Does instant noodles cause belly fat?

By: Evie Langford

Instant noodles are a convenient food for us, but in addition to the quick and convenience factor, will instant noodles cause weight gain or not? Should we eat instant noodles often?

does instant noodles cause belly fat?
does instant noodles cause belly fat?

Do instant noodles cause belly fat? Nutrition experts said that eating instant noodles causes a lot of harm to the body, typically obesity. 

Eating instant noodles incorrectly and science also makes users susceptible to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stomach, and cancer … In this article, Bellyfatzone will share some essential knowledge about this food.

Is eating instant noodles fat, gaining weight?

Nutrition experts recommend that eating a lot of instant noodles will cause weight gain and obesity. A package of regular instant noodles (weight 65 – 85 gr) contains very high calories, up to 400 Kcal. Calories in instant noodles contain many carbohydrates, causing the body to increase by 33.7% in fat and 10.7% in protein.

In addition, high saturated fat accounting for 6.5g in instant noodles, does not bring nutritional value to the body and is even harmful, making fat easy to accumulate.

Many studies also show that obesity in young people is mainly caused by the use of fast and instant foods, typically instant noodles.

Moreover, when processing instant noodles, people often include other ingredients such as beef, chicken, eggs, etc., causing the calorie intake to increase a lot, so it isn't easy to stabilize weight or keep in shape.

For fat people, it is best not to enjoy convenience food, even if this is a favorite dish. Because your health and weight will be adversely affected when eating instant noodles.

Eat instant noodles properly not to get fat.

Eating fatty instant noodles does not depend much on how and when to eat. If you know how to eat scientifically, you don't have to worry about completely abstaining from convenient foods for busy people.

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Don't eat too much

Nutrition experts advise people should not eat instant noodles more than three times a month and should eat far apart. In addition, when cooking instant noodles, you should also pay attention to some points:

– Add a small amount of salt, and make sure to eat light enough; good for health

– Do not use fat packs in instant noodles because 90% of fat is in fat packs

– Remove the color film by bearing instant noodles with boiling water before cooking

– Do not use external seasoning instead of the package available in instant noodles to limit additives.

Eat the proper scientific meal.

You can eat instant noodles in the morning when time is limited and you cannot prepare a nutritious breakfast. However, it would be best if you did not eat instant noodles in the evening, especially late at night. Eating late at night is not suitable for the stomach; eating instant noodles for a long time also makes you gain weight quickly.

Especially for people who lose weight and limit starch in the evening, instant noodles should be removed from the menu. You can refer to the diet menu from an expert to ensure nutrition and determine fat in the body.

Limit eating instant noodles combined with meat eggs

As analyzed above, the calories in instant noodles are substantial, and when combined with eggs and meat, your weight can be challenging to control. Therefore, if you still want instant noodles without being afraid of fat, it is best to put about 300g of meat in a bowl of noodles. You should also eat raw vegetables to reduce the number of carbohydrates and cholesterol in the body.

In addition, you should replace instant noodles with a varied menu of other foods such as crab cakes, noodle soup… will be better for health.

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Is overeating instant noodles good?

Is overeating instant noodles good?
Is overeating instant noodles good?

Although instant noodles are convenient, quick to prepare, and loved by many busy people, overeating instant noodles is not suitable for health. Nutritionists also recommend that people should not eat a lot of instant noodles because the harm they cause is unpredictable.

The harm of eating a lot of instant noodles

– No nutrition

Eating instant noodles creates a feeling of “virtual fullness.” The main ingredients in instant noodles are carbohydrates, starch, and fat. Therefore, it is impossible to provide the body with the necessary nutrients. People who abuse instant noodles for convenience also make the body lack nutrition, directly affecting health.

– Fast aging

Antioxidants in instant noodles only prolong the change of the product's odor—absolutely nothing to slow down the body's aging process.

On the contrary, when the body tolerates many antioxidants in instant noodles, it also has a negative effect, causing hormonal disturbances and accelerating the aging process.

– Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes

Studies have shown that eating instant noodles regularly increases bad cholesterol, which causes the body to suffer from dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Fat in instant noodles is not suitable for health; on the contrary, it harms users. This form of transfat can cause atherosclerosis and stroke in the elderly.

– Affects the digestive system and stomach

Instant noodles products are all added flavoring ingredients by the manufacturer. In the long run, flavorings will harm the stomach and interfere with digestion.

Some cases of erratic eating, plus the habit of eating a lot of instant noodles, make stomach upset, uncomfortable flatulence, and indigestion.

– Carcinogenic

The results of several studies have demonstrated that the harmful effects of instant noodles are increasing the risk of many diseases, the most dangerous of which is cancer.

Preservatives and additives are not strictly controlled in instant noodles; many establishments produce more than the prescribed rate, causing constipation and heat in the body in the long run, leading to rectal cancer.

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– Easy to get fat

One of the harmful effects caused by instant noodles has been confirmed to increase the likelihood of obesity. When eating instant noodles, the body loads many carbohydrates and fats. In addition, frying oil in the long-term production process also accumulates and develops into areas of excess fat, especially in the abdomen.

Without changing a balanced diet, exercising correctly, and prolonging the use of instant noodles, it can easily lead to overweight and obesity, which is difficult to control.

Is it suitable for pregnant women and children to eat instant noodles?

With such harmful effects, cases such as pregnant women and young children eating instant noodles are unsuitable for health.

– Pregnancy

Doctors recommend pregnant women not to use instant products and fast foods because of preservatives and grease, which adversely affect the pregnancy.

– Children

instant noodles are loved by many children, especially raw instant noodles. However, the above convenience food is not suitable for children. They cause anorexia, constipation, and a severe lack of nutrients.

How to lose weight quickly and effectively for people who are afraid of fat

For people in a state of significant accumulation of excess fat, applying traditional weight loss methods such as dieting or strenuous exercise often does not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, rapid weight loss by fat reduction technology is preferred.

The advantages of cosmetic fat reduction methods are:

– Thoroughly remove excess fat, weight loss from 10-20kg

– Beautiful shape with three standard rings, long-lasting effect, no worries about getting fat again

– Doesn't take much time, it just needs to be done once

– No abstinence, intense exercise


whether eating instant noodles is fat has no answer. Consumers should eat instant noodles properly to protect their health and prevent the harmful effects they cause. At the same time, if you want to lose weight effectively for long-term fat people, you can apply modern technology to reduce fat.

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