Guide Beginner Gym Workout Male in the Right Way

By: Aiden Johann

Things start to get tough because we don't know where to start, we don't know where to start, in whatever, not just training for a healthy body and a waistline. Great.

Health is essential for men, but to have the training and to pursue it, we need to have initial guiding plans for beginners.

A body with toned muscles and slim, perfect is probably what the boys are looking forward to.

Why should one wish to have a “beautiful” body like people without embarking on doing the most effective gym exercises for men?

Guide Beginner Gym Workout Male in the Right Way
Guide Beginner Gym Workout Male in the Right Way

When you do not know how to start, then immediately refer to this sharing article will give the most specific instructions on nutrition, exercise schedule, and the best gym exercises for boys.

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Men's Gym guide for beginners properly.

Whether male or female, before starting to practice the gym, you must clearly define what your goal of training is?

Do you exercise to gain weight, gain muscle, or exercise to lose weight and improve health?

Here are the most specific guidelines for men who just started going to the gym.
Here are the most specific guidelines for men who just started going to the gym.

Most of the boys just started looking to the gym to improve their health and strength and get a toned body, beautiful 6-pack abs.

1. Nutrition in gym workouts of men

Eating and drinking in exercise are essential if you are a beginner, you need to pay close attention to this issue because if you have a good gym diet, you will save less time in practice.

You can gain muscle, lose weight, gain weight much faster than others if you pay attention to your nutrition building issues.

When exercising, you need to get enough protein, which is an important element for building your muscles, helping you gain weight, or losing weight effectively.

Diet is very important for gymer.
Diet is essential for the gym.

Should add a necessary amount of protein daily range of 1.5 to 2g Protein/ kg body weight of each person,

For example, if you weigh 50kg, you need to eat 100g of protein per day to help the body have the necessary amount of building muscle.

To supplement, the main method is to eat a lot of high-protein foods, but you have to buy and prepare yourself to ensure the nutritional quality.

Or you could use Whey Protein supplements.

2. Things to know when practicing Gym for men

Remember always to be determined and persistent to achieve your goals when you start practicing your gym.

For the first month, your goal is to get your body accustomed to movement under the pressure of weight and learn the right technique for exercises.

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Do not use excessive weight; always keep in mind, your main goal is to get used to the weight.

Some words you need to know when practicing gym:

  • Sets: Episode
  • Reps: The number of repetitions in 1 set.
  • The rest between halves is 1 – 2 minutes.
  • Rest between exercises for 2 minutes.
  • Warm-up with 2 minutes of joint rotation and 3-5 minutes of walking to warm people. This is extremely important and absolutely must not be ignored.
  • If you still do not master the gym technique every week, continue to practice that week until you master the new technique and move to the next week.
  • Exercise is important, but nutrition is equally important. You can change your body by setting the right diet.

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6-day gym workout schedule:

To start gymnastics properly for men, you first need to have a regular exercise schedule for yourself.

The advice for beginners is to follow the instructions of the PT (Personal Trainer) seriously.

There are exercise schedules for your reference:

1. Schedule 3 sessions/week for men

Session 1: Chest – Back arms – Banana

Session 2: Thigh – Shoulder – Bridge shoulder

Session 3: Back – Biceps – Arms – Belly.

2. Schedule 4 sessions/week

Session 1 and Session 3 (Monday and Thursday): The upper body muscles

Muscle group: Chest – Bucket – Front hand – Back arm

Session 2 and Session 4 (Tuesday and Friday): The lower body muscles

Muscle group: Shoulder – Thigh first – Thigh back – Buttock – Banana corn – Belly.

3. Gym schedule 6 sessions/week for beginners

Monday and Thursday: Chest – Back arm – Forearm – Belly

Tuesday and Friday: Bucket – Back – Shoulder – Hand first

Wednesday and Saturday: Shoulder first – Shoulder back – Leg – Belly

Sunday: Complete rest.

4. Gym schedule 6 sessions/week

Session 1: Do exercises for chest muscles

Class 2: Practice the leg exercises

Session 3: Train your shoulder muscles

Class 4: Do the back exercises and back exercises

Session 5: Practice foot – shoulder – abdomen

Class 6: Practice hand exercises

Session 7: Complete rest.

And now it's time for you to improve your physique with these men's gyms following these extremely effective guidelines.

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How to exercise effectively and properly for men

Before starting the gym, you must understand some ways to call or note to perform more effectively.
Before starting the gym, you must understand some ways to call or note to perform more effectively.

According to the gym schedule for men just stated above, they often learn the exercises with muscle groups throughout the body, namely the following groups:

  • Hand muscle group: Front arm, back arm, forearm

The exercises for this group are usually the Straight-Bar Bicep Curl (straight barbell); Dumbbell Concentration Curl (concentrated weights), Dumbbell Tricep Extension (lift weights behind the head), Triceps Pushdown V-bar (pull V-bar cables).

  • Pectoral muscle: Middle chest, upper chest, lower chest (lower chest is usually restricted to beginners).

According to the gym schedule, the common exercises are as follows: Barbell Bench Press (benches push weights); Barbell Incline Chest Press (lying on a chair with push weights).

  • Shoulder group: Front, middle, back, shoulder muscle

Exercises: Seated Barbell Press Behind Neck (weightlifting blowback neck); Standing Military Press (standing upright).

  • Group of leg muscles: Thigh, thigh, banana

Related exercises are Seated Leg Curl (back leg exercises); Seated Leg Press (pedal machine in the front thigh).

  • Back muscles: Bucket, upper back, middle back, lower back

Related exercises: Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down (pull the bucket in front of you); One-Arm Dumbbell Row (a single weight rower).

And now start doing exercises right away!

1. Middle chest exercise – Barbell Bench Press

Before you start, warm up your body!


  • Prepare a barbell to match your ability.
  • Lie on your back in a chair, feet on the floor, handle the bar, wider than the shoulder, lift the bar off the shelf and exhale.
  • Inhale, then slowly lower to the chest, about 2 cm.
  • Push the weight up and exhale at the same time.
Exercises lying on the weightlifting chair.
Exercises lying on the weightlifting chair.

2. Upper chest exercises – Push weights on inclined chairs (Barbell Incline Bench Press)

This exercise is the same as the above exercise, only that you should practice on a chair with a tilt of 30-45 degrees.

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Must follow the instructions of the PT to gym properly.
Must follow the instructions of the PT to the gym properly.

3. Lower chest – Push the weight with the chair down (Barbell Decline Bench Press)

Doing this exercise is the same as the previous one, but instead of adjusting the chair up, we will adjust the chair lower.

For a beginner male gym, you should choose lightweight, moderate strength.
For a beginner male gym, you should choose lightweight, moderate strength.

4. Open chest with dumbbells – Dumbbell Flyes

  • Lie in a chair with the barbell in your hand, put the weight on your lap, and hold the palm's weight facing each other.
  • Use your thigh to lift the weight and hold it on your chest, straightening your arms.
  • Inhale, slowly extending toward the floor, with your elbows slightly bent, extending until the chest muscles feel tight.
  • Breathe out and return to the original position.

This article's variation is that you can position your palms to the front instead of facing each other.

Do chest exercises with dumbbells.
Do chest exercises with dumbbells.

5. Chest Slit – Barbell Bench Press

This exercise is similar to the Barbell Bench Press above, but the goal is for the chest slot, so you need to narrow your arms instead of extending them.

How to perform gym exercises properly.
How to perform gym exercises properly.

6. Leg Training – Weightlifting (Back Squat)

  • Place weights on shoulders, feet shoulder-width, straight back.
  • Inhale, push your hips back, lowering your body so that your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Back to the original position.

Perform 2 sets of 10 to 12 sets each.

Dumbbell movements - Gym exercises for the legs.
Dumbbell movements – Gym exercises for the legs.

7. Leg and Leg Exercises – Leg Extension

  • Adjust the device to suit your height, leaning against the chair.
  • Place your feet below the exercise bar. Grips firmly with handle, straighten legs out.
  • Exhale, bend your knees, hold for 1 second, your body still fixed.
  • Breathing in and out, straighten your legs.
Exercises for the legs.
Exercises for the legs.

8. Lifting weights – Deadlift

This exercise will focus on your lower back, buttocks, and whole thighs.


  • Stand as wide as your shoulders and hold the bar with your hands in a comfortable position when sitting down and standing up.
  • Handle the bar, push the hips back, face-up, look forward, back straight, breathe deeply, and flex the arms, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs to pull the weight up.
  • The back and thigh muscles will help you stand upright; you can lean back a bit. Hold for 1 second.
  • Push hips back, bend your knees, flex your buttocks, back, face up and slowly lower the weight until you reach the ground. Hold for two seconds, repeat.
Familiar weightlifting gym exercises.
Familiar weightlifting gym exercises.

9. Standing Barbell Calf Raise – Standing Barbell Calf Raise

This gym is the right way for this guy to focus on his hindquarters.

  • The bar's handle is firmly resting on the shoulder as if it was the preparation position of Back Squat.
  • Step off the shelf and place half your foot on the prepared board. The face always lifts his head not to lose balance, straight legs, straight back.
  • Take a deep breath and raise your ankle as high as possible, contracting the hind leg muscles. Fixed knees should not bend when performing moves.
  • Exhale and slowly lower to the starting position.

Perform this movement in 2 sessions from 6 to 8 times.

Weightlifting blow leg.
Weightlifting blow leg.

10. Shoulder muscles – Barbell Shoulder Press

  • Sit in a chair with a back, with a rack. The bar is placed horizontally above the head.
  • Hold the bar with your hand wider than the shoulder. Palm facing forward.
  • When holding the bar at ease, lift the bar off the shelf by lifting it straight up. Hold the weight in front of your head a bit.
  • Inhale and slowly lower the bar down to the chin in front of you.
  • Exhale and push the weight up.

Perform the entire movement in 2 rounds from 10 to 12 times.

Sit and lift weights.
Sit and lift weights.

11. Shoulder muscles – Pushing shoulders with Dumbbell dumbbells (Dumbbell Shoulder Press)

This exercise also helps you practice the shoulders well, in addition to the biceps involved.

  • Sit in a chair, put your weight on your lap.
  • Use your thigh to lift the weight up to shoulder level, one by one. Wrist turned to the front.
  • Exhale and push the weight up, hold still for 1 second.
  • Inhale and slowly lower the weight to the shoulder position.
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This gym exercise for shoulder muscles.
This gym exercise for shoulder muscles.

12. Lift weights in front of you (Dumbbell Front Raise)

This exercise can be done in two ways, one at a time or two hands at a time. Choose the right amount of weight.

  • Two hands holding weights, standing straight, eyes looking straight.
  • Exhale, slowly lifting the barbell to shoulder height (parallel to the floor and not higher); elbows slightly bent.
  • Inhale and return to the original position.

Perform 2 rounds from 8 to 10 times.

Lift weights in front of you.
Lift weights in front of you.

13. Bucket and Back Exercises – Wide-Grip Pull-Down Behind The Neck

  • Grasp the bar into the palm facing forward. Should hold wider than shoulder or equal.
  • Exhale and pull down on the handle until it touches the back of your neck.
  • Inhale and slowly return to the starting position.

Perform 2 periods from 10 to 12 times.

Exercise your back and back muscles properly.
Exercise your back and back muscles properly.

14. Pull the front bucket muscle (Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown)

This is a variation of the previous exercise with the same technique, but we'll drag it down to our chest level. Slightly leaning back after practicing.

Perform 2 rounds with 4 – 6 times.

Pull the bucket muscle forward.
Pull the bucket muscle forward.

15. Pulling the bar with one hand – One-Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise will work your mid-back, biceps, back, and shoulder muscles.


  • Put your left hand on the front and kneel on the back of your chair, lean forward or parallel to the floor.
  • Breathing out, your right-hand pull the weight close to your chest, tightening your back muscles as you reach the highest point.
  • Inhale and lower the weight slowly.
1 hand dumbbells.
1 hand dumbbells.

16. Leg, Shoulder, and Abdominal Exercise – Sit with Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise (Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise)

This exercise will work your shoulder muscles and will need a pair of weights.

  • Sit on a flat chair, bend close to the pillow, hold the bar on the side of your leg—palms facing each other.
  • Fix yourself, spread your arms horizontally until parallel to the floor, elbows slightly bent. Exhale, pause for 1 second when reaching shoulder level.

Perform in 2 sets of 10 – 12 times.

If you do not have back problems, you can stand to do this exercise.

For those who are just starting out in the gym, it should be warm-up before doing it.
For those who are just starting in the gym, it should be warm-up before doing it.

17. Reverse Barbell Curl

This exercise will work the forearm muscles (Biceps) and arms (Forearm).

  • Stand up straight, handle the bar wide or shoulder-width, turning the back of your hand forward.
  • Breathe out and roll the bar up close to your neck, fixing your upper body to sway. Hold the weight in the highest position for 1 second.
  • Inhale and roll your hand to its original position.

Perform in 2 sets of 10 – 12 times.

Roll weights backward.
Roll weights backward.

18. Hand Exercises – Fold Body Hammer Curl (Cross Body Hammer Curl)

  • Stand straight, hands holding Dumbbell, palms facing each other.
  • Lift the right-hand weight in front of your chest and exhale, hold for 1 second.
  • Put your right hand back in position and breathe in.
  • Perform alternating for 2 hands in 2 innings from 10 to 12 iterations.
Exercise folded squared dumbbells.
Exercise folded squared dumbbells.

19. Two hands pulling cable body cross (Standing Cable Wood Chop)

  • Adjust the machine to the highest position, turning away from the cable pulling machine. Two handles on the handle, legs extended shoulder width.
  • From the left, exhale and drag in a direction from the top left diagonally down to the right.
  • Exhale and return to the original position.
Two hands pulling cable crossbody.
Two hands pulling cable crossbody.

Remember, an effective gym for men will help you succeed if you follow the gym diet properly.


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