The Benefits Of Cycling – You Will Be Surprised By These Things

By: Mary Brunker

When you are interested in sports, you definitely cannot ignore a sport in which everyone can practice cycling.

This sport is extremely useful and requires neither high-tech nor complicated accessories other than the right bike.

An overview of the human training process can be divided into three main forms of practice.

  • Those are cardio exercises that are great for our heart health
  • The second is the muscle strengthening exercises that make your muscles stronger and larger in size.
  • And thirdly, there are functional exercises that help you flex your body to help you rotate horizontally and vertically, rotating enough to help daily movements so you feel always agile.

Cycling is a sport that will not support your muscle growth, but the other two parts: doing cardio and functional exercise are completely responsive.

The Benefits Of Cycling - You Will Be Surprised By These Things
The Benefits Of Cycling – You Will Be Surprised By These Things

With cycling, you can fully satisfy both cardio exercise and exercise of body functions.

Because with cardiovascular health, you can completely understand that when cycling for a long distance, the cardiovascular system will be exercised and your balance of eyes and limbs will be activated by your entire body to be active during your ride.

In this article, we will learn more about the many benefits of cycling. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Is cycling good?

The answer has been given by many scientists as well as experts is “YES”, some benefits of cycling such as physical enhancement, health or cycling increase longevity … and Cycling is an extremely good choice to protect the environment if you are a fan of fresh air then cycling is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

If you find the above benefits of cycling not convincing enough for you. Here are 27 reasons to ride a bike:

28 benefits of cycling

0 / Here's a great combination workout:

As you read above, regular cycling will help you put your body in two training states like you do cardio and function training.

If you just need to be a toned body person, the bed as with these two training states is enough for you to achieve your goals. These two states of exercise keep your body energized.

Surely you know the player who won the best title of 2020: Lewandowski, he said, he doesn't want a lot of muscle or fat on his body because this will slow him down. Even though he is a football player, we can see that this makes perfect sense.

1 / Burn more fat

Burn more fat

You will burn a lot of fat which means it will support you very well in losing belly fat.

Sports physiologists have found that cycling is not only efficient, but it burns calories within hours.

“Even after 30 minutes of cycling, you can burn off higher total calories for a few hours after you stop cycling,” says Loughborough University sports physiologist Mark Simpson.

And let you understand the benefits more deeply.

A recent study has shown that cyclists who combine fast distances during their ride burn three times more body fat than those who cycle continuously but at high speed slower.

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2 / You are developing an active addict

Instead of indulging in harmful addictions such as tobacco, eating fast food, staying up late, eating a lot of fat with high-calorie content, …

Why don't you get addicted to better things like cycling in the mornings or after school after school, the results you get will surprise you and you will become a happier person. Healthy, promote good things in this life more.

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3 / Highly scientific

Using bicycles to move or exercise has been justified by many scientists, the purpose of this demonstration is to persuade the public and also to propagate to people to use bicycles together.

When everyone rides their bikes together, it creates a healthy community while working together to keep this earth green.

4 / Make friends and stay healthy

Make friends and stay healthy

Another nine-year study from Harvard Medical School found that those with the most friends reduced their risk of premature death by more than 60%, lowered their blood pressure, and boosted their immune system.

During the practice, we should have a companion on every journey that will help you a lot like sharing, trying together, and experiencing together, this will make you more active force during cycling.

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5 / Cycling will make you happier

Cycling every day will make you feel happier, happy to prove this, according to Andrew McCulloch, executive director of the Mental Health Foundation, said: “Any exercise from a mild on average release natural endorphins that help fight stress and make you happy.

That is probably why four times as many general doctors prescribe exercise therapy as the most popular treatment for depression compared to three years ago. “Just three 30-minute sessions a day a week can be enough to give people the happiness and joy they need,” McCulloch said.

6 / You feel tired, please ride a bike

Your body is tired after a long day of activity or you are under pressure for everything in this life, so you can wait without biking out and jogging around where you live while making you feel comfortable. comfortable, relaxing that both help you get rid of sad thoughts in your heart.

Even though you do physical activity for just a few minutes, it is a surprisingly effective wake-up. A review of 12 studies on the link between exercise and fatigue conducted between 1945 and 2005 found that direct exercise greatly reduces the level of fatigue in your body.

7 / Strengthen your bowels

Strengthen your bowels

According to experts from the University of Bristol, the benefits of cycling go deep to your core.

According to another assessment by a Harley Street gastroenterologist, Dr. Ana Raimundo, Dr. Ana Raimundo explains: “Physical activity reduces the time food moves through the large intestine, limiting the amount of water absorbed back into the muscle. and help you have softer stools, easier to pass ”.

8 / Strengthen your brain

Strengthen your brain

Need more creative ideas for a project yourself? Why not do a bike ride in the morning or sunset afternoons this will be of great help.

According to researchers from the University of Illinois found that cycling leads to a 5% improvement in heart-breathing when cycling, leading to a 15% improvement in brain tests in a group of people.

Therefore, cycling helps to build new brain cells in the hippocampus – the area responsible for memory, which has declined since the age of 30.

Professor Arthur Kramer, said: “Cycling enhances blood and oxygen to the brain, helps restore and regenerate receptors, explains exercise helps prevent Alzheimer's disease.

9 / Defeat all diseases

No one can deny the benefits that cycling has for themselves, cycling is not only for psychological benefits such as helping to reduce stress, increasing energy, and helping yourself as a fighter. defeat all diseases.

“Moderate exercise makes immune cells more active, so they are ready to prevent infection for wounds,” said Cath Collins, a nutritionist at St George's Hospital in London.

In fact, according to a study from the University of North Carolina, those who cycle 30 minutes a day a week have half the number of sick days compared to those who lose weight by eating potatoes.

10 / Live longer

King's College London compared more than 2,400 identical twins and found that those who took three 45-minute trips per week were biologically younger by 9 years and even with reduced Other factors such as body mass index (BMI) and smoking.

Dr. Lynn Cherkas, who conducted the study, said: “Those who exercise regularly have a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. “The body becomes more effective at protecting itself and rebuilding new cells” by cycling and exercising every day.

11 / Reclamation of the earth

Reclamation of the earth

Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space as a car. It takes about 5% of the raw materials and energy used to build a car instead of just 1% to create a bike that does not create pollution.

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If you travel, you want to explore every corner of the place you go, you should choose your vehicle to be a bicycle because that option cannot be more suitable, cycling helps you explore places where the bike is slight can't run or you can easily feel every scene where you experience the most honest and cycling helps you move faster than walking.

Cycling also helps you recharge yourself and also get fresh air without dust.

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12 / Cycling improves your spiritual life

According to health experts in the US, more physical activity improves the health of your blood vessels, has the effect of boosting your libido.

A study from Cornell University also concluded that male athletes had the sexual prowess of men younger than 2 years, while females would physically delay menopause for a similar amount of time.

Meanwhile, research done at Harvard University found that men over 50 who cycle for at least 3 hours a week have a 30% lower risk of impotence compared to those who exercise little.

13 / Good for the heart

Studies from Purdue University in the US have shown that regular cycling can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. And according to the British Heart Foundation, about 10,000 fatal heart attacks can be avoided each year if people regularly cycle and exercise.

Cycling just 30km a week reduces the risk of heart disease by less than half compared with people who don't exercise.

14 / Impress everyone

Impress everyone

If you are a regular cyclist, you will have a toned body, positive energy around this will make you attract a lot of people around.

At the same time, a study of over 200 people conducted by the University of Bristol found that employees who exercised before work or at lunchtime improved their ability to manage time and workload, at the same time. Boost their motivation and ability to deal with stress which will help you score with your boss.

15 / Cycling helps to increase calcium

There's a lot of evidence that any exercise is helpful in preventing cancer, but some studies have shown that cycling is especially good for keeping your cells working properly.

Regular cycling will help strengthen your bones to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis, gout, osteoarthritis, …

A long-term study by Finnish researchers found that men who exercised moderately for at least 30 minutes a day had a half-higher risk of developing cancer than those who did people do not exercise.

Other studies have found that women who cycle regularly have a 34% lower risk of breast cancer.

A long-term study by Finnish researchers found that men who exercised moderately for at least 30 minutes a day had a half-higher risk of developing cancer. don't exercise.

Other studies have found that women who cycle regularly have a 34% lower risk of developing breast cancer

16 / Lose weight by cycling

Many people who want to change their weight think that going out for running is the best way to start losing weight, which is also very effective.

However, while you are jogging, your feet will bear all the weight of your body, making your legs take a lot of force or when running too much your excess fat is not working and your muscles must be. This activity will lead to muscle loss.

Instead of letting your feet carry the weight of your body, a bike will help you with that weight because most of your weight is handled by the saddle.

17 / You will save more money

You will save more money

The vehicle you use is a bicycle, which will save you a small amount of money for yourself.

Because, if you ride a motorcycle or a car, you will have to spend a lot of costs such as gas money, oil change money, high maintenance fees, … but you are extremely economical when riding a bicycle.

If you are using a bicycle for weight loss then you can now make a decent amount of money from your expenses.

18 / Environmental protection

Think if a cyclist in the city would have much less pollution than the driver.

Not only that, according to a study done by Imperial College London, researchers found that passengers on buses, taxis, and cars inhale more pollution than cyclists and pedestrians.

Because cyclists will typically ride at the edge of the road and, unlike the driver, not directly in the exhaust stream.

19 / Cycling can easily transform fast food

If you are an office worker and you often have to make reports to keep up with the schedule, you will often choose fast food or you are an extremely active young person and regularly meet friends at the fried street food stalls.

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Because of this, you have inadvertently loaded into the body a small number of calories, if left too long, which will lead to various types of cancer.

It is essential if you are loaded, your first thing the next day is to set aside some of your free time to cycle.

20 / Enjoy healthy family time

Enjoy healthy family time

How would you feel if you ride a bike with your family? It is a great thing that there will be nothing more fun when you and your loved ones in your family practice together to exercise.

Cycling not only helps your parents have good health but also prevents aging and bone and joint diseases, you will help your body to be healthy and protected from the bad factors that affect. to health and increase my resistance.

21 / Cycling is one of the best sports to train

Cycling is a sport that many people can easily participate in, many of you participate in cycling for the purpose of passion or those who want to be strengthened, increased resistance, eliminate many diseases.

Cycling will help you relax after a long tiring day or help you become a more passionate person in life.

In addition, cycling will give you an optimistic spirit, live a joyful life, and especially cycling will help you connect with more new friends with the same passion as you.

22 / Help you to break through and be more creative at work

You may find that the majority of top writers, musicians, artists, executives and all kinds of experts use exercises like running, cycling, … to solve problems with Prior spirit to making important career decisions such as Jeremy Paxman, Sir Alan Sugar and Spandau Ballet.

One study found that 25 minutes of cycling helps you spot at least one creative idea.

You can also apply the cycling method to exercise that will help supply oxygen to your gray matter in most important things, stimulate your nerve cells, and give you space to breathe. get rid of the mess and pressure of real life.

23 / Cycling to raise funds to help people

Many cyclists turn their health, resilience, and determination into an effort to raise funds for the less fortunate.

24 / You can get in shape without trying too hard

Biking is more beneficial for you or because you have to go to the gym regularly but still have a small cost, but you can ensure that the exercise is as effective as you expect.

According to the National Council for Coronary Heart Disease in the United States, regular cyclists enjoy the same level of health as a person 10 years younger than themselves.

25 / Strengthen your trachea

One study found that adult cycling used 10 times more oxygen than someone sitting in front of a TV for the same amount of time.

The more benefits of cycling will help you regularly strengthen your cardiovascular system over time, allowing your heart and lungs to function better and getting more oxygen where it's needed faster.

26 / Improve health in pregnant women

According to research from the University of Michigan, USA, expectant mothers who regularly exercise during pregnancy will make labor easier, recover faster and overall mood for 9 months.

Your pride and joy also reduce your risk of obesity by 50% and get better intrauterine nerve development.

Patrick O'Brien, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said: “There is no doubt that moderate exercise like cycling during pregnancy helps keep the mother healthy and protect the fetus.

27 / Useful time

During a long active day, you should spend some 30 minutes of your time cycling, because this is a very useful time such as helping you overcome difficulties, having endurance and perseverance. rings at work and trains you to a healthy and toned body.

Cycling For Half An Hour Every Day Will Do This To Your Body



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