Yoga Movements Help Reduce Back Pain – You Should Know

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  • You are the office, chauffeur driven or postpartum women?
  • You have to do the job that much time to sit back often aches, affecting health and work?

So why not go to Yoga to free his status back pain? Apply now exercises Yoga back pain very effectively under this. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

9 Yoga exercises back pain

Before exercising, you should prepare yourself tools set rhyme such as yoga mats, yoga mats, and pillows linen yoga to workout safely and achieve the highest efficiency.

1. Yoga for back pain with posture bridge

Posture this bridge makes the spine and two hips relaxed as possible, support the muscles and nerves between the vertebrae are released to help the body relax, your back is comfortable, pain backache and nape handy.

Yoga movements help reduce back pain
Yoga movements help back pain.

Perform yoga movements for low back pain are as follows:

  • You lie on your back, 2 fold up legs, put 2 soles touch the ground, and keep the hips' width.
  • Put 1 pillow in the middle of two knee Yoga, 2 knee pillow squeezed into Yoga.
  • Use gently lift your hips off the ground, keeping the neck lengthening.

2. Title leg against the wall as Yoga exercises effective back pain treatment

This exercise is done quite simply; almost anyone can do and help loosen shoulder muscles are relaxed; the whole body is relaxed efficiently.

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Yoga exercises back pain at home is widely applied
Yoga exercises back pain at home is widely applied.

Implementation Guide:

  • You put a pillow and lay down a wall of iron Yoga.
  • First, you lift 2 feet perpendicular to the floor so that the buttocks touching the wall and put a pillow Yoga.
  • 2 hands extended and relaxation
  • Foot against the wall to keep the muscles relaxed.

3. Exercise Yoga posture back pain with baby

This position is considered one of the yoga postures for back pain and efficiency.

With great effects for the body, such as helping expand the sacrum and back, help reduce heart rate, relaxation, and exercise are many lovers.

One of the Yoga postures effectively cure back pain
One of the Yoga postures effectively cures back pain.

Yoga exercises are done back pain as follows:

  • You kneel on the carpet, put a pillow before two knees.
  • They extended 2 feet so that two toes touching.
  • Next, you sit on the heel, bent over, and rested his chest on his knees, head resting on the pillow Yoga, deep breathing, and relaxation.
  • You hold his position until you feel tired, then return to a healthy posture.

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4. End of back pain with yoga postures hero

Add a hint for you have back pain anymore. Yoga movements are quite easy to implement and provides high efficiency. Your body will be relaxed completely, and the back pain was also significantly reduced.

Experts recommend yoga exercise back pain treatment
Experts recommend yoga exercise back pain treatment.

Perform the following positions:

  • You sit on one pillow Yoga 2 stars for knees touching, 2 feet separated two sides of the pillow. Spread the toes out so that the joints in the toes are stretched and stretched.
  • Next, you sit back to back straight, arms raised to the first two, and bent at the elbows' right angles so that this finger touches the other elbow.
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5. Posture cats are Yoga exercises to reduce back pain

It seemed very simple, but this posture brings many benefits for the body, especially to your back pain. The gravity method overrides two shoulder and hip joints to help increase flexibility and stretchability to the shape of the spine.

Yoga exercises with posture back pain therapy cat
Yoga exercises with posture back pain therapy cat

Perform the following actions:

  • You carpet on the floor, his body posture kneeling, hands on the ground like crawling.
  • Both hands and knees are straight perpendiculars to the floor.
  • Next, you sunken abdomen, then exhale, head held up.

6. Yoga posture back pain with plank

Plank posture will help your spine, and be sure to add a lot more comfortable, improve the condition of your back pain.

Plank posture back pain effectively
Plank posture back pain effectively.

Guiding the implementation of actions:

  • You stretch out the two legs, toes, and leaning up against a straight arm to lift the whole body.
  • Hold that pose, shoulders, hips, and legs form a straight line.

This is also known as Plank posture, which is used a lot in the gym.

7. Yoga postures treat back pain with lower labor to people

This is also exercise experts recommend you set win for back pain.

Outback pain with yoga postures to low human labor
Outback pain with yoga postures to low human labor


  • You pose as being rushed forward, left foot ahead, shrink up, straighten your right leg forward.
  • Your palms against the floor, left hand forward, armpit knee propped up with the left foot.
  • Your body is leaning up the femur to help create a vertical frame for the spine.

8. Yoga cure back pain with twisted posture

With this position, the back of your middle will be stretched, thereby helping back pain quickly disappeared, the body is relaxed through Yoga cure back pain.

Yoga exercises for back pain
Yoga exercises for back pain

Guiding Yoga postures done this back pain as follows:

  • You sit on the carpet, upright, straighten the left leg, the right leg if you call up, legs folded against his body.
  • Left hand embracing the right foot, right hand against the floor to keep in the back.
  • Next, you turned to the leg muscles to shrink, and the vertebra was at full stretch.
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9. Yoga postures treat back pain by rotating people type sage

This is yoga posture support back pain treated effectively, stretching the lumbar spine and creating the moving direction of the hip joint, thus quickly help you get rid of back pain quickly.

Yoga exercises effective back pain treatment
Yoga exercises effective back pain treatment.

Yoga posture back pain is implemented as follows:

  • You sit up straight on the mat; knees bent 2, 1 foot forward, one foot towards the rear so that the front of the foot touching the other leg's knee.
  • Put one hand on the front leg's knee and perform twisting, turning in the opposite direction, and helping all other parts of the vertebrae are stretched.

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Stretches for Back Pain Relief Video:


Above is the Yoga exercises back pain is useful, and the security training of experts is appreciated.

Through the article, we hope you will apply these exercises to quickly regain health and no longer suffer from back pain that affects more lives.

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