Should I Take Whey or Mass Gainer?

Additional types of ingredients when exercising especially bodybuilders are always a factor of concern and need to be clearly distinguished before we use them.

The first thing to define is what is the purpose of your workout?

  • It is weight gain and muscle gain
  • Is it gaining muscle mass and losing fat or you want to print something else.

After determining our purpose, let’s find the right products and learn about the functions of this product so we will know which product is needed for us.

Do you know whether to use Whey or Mass will help you gain weight and gain muscle for skinny people, gym, bodybuilder?

Should I Take Whey or Mass Gainer?
Should I Take Whey or Mass Gainer?

Certainly, there are still many people, especially novices who still do not understand and distinguish the use of these 2 groups of products.

Today, the website will help you compare drinking Whey Protein or Mass Gainer to gain weight, gain muscle or gain muscle to lose fat.

Mass and Whey are two great supplements for bodybuilders, but they have the opposite effect (due to their different nutritional content).

In short, each type will have its own effect, so you must know how to choose to avoid buying by mistake, being deceived and achieving satisfactory results.

Passing through a number of Facebook communities, there are still many people who do not fully understand whether new people to the gym should drink Mass or Whey.

There are even many people who think that just to gain weight is to drink Whey.

This article comparing Whey and Mass will give you an overview of what to buy. Now BellyFatZone invite you to refer to this article together!

Instructions on how to correctly distinguish Whey or Mass

Before jumping into a detailed explanation, you need to understand the nature of the problem you are looking for.

To gain weight and gain muscle successfully, you need to ensure that your calorie intake is greater than the calories burned.

This has been explained very thoroughly in the article on how to gain weight and gain muscle. So, before questioning which one is better to use whey and mass to go to the gym, you need to ask yourself what your goals are.

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1. When to use Mass Gainer?

Mass is a product line that provides a very complete with a huge amount of essential nutrients to help gain weight gain muscle, the most important of which are calories and protein – hence, it is also known as weight gain milk.

When to use Mass Gainer?

Often this product line will have the word MASS in the name to easily distinguish such as:

  • Mass Muscle Gainer
  • Premium Mass Gainer
  • Mass-Tech Extreme 2000

Features of Mass:

  • Rich in Carbs
  • Rich in Protein
  • Rich in Calories
  • Add relatively high amounts of fat (good fats)
  • Supplement many vitamins and minerals

On average, 1 dose of Mass Gainer milk provides about 1000kcal. On average, a Vietnamese person needs about 2000-2500kcal / day to maintain weight.

Just take 1 dose to provide you with almost 1/2 of the calories a day. Thus, if you want to gain weight successfully, you only need to eat the remaining 1/2, but even if you eat 3 main meals, you cannot eat less than 1/2.

When you are thin, at least 1 day you must also eat 1700kcal to sustain life. If you add at least 1000kcal from milk. You already have 2700kcal.

Not to mention, during weight gain, you will definitely force yourself to eat more, for example about 2000kcal / day. So, you take 1 dose is 3000kcal. Guaranteed, you will gain weight!

In addition, these types of milk have a lot of vitamins and minerals. As you already know, thin people often find it difficult to gain weight due to a lack of micronutrients, which makes the body absorb poor substances, leading to slow gain.

One more point is convenience. If you are too busy to spend time eating, drinking is the fastest way.

However, these types of milk have one common weakness is that they often contain Whey Protein Concentrate.

This ingredient is quite good, but if you are allergic to lactose or get acne often, there is a high chance that you will have abdominal pain or breakouts. However, this problem usually only occurs in people with severe allergies.

In addition, you do not need to worry too much because there are many types of milk gain weight like Elite Labs Mass Muscle Gainer have overcome this.

These companies will add digestive enzymes like lactase to process lactose.

In general, Mass products will be used mainly during bulking: for those who want to gain weight, gain muscle, and want to stimulate muscles to grow steadily and beautiful.

Note, many people often understand the FALSE as: “Mass only helps to gain weight, gain fat, NOT INCREASES. To gain muscle, you must use Whey ”.

This is really a wrong thought! Mass additions are very comprehensive; In the composition not only Protein (usually higher than whey types, at least 50g / dose) but also supplements a multitude of other nutrients that Whey does not have.

With such a high calorie, protein, you will definitely gain weight and gain muscle (provided that you have to eat and exercise scientifically too).

In general, Mass drinkers will be people who need to gain weight and gain muscle, people in the period of weight loss. Mass drinking will definitely gain fat!

However, it won’t be too much. Mass is the answer to the question of whether skinny people should use whey or mass.

If you want to get out of thin and gain weight gain muscle, read immediately which article to buy Mass milk is good for skinny people to exercise.

Muscles only develop when

  • Reasonable exercise, increase the weight regularly to stimulate muscles.
  • Provided with adequate nutrition, especially protein.

2. When to use Whey Protein?

Any good whey protein milk is quite high in protein, eliminates most types of fat, and controls calories in each dose.

When to use Whey Protein?

In Whey products, the main ingredient is definitely pure protein. Depending on which whey it is, how pure it will be.

In general, Whey products are typically low in calories, ranging around 100-150kcal / dose.

Since the main ingredient is protein, whey products will focus on the primary task of gaining muscle and keeping muscle, rather than gaining weight.

Therefore, whey milk products will be for those who are in need of increasing muscle to lose fat, tighten muscle, want to gain muscle without gaining fat or keep muscle.

Ingredients in 1 sample dose of 1 Whey product

  • 120 calories
  • 3 grams of carbs
  • 23 grams of protein
  • 1.5 grams of fat (healthy fat)
  • There are almost NO vitamins or minerals

Whey is commonly used in the following three cases

  • You already have a certain amount of muscle, now just want to tone, maintain or increase muscle.
  • You want to lose fat but limit muscle loss (reduce calories and keep protein intake).
  • You want to add protein to your diet every day; Provided that your meal must provide enough protein, fat … okay.

If the diet regime is not good, but taking care of Whey and forgetting other nutrients will be difficult to succeed.

In general, if you’re looking to gain weight, don’t use Whey.

Time taking Whey to gain weight will definitely be a very long time. Now that you know when going to the gym you want to gain muscle, you should buy Whey or Mass.

3. Should I use Mass or Whey?

Reading here, you will definitely distinguish and have the answer. Depending on your goals, you should choose Whey Protein or Mass Gainer accordingly. However, it must be confirmed that Whey and Mass are different.

  • If you want to gain weight/gain weight effectively gain muscle, use Mass.
  • If you want to gain muscle/gain muscle and lose fat, use Whey.

WHEY PROTEIN or MASS GAINER? (Tips for Beginner)

That’s all there is to distinguish, comparing Whey and Mass! The rest are you to choose only!

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “should i take whey or mass gainer”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!