Fruits for Weight Loss and Glowing Skin – You Should Put in Your Kitchen

Lose weight by eating more fruits and drink water every day as well as one of the effective weight loss methods. You believe I fell down a few letters when applied this way to lose weight in 1 month.

However, not all types of fruit and also uses the same nutrients. If you’re wondering what to eat fruit to lose weight beauty skin in 7 days, see 15 kinds of fruit weight loss is more effective you apply the menu each day to lose weight!

Fruits for weight loss and glowing skin
Fruits for weight loss and glowing skin

Fruits provide many nutrients and vitamins and large amounts of dietary fiber help the body more healthy, strengthens the immune system.

And besides, some fruits help reduce weight quickly. Now BellyFatZone invite you to refer to this article together!

These fruits help you lose weight the most effective skin beauty

1. Apples

Lose weight by eating apples is one of the weight loss methods is very efficient, resulting in a slim shape for women. So many people use drinking apple cider vinegar to lose weight faster.

eat apples lose weight
eat apples lose weight

In apples are high in fiber help the digestive system work better. Apples also contain vitamins A, C, E, calcium provides the essential nutrients.

One contains only 60-100 kcal apple (kilocalories), and sodium fat, so you can eat comfortably without fear of weight gain.

Every day eat 2-3 apples and should not take any other food. Done in 3 months to see results more quickly.

2. Avocados

Butter tastes greasy so many people think that eating butter will increase the weight. However, according to many experts say that eating avocados help lose weight effectively.

Because of high butterfat, but fat naturally helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and weight gain.


Eat butter reduces hunger and appetite. Oleic acid in avocados helps regulate the amount of food intake is very suitable for people who are dieting. Butter help accelerates the fat-burning process.

Every day eat one fruit is enough and if additional butter on the menu to lose weight, reduce calorie food. Limiting fat and sugar while eating quality butter

If you lose weight by taking vitamin butter should be used after the main meal of about 30 minutes.

3. Contrary pears

Pear had plenty of fiber that supports metabolism in the body. With sweetness, eat crunchy pear is also nutritious food and help you lose weight effectively.

Fiber porous properties will quickly fill your stomach and feel full, will limit your appetite. One medium pear accounted for only 100 calories but are rich in Vitamin C.

Contrary pears
Contrary pears

Pear to eat to lose weight, the best is that you should eat a pear or a glass of pear juice before each meal, this will help you no appetite.

4. Bananas

Add a fruit to eat in not only good for health but also has the ability to lose weight effectively. You just drink a glass of water every morning and then just eat 1-2 bananas provide enough energy but also flying excess fat effectively.

5. Coconut

Coconut water with natural sweeteners and contains no fat, minerals magnesium, khaki and not fat just good for health but does not store fat completely.

Fiber and vitamins in coconut water can nutritional supplements, but help feel full faster, limiting appetite.

Coconut water weight loss
Coconut water weight loss

Coconut is a fruit lose weight effectively but is little used. During breakfast, drink a glass of coconut water and a plate of fresh fruit salad. As for lunch, 1-1.5 cups of water you should drink pure coconut fruit with a little, a little fresh fruit.

6. Lemon

Every morning drink lemonade or lemon and honey is an effective way to lose weight many women apply. Lemon potentially toxic waste in the liver, prevent fat accumulation.

However, drinking lemonade in the morning to lose weight is not for people with diseases of the stomach.

7. Commitment to lose weight

Say it is impossible to ignore lemon-orange in effective weight loss. Vitamin C in oranges helps increase stamina and helps to regulate and eliminate excess body fat.

Orange weight loss
Orange weight loss

Cam also works very well for digestion and intestinal tract, reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Eating oranges to lose weight: Drinking fresh orange juice or water added daily to help burn excess fat in the body. Absolutely not added any other spices into orange juice.

8. Papaya

Enough is enough fruit for weight loss because it contains papain efficiency – is an enzyme that helps promote the digestion of food through the intestines, supporting the slimming.

Should choose ripe papaya with orange and yellow are best for your weight loss more effective.

Each day a papaya smoothie in the morning will help you refreshed throughout the day.

9. Contrary grapefruit

With properties contain more water, eat grapefruit will help you increase satiety while the calories the body is very low so it can help you lose weight very effectively.

Eating grapefruit weight loss
Eating grapefruit weight loss

Special enzymes help burn fat, a lot of vitamin C, fiber, protein combination makes the fat burned efficiently and reduce weight quickly.

Just 15 minutes after each meal, eat dessert with grapefruit. Eating grapefruit this time will help the food is absorbed into the body digests quickly, avoiding excess fat accumulation.

10. Pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit is used to lose weight contains the antioxidant effect removes toxins from the body, helps you reduce cravings and burn fat efficiently.

Pomegranate lose weight
Pomegranate lose weight

You can use pomegranate juice a day to help weight loss.

11. Peaches

Peach fruit has fewer calories, not only that but they also contain many antioxidants to help cleanse the body, to avoid excess fat. Peach juice drink is eating or drinking fruit to lose weight effectively and quickly.

12. Blueberries

The fruit content high in antioxidants, helps your body eliminate toxins better, so will lose weight quickly.


When using a fixed dose of the Vietnam cranberry polyphenols may reduce to 73% the number of cells forming adipose tissue in the body.

13. Watermelon

Cool sweet taste, contains high levels of water, vitamins A and C and minerals such as iron different, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and amino acids.

Use fresh ripe watermelon is the best choice for weight loss more effective. Eating or drinking 1 cup of watermelon juice before each meal for about 15 minutes.

14. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are berries, low in calories, high in fiber, and rich in vitamin A content, B6, C, B1, B2, … very high. Very appropriate for you to add your weight loss menu. 200g tomato contains only about 30calo.

Tomatoes lose weight
Tomatoes lose weight

Each meal, you just drink a glass of tomato juice combined with a weight loss menu includes light snacks and low thermal plants within 10 days can lose weight up to 4-5kg.

15. Dry Fruits

If you do not have much time to go shopping on the daily fruit, try dried fruits lose weight slightly.

This particular food group will be used to burn the excess fat, reduce cholesterol should help you lose weight effectively, safely and healthily.

You can do this yourself or buy for long term use. Especially those you style at the time.

Note to lose weight with fruit

To lose weight effectively, your fruit should note the following issues.

  • Do not eat too much at once “this may make you gain weight”.
  • Eat a variety of fruits alternating different.
  • Split meals a day.
  • Can use the juice from the fruit on to lose weight.
  • Do not eat fruit along with milk, sugar and other foods high in fat

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If you already have a proper diet and exercise regimen and get results, just keep going, time is the key.

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With the share of fruits and how to eat fruit lose weight on, you can find and build a reasonable diet for yourself. Not only lose weight, belly fat but also beautify the skin.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about fruits for weight loss and glowing skin. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thanks!

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