Top 10 Slowly Digestible Starch Foods List Help You Feel No Hungry

Foods always play an important role in the diet of normal people or bodybuilders.

Depending on the time, we need to choose which foods are suitable for our body with the exercise regimen.

The types of dietary supplements vary from time to time, such as before, during or after exercise, or before you go to bed at night.

However, the nutritional value we cannot help but talk about slow starches, or in other words, the slow starch-producing foods do not spike blood glucose levels, and this will help the body is always able to regulate insulin without the occurrence of insulin resistance easily.

Starch has always played an important role in any exercise goal, especially foods with slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

Top 10 Slowly Digestible Starch Foods List Help You Feel No Hungry
Top 10 Slowly Digestible Starch Foods List Help You Feel No Hungry

If you take the trouble to refer to the fitness menu of bodybuilders or you have gained or lost weight successfully, there are 3 main ingredients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

In this article’s scope, we will refer to the slow carbs foods that are very good for fullness or excellent support for those who want to lose weight.

Today, Bellyfatzone will list a full list of foods rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates (low GI – low GI or good carbs) to help you lose weight, lose fat as well as add long-term energy for good exercise. Best.

To explain a little more clearly, carbs are divided into 2 categories: fast starch (bad) and slow starch (good).

Quick starches include white rice, vermicelli, and photo help you get hungry fast. While slowing down carbs help you feel hungry longer, it’s good for someone who needs to lose that few pounds.

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A list of slow-absorbing carbs is essential for bodybuilders.

Note that the slow-digesting starch groups will have a GI index <= 50, while the higher it will be ranked for the quick list.

1. Oats


This is considered one of the most popular grain groups in temperate countries. Not only has extremely high nutritional content, but it is also one of the slow-digesting carbs that are very good for those bodybuilders.

100 grams containing

  • 66 grams of low GI starch
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 11.2 grams of protein
  • 10 grams of fiber
  • Many minerals
  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol

2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

This is considered one of the high-fiber foods worth adding to your daily diet.

This is considered one of the best searches, which can be substituted for rice, snacks, or before entering the gym.

100 grams containing

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • 86calo
  • 20 grams of starch
  • 4.2 grams of sugar
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • Very rich in vitamins A, B6, minerals

3. Beans


Surely you are no stranger to ‘divine’ beans such as soybeans, black beans, red beans …

They contain slow starches and many proteins, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants with a low GI.

That is the reason why many of you often use gym pea powder to learn.

4. Brown rice

Brown rice

High in fiber, brown rice is also low in saturated fat, low cholesterol, suitable for those looking to lose weight.

Brown rice’s GI is 50, so there is nothing to worry about with white rice.

5. Apples


According to Diet Doctor, apples have many important contents for the body, such as vitamin C, fiber, helping the body produce better energy and heal all wounds.

In 1 fruit contains

  • 25 grams of slow starch
  • 4.4 grams of fiber
  • 19 grams of sugar
  • 95 calories

6. Avocado


Avocados contain many important nutrients and also contain a lot of good carbs, low in sugar.

In particular, this is also one of the high-fat foods that are good for bodybuilders, worth adding to your diet.

225 grams of butter contains

  • 12.8 grams of good carbs
  • 10 grams of fiber
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 240 calories

7. Broccoli


This is considered a very delicious dish and many people like it. Not only that, but it also contains many important nutrients that are essential for our health.

Broccoli also contains a lot of antioxidants, helps fight cancer, and protect the digestive system.

225 grams of broccoli contains

  • 6 grams of good carbs
  • 2.5 grams of fiber
  • 1.5 grams of sugar
  • 30 calories

8. Mushrooms


The fungus contains a lot of selenium, B vitamins, copper, and many other great nutrients, helping boost metabolism, help the immune system, and produce energy.

In 225 grams of mushrooms contain

  • 2.3 grams of slow carbs
  • 0.7 grams of fiber
  • 1.2 grams of sugar
  • 19 calories

9. Peaches


Peaches taste delicious and contain a lot of slow-digesting starches like potassium, vitamins A, B6, and C.

In peaches, contains

  • 15 grams of slow carbs
  • 2.2 grams of fiber
  • 12 grams of sugar
  • 60 calories

10. Tomatoes


This is considered to be one of the very healthy fruits and is familiar to you. Not only does it contain a lot of vitamin C and minerals, but tomatoes also have a very low GI of only 15.

You can take advantage of tomatoes to prepare many beautiful skin-brightening dishes, extremely good when eaten with eggs or salad with all kinds of vegetables with a little olive oil.

There are also some slow-digesting starchy foods such as carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, black bread, cherries, coconut, fresh milk, pear, cashew, peanuts, lentils. , yogurt, orange, plum.

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Sports Food Casein

Sports Food Casein

Although it is not a food, Casein has long been an indispensable product for bodybuilders.

Like Whey, Casein is also a protein found in milk. However, casein is digested and absorbed much more slowly. You can read carefully what is a casein protein article to understand better!


  • When it interacts with stomach acid, casein forms a gel that slows down the emptying of the stomach and the absorption of amino acids in the blood. As a result, amino acids are slow and steady in contacting and nourishing muscles.
  • Research conducted on overweight men shows that, in limited calories, casein improves the muscle-fat ratio during training resistance training.
  • Casein proteins take longer to break down completely, providing a stable source of protein for many hours after use. It is suitable for use at night or when you do not have time to eat and eat more protein.
  • Since casein protein is absorbed slowly and keeps you feeling full longer, it is often used to aid weight loss.


  • Casein increases muscle protein (MPS) more effectively than soy and wheat protein, but not as effective as whey.

Bonus 30 amazing resistant starch foods for better digestion

So you have on hand foods rich in slow-absorbing starch! Actively include in your daily meals, especially before going to training.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “slowly digestible starch foods list” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!