Can rope skipping reduce belly fat?


First, let's look at the problem in an overview before starting to go into more specific sports activities that support fat burning the most are cardiovascular support exercises; in addition to running, they are very popular and can also include jumping rope.

According to scientists, skipping rope for weight loss is a highly effective fat-burning method. Just exercise for about 30 minutes; you can digest from 450-500 calories.

Can rope skipping reduce belly fat?
Can rope skipping reduce belly fat?

Bellyfatzone invites you to refer to some ways of skipping rope to help you lose weight effectively, such as eating scientifically and performing jumping rope exercises according to instructions. Can rope skipping reduce belly fat?

Is the method of skipping rope effective for weight loss?

Jumping rope is a highly effective weight-loss method. Most other popular cardio exercises like cycling and swimming don't burn as many calories as jumping rope, running outdoors, or jogging on a treadmill. That's why running and jumping rope is always present in many people's weight loss training schedule.

According to research, jumping rope has the ability to burn 15-20 calories per minute. The average person can burn 200-300 calories in 15 minutes of simple jumping rope.

There are several main factors that determine the number of calories burned in a jump rope and weight loss plan, including Weight, number of jumps, training speed, and training time.

For example, a person weighing 60kg jumping rope less than 100 times/minute burns only 139 calories in 15 minutes. Whereas a person weighing 80kg, and skipping rope at <120 times/minute, has can burn 185 calories.

If you jump rope at a higher intensity, like two beats per second or more, the calories burned will also increase.

How to choose the right jump rope?

To achieve the best weight loss results, you need to choose the right size rope for your height. If the cord is too long, you can cut it or choose a more suitable type. Specifically:

– People with height < 1m50 should choose a rope length of 2m10

– People with height from 1m51 to 1m65 should choose a rope length of 2m40

– People with a height of 1m66 – 1m80 should choose a cord length of 2m70

– People with height > 1m75m should choose a 3m long rope

Although jumping rope is a familiar sport, you also need to know how to adjust every detail to be effective. The two hands hold the two ends of the rope firmly, the elbows are pressed close to the sides of the body.

When jumping rope, you need to keep your head high, and your eyes looking ahead. When lowering the leg bone to the ground with the toe (do not lower the whole foot).

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Instructions for performing skipping rope to lose weight properly

You need to strictly follow the instructions for jumping rope to lose kilograms below to limit injury and ensure the highest efficiency.

Warm up before jumping rope to lose weight

Warming up before jumping is an indispensable step before performing any exercise, including a jumping rope. You should carefully exercise the hip and knee joints, especially the arms, wrists, ankles, and knees, to avoid injuries.

Instructions on how to jump rope to lose weight properly and effectively

If you are interested in the weight loss effects of the sport but don't know where to start, refer to the guide on how to jump rope to lose weight properly below.

Basic slimming jump rope exercise

Practicing jumping rope or any other subject, you must start with basic movements to master its technique and principles.

Step 1: Choose the right size jump rope

A jump rope is ideal when it comes to your height. To test, use your foot to hold it right at the midpoint and pull the string to stretch. The standard rope length is your armpit height handle. If it exceeds, find a way to shorten the wire.

Step 2: Find the jumping point

In addition to the desired effect of weight loss, when jumping rope, you must find a suitable jumping place to limit unnecessary injuries.

Accordingly, jumping rope on wooden floors will be better than hard surfaces like concrete floors. Exercising on a hard floor puts pressure on the knee and is more likely to cause injury. Ideally, when jumping rope, you should choose a pair of soft shoes.

Step 3: Practice some basic dance moves

Before performing complicated variations or dance moves, you need to practice the basic steps first. The correct dance posture for weight loss is:

– The rope is kept balanced, with both hands at hip height, elbows slightly bent, biceps placed close to the body, shoulders back and chest up.

– Jump 2.5 – 5 cm high from the floor, creating a moderate space for the rope to pass.

– When turning the rope, keep your elbows close to your body.

– Control the rope with the wrist and forearm, not the shoulder.

– Do not jump too high; jump in small and even steps.

– To warm up your body, you should do at least 10-15 basic jumps.

– If you have not finished the exercise but feel tired, relax the rope and work your arms and legs.

Step 4: Jump time

You should spend 15-20 minutes a day on your exercise. Do not jump too fast, but pay attention to the correct technique.

Step 5: Combine jumping rope with other exercises

If skipping rope does not make you not interested in exercising, you can apply some appropriate exercises to help you lose weight faster and tone and strengthen your body.

You need to prepare a jump rope and a stopwatch. Within 15 minutes, you burn fat by jumping rope with other exercises as follows:

– Jump rope with two legs for 60 seconds

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– Lunges 20 times, each side do ten times

– 10 push-ups

– 60 seconds jump rope

– Plank 30 seconds

– 60 seconds jump rope

– Rest for 60 seconds and then repeat the above process one more time

Collection of variations

Doing a few variations with increased difficulty will help you improve your flexibility and increase the burning of calories as well as get more excited when exercising.

Exercise 1. Jump to the side

– Hold the rope and jump in the right position

– While jumping, move to the right a few centimeters

– The left side does the same

– Jump ten times or jump continuously for 1 minute

Exercise 2. Alternating leg jumps

– Instead of jumping with two legs at the same time, as usual, you can jump with two legs in turn, like running in place

– Raise your knees and try to jump 2.5cm off the floor

– Do the above movement continuously for 1 minute or ten times

Exercise 3. Jump rope with one leg

– Find a carpeted or soft surface

– Jump rope with the right foot and then switch to the left foot, do each side five times

Exercise 4. Integration exercises

Combining the above movements into a jump rope exercise brings a weight-loss effect in 15 minutes. Get your jump rope and timer ready.

– Basic jump rope for 60 seconds

– Jumps to the side for 60 seconds

– Jumping alternately 2 feet for 60 seconds

– Jump 1 foot for 1 minute and switch legs

– Repeat the above movements 2-3 times, resting 1 minute between each time

Rest after doing jump rope

In the jump rope plan to lose fat, you only jump one day and the next day takes a break. Jumping rope is a high-impact exercise for the knee joint. Therefore, you need to rest for at least 48 hours to recover. Jumping rope for a whole week can damage your knee joint.

In addition, you should also choose the intensity and time of jumping rope depending on your health status and ability to achieve the maximum effect.

At the same time, do not over-exercise because that can cause you to get injured, even break a bone.

During the days of skipping rope, you can do more exercises for the upper body to burn excess fat, such as: push-ups, swinging barbells, internal rotations, and swinging arms up and down with muscle exercises belly.

What environment is suitable for jumping rope?

The ideal environment for jumping rope to burn fat is on a wooden floor. However, you can also dance on other hard floors such as on the terrace, cement yard, garden corner, beach, and bedroom. Should practice daily in the morning, before or after meals at least 90 minutes.

Some notes when practicing jumping rope to burn fat and lose weight

– Do not jump rope when you have just eaten or are hungry. The ideal time to exercise is 1 hour 30 minutes after eating.

– Never skip the warm-up step even though your exercise may take a very short time, only 15-30 minutes. This is an important step to help wrists, ankles, and knees get used to the state of motion and limit injuries.

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– You should start with a slow, moderate jump speed of about 60-70 times/minute to get used to the exercise, then gradually increase it. Experts assert that endurance is the most important purpose of jumping rope to lose weight; you do not need to jump too fast or too high.

– Although the practice time is not long, you will feel tired after finishing the exercises, especially exercises with integrated movements. At that time, relax the body, and walk gently for the blood vessels to descend gradually.

If you want to increase the efficiency of energy release, you can combine jumping rope with other exercises such as gym, jogging, aerobics, … Climbing stairs, cycling, or swimming … practice in parallel with jumping exercises. Wires are also simple, inexpensive weight loss methods that anyone can do.

Exercise helps you melt away the excess fat accumulated for a long time and gives you a toned body and three attractive rings. Choose one or a few favorite sports combined with jumping rope to give you the most motivation to practice.

Answers to frequently asked questions about jumping rope

You can follow the answers below if you still have questions about the jump rope exercise to burn fat and lose weight.

How long does jumping rope help reduce lower belly fat?

Like other sports, the time to practice jumping rope should take about 20-30 minutes to achieve the most effective reduction of belly fat. You should also maintain 3-5 training sessions per week. For beginners, you should jump rope for about 15 minutes.

There is no fixed time for how long to lose belly fat, the results achieved depend on many other accompanying factors.

For example, for those who have a reasonable lifestyle, diet and rest, the lower belly fat will be eliminated in just a few weeks or 1-2 months.

On the contrary, if you do not eat well according to the weight loss regime, jumping rope to lose fat will face many difficulties, and even if you practice for a long time for each exercise, the results will not be much positive.

Does jumping rope make your calves bigger?

Jumping rope won't make your calves bigger. When jumping rope, the thighs, buttocks, and calves are the muscles that are most affected. In addition, part of the upper body's muscles and the calves' back will also be affected. But most of the above effects will help slimmer calves.

When is the best time to jump rope?

The most effective time to jump rope is in the morning or late afternoon (after 3 pm). If you jump rope in the evening, you should practice before 9 pm and 1 to 1.5 hours after dinner because jumping right after eating will adversely affect the digestive system.

Jump rope exercises for weight loss are not difficult to perform and help you to lose body fat effectively. As long as you persevere and follow the instructions, you will be able to regain a slim figure and have the best health.


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