Toning Workout Plan For Females Help You Save Time, Get In Shape Quickly

By: Aiden Johann

We also need to need a plan and weight loss too; you need to plan and understand your body to have a clear workout schedule because you will get results optimal in the shortest amount of time.

Our bodies work always need some time to rest, so training should alternate drawing heavy exercises with light exercises, and of course, there are rest days for muscles to recover.

Recovery time is not the time the body stores extra fat, but this is when your body stores excess fat as energy to restore the muscles you have consumed when breaking down muscle fibers in the process of practice.

For men or women, this mechanism does not change; especially for women, we need to modify some exercise methods to speed up losing body fat to progress to losing belly fat.

Toning Workout Plan For Females Help You Save Time, Get In Shape Quickly
Toning Workout Plan For Females Help You Save Time, Get In Shape Quickly

This article invites you to refer to the workout schedule for women 6 sessions a week to get the maximum effect for losing weight all over the body and toning abdominal muscles quickly.

And this will be an effective lesson to lose weight for women to exercise in 1 week.

If you used only to use diets or just took medicine, but it was not effective, then start this 6-day female fat gain lesson right away; it will help you burn excess fat more effectively and prevent your body from sagging after weight loss.

If you have never exercised before, you can check out some of the previous articles about bodybuilding, the effect of bodybuilding, and many others in the fitness knowledge section to get an overview best in terms of bodybuilding.

Exercise schedule to lose fat to gain muscle for women, ready?

With 3 exercise sessions, we will use them to enhance our health because most overweight people have quite poor health, and in the remaining 3 sessions, we do Cardio to help lose weight more effectively.

We'll work out bodybuilding and Cardio alternately, and the workout schedule will look like this

– Monday: Cardio
– Tuesday: bodybuilding (chest, front arms, abdomen)
– Wednesday: Cardio
– Thursday: bodybuilding (Shoulder, back, hind arms, abdomen)
– Friday: Cardio
– Saturday: body (Legs, abdomen)
– Sunday: Off – complete rest

Before starting this lesson on losing fat and gaining muscle, please take a few notes for you before we begin.

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Be prepared:

If you are on the Lowcarb diet, increase your carb intake a little to give you exercise energy, but if you are on other diets, increase your protein intake.

When traveling, bring a bottle of water, about half a liter, before drinking 1 glass of water. Wear gloves (for girls who are afraid of hand bottles), towel and wear clothes that are a bit loose.

You come to this lesson to lose fat and gain muscle because other weight loss methods are not effective, so I hope to get the best results, you should exactly follow the following rules.

  • Practice the right exercise schedule, rest time for the best effect (should bring a timer).
  • Follow the weight loss menu requirements, record full weight loss progress, and do not skip exercise.
  • Do not take off your shirt when you feel sweaty to increase your ability to lose fat.
    Use more Pre Workout if you need more strength to exercise.
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Nutrition when exercising

To decide whether you successfully lose fat or gain muscle, nutrition is an important part, so you need to pay attention to the following points.

Nutrition when exercising

Don't eat deep-fried foods and processed foods that are high in fat.

Do not snack by eating foods rich in calories, sugar, fat such as milk, tea, cakes … you can use fruit, greek yogurt, and oats to eat if you feel hungry.

Get the required amount of protein every day because protein helps build muscle, burn calories, and burn body fat faster. You can eat protein from meat, eggs, and fish, and more simply, you can use Whey protein if you do not have time to cook, prepare …

In addition to Protein, you can also take some other supplements if the conditions are abundant such as BCAA (helps to recover from training faster), Creatine (which helps increase strength when exercising for longer, increase muscle development), Omega 3 (which helps replenish good fats, improve overall health)

Cardio session in this lesson to lose fat and gain muscle we do what?

We will do High-Intensity Cardio (HIIT), so if you have problems with heart or blood pressure, remember to adjust to fit.

These Cardio exercises we will complete from 30-45 minutes, depending on your condition. But follow the rule of thumb is 30% of the time on the machine and 70% of the time doing bare hands.

Lesson 1: Running on a treadmill

Running time 15 minutes, you will burn about 170 Calories.

You will only go slow at 3-4km / h for 1 minute to warm up for the first month.

Start sprinting

Start adjusting the fastest speed (or closest fastest if you are new to it) range 12-18km / h and run continuously for 45 seconds.

At the end of the 45 seconds, reduce to the level of walking immediately, and continue walking for 60 seconds.

Make the loop over 10 times, and it will take you about 15 minutes on the treadmill.

After completing the 15 minutes on the treadmill, we move on to bare hands (BodyWeight).

Lesson 2. Cardio with bare hands

This exercise time is about 25 minutes and costs you about 270 calories; you can wear headphones to listen to music to exercise more pulse and less fatigue.

After about half a month of practicing the lesson for losing fat and gaining muscle, you can remember and be able to practice on your own without having to follow these instructions.

For the next Cardio sessions, you can repeat the above. Now we're going to move on to 3 bodybuilding sessions.

In this lesson plan to lose fat for women, there will be 2 methods: Drop set and Superset to help you lose weight better; athletes often use these exercises to lose weight before the competition. Check out the advanced fitness definitions article for a better understanding.

 Sessions 1: Exercise the chest muscles and the biceps

If you have been rummaging through bodybuilding knowledge, you will see the article asking you to warm up before exercising, and that is also a mandatory rule when you go to that bodybuilding.

1. Startup

– Walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes or running in moderation is key

2. Dumbbell Flyes – Brakes up steep chairs with dumbbells

1. Lie on a chair with dumbbells in hand, place dumbbells on thighs and palms, holding dumbbells facing each other
2. Use thighs to lift the dumbbells over the chest and straighten arms (note again: don't lock joints).
3. Inhale, slowly extending towards the floor, with the elbows slightly arched, extending until the chest muscles feel tight.
4. Exhale and return to the starting position. The variation of this exercise is that you can point your palms in front of you instead of facing each other. You perform this exercise 15 times in 4 sets, each with 15-second rest, the last half 30 seconds to move to the next.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press – Pump up the chair chest with dumbbells

For this chest pump exercise, you will perform 3 sets and still rest in the same order as above.

4. Barbell Bench Press – Push your chest level with the bar

The technique is the same as the Dumbbell exercise above, and the number of shots is the same, replace the Dumbbell weight with a barbell.

5.Butterfly – Drop set with a chest press

– In the first 3 innings, you perform 3 innings with 15 repetitions, each half rest for 30 seconds.
– The 4th half increases the weight by 1 inch and performs 12 repetitions, resting for 30 seconds

– Round 5 increases the weight by 1 more notch and performs 12 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds and take 1 step back to the weight in the 4th round and do 10 repetitions; without rest, draw another step and work until you can't do it, then rest.

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6. Around the world – Horizontal dumbbells

1. Lie on a chair and keep the weight at the thigh level. 2. Inhale and move the dumbbells horizontally from thighs to head.
3. Exhale and return to the starting position

You perform 3 sets with 15 repetitions and rest 30 seconds between sets.

7. Dumbbell Biceps Curl – Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Exercise techniques: 1. Start with the arms outstretched.
2. Take a breath for 1 breath and then roll the front arm muscles to bring the weight up. Exhale as you lift the dumbbells.
3. Roll the biceps to the fullest extent while minimizing the arm movement.
4. Lower weights slowly, in a controlled manner throughout the weight reduction process. Expiratory.

Technical attention.
1. Do not let the dumbbell fall freely when lowering the dumbbells.
2. To increase the forearm muscles' effect (especially the muscle fibers in the anterior muscle), you can rotate your forearms a little more to get more muscle curl. Not recommended for people with arm or forearm injuries.
3. Hold the weight at the highest position (when the muscle is contracting the shortest) 1 beat to increase efficiency.
4. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Do not rock excessively during exercise.
– Perform this exercise in 4 sets with 15 repetitions, each with 15 seconds of rest, the last half 30 seconds.

8. One Arm Hammer Curl – Hand hammer

1. Two hands holding dumbbells, palms facing each other. The elbows hold close to the body
2. Exhale and bring one hand to the chest.
3. Inhale and return your hand to its original position.
4. Repeat for the other hand and continue alternating hands. You can do both hands simultaneously – Do 3 sets and 15 repetitions, resting 15 in between sets.

9. Preacher Curl – Sitting on a chair curl (Drop set)

1. Sitting in the exercise chair, holding the bar with both hands, put your elbows on the leaning part of the chair. Palms forward.
2. Inhale and slowly lower your arm until it is fully extended and your biceps stretch. Squeeze your hand firmly and hold for 1 second.
3. Exhale and roll your hand to the starting position, hold for 1 second, and repeat.
– In the first 3 innings, you perform 15 repetitions each and rest for 30 seconds between sets
– The 4th round increases to 1 step of weights and performs 12 repetitions, resting for 30 seconds.
– Round 5 weight to 1 weight and do 12, without rest, and draw 1 step of weights to continue 10 reps and continue to draw 1 weight and perform until tired then rest.

10. Vertical Knee Raise – Crimp the knee on the machine

– 3 sets to perform the maximum possible, rest between 15 seconds

11. Seated Ab Crunch + Weight Plate Side Bend – Sit with belly folded on a chair + Pull one side weight (Superset)

Sit on a flat chair and lean back slightly, legs stretched out, not touching the floor, hands held firmly on the edge of the seat (as shown).

Proceed to stretch the abdominal muscles and bend the knees up near the chest. Straighten back in position, Do 15 out of 3 sets and rest for 15 seconds between sets

This exercise is similar to the other Barbell Side Bend exercise in that you do not lift weights but hold Dumbbells or dumbbells along your body to do the exercise.

Perform 2 consecutive exercises. then rest in the middle of the 30s, half

12. Cable Crunch – Kneel on your stomach with the cable

Kneel in front of the cable tractor, hold the cable behind the nape of the neck, or keep it at both ears if it is a V-string. And do the abdominal flexion as far as possible. 3 sets do as much as you can, resting for 15 seconds

13. AB Wheel rollout

Use the weight wheel to roll forward; this exercise helps to squeeze the abdominal muscles really well. Try to push as far as possible. 3 innings do as much as you can; rest 15 seconds.

Sessions 2: Lose fat to gain muscle Back, shoulder, arm

In today's exercise, we will help improve the tension instead of the previous session's push, focusing on 2 Superset exercises.

For this exercise, if you have little back fat and inner biceps, you may not have to use the Superset in lesson 5, but you can split it into 5 exercises.

– The core song I used was the same as the day before.

Lesson 1: Warm up the body

– Get on the treadmill or walk slowly to heat up

Lesson 2: Shoulder Press + Alternating Deltoid Raise – Sitting with dumbbells

Do the exercise for 3 sets of each half 15 times and rest for 30 seconds; the last one goes without rest.- 3 sets with light weights x 15 reps, 30 seconds between each half
– 1 last set is heavier x maximum (about 10-12 times), take 60 seconds to switch cards

Lesson 3: Front Dumbbell Raise – Standing lifting dumbbells in front of you

Perform 4 sets of 15 times each and rest for 15 seconds each round. The last half rest for 30 seconds to go to the next post immediately.

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Lesson 4: Lat Pulldown + Seated Cable Row – Pulling single bucket + Sitting cable pulling (Superset)

Without resting immediately move on to the next post

Hardly resting between 2 cards, only taking time to change cards (pull the peg, lower the pillow … or move to the long bucket machine) – 3 sets of light weights x 15 reps, 30 seconds between each half.
– 1 heavy final round than x maximum possible (about 10-12 times), 60 seconds off to move items

Lesson 5: One-Arm Dumbbell Row + Hyperextensions – One-handed dumbbell pulling – Low back flexing (Superset)

without rest, move on to the next post

– 3 sets of light weights x 15 reps, rest between the 30s each
– 1 heavier final set (Increase the dumbbells, and hold extra dumbbells on the nape for crunches) x max possible (10-12 times), 60 seconds break to switch items

Lesson 6: Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

– 4 innings x 15, rest between each half for 15 seconds. Particularly in the last half, take 30 seconds to move to the next song

Lesson 7: Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press – Pushing the narrow lever (tricep)

– Use the bar without weight; depending on your health, you choose the bar's length that is suitable for your strength. The technique of performing like Bench Press only differs from the hand's position, which will be narrower.- 3 sets x 15, rest between 15s each. Particularly in the last half, take 30 seconds to move to the next song

Lesson 8: Rope Triceps Pushdown – Pulling the back arm exercise

– Note that you push me to the back, as far back as possible 4 x 15 innings, rest 15 seconds in between. Particularly in the last half, take 30 seconds to move to the next song

Continue to exercise 10 to 13 of exercise 1

Sessions 3:

Leg exercises are usually quite “high like a pangolin,” so I warn you so that you can sit mentally stable :)). The original reason for asking you to add more Carb and Protein is for this “painful” training session

1. Startup

We'll do a bit of stretching exercises, and you can do light jogging on a few feet to warm up.

2. Squat – Weightlifting weight (both feet wide and full)

This is a pretty good exercise for girls' thighs and butt muscles. If you do not know what Squat is, immediately go to what Squat is about to see the practice technique.

You do the basic Squat in 15 reps with 4 innings, 15 seconds off in between. Particularly in the last half, take 30 seconds to move to the next song.

Squats with legs wide, you need to extend your legs over your shoulders; we will do more inner thighs. Perform 2 sets x 10 times, rest between the 30s each half
– 60 seconds break to move cards

3. Leg Extension + Leg Curl – Sitting thigh kick – Sitting behind (Superset)

Perform Leg Extension for 3 innings with 15 repetitions, each with 30 seconds break. Round 4 lifts one extra weight and does the best you can. Don't rest and move on to the next song too

Do the weightlifting exercises as above. The last half to rest 1 minute to switch cards.

4. Split Squats

Perform this exercise for 4 sets of 15 sets each and rest for 15 seconds in between. The last half rest for 30 seconds and switch cards,

5. Romanian Deadlift

Similar to the above hand. Also 4 innings and 15 repetitions, and you rest 60 seconds in the last round and move

6. Dumbbell Step-Ups + Kick Back – Step onto the chair with dumbbells – Kick your legs back (Superset – Drop set)

Without resting immediately move on to the next post

For this exercise, you do 4 sets of 4 sets for each leg, 15 times each, rest for 15 seconds. The last half rest for 60 seconds – 4 innings x 15 for each foot, 15 seconds between each half
Particularly in the last round, have a 60s break to move to the next song

7. Abdomen

If you still have the strength to continue working out, then pick out the ab exercises above to add (or go to the abdominals section to search). If you are tired, you can take a break and practice the next day.

For most of the exercises above, you can replace dumbbells with resistance ropes, so if you don't have one, use a resistance strap instead.

With the above lesson plan to lose fat for women, along with your diet. The female friends will lose fat better, thereby improving body measurements, thinner and firmer, not suffering from indigestion caused by weight loss without exercise. Good luck.

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