Lose Belly Fat Overnight – Things To Know To Succeed

Diet Lose Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat is a long process, requiring determination in eating and exercising, but many people fail and give up before achieving something obvious. So is there any way to reduce belly fat overnight? We need to have some information as follows:

Belly fat consists of three types of visceral fat, blood fat, and subcutaneous fat, the fact that we want to lose belly fat overnight is like we want to reduce our second round of measurements after one night. What does this mean?

This is how we do to reduce the waist measurement by making the volume of subcutaneous fat in the second round, and hardly affect the two remaining fats in our bodies. This will help you wear a bikini tomorrow or have a slimmer look when you first come to eat rice, and it is worth it to care and do it right.

Let’s start! First of all, we need to prepare a waste to 2.5 cm after night, which can be considered a plan.


1- Moving a little in the morning makes you active all day:

Among the following exercises, choose one to three activities for 15-30 minutes after waking up:

1.1 Planting bananas – essential, highly effective morning exercise

Time: depending on each person’s physical condition.

Effect: Blood circulation, improve memory, regulate breathing.

This simple but challenging exercise of banana cultivation will help your body heat up adequately. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Posture preparation: lying on your back on the floor.

Bring the person up high so that the legs are stretched perpendicular to the floor. To keep this posture for a long time, use the arm from the shoulder to the elbow against the floor as the fulcrum, the hand to the waist.

Keep this banana posture as long as possible. Note not to put pressure on the muscles in the neck to avoid hurting the throat.

1.2  Bend

Time: practice until the body reaches a state of complete relaxation.

Effect: prevents calcium condensation in joints, stimulates digestion.

A folded exercise that helps you maintain a flexible spine. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: kneeling on the floor.

Slowly lower your body so that your thighs come into contact with your legs. After that, he dropped his body to a prone posture, and his head bent to the floor, his legs moving, his hands stretched straight forward.

Hold this position until the body reaches a state of complete relaxation.

1.3 Lie on your stomach

Time: Depending on each person’s physical condition.

Effectiveness: help the bone system become more flexible and firm.

This simple posture to be exercised for a long time will help you start the body high. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: lying prone on the floor.

Raising the head (eyes looking straight) and the upper half of the upper body, the belly still touches the floor, both hands are touching the floor and parallel.

Maintain your posture for as long as possible.

1.4 Twist yourself

Time: Depends on each person’s physical condition.

Effect: launch relaxation, arms, and shoulders.

This exercise is simple so that anyone can apply. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: standing upright, legs extended with shoulders, hands relaxed.

Taking the spine of the body as a pillar, began to turn around so that both hands relaxed and swayed freely. Slowly increase and note to keep the original position.

Practice until you feel comfortable, ready for the new day. Notice how to count your breathing numbers in even numbers, for example, six spans (3 inhalations, three exhalations), eight spans (4 inhale, four exhale), …

1.5 Curl

Time: at least 12 episodes.

Effect: reduce stress, blood circulation, help bone toughen.

In this exercise, you can put your hands on your toes or hug your knees. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: sit on the floor.

Shrink your legs so that your hands reach your toes, your head does not touch the ground.

Maintain regular breathing because all body weight is now focused on the back.

1.6 Kick foot 1

Time: 30 seconds.

Effect: Start the body after a long sleep, making hip and waist joints flexible.

The new day will be full of energy when you heat your body with simple leg exercises. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: lying on the floor or bed.

Hold one leg up and down for 30 seconds so that the foot is always straight. Then change legs.

1.7 Kick foot 2

Time: 30 seconds.

Effect: start the digestive system, help blood circulation, leg flexibility, and flexibility.

After waking up, practice this action to heat the leg joint. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Posture preparation: lying on your back on the floor or the bed.

Hold your legs up and up and down for 30 seconds.

1.8 Kick foot 3

Time: 30 seconds.

Effectiveness: heating the lower body joints.

If you don’t have time to cycle, you can still do this aerial bike. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Posture preparation: lying on your back on the floor or the bed.

Perform two-legged aerial cycling for 30 seconds or 60 seconds if you have time.


1.9 Keep your balance

Time: minimum of 10 seconds.

Effect: improve blood circulation in the legs, training balance for the body.

This exercise gives you great relaxation and relaxation. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: stand upright.

The left leg is curled up so that the thigh is parallel to the ground or higher, and the left hand is raised (not straight), the right side is lowered so that it feels like two hands are holding two small balls.

Close your eyes. Try to keep your balance.

Perform 3-5 times and change legs.

1.10 Yoga posture

Time: depending on each person’s physical condition.

Effectiveness: help the spine to be flexible, reliable, stretched muscles, reduce belly fat, reduce back pain.

This is one of the simple yoga postures you should practice. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing stance: sit on the floor, bend your right leg, and press your right foot against your thigh.

The left leg crossed over to the right leg and at the same time, left the left hand to support the body, the right hand placed lightly on the left thigh.

Rotate people in the left-hand direction. Hold your posture as long as possible.

1.11 Stretching

Time: depending on each person’s physical condition.

Effect: relax the whole body.

This exercise helps your whole body be heated. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: lying on the floor.

Hands stretched straight to head and cross over.

The legs are straight, closed, the tip of the foot does not spread to the sides nor upright.

1.12 Bend

Time: at least 12 times.

Effect: help the spine relax, primarily affect the shoulder bone.

Instead of crossing your arms in front of your chest, you can pass your arms back to do this. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: lying on the floor, right hand holding the left shoulder, left side holding the right shoulder.

Perform a bending action: regularly lift the upper body up and down so that the head does not touch the ground.

This exercise, if combined with the curled use, will be more effective.

1.13 Combine back, hands

Time: depending on each person’s physical condition.

Effect: stretching tendons, strengthening the toughness and strength of the spine.

Your spine will be more flexible and robust with this movement. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: standing upright, legs spread out with shoulders.

Raise your arms sideways, perpendicular to your body and straighten. Hold this position for a few breaths.

Bend down, right-hand touch right knee left hand straight up. Keep your movements for a few breaths.

Move right hand from right knee to left foot tip, left hand still stretching towards ceiling.

Repeat from the beginning until the body feels heated.

1.14 Knitting hands

Time: 30 seconds.

Effect: stretching the joints of the hands, reducing symptoms of aches and pains on the shoulder and hooks after a long sleep.

Start the hand joints to limit aches and pains after a long night. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: lying on the floor or the bed.

Raise your hands to create a 45-degree angle. Perform continuous hand knitting on the principle that the side on the lower side is okay.

1.15 Rotate the waist

Time: 30 seconds.

Effect: heating the upper body to affect the hips and spine.

Twist your body to warm up and get ready for the day. (Photo: Internet)

Implementation Guide:

Preparing posture: sitting on the floor or the bed, legs folded.

Shrink your arms across your chest and start rotating your waist to your left and right while your legs remain the same.

2- The drinks that help lose weight before going to sleep help melt fat, sleep well

Apart from what you need to remember today is the day when you lose belly fat overnight, you eat and drink a bit less than yesterday, this is not a diet but for drinks. A significant effect for reducing belly fat below. Please choose your favorite flavor:

2.1 Pre-sleep weight loss drinks include ginger, cucumber:

Cucumbers are a fruit that has very little energy and contains a lot of water that makes the user feel full, not only that they also can burn more calories than the calories they make. While ginger is a pharmaceutical product containing gingerol, it increases the pH of the stomach, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body, thereby stimulating the slimming process and reducing belly fat exceptionally effectively.

How to prepare: Put six slices of sliced ​​cucumber, one tablespoon of pureed ginger, 200ml of filtered water and + 1 juice of a lemon into a smooth, smooth blender. Then you have to sip your weight loss drink this evening.

2.2 Unsweetened skim milk and honey lose weight sleep well:

With only 1 cup of fresh, sugar-free milk and one teaspoon of pure honey rich in fructose and glucose every night, you will quickly possess the shape that many people desire if maintained regularly.

Because of the calcium and vitamin D content in milk, the body has the opportunity to burn excess fat and unnecessary calories. Honey helps speed up the metabolism of excess fat that remains in the body into energy and dissipates, then fades away.

2.3 Grapefruit juice and ginger burn fat when sleeping

In addition to the usual way of losing weight, such as dieting by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, or breaking into small meals throughout the day, staying away from spicy foods, combining exercise …

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Work Taking advantage of common low foods such as ginger and grapefruit also bring about a significant effect in removing obnoxious fat that surrounds the body. Ginger itself is responsible for burning calories, reducing hunger, cravings and fat removal. When eating grapefruit regularly, it will reduce the concentration of insulin in the body, leading to the rapid burning of thick layers in the abdomen of women after birth.

How to do it: Mix 1 liter of filtered water with the juice of half a grapefruit, half a spoon of honey and one fresh ginger branch. Then store in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 hours and then enjoy it to feel the taste and freshness.

2.4 Kiwi and mint leaves – drink weight loss before sleeping

Thanks to the trace elements found in kiwi fruits, your body will not suffer from the accumulation of fat after every meal. At the same time, mint leaves also help you fill up for long. Therefore, to avoid weight gain continuously, use a cup of kiwi juice and mint leaves before going to bed for about 1 hour.

The preparation of this dish is not very complicated. You need to put in a blender 1 kiwi fruit, 2 slices of lemon, 6 mint leaves and 100ml of filtered water, grind it smoothly and enjoy.

2.5 Tomato and cucumber juices lose weight effectively

Weight loss method of “divine” tomato and cucumber juice allows you not to fast or abstain too fussy but still ensure a slim body, firm waist, flat belly.

Moreover, the preparation is quite simple, and you need to grind the mixture of tomatoes and cucumbers in 50:50 and add 500ml of warm water, finally store in the refrigerator to drink gradually in 3-4 day.

2.6 Lemon peels lose weight effectively

Proven science, in lemon, contains pectin ingredients help the body reduce its ability to absorb sugar, good for the stomach and promote weight loss process more convenient when you combine with good habits Like getting enough sleep, take part in a sports training course at the daily gym or don’t skip any breakfast.

How to do it: After peeling the lemon peel, put them in a medium-sized pot of water, boil for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat. Then squeeze the water, put it in the refrigerator, and store it in the evening before going to bed

2.7 Drinking water combines lemon, odor, cinnamon, and honey to burn fat at bedtime

Cinnamon stick with the effect of reducing the absorption of fat, strengthening muscles. While lemons and honey help remove excess fat from the body, parsley adds vitamins and minerals, thereby preventing the accumulation of water and limiting bloating. With these advantages, each kind of material when mixed will help you actively in reducing fat without much effort.

Directions: Add all ingredients including 1 cinnamon stick, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, 4 branches of parsley and 100ml of water to the blender, then strain through the sieve and then remove the drinking water into Refrigerator, wait a few hours and then drink it.

2.8 Lose weight with aloe lemon and cucumber

Lemon is a fruit that acts to purify the digestive system, enhance metabolism, and eliminate toxins outside the body. Aloe vera is capable of fighting inflammation and stimulating energy consumption. Meanwhile, cucumbers contain outstanding benefits that prevent the carbohydrate in food from converting into body fat. So when mixing these ingredients, you get an active weight loss compound that is incredibly easy to do.

For ingredients including 1 cucumber, 1 spoon of ginger pounded, 2 peeled aloe branches and 100ml of filtered water into a blender, filter through the sieve to take the water and enjoy after dinner.

2.9 Honey drinking water combined with cinnamon

Cinnamon and honey have long been famous for treating and healing wounds. So combining these two foods gives you an evening weight-loss drink that speeds up the ability to burn excess fat, reduce blood sugar as well as provide a stable energy supply — determined for the body.

How to mix honey and cinnamon water: Mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a cup of hot water, cool, then add a spoonful of pure honey and stir well.

2.10 Grapefruit juice and cinnamon

According to experts, grapefruit is one of the vitamin C-rich fruits that promotes a rapid, un-fatal process of grapefruit that contains many different vitamins, helps to fight oxidation, and gives women skin smooth, healthy. Meanwhile, cinnamon has the effect of eliminating toxins and excess fat in the body. Thus, this combination is considered to be the best solution in preventing the formation of fat masses at night.

How to mix grapefruit and cinnamon: Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and one spoon of honey with 500ml of warm water, stir well, keep the mixture for 30 minutes. Next, use a press to squeeze a grapefruit, then mix it with lemon juice. Finally, mix the two mixes, you will have grapefruit and cinnamon juices – an evening drink to help you lose weight miraculously

2.11 Drinking apple juice before going to bed helps reduce belly fat

In the list of dietary foods to prevent weight gain, apples are ranked as a priority. Because each apple contains shallow fat content and almost no protein should provide insignificant calories to the body, through which apple juice is a safe choice for burning fat and reducing fat. I am weighing before bedtime by many sisters.

How to squeeze apples: Wash and peel apples, cut into pomegranate seeds. Add apples, sugar and a little lemon to the blender, puree. Then filter the mixture through a sieve to remove the residue and use a spoon to grab apple juice.

Or if your home has a multi-function press, keeping the whole vitamins, the method is much simpler, and you need to put the ingredients in the press machine to have the delicious and nutritious water right away.

2.12 Chamomile tea – evening drinking water helps with weight loss

Chamomile tea is a robust herbal tea, with main ingredients from dried chrysanthemum. The primary use of tea is to purify heat, detoxify, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent the risk of heart disease, and it also works to prevent cancer cells from spreading and supporting medicine.

Cancer treatment works better. Mainly if you use tea after eating for 30 minutes, your digestive system will work faster, thus avoiding feeling tired and bloating, indigestion.

2.13 The sage leaves mixed with pear juice reduce belly fat effectively before sleeping

Bucket leaves are a plant that is used quite a lot in cuisine and healing. They have anti-inflammatory, anti-sore throat, beneficial digestive disorders, as well as contribute to strengthening memory. So when combined with pears – a fruit with high fiber content, will keep your stomach full for a long time and no appetite at night.

This pre-sleeping weight loss drink includes 300ml of pear juice, 1 lemon, 1 pear, and 10 fresh buckets. After grinding the new bucket, squeeze the water. Next, cut the pears into slices and place them in a glass with some lemon and ice. Finally, you will have a high glass of water while refreshing and reducing fat.

2.14 Make water detox to soak fruits before losing sleep

In recent years, detox water from fruits and vegetables has been evaluated as a way to lose weight, which has the effect of beautifying and cleansing the body effectively, especially for those who are less active and do not have much time.

Do exercise. Detox water is quite diverse so you can choose to combine your favorite fruits like pomelos, pears, apples, lemons, cucumbers … easy to drink and supplement energy for the body as well as not be Excess fat accumulation.


3- The last thing to do before going to bed to reduce your waistline overnight:

Method 1:

With only the ingredients available in the kitchen, the following cheap way will help you break down belly fat no matter how thick they are.

Belly fat is an obsession that not only causes aesthetic loss but also makes women lack confidence when communicating and having difficulty choosing clothes. Currently, many methods are always explored, tested to remove belly fat, one of which is abdomen – simple, easy to implement, safe, and cheap.


– 1 spoon of fresh ginger or ginger powder

– 4-5 scoops of body lotion

– Food wrap paper

– Towels

– Elastic abdominal bandage


– Soak a towel in warm water and wrap around the area of ​​belly fat you want to reduce.

– Leave for 5 minutes to help open the pores.

– Mix ginger with skin cream and apply to the abdomen area

– Use wrap paper around your abdomen several times.

– Next, take abdomen bandage type to stretch.

– Maintain at least for 6 hours.

NOTE: For best results, you should apply this way before going to bed and remove it when you wake up in the morning.

Method 2:

Apply a little lotion and vinegar to your abdomen, wrapping the plastic over one night is a way to reduce belly fat extremely effectively and safely. Many people do not believe in this until they experience themselves.

Using diaphragm wrap 2 to lose weight is one of the most ‘peculiar’ ways to reduce waste. This method has existed for a long time. After doing so, many women have to admire the effectiveness of this unique formula, and the belly is not full of fat, flat, and essential, the skin is not wrinkled or affects health.


1 bottle of moisturizer for skin

– 1 tablespoon of vinegar – it is best to use apple cider vinegar

– Food wrap film.


– At first, you wash clean. Then, apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the abdomen and gently massage your hands.

– Continue to use apple cider vinegar to the back of the lotion and cover the waist with the wrap. You need to wrap it gently, without needing to tighten as long as it includes the skin and massage. Outside, wrap a gauze bandage to fix it.

– After wrapping is finished, you can go to bed as usual. The next morning, you remove the plastic wrap from your abdomen. The result will make you surprised because it can make your waist drop 2cm just after 1 night. If you want to reduce as you want, you persistently apply every 2-3 weeks, even if your belly is fat, it will become slim, and your skin is still as beautiful as before.

The secret to creating this shocking result is the consumption of accumulated water thanks to the magic use of apple cider vinegar. The reason you should use a layer of moisturizer before applying apple cider vinegar is that, during the season, apple cider vinegar can make your skin dry, grainy or wrinkled due to lack of moisture. Therefore, combining moisturizer is never to be missed. You can also apply to other skin areas such as thighs, legs, hands…

To achieve the expected results, combine the practice of energy-killing exercises for about 30 minutes a day, while eating and drinking also abstain from fat, sweets, snacks. This method is both healthy and safe without cost.

And, one last thing – don’t worry if you feel it in the first place. That means this method is working, and you will be amazed at the results. This simple but effective method will help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

4- Wish you success:

With essential natural ingredients, when you do to reduce your second-round measurements, you will be assured of safe health issues. This is great to help you not need to tuck your belly or hold your breath when trying a new dress or standing in front of the camera. The belly fat layer under the skin will be significantly reduced, helping you to be more confident, but to maintain long-term, you should refer to exercises to reduce belly fat at home combined with appropriate diets and support devices Support, you will have a healthy body forever.