • Raise chest, hips, and chin towards the chest
  • Hold this position for 3–5 breaths, then repeat about 3–5 times.

Be sure to widen your shoulder blades and relax your arms in this position and point your chin towards your chest to relax your neck.

You should not do this pose if you have a neck injury. If you find it difficult to lift your pelvis, place your pelvis on your knee to help with weight.

Heart-healthy yoga exercises require you to perform the correct moves to get the best health benefits.

Yoga for Healthy HEART

Therefore, you should go to the yoga room to be instructed by the experts to perform the movements and then practice at home when free.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, you should talk to your doctor before doing yoga to prevent the risk of unwanted injury.

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