Basic Yoga Principles For Beginners And Big Mistakes To Avoid Immediately

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You always see people who regularly practice Yoga but have a calm mood, live peacefully, and have excellent health, a fit image, everyone wants.

However, for those who are new to practicing Yoga, it is necessary to pay attention to the most basic principles so that when we do it, we do not make mistakes that affect the effectiveness of the practice.

Basic Yoga Principles For Beginners And Big Mistakes To Avoid Immediately

In this article, you learn the most basic principles and mistakes to overcome them and achieve the desired effect.

Join Bellyfatzone to learn 8 principles of yoga and mistakes to avoid for beginners.

1. Suitable training space

Yoga focuses on breathing focusing and needs as much comfort as possible. Therefore, choosing a quiet, airy, spacious, and fresh gym is essential to exercise most effectively.

Suitable training space

If you practice at home, but the room is too small, rearrange it to have a more suitable practice space. Besides, to relax the spirit more, you can burn a little aromatherapy or play gentle music.

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2. Warm-up well before exercising

Warm-up before training is a must when doing any gym, not just yoga. Warm-up is the best way to get the most out of your exercise and avoid injury.

Warm-up well before exercising

You can practice with simple warm-up yoga poses such as rotating your arms, legs, neck, shoulders… for about 15 minutes before exercising so that the joints are lubricated, and tendons relax.

3. Practice with enough time

Self-yoga at home has the advantage of being very flexible; you can actively arrange a time. However, because it is too flexible, its downside is that you can easily “be lazy” and find a reason to delay the practice.

Therefore, the best choice is to go directly to the gym to practice with the expert. Once you have mastered the practice, you can practice yoga at home.

If you cannot get to the gym, you need to specify a specific time of the day and adhere to the set time absolutely.

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4. Practice breathing properly

Proper breathing is the first fundamental exercise and is especially important in yoga to be effective. Besides, the wrong way of breathing also affects your health.

Practice breathing properly

The basic principles of breathing in yoga are inhaling through the nose, lifting the stomach, and exhaling through the nose or mouth to pull in the belly.

Note, you must breathe deeply to increase the amount of oxygen in the body and sigh to reduce the amount of carbonic in the blood.

5. Choose the right exercise

Yoga is a discipline that requires enough and correct practice to achieve the maximum effect. First, it requires you to learn and choose basic yoga exercises at home, then gradually increase to more difficult movements.

In particular, yoga also requires matching with the health condition and training goals of each person.

For those who are planning to practice yoga at home, it is necessary to pay more attention to movements that are difficult to practice or have never practiced avoiding injury.

As mentioned above, the best choice for a beginner is to go to the gym to practice with a trainer before starting to practice yoga at home.

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6. Practice regularly and regularly

Yoga requires high precision and requires persistence over a long period of time. Impatience, wanting to have a quick impact, yoga is not for you.

Practice regularly and regularly

When practicing yoga, you need to practice regularly, with the right process, technique, and perseverance to the end.

As long as you follow these principles, the practice of yoga will bring surprises to you. In particular, yoga is a great choice for those wishing to lose weight effectively and sustainably.

7. Appropriate diet

The best time to do yoga is early in the morning, before breakfast, and before dinner. Never practice when you first eat, wait at least 2-3 hours after eating to start and be careful to eat at least 30 minutes after exercising.

Appropriate diet

In terms of diet, you should choose healthy foods, eat in moderation, best when you feel hungry. In particular, avoid foods that interfere with your mood and eat only when you are calm to keep your food intake under control.

8. Feel your body

Never force your body to exercise too hard to avoid causing injury. You need to feel your body to know your strength and make the right adjustments.

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Besides, you do not have to force yourself to practice difficult moves that are the same as a coach; practice slowly and adjust gradually.

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Some yoga mistakes to avoid

1. Improper breathing

Breathing during yoga is one of the most basic but essential exercises. However, practicing the habit of breathing deeply while practicing yoga is often overlooked. This is a fairly common mistake.

Improper breathing

So what role do yoga breathing exercises play? In fact, breathing properly when practicing yoga is the most effective way to regulate the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, balance yin and yang, thereby helping to fight diseases.

The principle of breathing in yoga is “inhale the belly out, exhale and draw in the belly.” It would help if you practiced this breathing regularly to form a natural reflex routine.

2. Do not warm-up well before exercising

Any sport cannot skip this part. In yoga, too, the warm-up is a must if you don't want to get injured during your practice.

So, take about 15 minutes to warm up basic exercises for the neck, arms, legs, back, shoulders, … to help stretch the muscles.

This is the first step in your body to adapt to higher exercise intensity movements gradually. If you practice on your own, you must carefully learn the best home yoga exercises to get the maximum effect.

3. Letting the body get too hungry or overeat

Letting the body get too hungry or overeat

To ensure enough energy for exercise, you should not put your body in a state of starvation, especially for people with low blood pressure. It would help if you had a snack of fruit, nuts, or vegetable juice about 2 hours before training.

Conversely, it would help if you did not eat too full before training. When the stomach is full of food, it will make your body less flexible, make it difficult to exercise, and easily cause abdominal injuries, as well as internal organs. If you miss a meal too full, wait about 3-4 hours after eating before starting.

4. Drink water during exercise

It may come as a surprise to many people as most sports are advised to stay hydrated while exercising. However, in yoga, coaches advise against drinking water during exercise and right before and after.

The reason is that the body's organs are in a state of vigorous activity, making it difficult to absorb water.

Therefore, you need to drink water at least 30 minutes before training and 10 minutes after exercising. Remember to take small sips slowly to avoid pressure on internal organs.

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5. Inappropriate exercise clothes

Inappropriate exercise clothes

Many people mistakenly think that you should choose clothes that are wider and more comfortable to practice when practicing yoga.

However, this is a subject that requires changing many different yoga poses such as bending, bending, standing with legs, or planting banana trees, …

Therefore, the slightly tight and stretchy clothes will really be more suitable during exercise. Besides, you should prioritize the selection of clothes with cool fabrics that absorb sweat easily.

6. Not persistent

Coming to yoga, you need to determine that this is a regular and long-lasting exercise regime. Many people only practice after a few weeks, a few months have not seen the effect, then get bored and give up. This is really a big mistake.

Ask yourself, “Why can people do it, but you can't?”

What you need to do now is persistence and perseverance to practice regularly, “sweet fruit” will be for you. To avoid getting bored, start with the basic yoga exercises at home before making the more difficult moves.

7. Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise

In contrast to the above, many people make the mistake of not identifying their physical condition but overtraining. In particular, those who wish to practice yoga to lose weight often suffer. As a result, muscles are susceptible to over-tensioning and cause unwanted injuries.

Feel your own body to know how strong you are and get used to each movement. Remember, yoga's principle is to practice from basic to advanced movements, with absolutely no rush.

Hopefully, the 8 principles of yoga for beginners will help you practice yoga properly and effectively. Whether your goal is yoga for weight loss or better health, do not hesitate and start practicing right away.

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