Kpop Idol Weight Loss Diet Really Work?

K-pop idols are not only talented, stylish but also have bright looks to attract fans.

Becoming a K-pop idol means having both voice and appearance. However, there must still be enough energy to work with a dense frequency.

Many Korean stars shed by weight loss, which is a testament to the hardships with the response day, creating more motivation for you, right?

The Ways lose weight of K Pop Idols
The Ways lose weight of K Pop Idols

Today, we will share with you how Korean stars lose weight. Now BellyFatZone invite you to refer to this article together!

You just need to apply, done.

The dream of owning a “standard K-Pop star” body will not be far away from your dream

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1. Lose weight by eating bananas:

This is a way to lose weight quickly by many Korean stars.

TV star Seo In Young once shared: she was too busy and found it difficult to not remember what to eat, what to abstain from, how to eat. So she applied the method of eating bananas to lose weight.

Lose weight by eating bananas

Bananas are a fruit that helps to replenish energy, the body will not be hungry and tired, leading to exhaustion.

Korean star model 3-day weight loss menu with bananas:

Day 1:

Morning: 1 boiled egg, 2-3 bananas, 1 glass of ginger tea

Lunch: 1 jar of unsweetened yogurt and 2 bananas

In the afternoon: 1 cup mixed vegetable soup, 1 banana

Day 2:

Morning: 1 banana smoothie with low-fat milk

Noon: 2 bananas, squash soup, ship

Evening: Banana salad, greens


Day 3:

Morning:  1 cup of warm tea

Lunch: 1 piece of boiled chicken breast, 2 bananas, 1 glass of warm water

In the evening: 1 cup of seaweed soup, 2 bananas

2. Method of 3 paper cups

The purpose of Korean stars’ weight loss is to reduce the size of the diet but still be nutritious enough.

This method you avoid but the food is high in sodium and fat. Rice, meat and some calorie-supplementing dishes to fuel the day’s activities. Meanwhile, fruits, seeds, and vegetables will be a necessary source of vitamins.

Method of 3 paper cups

Learn Korean stars to lose weight from 2 girls Sera and Hyemi from the group Nine Muses suggested the menu:

Cup 1: Brown rice and grains provide energy for the body

Cup 2: Fruits and vegetables fortified with fiber and vitamins

Cup 3: For additional foods like almonds and other nutrients

3. The diet of Korean stars on a Danish diet:

This is a fast way to lose weight of Korean stars but it is quite new in Vietnam. This is a diet that requires perseverance and it is very strict.

This method mainly focuses on egg protein and fiber from vegetables. Cut back on carbs, nuts, and high-fat fruits and sugars. Minimize junk food.

Besides that, it must be combined with exercise.

It is not too difficult for you to “imitate” the weight loss of Korean stars in this diet.

The diet of Korean stars on a Danish diet

Find out now.

Danish diet menu

Day 1:

Morning: 1 cup of black coffee, may add some sugar

Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs and spinach and 1 tomato

Dinner: 100gr of beef, mixed salad

Day 2:

Morning: 1 cup of black coffee with little sugar

Lunch: Little ham and yogurt

Dinner: Boiled celery, fruits (tomatoes, apples, pears, oranges), each with 1 fruit

Day 3:

Morning: 1 cup of low-sugar coffee, 1 slice of bread

Lunch: 1 cup of orange juice, yogurt

Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 1 raw carrot, and low-fat cheese

4. Reduce sweet potato balance

This is the method chosen by the ” Nation’s little sister ” IU. She wants to lose weight fast but tired of having to calculate the calories in the food loaded into the body.

And is said to be the fastest way to lose weight of Korean stars that many people have applied successfully.

You can also try IU’s weight loss method. Because sweet potatoes provide a lot of nutrients, they are also a rich source of energy and diverse ways of processing.

You should prefer white sweet potato over purple, yellow potatoes. Do not fry potatoes to ensure weight loss faster home.

Korean weight loss menu with sweet potatoes:

Morning: 2 boiled sweet potatoes, 1 cup of soy milk and 2 boiled eggs


  • 2 steamed sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup small rice with chicken breast
  • Boiled vegetables
  • 1 apple


  • 2 baked sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup small rice or salad
  • Lean
  • 1 banana

Owning a standard body but a 0-line face will reduce the attractiveness somewhat.

If you don’t know how Korean weight loss, you can think of IU transformed by the sweet potato diet.

3 ways to reduce face fat of Korean stars to quickly remove excess fat

1. Suzy drinks lots of water to reduce face fat

If your body is dehydrated, the body will cause facial edema and severe limb. Drinking water is good for the body, helps to reduce face fat quickly, creating a feeling of fullness. You can control the amount of food you consume.

Suzy drinks lots of water to reduce face fat

Losing weight in Korean stars has never been so simple. You can follow this Suzy’s tips to limit fatness.

2. Loses weight by way of face massage with ice cubes like Song Hye Kyo

The beautiful actress in the movie “Descendants of the  Sun” is now a prestigious representative of some famous cosmetic brands. In addition to possessing beautiful skin, she also owns a V-line face, attracting eyes.

Song Hye Kyo has revealed, her daily skincare tips are small cold stones. How to lose weight on this face is extremely simple and saves time.

Song Hye Kyo

Let’s see how fast weight loss of Korean stars thanks to the massage tips with stones:


  • 2-3 clean stones
  • 1 soft towel wrapped in ice

Massage steps:

  • You use a soft towel wrapped in stone
  • Conduct massage on the T-zone, especially the chin area
  • Then massage all over the face

Ice will tighten the skin, prevent acne, prevent skin aging. In particular, defeating excess fat helps a slimmer face.

3- Exercise for facial muscles – Korean stars’ secret to losing weight

This way of reducing face fat is applied by many Korean stars because it does not take up too much time.

Exercise for facial muscles - Korean stars' secret to losing weight

Lesson 1:

  • Relax your body, tilt your neck to look at the house
  • Breathe out gently
  • Apply about 10-15p

Lesson 2:

  • Squeeze your cheeks as much as you can
  • Hold for 15 seconds, then exhale gently
  • Do it 10 times a day to see the difference

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So we have shared with you how to lose weight of Korean stars with only folk tips and methods.

Changing your eating habits and daily activities, you can completely lose bodyweight and beautiful like Korean stars.

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Tried IU’s diet for a week (K-pop idol diet)

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “kpop idol weight loss diet”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

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