Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners Improve Flexibility and Have 6 Pack Belly

By: Samuel Brownlee

With the great advantage that no other sports can offer is versatility, and you hardly need to equip any equipment or training equipment or just some of the best budget-saving tools for your budget.

This sport is overall weight loss and one of the tissues that help you quickly get rid of great belly fat and own 6 clear abs in a short time.

We're talking Calisthenics. This is really a great sport for your overall health and flexibility in any situation you can have a solid and supple body at the same time.

Callisthenics is gradually becoming popular all over the country, and that is why more and more people are looking for the best Calisthenics at home for beginners.

Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners Improve Flexibility and Have 6 Pack Belly
Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners Improve Flexibility and Have 6 Pack Belly

If you want to learn more carefully the movements from basic to advanced, what are you waiting for without watching more beneficial information right below?

With this sport, the practitioner may have little or no use of aids. You can fully be flexible in terms of time, as well as training space.

If you are wondering if you should practice this sport, then check out this article with the most basic moves to help you see what exercises you can suit and start doing that. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is the most natural exercise method, using bodyweight and coordinating a variety of movements to achieve a toned, healthy body.

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The origin of the word Calisthenics comes from the two Greek words ‘kallos' and ‘Athens'; you will get a wealth of benefits from practicing the subject, such as increased strength, endurance, endurance, and flexibility.

The Calisthenics practice method usually requires little or no equipment/tools. It must follow the principle of “step-by-step progress,” divided by the body's difficulty level to adapt over time and patient.

What are the benefits of practicing Calisthenics?

When practicing this subject, you will certainly get a wealth of great benefits for your health and body.

  1. Increasing lean muscle mass and toning: To build muscle, you will need to increase pressure constantly. With the help of the resistance of the body weight, surely the muscle bundles will gradually develop evenly, beautifully. However, they may not be as big as bodybuilders.
  2. Improve body endurance: As you get stronger, you will also become more resilient.
  3. Weight loss and fat loss: This problem can happen in two ways. First, during exercise, your resting metabolic system increases. Second, any form of resistance training will make your metabolism go up, even long after the session ends.
  4. Increasing endurance: A Calisthenics session usually focuses on doing lots of repetitions for the same exercise and without resting until you can endure it. As you recover from these training sessions, your strength will increase, and your muscles, body shape, and endurance will improve significantly.

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1. Push-Ups exercises

Island on the Internet sites, you can come across countless variations of push-ups. This is considered one of the most popular bodyweight exercises and is loved by almost everyone who can practice anywhere.

Typically, a basic push-up exercise will focus on the chest muscles, the shoulder muscles, the triceps, and the abdominal muscles.

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2. Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups exercises

Exercises like Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups are considered one of the best ways to test your true strength. Pull-ups work mainly on the back muscles, including the back muscles, shoulder, shoulder muscles, pectoral muscles, and biceps.

Chin-Ups exercises, in contrast, focus on building muscle in the back of the buckets and biceps.

3. Exercises Burpees

Burpees' exercise will work on the whole body because the operation principle is the same as high-intensity cardio. With each repetition, you will work your arms, legs, chest, and abdomen.

This is definitely one of the most hated songs because the practice is too tiring.

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4. Jump Squat Exercise

Jump Squat is similar to regular Bodyweight exercises, except that you have to add 1 extra-high jump. This jump will impact many different muscle bundles, as well as help improve fitness.

If you are a beginner to Calisthenics, do a little jump; on the contrary, jump as hard as possible; the higher, the better.

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5. Plank exercises

In addition to the basic Plank pose, there are many different Plank variations, and each will offer different difficulty. Basically, this exercise will work mainly on the upper body and the upper back, chest muscles.

6. Bodyweight Squat exercise

This is one of the most popular and effective home calisthenics exercises available today. This article works on the lower body, including the thighs, thighs, buttocks, calves, and abdominal muscles.

7. Pistol Squat Exercise

This is an advanced variation on the Bodyweight Squat exercise. So it's not surprising if it focuses on the lower body, especially the hips, hips, front thighs, buttocks, and calves.

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This exercise improves the weaknesses of strength, range of motion, endurance, and balance.

8. Lunges Exercise

This is a popular choice in most Calisthenics workouts, mainly for the legs, thighs, and buttocks. Besides, it can be used to train the hind thighs and calves.

During this exercise, the abdominal and back muscles are responsible for keeping the body's balance.

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9. Exercise Dips

For this move, you need 1 pair of parallel beams to do. There are also a few variants with assistants, such as a sturdy gym chair or a hard box/seat.

This movement mainly affects the back arm muscles, next to the chest, shoulder, and back muscles.

10. Mountain Climbers exercise

This move focuses on improving bodybuilding and endurance rather than focusing on strengthening.

Mountain Climbers will help stimulate a faster heartbeat and impact the muscles of the shoulder, biceps, hind arms, chest, intercostals, abdomen, hind thighs, front thighs, and hips.

All of these best basic to advanced Calisthenics are definitely the perfect choice for you to enjoy working out at home or wherever you like.

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