Lose Belly Fat 3 Days at Home Help You Fit Your Favorite Outfit

By: Aiden Johann

Losing belly fat is a long-term process, as so is the amount of fat that builds your belly, which can take months or years.

However, losing belly fat in 3 days is impossible, but you can still reduce your waist measurement significantly enough to wear a new dress if you are the know-how.

In the process of losing fat in 3 days, to put it more correctly, we reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat by a significant measure if we apply the diet and exercise in 3 days.

The important thing is that you can achieve your goal of wearing a Sunday outfit that is Thursday. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Lose Belly Fat 3 Days at Home
Lose Belly Fat 3 Days at Home

How to reduce belly fat by changing eating habits:

Fatty or a big belly, sometimes not because of your habit of sitting more or less sedentary, which may be due to your unhealthy diet.

Therefore, one way to lose belly fat fast in 3 days at home is to change your eating habits.

1. A load of foods of plant origin:

Plant-based foods like low calorie, high fiber; Very suitable for losing weight in general or reducing belly fat in particular.

A load of foods of plant origin
A load of foods of plant origin

Eliminate fat, choose vegetable oils, eat less meat and instead have beans in your cooking.

Vegetables and fruits contain lots of water and fiber, will help you feel full longer, do not contain many calories; They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals, good for your skin.

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Every day we should eat at least two types of vegetables, two fruits, or Celery Juice. Reduce Belly Fat.

2. Healthy protein-rich foods:

Protein is indispensable in daily meals. If ignored, it will affect all activities of the body.

Healthy protein-rich foods
Healthy protein-rich foods

Eat lean meat, remove the skin. Chicken is better than pork in losing weight.

Or, you should choose eggs, because it is a good source of protein.

3. Limit saturated fat:

Consuming too much saturated fat will increase belly fat and make it challenging to balance insulin. This type is found in fatty meat, whole milk, butter, palm oil, coconut oil, …

Limit saturated fat
Limit saturated fat

Therefore, the fastest way to reduce upper and lower belly fat is to choose foods rich in polyunsaturated fats, such as fish, avocados, nuts, Coconut Oil Reduces Belly Fat.

4. Avoid sugary foods and drinks:

Refined sugars are high in calories, making many people always find the fastest way to lose belly fat.

5. Drink plenty of water, eat slowly chewing carefully:

Drinking plenty of water all day helps you not feel hungry and purifies your body, helps you cool down.

How to reduce belly fat with essential tips:

1. How to reduce upper belly fat with roasted salt:

The heat from roasted salt will heal and dissolve the excess fat tissue in the abdomen while helping this skin become firmer.

How to reduce upper belly fat with roasted salt
How to reduce upper belly fat with roasted salt

Take 1kg of grain salt, put it in a hot roasting pan until the salt turns yellow. To increase the effectiveness in reducing upper belly fat, ginger or mugwort can be added.

When roasting is complete, put the salt in a clean towel or a thick cloth and cover it. Apply salt gently to the abdomen for about 30 minutes with a frequency of 3-4 times per week.

Persevering in this way not only reduces the upper and lower belly fat quickly but also helps your skin firmer.

2. Reduce the upper belly fat from honey:

Just dissolve two teaspoons of lemon juice with about 300ml of boiling water to cool. Continue adding two tablespoons of pure honey, dissolving the mixture. Divide into two servings in the morning and at night.

Reduce the upper belly fat from honey
Reduce the upper belly fat from honey

This is also considered a fast way to reduce belly in 3 days at home.

3. How to reduce upper belly fat with yogurt:

Every night you use one box of yogurt to improve fat accumulation in the upper abdomen.

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Exercises to reduce belly fat fast:

1. Swing exercise:

Shaking is many people do one of the activities that reduce fast upper belly fat for women.

Swing exercise
Swing exercise

Should choose rubber bracelets to limit pain, wear comfortable clothes.

And do:

  • Gently rotate clockwise and increase speed in about 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Maintain this exercise regularly every day for about 1-2 months will see the status of abdominal fat significantly reduced.

2. Exercise to reduce the upper belly fat with the crunch exercise (Crunch):

Exercise to reduce the upper belly fat with the crunch exercise (Crunch)
Exercise to reduce the upper belly fat with the crunch exercise (Crunch)

You do the following:

  • Lie flat on the floor, with your head, back, and butt close to the ground.
  • Two feet up to the knee to create a 90-degree angle.
  • Hand crossed and placed behind the head, extending the elbow.
  • Fix buttocks, lift head and shoulders, bend abdominal muscles at the same time, breathe deeply.
  • Pull your hands up so that you're over your knees.
  • Then lower yourself back down and exhale.
  • Repeat this exercise 15 times.

3. Lose belly fat fast in 3 days at home with the crossbones (Flat Oblique Crunch):

Flat Oblique Crunch
Flat Oblique Crunch

Lose belly fat, then do the following:

  • Lie flat on the floor, with your head, back, and butt close to the ground.
  • Two feet up to the knee to create a 90-degree angle.
  • The hands are crossed and placed behind the head while extending the elbows.
  • Allow the buttocks to rest, lift the head and shoulders, bend the abdominal muscles, and breathe deeply in.
  • Lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and turn to the right so that your left elbow touches your right knee; hold for a few seconds.
  • Rotate each side from 12 to 15 times.

4. Reduce upper belly fat by standing up exercises (Plie Squats):

Plie Squats
Plie Squats
  • Stand up straight, your legs spread wider than your outer shoulders, directing your toes to the outside.
  • Straighten your back while lowering the focus as cheaply as possible and keep your upper body intact.
  • The thigh holds at the same time with the ground or better. Keep your leg and buttocks tight.
  • Keeping your back straight, slowly lift your back to its original position.

5. Scissor Kick (Scissor Kick):

This exercise helps reduce belly fat, which will affect the upper and lower abdominal muscles, thereby burning fat effectively quickly without spending time to go to the gym or use any services.

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Scissor Kick
Scissor Kick
  • Lie flat on your back, straighten your legs back. Both arms stretched out entirely on both sides, palms facing the floor.
  • Note that the hands always stay fixed throughout the training session.
  • With your knees slightly bent, lift your feet so that your heels are about an inch above the floor. This is the original position.
  • Begin to raise your left leg to about 45 degrees, the other leg hold still or lower a few centimeters.
  • Switch legs by lowering the left foot to its original position and lifting the right foot to about 45 degrees. Breathe regularly.
  • Perform two sets of exercises 12 times each.

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Besides the fastest ways to reduce belly fat mentioned above, you should also change a few other living habits such as:

  • Get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Avoid eating a lot before going to bed; don't skip breakfast.
  • Avoid lying down or sleeping right after eating.
  • Reduce fried foods, choose how to cook boiled food, steam more.
  • Limit snacking, if available, choose less sweet fruits or nuts.
  • Drinking 1 cup of green tea daily in the morning or afternoon is a very effective way to reduce belly fat, and many people apply it.

Hopefully, all of the above has helped you find a way to reduce belly fat, upper belly fat that suits you best.

To help increase the efficiency during a workout, a device you should own is the Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss; we wish you soon regain a beautiful waist.

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