How Does Hula Hoop Benefits Belly Fat?

By: Mary Brunker

If you want to lose belly fat, why not do a daily workout!

Of course, although reducing belly fat is that we need to lose body fat, we will focus on the belly more, and one of the exercises that focus on that belly is the looping exercise.

With a fitness band suitable for your height and weight, you can practice anywhere in the large gym and your backyard or bedroom.

The hula hoop exercises greatly benefit the practitioner because it requires flexibility and helps train the cardio exercise, and affects the waistline, making you feel like the exercise is shaking effective loops right after your workout.

How does hula hoop benefits belly fat?
How does hula hoop benefit belly fat?

A hula hoop exercise is a form of exercise that has been popular for a long time globally and in the country.

The family shakes and shakes people, regardless of age and gender, to improve physique and improve health.

Shake around with weight loss?

This article will help you answer that question, guide you on the right way to practice, and suggest many interesting exercises. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Shake around with weight loss? What to pay attention to when practicing?

The reason this exercise is popular because it is fun and convenient. You need to choose a bracelet with your favorite color, suitable size, and low price; you can practice at home or bring it to the park.

Children have children's hula hoops; adults have children's hula hoops. Bracelets bring hoop joy and love to sport for everyone. And the question we are most interested in is:

Shake round has not reduced fat?

To know if an activity helps with weight loss, you need to know its calorie expenditure. The more calories you burn, the faster you can lose weight, the better.

In this regard, hula hoop spinning really helps you lose weight well. When your whole body has to move around and keep the hula hoop does not fall, it will consume a fairly high level of energy.

Shake 1 hour reduced how many calories? In fact, there is no exact number because it depends on the weight, fitness, and intensity of each person.

According to the average calculation, you will burn about 210 calories if you cycle continuously for 30 minutes, equivalent to 420 calories for 1 hour.

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Shake round can reduce belly fat?

If combined with proper eating, shaking will definitely help you lose fat because it can consume calories. However, it's body fat, not just belly fat.

Shake round can reduce belly fat?

And where fat reduction is much, fast reduction, where less reduction, slow reduction, depends on each person's location.

That is why many women who practice for a while but do not see a reduction in the belly immediately announced that shaking does not reduce fat.

Actually, it is still helping to burn your overall fat, belly fat is the hard part to reduce and slow down, so you need to be persistent until you get results.

In addition to reducing body fat, the shaking also directly impacts the abdomen, toning the muscle here so you will get a slimmer and more beautiful 2-round.

Thus, say shaking belly fat is also true but not enough. It also helps to reduce fat in other areas too.

How long does a hula hoop exercise effective?

Before training, few women do not impatiently think about the results. Shake how long, reduce your waist, lose weight?

To lose 0.5kg per week, you need to cut 3500 calories per week, equivalent to 500 calories per day.

Meanwhile, 1 shaking every day helped you burn 420 calories already. You can calculate the time you need to spend to improve the weight you want.

However, the hula hoop exercise is a relatively high exercise and continuous impact on the abdomen, if continuous 1 hour a day and 7 days a week will not be good.

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So how many minutes is a good shake every day?

The reasonable time to practice shaking is no more than 3 times per day, not exceeding 20 minutes each time.

If you're looking to lose weight and want to cut back on extra calories each day, incorporate other exercises like jogging, skipping, aerobics, and weight training to tone your muscles. Besides, you can also cut calories through eating.

Some effects of hula hooping exercises

In addition to the ability to lose weight, lose fat, shake the hula hoop also hula hoop many other benefits that you should know to be more motivated:

  • Firming muscles in the abdomen and waist area, creating a slimmer waist feeling.
  • Shake round does not increase round 3? The good news for you is that the hula hoop helps lift your buttock size very well. When the hula hoop moves around the abdomen and then down to the buttock area, it will burn the buttock fat and make the buttock muscle thicker and toned.
  • It helps the hip and spine joints stronger, work better, and prevent osteoarthritis as we age.
  • Good for cardiovascular support.
  • Make people look, posture more beautiful, more flexible, more supple.
  • Reduce back pain for people who have to sit a lot.
  • Help the digestive system work better, reduce indigestion, bloating.
  • Increase concentration, improve sharpness.
  • Relieve stress, bring hoop joy when practicing.

Answer some “rumors” about shaking hula hoops

1. Does shaking bracelets cause infertility?

Many women believe that wobbling causes the ovaries to shift, damaging the uterus' inner lining and causing infertility. Experts have asserted that this “rumor” is lacking scientific ground.

Does shaking bracelets cause infertility?

Shaking may affect the abdomen but cannot affect the ovaries or the lining of the uterus deeply.

Moreover, infertility is a consequence of many different causes. So don't worry about making a hula hoop cause infertility.

2. Is the kidney hula hoop harmful?

According to the doctors, there is currently no scientific topic mentioning that the kidneys' shaking is harmful.

3. Will the stopping tummy circle be bigger at first?

This is not the fault of the hula hoop, but the way you eat. When you no longer exercise but continue to load more calories, it is natural to gain weight, gain fat.

Therefore, if you do not like to cycle again, you can practice other subjects, or if not, you have to adjust calories through eating.

4. Shake the hula hoop to make the breasts sag?

When doing any exercise or sports, you should wear a sports bra fit to be comfortable exercising without worrying about the chest's impact.

5. Do you make bracelets big?

Want big feet is not easy. Men have to practice many difficult exercises for their legs to be big and strong. Female capital without male hormones should not “capital” as men.

If you just stop shaking, your legs can only slim because the fat is burned but not enlarged.

6. Limitations of shaking hula hoops

  • Skin irritation: Some materials used in contact with skin may irritate. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to wear clothes that cover your abdomen.
  • Leave bruises: At the beginning, you will have to get used to the bruises on your waist, back, hips, legs, hands caused by the bracelet. Once you get used to it, you'll know how to limit these bumps and not overdo them.
  • Shaking abdominal pain: There are 2 causes of this phenomenon. One is due to abdominal muscle pain after training, and this is quite normal. Hula hoop exercises in both directions so that neither side is under too much pressure. The second reason is that you exercise when you're full, especially if you use a heavy hula hoop.
  • Subjects should not be shaken: People with weak health, pregnant women, or the “red light” period.

Instructions to shake the weight loss properly.

Instructions to shake the weight loss properly

Step 1: Choose to buy the exercise set.

  • Size: A diameter equal to the floor's height to your navel is suitable for waist training. There are also smaller types for exercising your abs or biceps.
  • Material: Wood, plastic, or rubber, lightweight depending on the strength of each person.

Step 2: Choose a training space.

  • You can flexibly practice anywhere, preferably where it is spacious enough, with less furniture when shaking does not affect others.

Step 3: Choose a training time.

  • You can practice in the free time of the day, morning or evening. If you exercise after a meal, you should eat 2 hours before the meal to not affect digestion.

Step 4: Boot

  • Warm-up is a step that should be taken before each workout.

Step 5: Start practicing shaking.

  • Standing inside the bracelet, the legs should be shoulder-width apart for comfort.
  • Place the waist at the waist; 1 part of the hula hoop touches the waist, 2 hands hold 2 sides.
  • Rotate in one direction (right or left is okay), try to create an inertial force to rotate itself, and use the whole body, especially the hips, to shake for the hula hoop to move. When shaking, you pay attention to keep straight, head up, not bent.
  • In the beginning, you will be hard to hold, and the hula hoop will fall. But keep practicing gradually, your body will feel and move more smoothly; after a while, shaking is only a small thing.
  • Increasing your speed if you can.
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Step 6: Create a routine

  • You should arrange a schedule of shaking around in the week and follow it, but it isn't easy to get results at any time.
  • To avoid getting bored, listen to music, invite your friends to practice or change different types of exercises.

Suggest 10 effective spinning exercises for fat burning and weight loss

You can choose to practice changing every day. Before practicing, do not forget to warm up.

1. Back boot

  • Stand up straight, hands-on-hips
  • Bend upper torso back, tense abdominal muscles, hold for 3 seconds
  • Back, bend forward, feel tightness in the back, hold for 3 seconds
  • Repeat 10 times

2. The hip boot

  • Stand up straight, your hands on your hips, or hold your hips, feet shoulder-width apart
  • Take turns, bend left and right
  • Repeat 10 times

The hip boot

3. Shake your waist: Front leg and hind leg

  • Doing this hard waist reduction exercise will help you burn 400-600 calories per hour. But you do not need continuous practice, but break down the time offline.
  • Stand right foot forward, arms outstretched
  • hula hoop exercise around in one direction
  • Change legs, change direction

Shake your waist: Front leg and hind leg

4. Shake your waist: The legs are horizontal

  • This movement has the ability to “sculpt” you an hourglass figure.
  • Stand up straight, your legs slightly wider than shoulders, with your arms outstretched.
  • Shake in one direction for a few minutes, then change direction

Shake your waist: The legs are horizontal

5. Shake your waist:

  • Pliés-style bracelets help your heart rate rise higher, firming inner thighs. The downside of this hoops exercise is that it is relatively difficult. If you are new to it, you can easily drop it.
  • Stand up straight, legs wider than shoulders, arms outstretched.
  • Shake your knees while kneeling until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then lift yourself, trying to keep your upper body straight.
  • Repeat

Shake your waist

6. Pass the Ninja style

  • This round belly fat exercise also works great for your inner thighs.
  • Stand up straight, legs wider than shoulders
  • Right-hand holding hula hoop
  • Turn to the right to get the momentum to turn sharply to the left, and pass the hula hoop to the left, not to fall or touch the floor
  • Do the opposite, repeatedly

Pass the Ninja style

7. Pass the basic style

  • It may seem simple, but doing it 20 times each session will give you a neat, crisp upper body.
  • Stand up straight, your legs wider than your shoulders
  • Right hand holding hula hoop, back and pass to the left
  • Left hand holding the hula hoop brought forward, passed to the right hand
  • Repeat 20 times

Pass the basic style

8. Halo

  • The next hooping exercise is a series of combined movements that affect your biceps, shoulders, and back.
  • Stand up straight, feet slightly wider than shoulders.
  • Right handhold the hula hoop, raise the hula hoop high, use your hand to rotate 5 times in one direction.
  • Lower the hula hoop, and take steps to rotate the body 360 degrees, rotate and do not let the hula hoop touch the floor
  • Repeat several times, then change hands, reversing


9. Lunges with Hoop Squeeze

  • Have you ever thought of combining Lunges with shaking? Try it if you want to work on your upper and lower body at the same time.
  • Stand up straight, 2 legs open narrowly, 1 hand outstretched, 1 handheld in a hula hoop.
  • Use your upper hand to cycle continuously, and step one foot forward; love hula hoop yourself so that the two pillows are forming a right angle.
  • Stand up straight, change legs, repeat, upper arms constantly shaking.

Lunges with Hoop Squeeze

10. Rolling Reach

  • This is the same as driving, except this is a huge steel hoop wheel, very good for your back and legs.
  • Hold the hula hoop in front of you, lean forward, reach the floor, stand with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Keep your back straight, turn to the right as far as you can
  • Return to the previous position and drive around to the left

Rolling Reach

11. Shake Arm Circle

  • To perform this action, you need to use the force and dexterity of the arms and shoulders.
  • Stand straight, bring hoop the hula hoop up overhead
  • Rotate between hand and forearm
  • Slightly bend your elbows to see your shoulders and arms warm-up

Shake Arm Circle

12. Tree Press with round

  • In this exercise, you will use the bracelet as a dumbbell, melt fat, and slim your back.
  • Keep the hula hoop behind your head
  • Raise your right foot and place the soles of the right foot inside the left foot, below the knee
  • Straight back, eyes looking ahead
  • Lower the hula hoop by bending the elbow, and then lift it back up again
  • Perform 10 times and then change legs
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Tree Press with round

13. V-sit with loops

  • This is a relatively easy exercise that will help you develop abs.
  • Sit on the floor; arms extended shoulder-width apart.
  • Hook the other end of the loop into your legs, with your legs extended at your hips, straightened.
  • Lean back, keep your back straight, lift both feet so that your legs make a 60-degree angle to the floor.
  • Extend 2 arms forward
  • Lift your arms and legs high, then slowly lower them until your feet nearly touch the ground
  • Repeat

V-sit with loops

14. Squat with hula hoops

  • The squat is the king of butt and thigh exercises, combined with shaking, which will help you lose a lot more fat.
  • Place the hula hoop on the floor, in front of you, about 1 arm away from the person; hold the hula hoop with both hands.
  • Legs extended by shoulders.
  • Push hips out, bend on your knees, and lower your body while pushing the hoop forward for the low hoop, the floor touching still.
  • Lower as low as possible but don't let your knees get past your toes
  • Lift the person back to their original position

Squat with hula hoops

15. Russian Twist

  • This is an exercise specifically for core muscles. It will be more interesting if you take advantage of the extra bracelets available at home.
  • Sit on the floor, holding the hula hoop with both hands.
  • Slightly bend your knees and lift both feet off the floor.
  • Slightly leaning back, hands still hula hoop, turn to the right.
  • Pause for a moment and then turn to the left
  • Perform 3 sets of 25 times each

Russian Twist

16. Shaking exercise for shoulders and chest

  • Shaking not only applies to your waistline but also helps tone your entire upper body. You shake and let the hula hoop move up and down on the upper body, trying to keep it from falling.
  • Watch this video to understand how better.

17. Shaking exercise for the knees

  • This is a good move for both your thighs, hips, and knees. All you need to do is keep your knees balanced so that the hula hoop doesn't fall.

YouTube video

18. Jump and shake

  • Shaking can be used as an aerobics exercise. The appearance of the bracelet makes your dance moves more challenging, harder and therefore consumes more calories. Relax and feel the rhythm.

Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop Video:

YouTube video

Shake around with weight loss?

Of course, yes, as long as you have to exercise regularly and properly, combined with proper nutrition and living. This subject also releases stress very well, so experience it offline.

Hula hoop benefits belly fat video:

YouTube video

What can we learn from this article?

Does the fact that you regularly practice the swing will help you lose your belly open quickly or not?

In addition, if you shake the ring regularly, you also need to consult your doctor, especially if you are preparing to tell your future plans such as the first delivery.

Going back to the practice of shaking the ring to help you tone your abdomen and lose belly fat effectively, we need to base on the root of that problem is the amount of fat on your entire body.

If you are a person who is constantly interested in exercising, you probably already know that to reduce fat in the belly you have to perform two parallel tasks that reduce the total body fat and exercise reinforcement exercises to enhance the firming and fat melt off your belly.

Thus, the shaking exercise is the second part i.e. the more toning exercise it cannot be the core exercise and you do it regularly while you neglect the overall fat loss on your body.

So the last thing we learn from this article is that the combination of the overall workout of your body and the shaking exercise will be one of the exercises to aid you in toning your belly area more.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “hula hoop benefits belly fat” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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