How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage Loss?

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The most standard body fat calculator to help you quickly measure excess body fat. Calculate the body fat index immediately to protect your health.

You are feeling quite confused about determining whether you have a good weight or if your current physique is beautiful?

Do you often worry because you see signs of fat but do not know how to determine the amount of body fat to see how much percentage, but there are appropriate adjustments?

Do not worry anymore; everything let the body fat calculator – a way to measure body fat index becomes a powerful assistant for you.

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage Loss?
How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage Loss?

Bellyfatzone ensures you will quickly know how much body fat you are after just a few steps of entering the necessary information.

So what is body fat?

Body fat (also known as body fat) is a complex ingredient that can adversely affect human health, nasty fat.

Body fat index will help you quickly determine the amount of excess fat accumulated, thereby figuring out how many calories you need to burn to lose fat gradually.

Bellyfatzone will help you calculate how to control your weight and body fat. The body comprises fat and muscle; besides, there are bones, water, and many other components that form a single and unified body.

Body fat is the ratio of body fat compared to all other ingredients.

The first step to understanding body fat percentage is to learn how to calculate and control percentages.

Male and female bodies are structured differently, and calculating fat also has unique factors. You need to pay attention that we do not check the weight or weight status but only focus on calculating overall fat.

This is the single most important difference to keep you healthier and stronger.

The final destination in the process of ‘beautifying' the body is the body fat ratio, not the weight ratio!

The benefit of controlling and maintaining optimal fat percentage with the online body fat calculator is that it can help you lose weight, reduce obesity, and keep you healthier.

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Body fat percentage can be calculated using various techniques, including weight, compass, and body measurements.

1. Men

  • height – Measure the height without shoes
  • Weight – Weigh in the morning undressed after going to the toilet and before eating or drinking something
  • Neck – Measure under the larynx (Adam's apple). One way to identify it is to place two fingers on your throat and swallow your saliva. The movement will help you identify the larynx
  • Waist – Measure around the waist at the navel

2. Women

  • Height – Measures height without shoes
  • Weight – Weigh in the morning undressed after going to the toilet and before eating or drinking something
  • Neck – Measure under the larynx (Adam's apple). One way to identify it is to place two fingers on your throat and swallow your saliva. The movement will help you identify the larynx
  • Waist – Measure around the waist at the navel • Hips – Largest circumference of the hip

What is body fat?

The scientific name for body fat is ‘adipose tissue.' These tissues have many important functions. The main purpose is to store lipids, from which the body produces energy. It also produces many important hormones.

If you have too much body fat, it will lead to obesity and cause unhealthy conditions. Some people have a genetic material that causes excess body fat, and others store it from less exercise and unhealthy diets.

The good news for women is that the amount of body fat accumulated in the abdomen can be reduced with diet and exercise.

Women and men store body fat differently – after age 40 or after menopause in women, a drop in sex hormones can lead to peri-abdominal fat storage in men and around the buttocks and thighs in women.

Body fat and obesity

Obesity is an excess of body fat. However, you must know that the body must have a certain amount of fat, not lacking.

Besides, people also have a special type of body fat, called ‘brown fat.' It is located around the neck and major blood vessels of the chest and helps to radiate heat to keep the body warm when cold.

What problem does too much body fat cause?

Fat is an important component that produces the hormones needed by the body. Hormones control all bodily functions.

Therefore, if there is too much fat or too much fat, it can affect health.

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Scientists explain that excess body fat, especially belly fat, disrupts hormones' normal balance and function.

Scientists explain that excess body fat, especially belly fat, disrupts the normal balance and function of hormones

There was a marked difference between 0.5 grams of fat and 0.5 grams of lean fat.

These fats can cause the production of immune system chemicals, increasing the risk of heart problems. Abdominal fat is directly linked to high and ‘bad' cholesterol, clogging the arteries and causing heart attacks.

There are many body fat calculators on the market today. However, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, making the error rate still quite high. You can refer to the following 3 weight measurement tools that are being applied in many places below.

  • Dexa

Also known as Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. This is one of the most versatile tools because, in addition to the body fat index, you can also check more information such as bone density and the ability to divide each body area.

Thanks to that, you can calculate how much fat and lean your left & right is in balance.

  • BodPod

This tool requires people to sit in a sealed box; then, the scientist will change the air pressure, thereby measuring the body fat ratio.

  • Ultrasound (BodyMetrix)

This is a great tool, and even above its great price and its price is above normal. This handheld ultrasonic device allows you to calculate the amount of fat in millimeters precisely.

Instructions on how to calculate body fat only with the naked eye

Usually, when meeting a new person.

  • What's the first thing you will do?
  • Comment around that person, fat or thin?
  • Is there a lot of ‘fat'?
  • Body physique is correct yet?

Now you understand how the power of eyes helps to calculate fat ratio effectively?

how to calculate body fat only with the naked eye

Looking at this, the formula for body fat will immediately report it as optimal.

how to calculate body fat only with the naked eye

The percentage of fat is quite a lot; you need .to lose weight and lose fat actively.

how to calculate body fat only with the naked eye

Standard body with a little fat ratio, slim waistline says an only body.

how to calculate body fat only with the naked eye

The most standard formula and body fat calculator available today

To measure body fat requires special techniques. The US Navy has found a scientific and useful method to calculate the difference between fat accumulation between men and women.

  • Calculate the waist circumference around the navel for men and women. Do not suck in your stomach.
  • Measure your neck circumference. Begins under the larynx. Do not stretch your neck.
  • For women: Measure the circumference of the hips.
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The formula for calculating the body fat index of men

495 / (1.0324-0.19077 (LOG (waist – neck)) + 0.15456 (LOG (height))) – 450

The formula for calculating the female body fat index

495 / (1.29579-0.35004 (LOG (waist + hip – neck)) + 0.22100 (LOG (height))) – 450

Now enter these numbers in the standard body fat calculator. However, this is only a reference; to be clearer, you need to see your doctor for the best results.

Select Calculate Body Fat and enter your body parameters:


How to control body fat

There are thousands of ways out there to help control or reduce body fat. However, you need to pay attention to it. The first thing is to avoid “intensive methods.”

To lose body fat, you need to make lifestyle changes. Find an exercise routine right away so you can practice every day. Reduce the calories in your diet slowly and carefully so that you maintain the changes.

Now limit the number of carbs you will absorb. Don't change too quickly and negatively, like not absorbing all the carbs.

Only cut back on starchy dog ​​foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta, and pasta. Too many of these foods will provide more energy than the body allows and convert themselves into stored fat.

Cut them down, replace them if possible, or reduce them if not necessary.

Cut back on sweets. Too much sugar absorbed will cause fat. You can eat sweets from time to time, but try to replace cakes and candies with fresh fruits because fruit helps with weight loss and fat loss very effectively.

Avoid sodas and drinks high in sugar; replace them with fruit juices if possible.

Short-term intense exercise is the best way to burn off excess fat. This means working hard on the treadmill or weight exercises.

How Long Will It Take To See Your Six Pack?

Bellyfatzone recommends that you regularly apply the body fat calculator and change your diet to lose weight, exercise, and you will quickly feel fit, lean, and successfully lose body fat.

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