Beginner Gym Workout Female Plan – The Right Way to Have a Dream Body

By: Aiden Johann

Everything is always difficult from the beginning. Whatever it is, from studying to eating simple or the first time we learn to ride a bicycle, we find it extremely difficult and fall many times.

This is also true when you are preparing to exercise for health or weight loss or a beautiful body for you to have photos on social networks to dream about.

The BellyFatZone team has gone through these difficulties, so this article will show you how to practice for beginners, especially for women.

I do not know how to exercise and diet properly. The conquest of the Fitness body is increasingly difficult when the women have gone in the wrong direction right from the start.

How to exercise effectively and have a beautiful body. Below will be a detailed guide for you!

beginner gym workout female plan
Beginner gym workout female plan

Determining goals before doing gym

When you first start working out, you need to know what your goals are. Exercise to gain weight, gain muscle or lose fat, lose weight.

Some of the most common standard bases for determining your fitness and fitness goals.

1. Determine body fat percentage – Body Fat Calculator

It is recommended that women between the ages of 20 and 39 should keep the fat percentage from 21% to 33%. Trying to get it close to 21% is best.

2. You need to determine your BMI (Body Mass Index) and Waist Hip Ratio (WHR)

The calculator and answer results are available along with the Body Fat Calculator above.

  • BMI – body mass index should be kept between 18.5 and 25.
  • WHR – female waist ratio should be kept between 0.7 and 0.8

You should note the relationship between WHR and BMI:

If WHR meets the standard but your BMI exceeds 25, it is not good. If BMI meets the standard, but WHR is too small, your butt will not develop and need more attention in training to achieve a good ratio.

A few suggestions to help you identify goals:

  • Suppose Body Fat is high> 33%. High BMI> 2. WHR> 0.8: That is a lot of biceps, thighs, belly fat. And the goal for this case is to follow the gym guidelines to reduce belly fat for women effectively.
  • If Body Fat is 25%, the standard BMI – WHR is close to 0.9. Then your goal is to practice to improve your round.
  • Body Fat <21%. BMI <18.5. WHR is close to 0.9. This condition is a small limb inert, with no signs of buttocks. And the goal now is to gain weight and especially improve his round.
Need to determine the fat percentage, body mass index and waist ratio before starting to exercise women gym.
Need to determine the fat percentage, body mass index, and waist ratio before starting to exercise women gym.

After determining what the target of Gym is for. What you need next is to build a nutritious diet. Because this is very important and accounts for 70% of the Gym process is successful.

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Gym nutrition for girls

1. Calculate calories

This is a significant factor before building a diet, whether you exercise or gain weight. This total amount of calories will determine whether you exercise, lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight effectively.

According to the researchers:

“The amount of calories needed for a day to maintain weight, lose weight or gain weight is calculated using the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) formula. This formula is calculated when you keep weight and adjust the calories to increase or decrease if gaining or losing weight.

To calculate TDEE, you must calculate the amount of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

  • For men
[(13,397 x Weight kg) + (4,799 x Height cm) – (5,677 x Age years) + 88,362]
  • For women
[(9,247 x Weight kg) + (3,098 x Height cm) – (4,330 x Age years) + 447,593]

From the results of calories consumed in a day at rest, you need to calculate more to know the calories consumed in accordance with the intensity of each person's movement.

And now for you to calculate TDEE:

  • People who are sedentary or sedentary: BMR x 1,2
  • Light exercise: 1-3 times / week: BMR x 1,375
  • Moderate exercise 3-5 times / week: BMR x 1.55
  • A lot of exercises is 6-7 times/week: BMR x 1,725
  • Heavy activity 7 times/week: BMR x 1.9
Calculate calories.
Calculate calories.

If TDEE is the result calculated to measure the total number of calories needed to load daily, maintain the current weight.

If you want to lose weight, reduce your daily calorie intake, and combine it with a gym workout for women to properly lose belly fat.

You should now cut 200-500 calories a day to reduce 0.9 to 1.81 kg in 1 month. Do not cut too much, because losing weight too quickly can affect health.

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2. Nutrition in gym regime to lose weight for women

Calories come from three main components are Protein, Carb, and Fat.

  • 1 g of Protein will equal 4 calories.
  • 1 g of carb is 4 calories
  • 1 g Fat is 9 calories.

With the same total calories. But a diet up to 70% of calories comes from Carb, 20% from Fat, and 10% from Protein will definitely be different from a diet 40% of calories from Carb, 40% from Protein, 20% from Fat.

40% Protein; 40% Carb; 20% Fat for gym people to lose weight.
40% Protein; 40% Carb; 20% Fat for gym people to lose weight.
  • Breakfast: 1 cup of hot, unsweetened green tea, 1 slice of peanut butter toast, 1 orange.
  • Lunch: 1 cup of hot green tea, 1 slice of toast, salmon.
  • Dinner: 100g of meat, 100g of beans, 2-3 bananas, 1 apple.

Meat you should use white meat such as chicken breast, fish fillet.

Beans will provide fiber, while apples will provide vitamins and necessary nutrients.

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  • Menu for gym people to lose weight
  • Menus for Gyms to gain weight
  • The eat clean menu increases muscle fat loss.

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3. Drink enough water

Water is the main and important component in the body. 70% body weight and environment for all metabolic activities in the body.

Studies show that:

“Lack of water has terrible health consequences in both the short and long term for the body. A 1% water deficit compared to body weight can reduce muscle performance by 10%. ”

Therefore, you should drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, if exercising or humid environment, temperature and sweat can also affect the amount of water needed. Drink it so that urine is white or light yellow is best.

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4. Get enough sleep, healthy living habits

This is a requirement for every female gym goal properly. You should get enough 8 hours of sleep a day and take a deep sleep before 12 midnight.

Inadequate sleep will negatively affect the body, especially the disturbance of hormones in the body.

After understanding the general principles of building a diet to exercise for women then.

So now …

It's time for you to schedule your exercise and start doing weight loss gyms for women.

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Gym weight loss schedule for beginners

There are 3 Gym schedules for girls; you can refer to:

1. Female Gym schedule 3 times/week for beginners

Session 1: You practice chest, back arms, abdomen.

Session 2: Next, practice bucket – back, shoulders, hands first.

Session 3: Exercise butt, thigh, abdomen.

In this schedule, you should practice alternating. That is done 1-day training, 1 day off.

2. Gym schedule 4 sessions/week for women

Monday: Shoulder, leg, abdomen

Tuesday: Chest, Hands, stomach

Wednesday: Break

Thursday: Shoulder, legs

Friday: Chest, arms, stomach

Saturday, Sunday: Off

3. Schedule for 5 sessions/week

Session 1: Chest, back arms, abdomen

Session 2: Bucket – Back, first hand

Class 3: Buttock – Thigh, abdomen

Session 4: Shoulder, front hand, backhand.

Session 5: Chest, abdomen

Many gym exercises for women are related to the chest and abdomen with this schedule, so separate shoulder exercises to practice.

Because training like that to the girls' body will be more beautiful, have beautiful shoulders, slim waist, standard breasts.

Now is the time to perform effective gym exercises for women to lose weight right away!

Exercises and ways to lose weight for female Gym properly.

The following are the most detailed instructions on practicing and exercising 4 times/week for women.

Remember that when starting to gym effectively and safely, you should refer or follow the PT's instructions (Personal Trainer).

Shoulder exercises for women

1. Standing Palms – In Dumbbell Press (Shoulder training with 2 weights)

Before doing these exercises, you should warm up carefully to warm up the joints.

The right way to exercise is as follows:

The right way to exercise
The right way to exercise


  • You use the lightest 2-pound dumbbells; instead of standing, you can sit on a chair for more comfort.
  • When sitting, the chest out to the front will automatically posture correct posture to the right movement.
  • When lifting 2 single weights, both hands must be upright so that the weight of 2 single weights falls on the shoulders, not the single raised weight slanting forward.
  • Perform 1 round – 12 warm this with only 2 lightest weights.
  • 2 innings – the number of times is 12 to 30 times; you will rest when you are tired.
  • The half break for this exercise is 1 minute.

2. Front Two – Dumbbell Raise (Use 2 single weights to lift weights in front of you)

Do 3 sets – 12 to 30 times, using the lightest weightlifting bread (1-2 kg).

Dumbbell Raise
Dumbbell Raise

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3. Power Partials – Dumbbell Lateral Raise (Use 2 single weights to lift weights on 2 sides)

For this exercise, you perform the same number of times and sets as the shoulder exercise above.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Leg exercises for women

1. Leg Extensions (Sit kicking legs exercise the front thigh muscle – quadriceps)


Sit kicking legs exercise
Sit kicking legs exercise
  • 1 set – 12 times heating with 2 dumbbells (usual dumbbells in this machine weighs 5 kg).
  • 1 set – 12 to 30 times with 3 weight
  • Rest for half a minute.
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2. Leg Press (Lie on your back with your foot on a tilted machine exercising your front thighs, buttocks, hamstrings – hamstrings, bananas)

  • 3 rounds – 12 times to 30 times with a weight of 30 kg.
  • Rest for half a minute.
  • Note when doing this: When lowering the weight, the knee is as close to the chest as possible (so the buttock muscles will be affected more deeply).
  • The feet are placed on the shoulder-width pedals and are arranged in a V-shape; the knees are always facing outward.
Leg Press
Leg Press

3. Lying Leg Curls (Lying face down with crooked leg, hamstrings – hamstring)

  • 1 set – 12 times with 2 weight weights
  • 2 innings – 12 to 30 times with 2 weight weights.
  • Rest for half a minute.
Lying Leg Curls
Lying Leg Curls

Abdominal exercises for women

You perform exercises for the abdominal muscles in the order of your lower abdomen – middle, upper – intercostal muscles.

Doing exercises for each muscle group is 3 rounds, an unlimited number of times. The amount of exercise is not necessarily important, but when performing the feeling of abdominal muscle fatigue is not done, then stop.

Chest exercises

For female breast workouts, could you not use them to enlarge muscles? These exercises are aimed at strengthening the chest muscles.

1. Incline Dumbbell Flyes (Chest chests on a sloping chair)

  • 1 in – 12 times with 2 lightest weights
  • 2 innings – 12 to 30 times with 2 lightest weights
Incline Dumbbell Flyes
Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Note that the right arm and forearm are slightly arched, not straight. The action is performed in an arc.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press (Single-breasted dumbbells on sloping seats)

Perform 3 rounds, from 12 to 30 times with 2 lightest single weights.

Incline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Press

3. Butterfly (Manual chest compressions)

  • 1 set – 12 times with 2 weight weights.
  • 2 rounds – 12 to 30 times with 3 weight weights.

A few notes when doing gym exercises for women

  • Always warm up the body.

Warm-ups include a combination of warm-up boots at the beginning of the workout and warm-ups for each muscle group.

Meet the specific needs of each different exercise type.

  • The process of exercising must go from low to high.

Even if you are beginning to practice, you must perform from low intensity to high-intensity exercises.

Practitioners must have proper training methods, adapt to different stages.

  • Rested

The recovery of physical as well as muscular development is complete at rest.

Therefore, to ensure at least 8 hours of sleep, repeating exercises for each different muscle group ensures that both muscle elements have just recovered and developed; But the break is not too long.

Should exercise 3 months in a row and take a week off from work.

  • Nutrition

Most important is moderation in eating, eating on time, eating enough meals.

Full Body Workout For Beginner Gym Exercises Video:


Above is all the knowledge for the female Gym. It is important to determine if you want fast results, work hard, and pay attention to the diet.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “beginner gym workout female plan” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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