Trail Runner Gear – Help You Stay Safe And Complete The Journey

By: Evie Langford

Running is generally a great sport, usually only running on plain or asphalt or concrete, but those who want to conquer and surpass their own abilities often choose the off-road tournaments.

If you are a fan of the sport of long-distance running then surely you also know the importance of preparing the accessories you need to bring with you before training.

There will be many risks and unexpected situations occurring during the tens of kilometers.

Now you need to prepare in advance from your friends or prepare the necessary accessories for your long run to ensure to cater to all possible unexpected situations.

This is simple but important to make sure you are safe and able to get to your destination.

Trail Runner Gear - Help You Stay Safe And Complete The Journey
Trail Runner Gear – Help You Stay Safe And Complete The Journey

By looking at the title you also know that we will cover completely the most essential terrain running equipment that you must prepare immediately and immediately before entering the competition.

Compared with running asphalt, concrete roads, and terrain running, there are many differences in skills, tactics and support equipment.

Due to the complex, unstable, flat terrain like other terrain, runners must always equip with support tools to ensure life safety, avoid injuries as well as achieve the best results.

Often the trail runs to take a long time to practice carefully your skills. But do not because your carelessness makes you “stop the game” because of the lack of important items that you forget to prepare.

Surely you have figured out what you need to know, right? Now, let's get into the main issues! Have some money ready!

Synthesize the most important off-road equipment

The ugly rough tools combined with modern and delicate equipment will help you prepare both mentally and physically on the way.

1 / Items depending on the weather:

Hot Rain
– Sunglasses.

– Sunscreen.

– Add a water bottle.

– Raincoat

Waterproof bag (for electronic equipment)

2 / Off-road shoes (Trail Shoes)

Off-road shoes (Trail Shoes)

The only and most important running accessory for runners is the shoe.

The right shoe can get you running comfortably, fast, and supported while the wrong shoes can cause shin pain, IT muscle band pain, blistering, and a host of difficult problems. bear the other.

There are many things to consider when buying your shoe, from the inward tilt (inner cheek) of the foot to the smoothness that matches the type of surface you're going to run on.

There is a lot of great information on the best walking shoes out there, but the only way to find one that is right for you and your feet is to have an expert see how you run and help guide you through. choose the right choice.

When you start off as a runner, you'll need a pair of good running shoes that are right for you. Wearing the wrong shoes is actually one of the most common causes of running injuries.

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For women, when shopping for women's running shoes, don't choose a pair just because you like the brand, style, color, or price.

You certainly don't have to buy the most expensive pair in the store, but investing in good shoes is a smart idea that will help prevent injury and make running more comfortable.

For men, if this is your first time shopping for running shoes, visit a boutique that specializes in running where professionals can rate your feet and running style and recommend running shoe male is right for you.

The staff will measure your legs, see how you run on the treadmill, and analyze your gait. Some stores even ask you to try the outdoors and running.

Note, when you're shopping for running shoes, you want to make sure you're wearing special socks when trying on shoes. Sock thickness will change the fit of the shoe. If you do not have a pair of socks with you, ask the clerk to lend you a pair of socks.

Each shoe has a different function. Therefore, if you are going to join a trial tournament, choose the right shoe.

Features of running shoes should be noted

When it comes to running shoes, you will hear a lot of theories and ideas, but it's important to remember that your comfort level comes first, followed by any necessary additions you need for fitness. stability and traction.

Whether you choose minimalist or maximum shoe, find a pair that will allow you to run without any hitches and with good support. As you continue to run, you will realize that the simpler your shoes are the easiest way to increase speed and increase the pace.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a new shoe.

  • Buffer versus lightweight. The heavily padded shoes are great for new runners, especially heavier shoes. However, padded shoes are usually heavier and can feel stiffer when running. Try shoes that are lighter in weight and padded shoes to see which one you prefer.
  • Reflective surface. If you plan on running in the evening or early in the morning, consider a shoe that includes some sort of reflective material. Drivers and bicyclists will be easier to see when you wear them.
  • Running surface. Think of the surface where you're most likely to run. Will you run on a treadmill? On the road? On the trails? On the race? Trail running shoes will have thicker grooves than shoes designed for treadmills, racetrack, and asphalt run.

Popular trail shoe brands: Salomon, Merrell, Asics, Saucony, Brooks, Inov, Pearl Izumi ...View more

2 / Stockings / socks

Stockings / socks

All is a running item that can affect your running more than you think.

Imagine yourself running on a hot day and your feet start to feel uncomfortable and sweaty, soon you might feel blisters forming, you're too hot, and you still have to run another 5km to get home.

Now imagine in that situation you are also running but your feet are wearing a comfortable pair of socks, you don't feel soggy in your shoes, and don't have any other blistering spots. rubbing on your shoes.

Note, you should avoid choosing cotton fabrics. If you wear cotton socks, no moisture will be lost if your feet sweat or if you step into puddles.

Instead, wear synthetic running socks to help prevent blistering. Look for materials like polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax.

For winter activities, blended wool-like SmartWool is a good choice. Some athletes even choose to wear double-layer socks for added blister protection.

Some are designed very low near the ankles. You will find others that are above ankle height and even have some compression socks that extend through the calves.

In short, should choose the style that best suits you and suits the weather. Many athletes choose lower socks in summer and higher in winter. View more socks

3 / Sleeve, thigh tight

The sleeve helps you to reduce direct scratches with trees, and also protects against the sun.

Wrapping thighs, leg bundles help to fix, tighten muscles, avoids the sideways muscles that cause premature fatigue, also helps you to avoid direct contact with plants.

4 / Running Clothes

When you're just starting out running, you don't need to rush and buy a brand new running wardrobe unless it's really important to you. But if you want to pick up a few new items, here are things to keep in mind when choosing

As for running jerseys, they are typically made from fabrics that include high-tech versions of nylon, wool, or polyester.

As for pants, a great way to avoid them getting too much skin friction is waterproof, non-cotton running shorts or tights.

running pants are usually lightweight and designed to move around with your body. Seams are placed in areas to enhance movement and where they are less likely to tear.

In addition, many of these running pants are reflective to keep you safe while running in the dark.

Women's trouser selection tips: temperature and comfort level can decide what to start with, but you'll want at least one pair of women's running pants that will fit around the waist and thighs and not rubbing excessively due to too wide or too tight. You can choose from compact inner shorts for your comfort.

Tips for choosing men's running pants: Choose a technical fabric that is also more durable and much better through the use and wash cycles than cotton training clothes.

In cold weather, your winter running clothes will keep you dry and warm. When the weather is hot, they absorb sweat from your body and help prevent cracking.

Both cold and warm clothing can incorporate vents to increase ventilation.

When you're running, be careful not to wear too many layers of clothing, especially men's running clothing. Because the male body temperature is usually higher than the female.

Once your body heats up, your body temperature will make the clothes 1 to 2 degrees warmer. For example, if the outside temperature is above 30 degrees, you'll probably be fine running in a T-shirt and shorts.

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4.1 / For women: Sports bra support

Sports bra support

View more Sports bra support

To choose women's running clothes, what you need most is a sports bra. No matter what anyone says, it's best to have yourself a comfortable sports bra, which will make your running easier.

Try it and test it by running in place and jumping up and down. Your sports bra should fit well and not be overly stretchy.

If you have a large bust size and are having trouble finding a comfortable, supportive sports bra, try one of these quality sports bras for large bust sizes.

Most sports bras need to be replaced after 72 washes, when their elasticity is lost, or if your weight changes significantly.

Other features to note

  • Compression capacity. Some running socks, tights, and tops are made of compressed fabrics. Compression can help speed up recovery after you run, and many people love the feeling of support when they wear them.
  • Handbag. If you don't want to carry a bag/backpack while you run, look for coats, tights, and other equipment with pockets. Many pockets are specially designed to hold a phone or small items such as keys or credit cards.
  • Finger piercing shirt. Many coats and coats incorporate a thumb hole in the sleeve to increase hand coverage in cold weather.
  • Sun protection. Some running accessories are specifically designed to protect your skin from the sun. In addition to wearing a hat and sunscreen, wearing clothes with SPF can help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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4.2 / For women: Trail Skirts

For women: Trail Skirts

Prepare to add a borderless running dress. The perfect waterproof ability gives you peace of mind not afraid of wet rain because it is the outer pants separate from the pants, socks inside. You can choose short pants that are suitable for wearing inside.

4.3 / For women: Running hats

The rollable hood keeps you out of the sun and rain, but short enough to easily see low branches on narrow paths. The hat can be folded and tucked into the waistband of the pants.

4.4 / For men: Zipper jacket

Zipper jacket

The long tunic may not be suitable for hot days, but this half-zipper will keep you cool, thanks to the sweat-stimulating technology that reduces the temperature of the fabric.

Mesh-shaped armpit area helps to release air and heat. View more.

4.5 / For men: Warm jacket

Warm jacket

Perfect for cold and dry weather, this sleeveless shirt features artificial insulation in the chest area, helping to feel warm.

The tight-fitting structure helps create a sense of comfort even if you take a deep breath, and the stretched arms help keep the wind from draining. View more.

5 / Headlamp flashlight

Headlamp flashlight

More and more athletes are using flashlights as they discover the joy of running at night.

Experienced runners and trail runners know the benefits of using a headlamp flashlight, whether it's a half-night running event, or a safe to carry around in your pocket or three. batch.

A top flashlight for a hands-free option, with light coming from just above your line of sight to clearly illuminate the terrain ahead.

Now night runners are exploring the benefits of flashlights, both in terms of visibility on poorly lit or poorly lit roads, and can help reduce traffic conditions. More Headlamp

6 / Running watch

A great running watch for timing your runs, keeping up with the speed in races, and tracking your route using GPS.

Running watch

Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35

In addition, the running watch not only measures speed and distance but also works as a running partner, coach. With most models, you can upload and store your workouts in online running communities.

You can also build your exercise or download a ready one based on your data and the results you want to achieve.

The more advanced models will give you feedback on your running performance by measuring cadence, ground contact, or vertical oscillation.

They will also give you approximate recovery times and allow you to choose from a list of different sports to give you sports-specific data. All-in-one watch, heart rate monitor, and GPS are included.

Fenix ​​watches have always dominated the GPS and compass capabilities. In particular, you can see the street's name, natural features like lakes and rivers helping you in the right direction.

7 / Replenishing water

Joggers regularly consume water during workouts and stay hydrated well, but in the heat of a race, water is sometimes skipped.

If your strides are longer than 30 minutes, making sure you have a small bottle or hydration pack on you that can help you stay cool and refuel.

Sweating causes you to lose a lot of water very quickly, so even if the weather isn't particularly hot, you'll feel the effects of dehydration. This can lead to injury and make it difficult for you to pass races/challenges.

So if you are going out for longer, you may need a drink mid-way. When you choose a running water pitcher, get the size that's right for you. They have a capacity of up to a liter, but you don't need too much unless you'll be running for hours.

Most handheld bottles have capacities between 200ml and 500ml. It may not seem like much but it will allow you to take a sip every few minutes within your 10km distance, just enough to replace your lost water.

In addition, you also need to choose the right material and shape. For example, metal bottles keep water cool longer, and the oval shape of bottles makes them easier to hold. Some bottles also have a special element that serves as a wrist strap and storage place for things like keys and tags.

Water backpack (running vest)

Water Backpack (or Water Backpack, or many familiar Runner called Water Vest) is an extremely convenient refill accessory for runners. At least 1.5 liters of water can be stored because trailing is very laborious, allowing you to promptly replace the water you have lost.

It is a product dedicated to runners, sports players so it will be very compact in size, with many compartments and fixed straps. There are many brands of water backpacks such as Camelbak, Salomon, Nathan, Kalenji….

Normally, water vests can hold from 1.5 to 2 liters of water, enough for you to run a long distance before reaching the water stations. It also helps you to store some tools such as phone, money, papers … with just a compact water vest.

Water vests will have a long hose connecting the water tank to the front for you to drink while running. Whenever you're thirsty, just bite your head lightly and suck the water out easily without having to stop drinking.

One note is that if your running distance is less than 21km, you do not need to use a Water Vest because it may make you feel uncomfortable when running.

Water belt on the hip

If the water vest specializes in long runs, the hip water tank will be suitable for shorter distances.

There are many brands and sizes of water bottles and on average it has around 220ml or more.

Depending on the manufacturer, this accessory has a different design, there may be a number of anti-shock belts, anti-deflection when running for more comfort.

The most obvious advantage of this hip strap is that it is very compact, can hold different drinks while running. But it also has a drawback that when running it will often create a “bouncing” phenomenon that is uncomfortable when running, not to mention some kind of side bottle design that can make your hand feel uncomfortable.

Soft water bottle

Finally, if you find that the hip water strap is still entangled and you only want the one to be held in your hand, then the water refill kit, a soft water bottle, or a hand strap, will be the product you need to buy.

This type of design is very compact, can fit in the palm of the hand, and has a rotation to wear, or more convenient than holding a fully in hand because it helps secure the hand without slipping.

Soft water bottle

For those who need a small bottle of water to bring to the gym every day, this is a perfect choice.

But the use of the water strap on the hand also makes it a little difficult that it will be heavy when worn on the hand, making it difficult to fit comfortably, not to mention that if wearing only one side it also makes you easily lose balance.

8 / Trail Running Stick

Trail Running Stick

A trail running stick is like climbing or walking cane with the function of assisting the user to maintain his balance, reduce the load on his feet, and better support climbing and descending. In addition, sticks are also used to protect themselves when facing snakes, dangerous insects, open the way without using your hands. For long, steep distances, use the cane to make it easier for you to walk.

What should be noted when choosing a trailing club?

  • Weight – Depending on the travel time and travel speed, the weight of the club pair plays an important role. With experience in many tournaments, we see trailers running Elite often choose the lightest pair of carbon sticks.
  • Durability: none of us on a trail would want to experience a break in the middle of the road. Terrain running is sure to have lots of obstacles, trees, rocks, puddles and streams, and many things we didn't expect. A pair of durable sticks will give us a sense of peace of mind to win the road
  • Suitable length: Choose a club that is the right length for your body and height
  • Convenience: Lock mechanism, quick deployment, compact
  • Stability: The trailing club is not used very often and is often left empty until the next trails, so a stable pair, avoiding breakage is one of the most important factors when no one is there. I want to be on a trail and the club can't be deployed, and I don't have tools to support and I have to carry the club on my back

9 / Whistle

If something goes wrong, you can use the whistle. It would be disastrous if you are already injured but still have the strength to call for aid.

10 / Money change

Usually used to buy water or temporary energy supplements (energy bars/candies). But you must prepare small denominations.

11 / Nutrition

If less than 4 hours: chewable foods such as energy gel, energy candy, or fresh fruit drink.

If more than 4 hours: energy bars, avocados, nuts, or high-protein drinks like Hammer.

View Best Powdered Electrolyte Drinks

12 / Lubricating wax

Often overlooked and important. Too much movement can get your body rubbed against each other too much. Vaseline is the first choice with an affordable price that has a high effect: lubrication of joints, joints, or sensitive areas.

13 / Multi-function sweat towels

Running on the trail makes you have to carry a bulky backpack, so diversify the items you bring. A multi-function towel can do many things: wipe sweat, cover the neck, cover the multi-function head).

14 / Toilet paper

The body is ours, but it is unlikely that we can control it. As a “surprise” precaution, it is better to have paper anyway than not to have or to use leaves.

10 Essentials for Trail Running

Below are the items that have been gathered from the participating races and organized. Hope to help you feel useful.

View more:

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “trail runner gear”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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