Top Warm Up Exercises Before Workout Bodybuilding Increase Exercise Performance

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A warm-up to make a single motion is always necessary before any exercise, not just light exercise or heavy weight training for the bodybuilder.

A warm-up is a movement that tells the body that we are beginning to transition into a new state of the body and that the body is ready to do so.

When you start to stretch the muscles of the joints, at this time, the stretching cells will consume the body's energy, the number of ATP decreases, and the blood glucose level will decrease, then there will be the nervous system.

The neurotransmitter signals to the brain that the body has made a nutritional change. The brain sends signals to the pancreas, which will release insulin.

Insulin will take the glucose stored glycogen in the liver converted to glucose in the blood and ready for action.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of exercise, your body heats up because the heat-emitting motor cells, the calorimetric organ in the hypothalamus, will sense your body to increase heat.

This time will command the body's radiator to measure that our skin begins to sweat, and the body is ready for an intense process of the activity.

Top Warm-up Exercises Before Workout Bodybuilding Increase Exercise Performance
Top Warm-up Exercises Before Workout Bodybuilding Increase Exercise Performance

Have you ever wondered why BellyFatZone always mentions warm-up exercises before workouts, why warmup exercises (warm-up, warm-up) are so important before starting workouts? Which?

How to practice warm-up properly?

The warmup is significant for bodybuilding and any sport to help reduce injury and provide the best preparation step before a strength burst.

Let's join BellyFatZone to refer to the most effective pre-workout exercises immediately.

For any sibling who likes to exercise, warmup, stretching, and cooling down are essential parts. Survive any training session, help prevent injury, relieve pain, bursts, and recover best. will, in turn, publish the next 2 articles for the next 2 items, so please follow them regularly. Now let's start with the warmup exercises first.

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What is the importance of warmup?

What is Warmup?

What is the importance of warmup?

Warmup (also known as a warm-up exercise, warm-up) performs 1 or more movements in a few minutes to warm up the whole body and muscles to best prepare for the main training session.

Warm-up will help reduce the risk of muscle injury, as well as soreness during exercise. At this point, the whole body, especially the muscle bundles, heats up, the blood circulation system pumps more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

The best way to do warm-up exercises is to work out slowly and quickly. Your muscles will be susceptible to cold, shock, and internal damage if you do not have a thorough warm-up.

Not to mention, when you warm up well, you will have the best mental and physical preparation to be able to burst into full force in the following heavy-duty exercises.

The most important thing about Warmup is to limit the risk of unnecessary injury while exercising.

How long is it reasonable to warm up? The best warm-up time is about 10-15 minutes.

The benefits of warm-up training before Workout Bodybuilding

  • Increases blood flow to the tissues of the body, making muscles stronger, more flexible.
  • Increases the content of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Helps muscles ‘lift up' for long-lasting workouts.
  • It helps the heart rate gradually get used to the increased activity of the blood and a rapid rise in blood pressure.
  • Helps more excited and explosive when exercising
  • Improved health as well as endurance.

Guide to the most effective pre-workout warm-ups

First of all, do you remember the moves when we were in class from 1st grade to practice every morning before entering class? Do the whole thing from top to bottom, like:

  • Swivel neck
  • Hand rotation
  • Rotate the wrist
  • Forearm rotation
  • Arm rotation
  • Shoulder rotation
  • Twisted hips
  • Fold the body
  • Lean sideways
  • Pillow rotation
  • Foot rotation
  • Ankle rotation
  • Steady running (small run)
  • Running thigh highs
  • Running heels touching the butt
  • Side leg stretch

Exercises at school

So you have temporarily completed some movements already. Besides, you can perform the following actions as well.

Instructions: Do each exercise in order, without rest.

1. Kneeling Extension-Rotation

YouTube video

Impact: Shoulder and upper back

Get on your knees on the floor, hands, and knees down, back straight, arms outstretched, palms on the floor. The right hand is behind the head.

Keeping your left arm steady, rotate your shoulders until your right elbow is almost touching your left hand. Then, in reverse, lift your right elbow towards the ceiling while also turning your head and upper back to the right as much as possible.

It is an iteration performed on the left side.

2. Kneeling Inner-Thigh Mobilization – Kneel and push the hips

YouTube video

Effects: groin

  • From the above kneeling position, straighten your right leg to the side, perpendicular to the body; Keep your right foot on the floor, toes facing forward. This is the initial position.
  • Keeping your back straight, push your hips back as far as possible. Now, push your hips forward, past the starting position, as far as possible. Return to the original position. That is 1 iteration.
  • Continue to repeat 8 times and then switch to the left leg.

3. Hip Raise with Reach Exercise – Raise hips and stretch arms

YouTube video

Hip Raise with Reach

Effects: Butt, hind thigh, middle back

  • Lie on your back on the floor; knees bent 90 degrees, feet straight on the floor, shoulder-width. Place your arms outstretched to both sides of the body (about 45 degrees), palms facing up. This is the initial position.
  • Raise your hips until your torso forms a straight line from your shoulder to the pillow. Now lift your right hand and right shoulder off the floor, stretch your arms towards the ceiling, then cross your arms over your body and touch the floor close to your left shoulder. Return to the original position.
  • That is 1 iteration. Perform 8 repetitions with your left hand, touching the floor next to your right shoulder.

4. Yoga Plex exercises

YouTube video

Actions: Hips and middle back Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, face the exercise bench (almost pillow-high). Hinge at hips and place hands on a chair (don't bend back).

Step back as far as possible with your right foot, lower body until the right knee is a few centimeters from the floor.

Extend your right arm in front of you and follow your arm with your eyes, moving in a clockwise direction, above your head, back, and around your chair.

Step forward to return to the starting position. That is 1 iteration. Perform 5 reps on each side.

5. Knee Lift to Walking Lunge Exercises – Knee Lift to Walking Lunge

YouTube video

Effects: Butt, hips, hind thighs, and chest

  • Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart; arms stretched out on either side of the body. Raise right pillow, arms embrace knees, pull thighs toward the chest. Relax, a right step long forward, lower body to create a Lunge, curl. Stop and return to the original correct position by pulling your left leg (back) toward your right leg.
  • Now pull your left pillow to your chest and step your left foot forward. Pull your right leg toward your left foot. That is 1 iteration. Repeat 5 times.

Some notes when applying warm-up exercises before training The temperature and area you live in also affect your workout.

In the cold season, the warm-up time should be a little longer. While in the hot season, you can reduce the time because your body is a bit ‘hot' now, so your muscles will ‘relax' a bit.

Do This Warm Up Before Your Workouts

YouTube video

Note: We start with warm-up exercises (warm-up), then end with cool-down exercises and stretching.

Add a few more warm-up lesson plans for you to refer to it for a variety. Depending on your preferences, choose it.

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