Are green beans healthy for weight loss?

By: Stephanie Hoffnung

Nutrition is a decisive factor in whether we lose weight or not; healthy foods always have many great nutrients for the body, in this article Bellyfatzone invites you to learn about green beans.

Weight loss with green beans is a healthy weight loss method. Green beans contain low fat, low calories, low cholesterol, high fiber and vitamins A, and E … both ensure nutrition for the body and support safe weight loss.

Are green beans healthy for weight loss?
Are green beans healthy for weight loss?

However, the weight loss menu with green beans has a slow effect and requires perseverance, so few people can guarantee it. So are green beans healthy for weight loss?

What are the uses of green beans? Is it effective in losing weight?

Green beans have an effective weight loss effect, considered by many to be the “golden” formula to help maintain an ideal weight and physique. Therefore, you can completely add green beans to your daily menu to support safe, effective weight loss and improve health.

Green beans are also known as green beans. According to nutritionists, chickpeas are one of the few nuts that contain a large amount of soluble fiber. In addition to good support for the digestive system, they also bring the effect of fat breakdown, eliminating excess fat from the body through the excretory system.

In particular, soluble fiber combined with vitamin C in green beans also creates a false fullness phenomenon, repelling cravings. As a result, when you eat green beans, you will reduce the ability to absorb the amount of food loaded into the body, supporting weight loss more effectively.

In addition to slimming, green beans processed into dishes or drinks also bring great health benefits. Typically, the flavored group in green beans helps inhibit cancer cells. Studies show that people who eat green beans regularly have a much lower rate of breast cancer than those who don't.

Along with that, the high potassium content in green beans also has the ability to lower blood pressure effectively. Not only that, this food also helps prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries and protects and detoxifies the liver.

Ways to help lose weight with green beans simple and fast at home

There are many ways to lose weight with green beans, but to bring about quick results, you must know how to process them with the appropriate ratio. Here are a few ways to lose weight from green beans that are passed on by many women.

2.1 Cool down, and lose weight with green bean water

Not only has a cooling effect, but green bean water is also known for its optimal weight loss benefits. Drinking green bean juice will suppress appetite, helping to keep in better shape.

How to cook green bean juice to lose weight

– Step 1: Choose whole green beans

– Step 2: Soak green beans for 3-5 hours to bloom

– Step 3: Wash the beans and drain the water, then fill the pot with water and boil for 15 minutes

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– Step 4: Chop up drinking water during the day, and combined with the residue to add nutrients

Note: If you don't have time to boil water, you can roast green beans and soak them in warm water. Drinking green bean water to lose weight is simple, fast and effective.

Lose belly fat with green bean porridge

You can apply a different processing method with green beans to both provide nutrients for the body and promote the effect of suppressing appetite, which is cooking green bean porridge to eat. Losing weight with mung bean porridge eaten at breakfast brings optimal results when full quickly, with fewer calories than other dishes such as rice or pho.

How to cook porridge from green bean ingredients to lose weight

– Step 1: Prepare 100g green beans, 50g sticky rice

Step 2: Wash the green beans, wash the rice, then drain

– Step 3: Put all the ingredients in a pot, add water and boil until cooked

– Step 4: Add a little seasoning to taste, turn off the heat and scoop out into a bowl to enjoy.

Eat green bean tea to lose weight quickly

Many women think that eating green bean tea can cause weight gain, but this is not necessarily true. According to experts, eating green bean tea in the right amount and with a reasonable diet is completely effective for weight loss.

Not only that, eating green bean tea is also good for people with cardiovascular disease, reducing the risk of cancer and lowering blood pressure well…

How to cook green bean tea to lose weight

– Step 1: Prepare ingredients, including green beans, aloe vera, vanilla

– Step 2: Wash the aloe vera, remove the peel and then cut the fibers or cut into pieces as you like and rinse with diluted water

– Step 3: Wash the green beans, put them in a pot to boil until the beans are soft, then add aloe vera

– Step 4: When the beans and aloe vera are soft, put the vanilla in the pot and turn off the heat

– Step 5: Enjoy quick green bean soup; you can add ice to make it easier to eat

Lose weight with green beans and pandan leaves

Weight loss formula with green bean milk combined with pandan leaves is also applied and positively reviewed by many women. This is a healthy recipe and provides a high amount of fiber, which helps burn fat, minimizing fat absorption. Not only that, pineapple green bean milk also increases the feeling of fullness for a long time, and the body has less appetite.

How to make pandan green bean milk to lose weight

– Step 1: Prepare green beans, pandan leaves

– Step 2: Clean green beans, soak them in dilute salt water for 3 hours, and wash sticky leaves

Step 3: Put the green beans in the pot, cover the surface with water and cook until the beans are soft

– Step 4: Pour the bean paste into the blender; add a little sugar and water

Step 5: Add the mixture of ground beans and sticky rice leaves and bring to a boil, stirring while boiling. You can add unsweetened fresh milk and coconut milk if you like.

– Step 6: Continue to cook for another 10 minutes; turn off the stove and remove the sticky leaves; let the milk cool and put it in the cupboard to eat gradually.

Lose weight with green pumpkin beans

Pumpkin is considered a high-fiber and low-calorie food. According to many studies, ½ cup of pumpkin has only 40 calories and 8g of fiber. With abundant fiber and high antioxidants, pumpkin has the ability to maximize weight loss, help the body quickly fill up and reduce cravings, as well as minimize the absorption of sugar in the blood.

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Weight loss with pumpkin green bean soup is considered the optimal solution to help lose weight but still ensure health.

How to cook pumpkin soup with green beans to lose weight

– Step 1: Prepare 250gr pumpkin, 100gr green beans, 350gr ribs, scallions, salt

– Step 2: Cut the ribs just right, wash and then marinate them with salt and pepper for 20 minutes and fry the ribs

– Step 3: Peel the pumpkin, wash and cut it into medium pieces. Soak green beans for 1 hour, chopped green onions

Step 4: Put 1 liter of water in the ribs and boil, then put the pumpkin and green beans in the stew. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

– Step 5: Put the soup into a large bowl, add green onions and enjoy for breakfast or lunch

Building a weight loss menu with green beans

The green bean weight loss menu is considered the “golden” secret to help fight off excess fat. Therefore, readers can use green beans' long-term and short-term weight loss menus to get optimal fat loss results.

Quick weight loss menu with green beans

This is a menu that requires a strict diet, minimizing the amount of fat put into the body. Therefore, to achieve optimal results, you must understand the principle: Do not eat sweets, greasy foods, or carbonated drinks.

– Menu of the day 1

+ Breakfast: Eat one bowl of green bean porridge (how to cook green bean porridge mentioned above)

+ Lunch: 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 cup of bean milk, one slice of steamed fish, one bowl of pumpkin soup with stewed meat

Snack: 1 apple

Next meal: 1 bowl of oatmeal porridge, one plate of boiled vegetables

– Menu for the 2nd day

+ Breakfast: 1 bowl of green bean soup cooked with vegetables

+ Lunch: 100g steamed chicken breast, 1 plate of boiled vegetables, 1 cup of bean juice

+ Snack: 1 banana, 1 box of unsweetened yogurt

+ Dinner: 1 newspaper of green bean porridge, 1 plate of salad

– Menu for the 3rd day

+ Breakfast: 1 cup of green bean milk, 1 slice of bread

+ Lunch: 100 gr sautéed beef, 1 bowl of pumpkin soup with green beans, 1 plate of salad

+ Snack: 1 slice of green bean cake, 1 apple

+ Dinner: 1 bowl of green bean porridge and 1 plate of boiled vegetables

Long-term green bean slimming diet menu

With a long-term slimming menu, you need to eat 4-5 green beans a week. The rest of the days will eat normally. However, it is necessary to avoid using fatty foods and sweets.

– Menu of the day 1

+ Breakfast: Green bean porridge, boiled egg

+ Lunch: 1 bowl of oat porridge, 1 plate of steamed tuna salad, 1 banana

+ Dinner: 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 bowl of pumpkin soup stewed with meat, 1 cup of guava juice

– Menu for the 2nd day

+ Breakfast: 1 newspaper of oat porridge and 1 cup of green bean milk

Lunch: 150g large boiled white meat, 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 bowl of zucchini soup

+ Dinner: 1 newspaper of minced green bean porridge, 1 plate of green salad, and 1 apple

– Menu for the 3rd day

+ Breakfast: 1 bowl of green bean porridge, 1 boiled egg, 1 cup of orange juice

+ Lunch: 100g steamed chicken breast, 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 salad

+ Dinner: 1 bowl of minced meat tofu soup, 1 plate of boiled vegetables, 1 cup of grapefruit juice

– Day 4 menu

+ Breakfast: 1 bowl of oat porridge, 1 cup of black coffee

+ Lunch: 1 plate of tuna salad, 1 bowl of green bean porridge cooked with bones, 1 apple

+ Dinner: 200g fried tilapia, 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 plate of green vegetables, 1 cup of grapefruit juice

– Menu of the day 5

+ Breakfast: 1 bread, 1 boiled egg, 1 glass of lemon juice

+ Lunch: 1 bowl of rice with roasted minced meat and 1 bowl of pumpkin soup

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+ Dinner: 1 plate of green vegetables, 1 bowl of oatmeal, 1 cup of guava juice

– Menu for 2 weekends

You can eat according to the normal diet for 2 weekends, limiting greasy, hot spicy and carbonated drinks.

Some notes when using green beans to lose weight, get the best results

To achieve the best weight loss effect with green beans, you need to keep a few notes in mind:

Before using, soak the green beans

Experts recommend soaking green beans before cooking because they will reduce unhealthy ingredients such as stachyose, raffinose and verbascose. Direct cooking of chickpeas, which are water-soluble active ingredients, causes bloating in some people, although they are the most digestible of the beans.

The right time to drink green beans to lose weight

According to nutritionists, the best time to drink green beans to lose weight is morning and evening.

Drinking green beans in the morning will provide energy for the body after a long night of rest. On an empty stomach, adding green beans will help the body absorb beneficial nutrients better and, at the same time, limit the ability to absorb fat.

Drinking green beans in the evening will help you avoid hunger. However, it should only be taken 2 hours before bedtime to avoid difficulty falling asleep because of fullness.

In addition, experts also recommend not eating and drinking green beans on an empty stomach because they can harm the stomach.

Possible effects when using slimming green beans

Although chickpeas offer great health benefits, the food also has some unwanted side effects. Specifically, if you abuse green beans, you can suffer from intestinal diseases and diarrhea. Besides, only you can have gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea and leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge).

In which cases should you not drink green bean juice?

The following cases are not recommended for to use of green beans for weight loss:

– People with cold bodies: People with backaches, and cold limbs … when eating green beans, the disease will be more severe and the joints will be more painful.

– People with physical weakness: Eating green beans makes the body weak, causing diarrhea and abdominal pain …

– People in the period of taking medicine: Eating green beans while taking medicine will reduce the effect of the ingredients in the medicine.

How to lose weight quickly without dieting and exercising

There is no denying the weight loss effects of green beans for health and weight loss purposes. However, if you only depend on green beans, the effect is difficult to achieve as desired.

The fact that green bean weight loss is good or not depends on many factors from location, diet, and exercise… Moreover, natural fat loss methods are often slow and ineffective maintain long-term effectiveness. Not to mention, losing weight by natural methods also has many potential risks and risks that are harmful to health.

According to the assessment of cosmetologists, for those who want to lose weight quickly without dieting or exercising, fat reduction technology is the optimal choice. Weight loss technology is appreciated for its safety level and application of vibration frequency with appropriate wavelength to liquefy excess fat and remove them from the body.

The weight loss effect is many times superior to conventional methods. Just 1 time done, customers can reduce from 10-15cm waist 15-20kg weight.

Beauty technology can also reduce excess fat in many areas of the body that customers desire, such as calves, thighs, armpits, back shoulders, abdomen, cheeks, and double chin…

Losing weight with green beans is effective but slow, performing wonders, and without a good diet menu, it is easy to get fat back. Therefore, you can choose a non-diet, non-exercise technology fat loss method to lose weight quickly and maintain lasting effects.

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