Does yoga help sexually? Yoga Poses To Increase Sexuality For Men And Women

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If anyone does not know Yoga, they will not feel the strange and interesting things that this sport brings; if compared with the sports that enhance the body's endurance, it can be classified as “top.”


Yoga also has the same effect as Karma Sutra in increasing endurance, stamina, strength, endurance, and the ability to control muscles throughout the body, including the back, abdomen, and groin.

The flexibility of all limbs and the ability to drink flexibility increase the sense of one's own body; in other words, the body parts have better connectivity.

Does yoga help sexually? Yoga Poses To Increase Sexuality For Men And Women
Yoga Poses To Increase Sexuality For Men And Women Make You Healthier And Happier Every Day

Yoga also improves confidence, sensitivity, and cognition. Another interesting effect is that regular yoga will improve your sex life.

In this article, Bellyfatzone invites you to refer to some support moves for the wonderful thing in this life. Does yoga help sexually? Yoga Poses To Increase Sexuality For Men And Women

Increased endurance

One of the most prominent features of a yoga practitioner is flexibility, which is really helpful if you want to create some new sex poses.

If you've ever learned Kama Sutra-style intercourse poses and thought that some poses seem impossible, you will think again once you practice yoga, as it can help you strengthen your flexibility and range of motion.

Build confidence and a good physique

Yoga poses are designed to make your body healthier and firmer. As a result, you will achieve the desired weight and physique, especially for yoga types that need a lot of exercise.

Therefore, yoga can help increase confidence and achieve a healthy figure, which will help increase libido.

Increased stamina

Some men need to take a “mid-half” break to continue having sex because they are not strong enough.

To overcome this, try yoga techniques that increase muscle strength and control, and during exercise, your breathing will become stronger, and you will sweat more.

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Increased endurance can help prolong the “fun”; you will feel more excited when you realize you can prolong the “love” time much longer.

Make the mood better. Does yoga help sexually?

YES. Yoga helps to develop emotional awareness as well as body sensations. You will learn to listen to your body through yoga, which will increase pleasure during sex.

Improve the spine

Tension is usually a positive signal when you're in the middle of a fight, but that doesn't apply to back pain.

Muscle strain and spinal problems can seriously hamper your couple's sex life. But the good news is that yoga can help relax the back muscles and restore the spine's natural curve.

Reduce anxiety

By shifting focus on breathing and body, yoga can reduce anxiety and relax the body.

These positive effects can stay on your body for hours after exercise. You will feel more comfortable with your partner when your body is relaxed and not tense.

Once you don't have to worry about anything and feel your mind relaxed, your body will have a higher need for “desires,” You will also respond to your partner's “requests” better.

Focus on the sensitive area

Several yoga focuses on the “Mula Bandha” area of ​​the body; this is the end of the spine, including the pelvic floor and perineum.

In terms of energy sources in the body, Muladhara (chakra of the coccyx) and Swadhistana (chakra in the lower abdomen) are related to our sexual and sexual desires.

Practicing yoga can give you more control over these chakras so that you can fully enjoy your enjoyment. These two energy centers can be easily blocked; the yoga poses will help activate them and leave your body full of energy.

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Yoga for couples

According to the above, your partner does not need to practice yoga with you to improve the quality of sex.

But if you want to try something new to increase your bond with your partner, try yoga exercises for couples.

These exercises will help increase intimacy and trust for both of you. Also, exercising together can increase endorphins (neurotransmitters in the brain, improve mood, reduce pain, and slow aging).

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Top 10 yoga poses to help improve sex life.

Baby pose

This position helps to relax both the mind and the body and is an effective way to clear away all the stress during the day to commit to your partner fully.

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How to practice: From a kneeling position, sit on your knees and gently pull your body backward. You can extend your arms out in front or on the sides of your legs.

Horizontal learning posture

Horizontal learning posture

This position increases blood flow to the pelvic area.

How to practice: In a sitting position, stretch your legs, legs apart as wide as possible. As you press your feet toward the floor, the thigh muscles will also be stretched. You can sit upright in this position or bend over the floor to increase the exercise's difficulty.

Standing on shoulder posture.

This pose focuses on pelvic blood circulation.

How to practice: Lie on the floor and bring your legs up perpendicular to the body. You can also lean against a wall to keep your legs straight.

Bridge pose

Bridge posture helps stretch pelvic floor muscles, making the organs here stronger.

How to practice: Lie on your back on the floor. Gently lift your body while flexing your legs and holding your ankles with your hands, ensuring your feet don't lift off the ground. Raise your buttocks until your thighs are parallel to the floor, forming a bridge. Hold this position for half a minute to a minute.

Lotus pose

This posture promotes the flexibility of the hip and thigh muscles, which is the most used muscle when having sex.

How to practice: Sit cross-legged on the floor, do hands-on thighs, and pull your feet little by little on the thighs of the other legs. You should feel your thigh muscles tighten as you do this.

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Plow pose

This pose increases blood flow to the brain to increase alertness and reflexes of the body. It also stretches the back muscles to reduce the risk of injury during sex.

How to do it: Lie on the floor and gently lift your legs straight up, bring your feet behind your head and touch the floor. You can hold your back with your hands or place your hands on your hips.

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Eagle pose

The eagle pose increases blood circulation in the cervical area, making this area more sensitive during sex.

How to practice: Stand on one leg, and wrap the other leg around the pole. This exercise will help blood flow faster as you release your legs and return to the starting position.

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Goddess pose

Every woman wants to be beautiful like a goddess, and this pose can make it happen. Besides, this posture also helps to alleviate the pain during menstruation.

How to practice: Stand up straight, slowly step your feet to the sides, keep your legs upright, parallel and perpendicular to the floor, and slowly lower yourself to about 50 cm.

Raise arms to shoulder height, keeping biceps while raising forearms, palms facing inward.

Dog pose stretching

This is a basic and most commonly used pose in yoga.

How to do it: Put your hands, knees, and feet on the floor like a crawl, push your hips up with your feet and keep your legs straight. When your butt is in the highest position, your body will look like a helmet when you get it right.

Lizard pose

Like the lotus pose, this pose improves flexibility in the hips and pelvis.

How to do it: Bring your right leg next to or inside your right elbow from a stretching dog position. Bend right knee, keeping thighs parallel to the floor. Lie on your elbow and gently lower yourself.

The outstanding advantage of yoga is that it helps the body supple, firm, and relax the mind. Having a healthy body also means you have a happy married life.

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Yoga to Increase Your Sexual Energy Video

Super deep hips warm-up


Most effective yoga pose for sexual organ health

Yoga for Sex Men Video


Regularly practicing these simple yoga poses above will help you and your partner have good health and become more bonded.

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