Benefits of Casein Protein Powder and How to Use it Effectively

By: Mary Brunker

For those who exercise especially professional training, the addition of ingredients to help build muscle and lose fat is a must.

Whey protein and casein protein are commonly used on the market to support muscle regeneration, but there are differences between these two types of protein powders.

How to use whey protein or casein protein and when to use it is the question of many athletes who want to develop muscle optimally and safely.

In the previous article, we learned about whey protein and the benefits of whey protein supplements; in this article, we will learn about casein protein.

Benefits of casein protein powder and how to use it effectively
Benefits of casein protein powder and how to use it effectively

What is casein? Casein is a slow-absorbing protein found in breast milk and milk such as cows, goats, sheep, etc.

Casein is a high-quality protein and contains many essential amino acids that are important for muscle growth. Casein protein is characterized by prolonged absorption into the muscle.

Many people will probably recognize it when they see other names such as casein protein, whey casein … In general, this is just a form of protein only, but the difference is that it absorbs very slowly.

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This will help you exercise, sports easier to feel secure about the muscle when sleeping.

What is casein protein? Why do gym people need and how to use it?

Casein, also known by many people as casein protein, is a high-quality protein that has undergone a purification process, helping to stimulate protein synthesis in muscles, inhibiting appetite, very rich in calcium …

The majority of human casein is completely absorbed from cow's milk.

Use casein to do? In fact, casein is used by many food industries in their products.

It is a very rich nutrient in protein content and is used as an additive in milk, diet foods, and baby food.

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Like Whey, Casein is extracted from milk.

Milk contains 2 types of protein – casein and whey. Casein accounts for 80% of the protein content in milk, while whey contains only 20%.

Casein protein is slowly digested, while whey protein is fast digesting. This is a clear difference between the two types of milk proteins.

Like other animal proteins, casein is a complete source of protein. This means it provides all the essential amino acids the body needs to grow and repair.

Besides, it contains many unique proteins and unique biochemical compounds, bringing a lot of health benefits.

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Casein digests longer than Whey.

Casein is famous for being a slow-release protein because of its slow absorption in the intestine.

This means that it nourishes cells with low levels of amino acids over a long period of time.

It can help cells synthesize proteins, even when the body breaks down muscle tissue to nourish itself, such as when you don't eat for a while.

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For this reason, it is known to be anti-catabolic and helps reduce muscle breakdown.

One study tested the rate of digestion by giving participants Casein or Whey Protein.

The researchers monitored blood levels of amino acids, especially the most important amino acid – leucine, for 7 hours after absorption and digestion.

Subsequently, the researchers found a sharp, rapid rise from Whey Protein drinkers because of their speedy absorption rate.

Although the rate of increase is lower, the casein content remains steady for a long time.

In another study, the researchers gave participants whey or casein and then measured the absorption/digestion rate by analyzing the content of amino acids, leucine, over a 7-hour period.

They found that leucine levels increased by more than 25% in the Whey drinkers, digesting faster.

This means that the casein group reduced the total amount of protein burned for energy during the 7 hour period.

Thereby helps to balance the body's protein content, a key factor for stimulating muscle growth and maintenance.

Does Casein protein does not affect bodybuilding?

Does Casein protein have no effect in bodybuilding?

We have to spend money to buy jars of casein protein powder milk, which partly proves it is perfect for health.

  • Maintain muscle growth for hours: Casein is a pure, high-quality protein that contains most of the body's most important amino acids. Compared to Whey Protein supplements, the biggest difference is that casein supplements are slowly digested and provide very stable muscle amino acids, which remain extremely long, at least 7 hours, even after Whey has absorbed them.
  • High biological value : Casein protein has a biological value (BV or Biological Value) = 77, Whey protein = 104 and egg protein = 100. This indicator shows the rate of protein absorption into the body. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing low-value casein products, even if they are low priced.
  • Good source of glutamine: One of the strengths of casein is that it is high in glutamine. Compared to other protein products, casein contains a lot of glutamine – this is an essential amino acid for bodybuilders, enhancing protein synthesis, building, and repairing muscle.
  • The ability to absorb thoroughly into the body: Because casein is absorbed very slowly into the body, the digestive system has more time to process, absorb, and use the essences in casein powder more effectively. Whey, like Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate, is not necessarily processed by the body, ensuring that some will be eliminated.
  • Support burn fat: Casein is a form of protein with a high content of calcium, but calcium supports the effective reduction of body fat. One study has shown that a moderate protein intake and calcium burn fat more efficiently than consuming too much protein.
  • Enhance bone health: In addition to muscles, bones and joints are also problems that many gyms are concerned about. The abundant source of calcium in casein will help you build a healthy bone and joint system, avoid osteoporosis or decrease bone density over time.
  • Improving colon health: Researchers in Australia have concluded that the protein in casein milk has a better effect on the colon (large intestine) than the proteins in meat and soy.

Overall, casein benefits are numerous, especially for those of you who like to exercise or exercise. If you are asked if someone is good at casein, the answer is yes, but it depends on the usage.

Should I use Casein after using Whey?

As we all know, casein and whey function to provide protein and amino acids to nourish and build muscle.

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So the most frequently asked question is, is casein necessary if whey is already taken? The answer is that if you want to achieve optimal muscle gain, use both types.

Whey protein with rapid absorption goes straight into the cell to perform immediate muscle repair, repair, and muscle growth, especially necessary at the time after exercise – when muscles are broken.

On the other hand, casein protein, with a slow and slow absorption rate, will be a solution to maintain muscle growth at night – when you sleep and cannot eat or drink to absorb nutrients.

At night, the body is resting and recovering strongly, so it needs many “ingredients” for this process.

If muscles starve for many hours, the decline and catabolism phenomenon will occur, causing you to exercise a lot, but the results are not as satisfactory.

Therefore, combining both types will solve all problems for your muscles.

Based on comments from bodybuilding experts worldwide, it is not advisable to combine fast and slow protein at the same time.

Instead, it's best to use Whey in the morning, before and after workouts because your muscles are deficient in amino acids.

Casein is taken at bedtime or at any time of the day as long as the next mealtime is too long.

Forms of casein protein

Forms of casein protein

Currently, on the market, you will find there are 2 common types. In particular, we will care about the second type because it is often the cheapest and most popular.

  • What is casein hydrolysate? Casein hydrolysate, also known as casein hydrolyzate, is the type of casein that undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis to speed up absorption into the muscle.
  • What is micellar casein? Micellar casein is a form of casein that has separated impurities from the product. It is the higher-order form of undissociated caseins. It can be said that undissolved casein is natural casein.

On average, a single dose of 33g casein protein contains 24g of protein, 3g of carbs, and 1g of fat. Besides, it also contains many other micronutrients, such as calcium … In general, type 1 will be excellent, but actually not very necessary.

Subjects using casein

Subjects using casein

Now it's time to find out who should use casein powder. The reason is that young people under 18 years old or children absolutely must not use it.

  • Exercise
  • Athletes
  • Vegetarian people work out in the gym.
  • Need extra protein

How to use casein

How to use casein

The way to mix casein and use it is no different from that of Whey Protein. Just use a gym shaker or a blender, add water or milk and ice.

Typically, bags of casein will require 1 scoop/time. Therefore, you only need to prepare about 300ml of water. However, casein is harder to dissolve than Whey, so you need to shake longer.

Also, note that casein coagulates in acidic or high-temperature environments. So don't mix flour with hot water or put it in hot dishes to avoid lumps.

So casein melt well in any environment? It would help if you mixed it with milk or filtered water at room temperature or cold only.

As for the time of use, as mentioned above, this product is suitable for use in the evening before going to bed. Before flying, traveling long distances, generally the time you do not have conditions Eating and supplementing protein.

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Where is casein?

Many people will ask which casein is in any food or what are the casein substitutes? The simple answer is fresh milk from mammals. Unfortunately, it is still just natural casein and impurities.

What Are The Benefits of Casein Protein Video:

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What are some other frequently asked questions about Casein?

Many studies have shown that a high protein diet does not cause any negative effects on healthy people.

The only exception is the people with liver or kidney disease who need to limit the amount of protein absorbed into the body.

If you take 1-2 tablespoons of casein daily, you probably won't notice any noticeable side effects, except for serious problems, such as a casein or lactose allergy commonly found in Additional foods.

1. Does casein gain weight?

Whether you gain weight does not depend on the calories you consume and consume.

Casein, meanwhile, is only high in protein, with calories but not high calories, so it doesn't determine whether you gain weight or not.

If you keep excess calories, you'll gain weight, so consider all the foods you use throughout the day, not just casein.

If you want to lose weight, choose low in calories, low in sugar and fat. If you want to gain weight quickly, you should use mass to gain weight to add more calories.

2. Drinking casein with acne?

Whey, mass, casein can cause breakouts in some people. However, this problem can be overcome by adjusting your intake, drinking lots of water, and eating lots of green vegetables and fruits, so you don't need to worry.

A lot of people are still using it without a problem. Besides, many other causes can cause acne, such as atopic, endocrine, skin hygiene, weather, and the environment … so do not rush to “blame” for casein.

3. Is protein difficult to sleep?

We are often advised not to eat protein-rich foods before bedtime, as protein takes a long time to digest, which can cause insomnia.

However, in fact, many people claim that using casein does not affect their sleep if taken in the right dosage.

There is also a suggestion that casein provides tryptophan – an amino acid that helps serotonin synthesis. Having enough serotonin helps you avoid sleeplessness and cravings for sweet foods.

4. Is casein difficult to drink?

Currently, when manufacturers produce quality protein, they also pay attention to taste.

Most of the current casein lines are very easy to drink and suit many people's taste, ideal for you to sip every night.

5. How much is casein good?

Although it can be quite effective for muscle development, taking too much Casein 1 day will cause many problems for your health.

Especially if used too much in a long time, it can cause cancer. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that you only use <30g / day and should not use it continuously. The best is still Whey Protein.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “benefits of casein protein powder” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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