How to eat BBQ meat without gaining weight?

Delicious foods that are easy to eat are often not completely healthy, things that are not easy to eat are healthy, just like children who always prefer going out to study.

BBQ meat is not only a favorite dish of many people but also an occasion for family and friends to gather happily. But the minus point of this dish is that it is easy to cause weight gain and many other harmful effects to health.

So is there a way to both eat well and stay in shape? Let’s explore with BellyFatZone!

Barbecue is always the ideal choice for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or simply weekend gatherings with friends. And when everyone wants to enjoy the fun atmosphere of delicious food, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet in the face of the temptation of fatty grilled meats.

How to eat BBQ meat without gaining weight?

Nutritionist Ginger Hultin, the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says: “Roast meat can be loaded with sugar, salt, and saturated fat, but it can also be a tasty treat to give you a boost healthy foods. It all depends on how you choose and prepare them.

Ginger Hultin, CBS celebrity chef Vikki Krinsky and other nutritionists share a few tips on how you can enjoy your delicious barbecue while still eating healthy health. Let’s find out now!

Choose lean meat to reduce the amount of fat

Choose lean meat to reduce the amount of fat

Items like bacon and hot dogs are often the centerpiece of barbecues, but they’re not the only options. According to Chef Krinsky: “Leaner cuts of meat are always a good way to reduce fat.” Minced meat and boneless skinless chicken would be ideal choices, or shrimp and scallops are also a way for you to make your grill more novel and interesting.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one sausage contains about 189 calories and nearly 7 grams of saturated fat. Meanwhile, ½ piece of grilled chicken fillet (about the weight of a sausage) contains only about 73 calories and 0.4 g of saturated fat.

For extra flavor, Chef Krinsky suggests marinating the meat in pineapple juice, a substance that softens the meat and enhances its natural flavor.

Meanwhile, ½ piece of grilled chicken fillet (about the weight of a sausage) contains only about 73 calories and 0.4 g of saturated fat.

And that’s it, your kebab is ready: simply skewer your chosen vegetables and lean meats on a stick and place them on the grill, then drizzle with pesto, almond butter, or chili sauce and sprinkle more fresh herbs.

Make a meat-free burger on a plant-based diet

Barbecue isn’t just about burgers and steaks, and whether or not everyone at your barbecue is vegetarian or not, everyone is sure to agree to try some novel dishes that use raw ingredients plant material to replace meat.

Make a meat-free burger on a plant-based diet

Chef Krinsky suggests grilling portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese and fresh herbs, which can be sandwiched on bread for a delicious veggie burger.

Vegetables help add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your diet while still being delicious. According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the outstanding advantages of plant materials is that they are high in fiber, which can help stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

You can try grilled meatless burgers available in the market. Many people think that these vegetarian foods are not enough, but in fact, one Beyond Burger has 20 g of protein thanks to peas, chickpeas, and rice, while the Impossible Burger has 19 g of protein thanks to soy and potato. Previous studies have shown that protein increases satiety more than fat or carbs.

Although portobello mushrooms don’t contain a lot of protein – just under 2 grams in a single mushroom – they are packed with fiber, which is also known to increase satiety. Besides, cheese is also a rich source of protein.

For the main course of a meatless meal, you can make stuffed bell peppers. Bell peppers have a distinctive strong flavor, perfect for stuffing with quinoa, lentils, or brown rice, and topped with shredded cheese and pine nuts before baking with a little coconut oil. After baking, you can sprinkle more herbs and balsamic vinegar for a dish full of unexpected flavors.

Replace French fries with vegetables to reduce calories and boost nutrition

While waiting for the barbecue, you will most likely want to nibble on something to ease your “sore mouth”. Usually, people use fries with dips, but you can replace them with other healthier dishes.

“Skip the fries and opt for crunchy veggies like peppers, carrots, and broccoli, or cauliflower with salsa or guacamole,” suggests dietitian Maggie Michalczyk in Chicago.

According to the USDA, a small 28-gram bag of chips contains about 149 calories. Meanwhile, red bell pepper contains only about 7 calories, if compared with the same volume.

Salsa is also low in calories – a whole cup has only about 33 calories, and gives you extra nutrients from tomatoes and onions.

Salsa is also low in calories – a whole cup has only about 33 calories, and gives you extra nutrients from tomatoes and onions.

Avocado-based guacamole also has many advantages, such as high in healthy fats and fiber to keep you full for a long time. According to the USDA, 50 grams of avocado contains nearly 5 grams of monounsaturated fat.

This is one of the types of healthy fats if eaten in moderation will work to reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Chef Krinsky suggests an ideal appetizer for your party: roast green, yellow, red, and orange chili peppers, then puree them separately to create a variety of colorful dips that go well with the cake homemade baked pita.

Or you could try a grilled corn salad made with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, sliced ​​shallots, a dash of olive oil, and freshly ground pink pepper.

the cake homemade baked pita

Another option is grilled artichokes – it’s best to steam them first, then place them on the grill and finally add fresh lime and grated Parmesan cheese.

Variations on mixed cabbage for more nutrition

Cabbage or coleslaw is a creamy side dish that’s almost always present at barbecues, but its traditional recipe and commercially available packaged products are high in calories and saturated fat.

One cup of mixed cabbage typically contains more than 300 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat, according to the USDA. And that’s just the side dish, not counting the grilled meat.

Numerous studies over the past decade have shown that saturated fat can raise LDL cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.

Variations on mixed cabbage for more nutrition

So you can make and transform this traditional delicacy to become healthier, such as adding fresh tarragon (tarragon), green apple, fennel, celery, parsley, white cabbage, some apple cider vinegar, and grapeseed oil.

Use fruit juice instead of soft drinks and other sugary drinks

Most people love sodas, sugar teas, and sweetened lemonades to go with baked goods, but they’re packed with sugar and calories, with almost no nutrients. In fact, nutritionists say the drink can dramatically increase the calories in a barbecue.

To get rid of unhealthy drinks without having to accept white water, you can make your own fruit juices.

Use fruit juice instead of soft drinks and other sugary drinks

Just puree your favorite fruit, then add a few slices of citrus and herbs like basil or mint for garnish.

If you want alcoholic beverages, avoid high-sugar, high-calorie fruit cocktails. Experts recommend choosing less sweet wines or light beer and don’t forget to hydrate your body by sipping white water or juice in between alcoholic beverages.

Make your own desserts with natural ingredients

Skip the supermarket desserts and take advantage of fresh, seasonal fruits that are both easy to find and healthy.

For an interesting and delicious dessert, you can bake peaches and serve with a can of Greek yogurt, a few sprigs of fresh mint, and a bit of honey.

One medium peach contains 58.5 calories, 2.25 g of fiber, and 285 milligrams of potassium, according to the USDA. Potassium is an important element for health: people with diets rich in potassium often have better blood pressure levels than people with diets low in this mineral, according to Harvard Medical School.

Make your own desserts with natural ingredients

Another very attractive dish is grilled pineapple served with shredded cheese and fresh mint. What if you’re tired of baked goods? Use fresh fruit as a dessert with a little honey on top to spice it up.

Look for products without added sugar

When choosing a condiment or marinade for baked goods, you should read the list of ingredients on the product’s label. Look for barbecue sauces and ketchup that don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, which is low in sugar and low in calories.

Look for products without added sugar

For example, regular ketchup will contain about 4 g of sugar per tablespoon, according to the USDA. Some companies make “sugar-free” sauces, so look for products that say that on the label.

What about high-fructose corn syrup? Experts note that eating foods high in these substances can increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, which can eventually set the stage for type 2 diabetes.

Make your own healthy baked beans

Limiting canned baked beans and making your own at home is better for both your taste buds and your health. Commercial baked beans are often high in fat and sugar, so you should replace them with a salad made with garbanzo beans, black beans, and red beans.

Make your own healthy baked beans

These are also great plant-based sources of protein and fiber.

According to the USDA, each cup of commercially available baked beans typically contains 20 grams of sugar. Meanwhile, a cup of garbanzo beans has only 7.76 g of sugar. Alternatively, make your own simple vegetarian baked beans with maple syrup, ketchup, herbs, and spices.

Finally, avoid overeating during the BBQ party

Barbecues are an occasion for fun and relaxation, so it’s entirely up to you to enjoy. But don’t let the party affect your health and make you struggle to find a way to lose weight afterward.

One way to avoid overeating is to put food on a plate and walk around to get away from the table and not be tempted.

Nutritionists recommend putting on a plate of salads, dishes with a lot of vegetables with hummus or salsa. If you want sweets, you can take a small piece or two to enjoy.

Finally, avoid overeating during the BBQ party

Conscious eating goes a long way toward barbecues. If you follow the plan that you have planned, you will enjoy the fun atmosphere with friends and family without fear of adding too many unnecessary calories!


Grilled food is always interesting and easy to eat all the time, but it’s not really good for our health, so if you are a fan of this dish, you can do it the way above.

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In the end, food is how we get food into the body, part taste, and part health, you should balance these two factors to stay healthy.

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